10 Awesome Greenhouses

Posted by Kerry on June 30, 2015


We bought a very eclectic house. It seems like the previous owner did a lot of the design and construction himself which is one reason we fell in love with it - it's very personal. One of the features he added was a 500 sq. ft. heated greenhouse. I love gardening and while I am yet to go full nursery in the greenhouse, we have found this space to be one of our favorite hangouts (when the temperature allows.) Our greenhouse is mainly a ping pong/playroom for rainy days and the winter months, Continue Reading »


Air Conditioner VS Evaporative Cooler

Posted by Kerry on June 24, 2015

As of Sunday, June 21, it's officially summer, but for many of you it has probably felt like that for at least a month or longer. Are you tired of sleeping on top of the sheets? Tired of taking that cold shower right before bed? Tired of having box fans blowing hot air all over you? It's time to take care of yourself and get some air conditioning! Continue Reading »


XSories X-Project WiFi Mini Projector Review

Posted by Kerry on June 18, 2015

Richard is our electronics buyer and he dropped off this sampling from XSories the other day and I jumped at the opportunity to test this stuff in the real world. XSories makes a ton of cool stuff for camera/video nerds like myself including tripods, monopods, suction mounts, and this very cool WiFi enabled pocket projector. Most of you are familiar with how the other stuff works, so let me focus on the XSories X-Project Wi-Fi projector for a minute. Continue Reading »


Traeger Smoked Salmon & Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Posted by Kerry on June 12, 2015

Welcome back to another episode of the #rcwilleycommunity. This recipe was provided by Rod & Roger of R&R BBQ in Salt Lake City and it was absolutely delicious. I am a big fan of salmon and I usually cook mine on a gas grill with a cedar plank. That was my favorite way to cook salmon until I had this version on a Traeger Grill. Continue Reading »


How to Choose the Best Baby Crib

Posted by RC Willey Community on June 8, 2015

Preparing for the arrival of a baby is expensive and that’s why it’s smart for you to purchase items that multi-task. After all, your baby is going to grow up and his/her needs will be constantly changing. This crib converts to a toddler bed and later with optional bed rails, into a twin bed, saving you from buying new furniture as your child grows. For the toddler stage there is a removable side rail that will keep your little boy or girl in bed and not rolling onto the floor, and the low mattress makes it easy for him or her to climb into bed at night. The Bradford bed is classically designed and will last your child for years while staying in style.  Continue Reading »


The RC Willey Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Kerry on June 5, 2015


Last year my wife had to leave town for the week of Father's Day and I was sad. So, Father's Day morning I took a look at the KSL classifieds, put my daughter in the car, and we headed down to Provo where I bought a vintage camper on the spot. It was a very expensive impulse buy. We ended up using the camper one time on a weekend getaway to Park City and a few months later I sold it. The lesson from this is: don't leave the Dad in your family alone on Father's Day and make sure he knows he doesn't need to go buy himself a gift he might regret!  Continue Reading »


Fun Play Areas for Kids

Posted by RC Willey Community on June 2, 2015

The kids are almost out of school and long summer days are ahead of us. Don’t spend a fortune on trips to amusement parks or the beach. Instead, make your backyard the place where your kids (and maybe even the whole neighborhood) want to hang out this summer. Check out these simple additions to your backyard that will be a ton of fun for your kids, while you create great family memories! Continue Reading »


How to Make the Best Baby Shower Cupcakes

Posted by Kerry on May 29, 2015

As part of our ongoing series, #rcwilleycommunity, we have two more videos from Leslie Fiet, owner of Mini's Cupcakes in Salt Lake City. In this episode she teaches us how to make the perfect baby shower cupcakes. Continue Reading »


Are You Emotionally Ready For Your Remodeling Project?

Posted by RC Willey Community on May 28, 2015

At some point many of us decide to undertake a major remodeling project, and sometimes you have no idea what you have done until the project is in full swing. I know when we redid our kitchen I had no idea what a pain it would be to eat peanut butter sandwiches everyday and wash dishes in the bathroom sink. Throw children and pets in the mix and you end up with white painted paw prints across your brand new floors! Continue Reading »


Add a little red, white & blue to your home!

Posted by Kerry on May 22, 2015


Memorial Day serves as a reminder to all of us what sacrifices were made to build this great country and many times when you visit a veteran's home or the parents of an active-duty soldier, you see this pride in their home decor or color choices. They display flags, needlepoint pillows and framed photos...and for some they don't even realize they do it until you point out their bright red sectional with blue pillows and the white blanket draped across the back. Continue Reading »


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