LG Door in Door Refrigerator Technology

Posted by Kerry on July 21, 2015

LG Refrigerators

Refrigerators are cool. (Great joke Dad) But seriously, there are some cool neat features in today's new refrigerators. One of those features that I stumbled upon today is LG's Door in Door technology. This is a feature where you can store your most common or everyday products in a special section of the door such as: sodas, condiments or snacks and access them easily at the touch of a button. Besides looking totally awesome,


Your Home, Your Way | Laurie

Posted by RC Willey Community on July 17, 2015

Today's guest post is from Laurie, a senior admin assistant at RC Willey. Laurie works directly with the upholstery buyers and has a unique style that is alive in every aspect of her home, including a hand-painted wall of her favorite places in Italy that she personally designed.


Refresh your sofa with throw pillows!

Posted by Kerry on July 15, 2015


Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact. If you are getting tired of your sofa or sectional but they are still in good condition, add a pop of color with some throw pillows! RC Willey has a large variety of throw pillows to match any decor and I have chosen a few dozen of my favorite here.


Fire Pits & Gourmet Smores

Posted by Kerry on July 14, 2015

A fire pit is the outdoor version of a television. It's entertaining & warm but unlike a tv it generates conversation and memories. If you want to really get to know your friends or family, set up a nice evening fire with good food and drinks and let the fire do its magic. And s'mores...mmmmm...a treat so good it's named after wanting some more of it. It's weird we don't eat these more often. 


How To Cut The Cord - Alternatives To Cable TV

Posted by Kerry on July 13, 2015


I love tv. I love sitting down on a comfy couch with some Oreos and milk and melting into the cushions and I love watching a movie with my family while we comment, cheer & laugh. Back in 2008, when it was just my wife and I, we tried our first attempt at cutting the (cable) cord. It was a clunky experience - we had high speed internet and we ran Hulu through a pc connected to our living room tv. It took a lot of setup with extra cables, keyboard and mouse, and after a few months we decided it wasn’t perfect yet, so we went back to cable. But when our daughter was born 2 years ago


4 Questions About 4K Television

Posted by Kerry on July 6, 2015

If you are looking for a new television then you’ve probably heard someone mention 4K or UHD. Most of us don’t keep up with the latest digital trends but when we are about to buy something as exciting as a new television we want to know how one 55” flatscreen tv can cost $499 and another brand’s 55” can cost $2499. There are many features and specs that make up price but one of the most important is resolution, and the latest technology is 4K UHD.


10 Awesome Greenhouses

Posted by Kerry on June 30, 2015


We bought a very eclectic house. It seems like the previous owner did a lot of the design and construction himself which is one reason we fell in love with it - it's very personal. One of the features he added was a 500 sq. ft. heated greenhouse. I love gardening and while I am yet to go full nursery in the greenhouse, we have found this space to be one of our favorite hangouts (when the temperature allows.) Our greenhouse is mainly a ping pong/playroom for rainy days and the winter months,


Air Conditioner VS Evaporative Cooler

Posted by Kerry on June 24, 2015

As of Sunday, June 21, it's officially summer, but for many of you it has probably felt like that for at least a month or longer. Are you tired of sleeping on top of the sheets? Tired of taking that cold shower right before bed? Tired of having box fans blowing hot air all over you? It's time to take care of yourself and get some air conditioning!


XSories X-Project WiFi Mini Projector Review

Posted by Kerry on June 18, 2015

Richard is our electronics buyer and he dropped off this sampling from XSories the other day and I jumped at the opportunity to test this stuff in the real world. XSories makes a ton of cool stuff for camera/video nerds like myself including tripods, monopods, suction mounts, and this very cool WiFi enabled pocket projector. Most of you are familiar with how the other stuff works, so let me focus on the XSories X-Project Wi-Fi projector for a minute.


Traeger Smoked Salmon & Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Posted by Kerry on June 12, 2015

Welcome back to another episode of the #rcwilleycommunity. This recipe was provided by Rod & Roger of R&R BBQ in Salt Lake City and it was absolutely delicious. I am a big fan of salmon and I usually cook mine on a gas grill with a cedar plank. That was my favorite way to cook salmon until I had this version on a Traeger Grill.


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