How To Fall Asleep Fast

Posted by RC Willey Community on May 27, 2016

how to fall asleep fast

Sleep. If you’re not getting enough of it, we should be friends because neither am I. With a two year old and a newly minted one year old, this is a club I wish I didn’t belong to. Our kids sleep through the night, so once I’m asleep – I’m good to go. It’s falling asleep that’s the hard part.

avoid caffeine

There are several tricks that definitely help you fall asleep faster.  First and foremost, be mindful of what you drink and eat during the day. Avoiding caffeine after mid-afternoon is a must. Not only in soda, but medications as well.  Also, don’t eat a large meal before bedtime or go to bed hungry. Both can distract you from your overall goal – falling asleep. Another great tip is to clear your mind of all of the “to do’s” that keep your brain alert. I’ve found I need to distract myself and the best way to do this is to read. You also need to avoid electronic devices and the light they emit, so this means good-old-fashioned-ink-on-paper book reading.

Other pointers that are extremely helpful are:

  • Keep your room cool, 65° or below is ideal
  • Keep your feet and hands warm
  • Avoid exercise in the evening
  • Take a warm shower before bed
  • Scent of lavender (Essential oil in an atomizer on your nightstand is awesome!)

 Honestly, it takes a combination of things to help me fall asleep fast, but they are easy to implement. It helps to create a nightly routine because the consistency also makes a difference.

aireloom mattress 

Feeling comfortable once you climb into bed is essential for falling asleep and overall sleep health! If it’s your mattress that’s keeping you from getting comfortable, a new mattress is in order. You can find exactly what you need at RC Willey. Shop mattresses now. 


What Is Apple TV?

Posted by RC Willey Community on May 20, 2016

what is apple tv apps

Admit it. You have no idea what it is either. I’ve seen it advertised so many times and wondered why I or anyone else would need this. We have smart TVs, smart phones, smart tablets and smart children who can do things with my iPad that I can’t undo. Why would we need another device? I’m here to tell you – this is awesome and will revolutionize TV in our homes. We need this and I can’t wait to get one!

what is apple tv touch

Apple TV brings all of your favorite apps to one place. Streaming TV, games, movies, music, and more. Every app you can imagine: Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, AMC, iTunes, MLB, ABC, FOX, education, fitness - if there’s an app, it’s there or you can download it. Of course you have to subscribe to the apps service (if applicable) to get the content, but that’s a given.

what is apple tv voice 

That concept alone is pretty fantastic. However, the greatest thing of has Siri!! No more searching through all of the different services you subscribe to; Siri will search them and find what you’re looking for! New TV shows, dramas, 80’s comedies, the latest albums that dropped this week - just ask and you shall receive. This in and of itself is worth buying Apple TV. My husband and I spend 45 minutes scrolling through Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu only to decide we can’t find anything and forget it. With Apple TV, you tell Siri what you’d like to watch or listen to and she’ll do the work for you.

buy apple tv

Now, all you need is to buy your very own Apple TV from RC Willey! You pay the purchase price, get your Apple TV with a super cool swipe remote and you’re off to the races.


P.S. If you’re a gamer, Apple TV supports MFi-based controllers.


Living Room Paint Ideas

Posted by RC Willey Community on May 16, 2016

Living Room Paint Ideas Traditional 

Painting ANY room in your home is a big deal. It’s a serious production to even get to the point where you can put a roller to the wall. Before that, you have to make the hardest decision of all: choosing the paint color. Deciding on a living room paint color can be especially difficult. It’s the main living space of your home, usually adjoins other rooms and is the foundation that ties your overall design together. Don’t be nervous though. Color can make your space feel calm, inviting, and chic.

blue living room paint ideas

via pinterest

I love the 2016 color trends. They are colors I’ve always enjoyed and you can take them in so many different directions. It’s all about blues and grays, with many paint choices having subtle undertones that lend to both colors. These colors are great because there are so many options! From the soft and subtle to the dark and bold, you’re bound to find a color that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

green living room paint ideas

via pinterest

There are also so many complementary colors that you can decorate with when choosing from these wall color trends. Use different accessories from throw pillows to vases and lamps that will bring a contemporary, classic, shabby chic or farmhouse look to your space. RC Willey has everything you need to make you living room a place everyone will want to be.

grey living room paint ideas

via pinterest

Did you know that RC Willey offers interior design services? Simply purchase a $100 gift card to RC Willey and let one of our designers help you transform your home into a showpiece. Learn more about our design services now. Here are some more living room paint ideas for your home!

grayish living room paint ideas

via pinterest

seafood living room paint ideas

via pinterest

light grey living room paint ideas

via Better Homes & Gardens

dark grey living room paint ideas

via Pinterest


Statement Lighting

Posted by Andie on May 13, 2016


When we moved to the east coast last summer we were shocked when we arrived to our new apartment and found that there were literally NO LIGHTS in the family room and bedrooms.  This was our 6th move in 6 years of marriage, and no lights?  That was a first for us!  There were a few canned lights in the kitchen and bathrooms, and that was it.  The craziest part about it was that we were literally the very first to move into our apartment, which was in a brand new building. We couldn't even figure it was just one of the quirks you have to put up with in an old structure! 

It turns out you don't realize just how important good lighting is until you don't have any lighting!  (Isn't that how it is with most things in life?)  The place has amazing windows, and in the daytime it's flooded with loads and loads of natural light and sunshine, but at night you are basically sunk.  It only took us about 24 hours to get out and purchase a whole bunch of lamps to make the place more homey, and bright (quite literally). 

Lighting is one of those basic essentials in a home that can be overlooked.  While it's easy to find other things that seem more pertinent to allocate your funds towards, don't skimp on lighting! Statement lighting is one of the best ways to bring style, personality and character to your home.  

"Statement lighting- think glittering table lamps and bold ceiling fixtures- has always been a key component of great design, but the emphasis these days is on items that looks as good off as they do on."- Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson, Elle Decor

I'm really loving all the glamorous chandeliers and unique pendent lights I've been seeing lately.  They look beautiful even when the lights are turned off, and they create gorgeous light when they are on.  Get inspired from the photos below, and remember, just say no to boring lights!


via apartment therapy


via pinterest

 shop lighting

via pinterest


via domino


via domino


via pinterest


via domino


via domino


via lonny mag





Trend Alert: Mid-Century Modern Interiors Are Here to Stay

Posted by Andie on April 30, 2016


The interior design world has been in love with mid-century modern design for a few years now.  With all the natural materials, contemporary patterns, and the seamless flow between inside & outside (think wall to ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, etc), what's not to like? Many people wonder if this obsession is just a passing fad brought back by television shows like 'Mad Men', or if this throwback style from the 1940's-1970's actually has long term staying power.  Thoughts?  

There are opinions on both sides of the fence, but according to, mid-century modern isn't going anywhere any time soon.  Anoushka Allum from Smartspace Interiors told Houzz,

"As our lives become busier and more complicated, and our environments more built-up, we crave a simple connection to nature and the warm and comfort that provides.  MCM (mid-century modern) design delivers this in spades.....It's not a design trend, it's here to stay.  It never really went away.  The days of over-consumption and extravagance are hopefully behind us, as many of us are trying to live more consciously.  MCM design embodies this with its use of minimal finishes, clean design and pared-back aesthetics."

Personally, I love the fresh clean lines, clutter-free, less is more approach of mid-century modern, but I do think there can be too much of a good thing. You don't want your house to turn into a shrine to the 1960's, right?  I'm all about mixing in mid-century modern pieces with other styles like vintage, industrial, modern, and antique to keep things eclectic and interesting. Rebekah Chichero from Small Room Interiors said, “As homeowners’ awareness of the style grows, they are learning they don’t have to have a house full of mid-century modern to appreciate it. It’s about getting the balance right."

And now, for some mid-century modern inspiration.... 


via houzz


via houzz


midcentury modern furniture


via pinterest


via pinterest


via pinterest


via pinterest


via pinterest


via pinterest


design milk via pinterest


via pinterest


via pinterest


How have you incorporated MCM pieces into your home design?  Do you agree with the experts?  Think it's here to stay or are you ready to see it go away?



How to Clean a Dishwasher

Posted by RC Willey Community on April 26, 2016

 how to clean your dishwasher steps

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Is it necessary to clean an appliance that is responsible for cleaning? It is, but don’t worry. Cleaning your dishwasher is super easy and won’t feel like another dreaded chore.  You have everything you need in your kitchen. These few easy steps take no time at all and keep your dishwasher running smooth and smelling fresh.

First on the agenda, clean the bottom drain. Remove the bottom basket to give you easy access. You’ll find some yucky stuff down there that needs to be removed. For me, spinach was the tricky culprit. It was rather painless to get in there and I could quickly see why cleaning your dishwasher is a must.

vinegar and cup

Step two is as effortless as it gets.  Put one cup of vinegar in a dishwasher safe dish (I used a measuring cup because it fit well on the rack) and run a full hot water cycle.  I use vinegar to clean pretty much everything in my house so I knew it would get the job done. This will break down grease and other grungy stuff, which makes your dishwasher less than fresh.

baking soda in a heart bowl

Finally, sprinkle the entire bottom with about a cup of baking soda. You’ll need to run one final short hot water cycle, but this will get rid of any remaining odors and stains.

shop dishwashers

If a new dishwasher is the solution for you, RC Willey has a huge selection of dishwashers! You’ll be amazed at how dishwasher technology has improved. They are quiet, roomy, and energy efficient. You’ll be able to fit all of your dinner dishes inside, start it knowing it’s using less energy and be able to have a conversation in your kitchen without raising your voice. It’s a beautiful thing.


RC Willey 84th Anniversary Doorbusters!

Posted by Kerry on April 22, 2016

rc willey doorbusters

RC Willey 84th Anniversary Sale Doorbusters

After 84 years we haven't forgotten who got us here. Thanks to your great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, and of course you, we have had the pleasure of helping you outfit & design your homes since 1932.  We are having a massive celebration sale and we hope you join us tomorrow and take advantage of our storewide deals as well as our 84th Anniversary Doorbusters. Doors open at 10AM and supplies are limited so come early to get the best deals!

Here are some examples of what to expect for our 84th Anniversary Doorbusters!

tv doorbuster square

RC Willey Soundbar Doorbuster

RC Willey Sectional Doorbuster

RC Willey Doorbusters bed

RC Willey BOSCH doorbuster

We have many more RC Willey 84th Anniversary Doorbusters including:

Queen pillowtop mattress set - $199.99 - 8 per store

1.7 cu ft mini refrigerator - $59.99 - 5 per store 

Swivel chair and ottoman - $249.99 - 8 per store

2-piece luggage set - $10 - while supplies last!

Make sure you arrive early and get in line! Doors open at 10 AM tomorrow! 



30 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Posted by Andie on April 22, 2016


Happy Earth day, everyone!  Did you know that this isn't just a made-up holiday thanks to social media, but that it has actually been celebrated every year since 1970? The purpose of Earth day is to encourage social and political action by drawing attention to the cause: taking care of and protecting our lovely mother earth! 

Whether you have big Earth day plans or not, it's a great time to take inventory of your life, and to think of some small ways that you can help bring about great, positive change!  Here are 30 changes (some big, some small) you can make to give a little more love to our beautiful planet!  Pick one or two from the list that speaks to you, and then consider making improvements as a birthday present to the earth this year!

1. Switch out all of your incandescent lightbulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs
2. Purchase energy-efficient appliances for your home
3. Track your online energy usage
4. Turn off the lights, TV, and other electronics when you leave a room
5. Replace your air filters frequently
6. Only run your dishwasher or washing machine when you have a full load
7. Hang your clothing to dry when possible instead of using the dryer
8. Rethink your consumption habits: Invest in nice, quality furniture & clothing that will last a long time
9. Use Environmentally friencly cleaining supplies
10. Take shorter showers and only take baths sparingly
11. In the spring and fall, open your windows for a cool breeze instead of running your air conditioning
12. Cut back on your paper plates & paper towels usage
13. Opt to read credit card statements & to pay all of your bills online and get off junk mail lists
14. Subscribe to online magazines
15. Check out books at the library or buy them on your electronic devices instead of purchasing a hard copy
16. Re-purpose old clothing and items in your home when possible, and donate used items to charities instead of throwing them away
17. Take public transportation (metro, bus, etc) or carpool if possible
18. Opt to walk or ride your bike to work or to run errands instead of driving your car
19. Write a letter to your congressman or congresswoman to raise your voice in hopes of change (Pick a topic you are passionate about- like clean air, recycling, etc)
20. Get involved in your community- hep organize a cleanup or service project
21. Take your own reusable bag to the grocery store
22. Buy local produce
23. Plant a garden and grow your own fruits and vegetables
24. Plant a tree
25. Purchase a nice re-usable water bottle and stop buying plastic water bottles
26. Recycle
27. Start composting
28. Pick up and throw away litter whenever you see it (if everyone picked up just one piece of garbage a day think of the change!)
29. Attend an Earth day event or festival
30. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful earth we get to call home!!


Rustic Living Room Ideas

Posted by Kerry on April 20, 2016

rustic living room ideas

Rustic living room ideas are everywhere at RC Willey.

We have rustic living room furniture, rustic sofas, rustic tables and more! I have pulled a few items from our inventory to show you how you can really nail the rustic chic look - and how you can add some history to your home. With warm woods, distressed metals, leather and linen, you can really nail the rustic living room vibe before you move on to other areas of your home. Take a look and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

rustic living room ideas - chairrustic living room ideas - end table

rustic living room ideas -sofa

rustic living room ideas - tables

rustic living room ideas - leather sofa

rustic living room ideas - storage

rustic living room ideas - leather couch

rustic living room coffee tablerustic living room ideas - tv stand

rustic furniture tv stand

rustic tv sideboard

rustic coffee table at rc willey rustic living room tv stands

rustic furniture leather sofa

rustic school locker rustic wheels tv stand


 rustic antique bar

rustic cart

rustic table rustic end table

rustic bookcase



Traeger Smoked Turkey Recipe

Posted by Kerry on April 15, 2016

 Traeger smoked turkey

This Traeger smoked turkey recipe will become the new family tradition on your Traeger grill. If you wanted the best Traeger turkey recipe, look no further, this is it. 


Prep Time: 30 minutes, overnight brining

Cooking Time: 7 Hours 

Servings: 8

Wood Pellets: Pecan

Rub: Traeger BBQ Rub

Meat: 12-16lb Turkey (thawed, remove giblets)

Ingredients: 3 gallons of water, 1 cup of Traeger BBQ rub, 1 cup of sugar, 1.5 Tbsp. minced garlic, 1/2 cup worcestershire sauce, 2 Tbsp. canola oil

Traeger Smoked Turkey Instructions

Pour 3 gallons of water & BBQ rub into a non-metal bucket and mix until dissolved. Add garlic, sugar, and worcestershire sauce and mix thoroughly. Place the turkey breast side down in the bucket, make sure it's completely submerged in your liquid mix, cover with lid and place in the fridge overnight.

The next day, remove your turkey and pat dry. Rub canola oil all over turkey surface and place in a disposable aluminum pan, breast side up. 

Start your Traeger grill on the smoke setting with the lid open to establish a fire. This should take the usual 4-5 minutes. Place turkey on grill, close the lid, and smoke for 2.5 - 3 hours. Next, switch to 350F and cook for 2.5 hours or until internal meat temp reaches 170F.  Remove turkey from grill and let it rest for 15 minutes. Slice, serve, and become a champion!

Traeger Smoked Turkey Videos & Recipes

shop traeger






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