Host a Valentine's Day Brunch

Posted by Andie on February 10, 2016

Happy love week! I think Valentine's day is one of my very favorite holidays ( I know I say that when every holiday rolls around, but I really do adore V-day).  I love the fact that an entire day (or in our house, the entire week) is dedicated to celebrating love and all of the important relationships in your life, eating way too many sugar cookies and candy, making Valentine's, and decorating with red and pink!  And don't even get me started on how much I love hearts!  

If you're looking for some fun ideas to celebrate this year, just remember that Valentine's day falls on a Sunday- and nothing beats a delicious sweethearts Sunday brunch!


RC Willey is your 4K TV Headquarters!

Posted by Kerry on February 5, 2016

Our Reno, NV, RC Willey was recently featured on KTVN CBS regarding our awesome selection of 4K televisions for your Big Game party or family movie night! Watch the video now!


DIY: How to Make an Easy Valentine's Day Garland

Posted by Andie on February 4, 2016


I was never much of a holiday decorator (besides Christmas, of course)...... and then I had babies.  And it all changed.  I don't know if it's my inner domestic mama coming out or what, but all of the sudden I can't get enough of things like garlands, wreaths, and little holiday decorations.  My kids get so excited about it!  They make holidays so much fun!  I'm not the craftiest girl in the world, but if I see something at the store that I think I can make myself (for a heck of a lot cheaper), I'm all about doing it on my own.  


Essentials for the Big Game!

Posted by Kerry on February 1, 2016

superbowl essentials

There's a formula to throwing a good Superbowl party and it involves comfortable seating, great food, and an awesome viewing experience. This morning we were live on CBS 2 in Salt Lake City, breaking down a few of these elements for your party. You can see these items plus a lot more at


Super Bowls Of Delicious Snacks

Posted by Kerry on January 29, 2016

best super bowl snacks

The big game is upon us and I believe in the 3 C's. Competition, Cuisine, & Commercials. Today I want to promote the best part of gathering together to watch sports - the cuisine. It's one of the few meals a year that I actually care what is on the plate and I try and make sure we eat location specific foods to celebrate the two teams battling it out on the field. This year it's Denver VS North Carolina so we will be serving Denver Omelets & Carolina BBQ! 


Kondo Your Closet: The Best Cleanout Method Ever

Posted by Andie on January 29, 2016

I didn't think I had a hoarding problem, but it turns out I kind of did!  You see, I have always really really liked clothes, and I have a closet chuck full of them to prove it.  I found myself 'cleaning out' my closet every few months and getting rid of a few things here and there, but honestly, never enough to make much of a dent.  A little while ago I heard everyone talking about this hot new book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing" by Marie Kondo, so I gave it a read.  I am not even kind of exaggerating when I say that it changed my life!!  


Are Your New Year's Resolutions Working For You or Against You?

Posted by Andie on January 27, 2016

Happy Town USA via kindakind

I have a love/hate relationship with New Year's resolutions.  I love the idea of change, renewal, growth and improvement- and believe wholeheartedly that we were put here on this earth as human beings to do just those things. But I hate the pressure society puts on us (and we put on ourselves) to come up with these elaborate, lofty (not to mention usually unattainable) New Year's Resolutions.  After years of setting crazy resolutions for myself that I ultimately failed at within just a few weeks, I've gradually adopted a new approach to New Year's Resolutions that has proven to produce a much better success rate!  And isn't that what we all want to do?  January is nearly over, but in my opinion it's still the perfect time to get your goals for the year laid out- it's not too late to tweak your resolutions, or come up with completely different ones!


GoPro Spherical Virtual Reality Camera

Posted by Kerry on January 13, 2016

gopro spherical camera

The GoPro Spherical Camera solution allows you to film any experience in 360 degrees. When you pair this with a set of virtual reality goggles, you can look in any direction - up, down or sideways and see what you would have seen if you were the person filming the video. It's hard to explain how weird this is and it's definitely going to get cooler in the future.


Roli Seaboard Rise Electronic Keyboard

Posted by Kerry on January 13, 2016

roli seaboard rise

Even the piano was reinvented at CES 2016. The Roli Seaboard Rise is a new electronic keyboard that can be "strummed" in 5 different ways giving you better control of your instrument mix. If you are a musician, check this video out!



Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Posted by Kerry on January 13, 2016

samsung family hub

Everyone knows the kitchen is one of the favorite rooms in the house. Every time I throw a party we clean the living room, dining room, bathrooms, etc., and everyone just spends the whole evening standing up in the kitchen! So, you might as well have a large and exciting fridge in your kitchen like the Samsung Family Hub. This fridge has a massive connected screen that can host your family calendar, photos, or notepad.


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