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We are located in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Boise, Reno and Sacramento. We sell the best tvs from LG, Samsung and Sony in all sizes from 55" tvs, 65" tvs and 70" tvs! Take your home theater or living room to the next level with a new television from RC Willey.

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UN40J5200 Samsung 40  J5200 Series Smart LED TV
Samsung J5200 Series Smart LED TV UN40J5200Starting at29996
UN32J5205AFXZA Samsung 32  J5205 Series LED Smart TVSamsung 32" J5205 Series LED Smart TVUN32J5205AFXZA24996KDL60W630B Sony W630 Series 60  1080p LED TVSony W630 Series 60" 1080p LED TVKDL60W630B7499748GSR3000FJ Polaroid 48  1080p LED TVPolaroid 48" 1080p LED TV48GSR3000FJSave $10029996UN55J6200AFXZA Samsung 55  J6200 Series Smart TV
Samsung J6200 Series Smart TVUN55J6200AFXZAStarting at64996
UN32J4000AFXZA Samsung 32  J4000 Series 720p LED TVSamsung 32" J4000 Series 720p LED TVUN32J4000AFXZA19996KDL-40W650D Sony W650D Series 40  1080p LED TV
Sony W650D Series 1080p LED TVKDL-40W650DStarting at37996
KDL-55W800C Sony W800C Series 55  Android LED HDTVSony W800C Series 55" Android LED HDTVKDL-55W800C79997KDL-40R510C Sony 40  R510C Series Smart LED HDTVSony 40" R510C Series Smart LED HDTVKDL-40R510C32996UN28H4000 Samsung H4000 Series 28  720p LED TVSamsung H4000 Series 28" 720p LED TVUN28H400019996UN48J5000 Samsung J5000 Series 48  1080p LED TVSamsung J5000 Series 48" 1080p LED TVUN48J500039996XBR-65X810C Sony X810C Series 65  4K with Android TVSony X810C Series 65" 4K with Android TVXBR-65X810C139999KDL40R350D Sony R350D Series 40  1080p LED TVSony R350D Series 40" 1080p LED TVKDL40R350D29996PLDED3273A Proscan 32  720p LED TVProscan 32" 720p LED TVPLDED3273ASave $501499543LH5700 LG LH5700 Series 43  1080p Smart LED TV
LG LH5700 Series 1080p Smart LED TV43LH5700Starting at34996
VIZIO D-Series 24  Edge-Lit LED Smart TV
VIZIO D-Series Edge-Lit LED Smart TVStarting at15995
KDL-32W600D Sony W600D Series 32  720p LED TVSony W600D Series 32" 720p LED TVKDL-32W600D29996PLDED5068A Proscan 50  1080p D-LED TVProscan 50" 1080p D-LED TVPLDED5068ASave $15034995PLED5529A Proscan 55  1080p LED TVProscan 55" 1080p LED TVPLED5529ASave $2003999540E3500 Haier E3500 Series 40  1080p D-LED TVHaier E3500 Series 40" 1080p D-LED TV40E3500Save $12022999PLED2435A Proscan 24  720p LED TVProscan 24" 720p LED TVPLED2435ASave $701299655LH5750 LG LH5750 Series 55  Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV LG LH5750 Series 55" Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV 55LH575059996XBR-55X900C Sony X900C Series 55  4K Ultra HD LED TV
Sony X900C Series 4K Ultra HD LED TVXBR-55X900CStarting at99997
40GSR3000 Polaroid 3000 Series 40  1080p LED TVPolaroid 3000 Series 40" 1080p LED TV40GSR3000Save $702299765GSR3100FA Polaroid 65  1080p LED TVPolaroid 65" 1080p LED TV65GSR3100FASave $1006999755UH6150 LG UH6150 Series 55  4K UHD Smart LED TV
LG UH6150 Series 4K UHD Smart LED TV55UH6150Starting at79997
UN28H400 Samsung H400 Series 28  720p LED TVSamsung H400 Series 28" 720p LED TVUN28H4002299655E5500U Haier 55  4K UHD TVHaier 55" 4K UHD TV55E5500USave $3504499655GTR3000 Polaroid GTR3000 Series 55  1080p LED TVPolaroid GTR3000 Series 55" 1080p LED TV55GTR3000Save $13046996MD199LLA Apple TVApple TVMD199LLA6999XBR-43X830C Sony 43  X830C Series 4K Ultra HD TVSony 43" X830C Series 4K Ultra HD TVXBR-43X830C69997XBR-55X850D Sony X850D Series 55  4K HDR with Android TV
Sony X850D Series 4K HDR with Android TVXBR-55X850DStarting at129997
UN55KU6500FXZA Samsung KU6500 6-Series 55  Curved 4K UHD TV
Samsung KU6500 6-Series Curved 4K UHD TVUN55KU6500FXZAStarting at89996
PD951B GPX 9  Portable DVD Player - BlackGPX 9" Portable DVD Player - BlackPD951BSave $509999 VIZIO D-Series 65  Ultra HD FullArray LED Smart TV VIZIO D-Series 65" Ultra HD FullArray LED Smart TV109995PLDV321300 Proscan 32  LED/DVD ComboProscan 32" LED/DVD ComboPLDV32130027996PLEDV1945A Proscan 19  LED/DVD ComboProscan 19" LED/DVD ComboPLEDV1945ASave $3014996UN55KS8500FXZA Samsung KS8500 8-Series 55  Curved 4K SUHD TV
Samsung KS8500 8-Series Curved 4K SUHD TV UN55KS8500FXZAStarting at159999
PLED6515-C-UHD ProScan 65  4K UHD LED TVProScan 65" 4K UHD LED TVPLED6515-C-UHDSave $20079996PD701W GPX 7  Portable DVD PlayerGPX 7" Portable DVD PlayerPD701WSave $205996UN55KS8000FXZA Samsung KS8000 8-Series 55  4K SUHD TV
Samsung KS8000 8-Series 4K SUHD TVUN55KS8000FXZAStarting at139999
60UH7700 LG UH7700 Series 60  Super UHD 4K Smart LED TV
LG UH7700 Series Super UHD 4K Smart LED TV60UH7700Starting at139997
VIZIO D-Series 24  Class Razor LED™ TVVIZIO D-Series 24" Class Razor LED™ TVSave $7012996UN65KS9000FXZA Samsung KS9000 9-Series 65  4K SUHD TV Samsung KS9000 9-Series 65" 4K SUHD TV UN65KS9000FXZA29999960UH8500 LG UH8500 Series 60  Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TVLG UH8500 Series 60" Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV60UH8500179999UN65KS9500FXZA Samsung KS9500 9-Series 65  Curved 4K SUHD TV Samsung KS9500 9-Series 65" Curved 4K SUHD TV UN65KS9500FXZA319999XBR55X700D Sony Slim X700D Series 55  4K Ultra HD TVSony Slim X700D Series 55" 4K Ultra HD TVXBR55X700D89997XBR55X930D Sony X930D Series 55  4K HDR with Android TV
Sony X930D Series 4K HDR with Android TVXBR55X930DStarting at199999
UN65KU6290 Samsung KU6290 6-Series 65  4K UHD Smart TV Samsung KU6290 6-Series 65" 4K UHD Smart TV UN65KU6290149997UN49KU7000FXZA Samsung KU7000 7-Series 49  4K UHD TV
Samsung KU7000 7-Series 4K UHD TVUN49KU7000FXZAStarting at109996
OLED55B6P LG B6 Series OLED 55  4K Smart TVLG B6 Series OLED 55" 4K Smart TVOLED55B6P279999XBR-75X940D Sony X940 Series 75  4K HDR with Android TVSony X940 Series 75" 4K HDR with Android TVXBR-75X940D599999UN43KU6300FXZA Samsung KU6300 6-Series 43  4K UHD TV
Samsung KU6300 6-Series 4K UHD TVUN43KU6300FXZAStarting at64996
XPJPW-101689 XSories X-Project Wi-FiXSories X-Project Wi-FiXPJPW-10168944999UN55KU7500FXZA Samsung KU7500 7-Series 55  Curved 4K UHD TV
Samsung KU7500 7-Series Curved 4K UHD TVUN55KU7500FXZAStarting at139997
UN55KS9000FXZA Samsung KS9000 9-Series 55  4K SUHD TVSamsung KS9000 9-Series 55" 4K SUHD TVUN55KS9000FXZA199999VLT5 Sanus Premium Series Tilt Mount For 51  to 80  Flat-Panel TVsSanus Premium Series Tilt Mount For 51" to 80" Flat-Panel TVsVLT512999OS92 Outdoor Entertainment Gear OS92 by Camp ChefOutdoor Entertainment Gear OS92 by Camp ChefOS9217999OSKIT Outdoor Entertainment Gear Leg Kit by Camp ChefOutdoor Entertainment Gear Leg Kit by Camp ChefOSKIT7500VMT5 Sanus Tilt Mount For 40  to 50  Flat Panel TVs up 75 lbs.Sanus Tilt Mount For 40" to 50" Flat Panel TVs up 75 lbs.VMT58999
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