Great savings on BOSCH Appliances

Posted by Kerry on October 6, 2015

If you've been waiting for the right time to redo your kitchen with top-quality appliances, that time is now. BOSCH makes amazing appliances and from now until November 30, 2015, you have two great offers to choose from. Offer one is buy a BOSCH 4-piece kitchen package and get 10% off with mail-in-rebate, a credit for a microhood and a deluxe BOSCH mixer! The other offer is buy any 3-piece BOSCH kitchen package and get the deluxe BOSCH mixer ($299 value) for free!  bosch kitchen package deal

Come on down to your local RC Willey and ask a friendly salesperson for the details!




October Video Game Releases on XBOX and PS4

Posted by Kerry on October 5, 2015

october video games release dates

It's video game release season and there are a ton of awesome games coming out this Fall at RC Willey. Let's take a look at 3 games that arrive this month! 

1. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

It's hard to believe this franchise is 8 years old. Since some games are just too good to leave in the past, publisher Naughty Dog has remastered all 3 Uncharted games so they look brilliant on the PS4. The Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection comes with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Amoung Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

2. Guitar Hero Live - 2 Guitar Bundle Pack

Guitar Hero is one of those rare games that really is enjoyable for the whole family. It has great music and is easy enough for most people to pick up and play right from the start. The guitars have been redesigned and look very cool and now you play in from of a human audience! That's right, no more cartoon characters booing you - there are real faces staring back at you pleading for you to not screw up. On top of that, Guitar Hero Live will allow you to play along with your favorite music videos giving your friends something to watch while you shred. 

3. Halo 5: Guardians

If you own an XBOX you will be buying this game. Halo is an awesome futuristic first person shooter game and is only available on the XBOX One console. The world's productivity will drop the day after this game comes out. Expect lots of people to call in sick and very little traffic on the roads. This is a big deal. 


How to Plant & Layer Flower Bulbs

Posted by Kerry on October 4, 2015

crocus bulb planting

Fall is the time to think about your spring garden! The cool thing about bulbs is they take very little root space and you can stack them on top of each other so one area has consistent flowering throughout the blooming season. If you are in zones 1-7 follow the instructions below, if you are in a higher zone you might have to pre-chill your bulbs. Don't know your zone? Check out this handy blog post to find your planting zone! 

We made this graphic below to give you an easy idea of what needs to be done in order to layer your bulbs. This is based on a 14" deep hole that is at least 18" wide. 

how to layer bulbs

Now, let's take a look at some common flowers you can expect to grow in your new garden!

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic Lily

Trumpet Lily

trumpet lily

Oriental Lily

oriental lily


how to plant daffodils


allium bulb planting tips


tulip bulb planting

Iris Reticulata

iris reticulata planting tips

Even if you don't have a yard you can still plant some beautiful bulbs! Also, bulbs come back year after year so might as well invest in a nice planter like the ones below!


Andrea(22 hours ago)

Wow! This makes me wish I had a garden!!

Trend Alert: Grasscloth Wallpaper FAQ's

Posted by Andie on October 3, 2015


Grasscloth Wallpapervia pinterest


Did you know that people have been using wallpaper since the 1700's?  Of course back then only the social elite were accustomed to such a luxury, but today wallpaper is affordable and easily accessible to the masses.  Over the past couple years, grasscloth wallcoverings have had a huge reawakening in the design world.  While the textured panels are very gorgeous and add a whole lot of style to any room, they also require a lot of TLC.  Read on for some answers to frequently asked quesitons about grasscloth if you're thinking about installing it in your home... 

What exactly is grasscloth wallpaper?
"Grasscloth" can be natural or man-made, and typical materials such as hemp, reed, arrowroot and jute are used. Natural grasscloth is made from a very intesnive process of combining sea grass strands and thin cotton, then backed with rice paper.  Grasscloth wallpaper is hung in panels (typically vertically), and is colored by natural dyes (there is no exact color matching and ordering several rolls of grasscloth can give you several different color variations).  


Grasscloth Wallpapervia bhg


Where should I hang grasscloth wallpaper in my home?
Grasscloth is basically a very high maintenance wallpaper.  Because of its fragile structure, it's very easy to damage.   It is also very absorbant, which means that simply wiping it down with a wet sponge can ruin it.  For these reasons you want to avoid hanging it in any high traffic or moist areas in your home. You're going to want to stay away from bathrooms (think about the potential water problems with a tub, shower, or toilet!  As a side note: half bathrooms might be doable, depending on your family situation and the amount of use the bathroom gets.), kitchens (can you imagine trying to clean off the food splatters?) or busy hallways.  I think the ideal place for a grasscloth wall would be a formal living room, an office, or perhaps a master bedroom.  


Grasscloth Wallpapervia houzz


How do I clean grasscloth once it's hung?
The only way to safely clean grasscloth is by dusting with a dry paper towel, or lightly vacumming.  Remember, no water whatsoever!  Also, keep in mind that the grasscloth can also absorb smells (think food, cigar smoke, etc).


Grasscloth Wallpapervia pinterest


What do I need to know about the process of hanging grasscloth?
Hanging grasscloth is not for the weak of heart!  It can be a very timely, care intensive process.  Like all wallpaper, grasscloth must be adhered to the wall, but again, due to its delicate nature, it has to be hung with non-staining pastes.  Also, the seams between the panels are very difficult, if not impossible to conceal when hanging.  There are video tutorials online that you can find to help you if you want to try to DIY, but unless you really know what you're doing, my advice would be to hire a professional to do the job. Grasscloth tends to be a lot pricier than regular wallpaper, and it's not an investment you want to have flop because you tried a step by step approach you found on pinterest.  (Leave the pinterest fails for cheaper projects:)



Grasscloth Wallpapervia houzz


So why would anyone want grasscloth in their home?!
This is probably what you're asking yourself right about now if you've made it this far through the post! While hanging it up and caring for it once it's hung isn't exactly what I'd call low maintenance, you can't argue with the fact that it looks amazingly beautiful.  As long as you know what you're getting into, and are thoughtful and careful about what kind of room you are hanging it in, I say go for it!  

So what do you think?  Would you dare hang grasscloth in your home?  And if you already have grasscloth hung in your home, what are some of the do's and don't s you've learned along the way?



Andie(22 hours ago)

Haha, seriously though! Steve, did your family ever encounter problems cleaning them? I'm just thinking about my 1 year old little girl, and 3 year old little boy and their regularly sticky/dirty/grimy/ketchupy hands and it scares me!!

Steve(1 day ago)

Do you have to mow it? j/k I grew up with grasscloth walls and loved them. Never seen the colored ones before. Very Pretty

Ink + Ivy Seating at RC Willey

Posted by Kerry on October 2, 2015


Ink+Ivy Midcentury sectional

Ink + Ivy is a new collection at RC Willey featuring a midcentury modern aesthetic. I'm a big fan of this collection and a fan of midcentury design in general. My home is a flat roof 1950's ranch house and it's filled with all kinds of antiques and furniture from the 60's. The problem is there are some items that you just can't get along with if they are 50+ years old - especially sofas, chairs, and sectionals. One of my favorite chairs is at least 50 years old and when a friend of mine was visiting from out of town, a spring popped through the cushion and literally cut his leg! Not something you want to do to a guest in your home. So, if you are a fan of MCM design and want something that is clean, new, comfortable, and won't stab your friends, check out some of these cool items from Ink + Ivy available now at RC Willey. 

Ink + Ivy Waldorf Loveseat

midcentury modern home


Ink+Ivy Newport Chair

midcentury home

Ink + Ivy Cornflower Loveseat

midcentury homes


Ink + Ivy Burlap Chair

midcentury modern house

Ink + Ivy Grant Sectional




Andrea(3 days ago)

Go RCW! These are so beautiful.

RC Willey sells Sunbrella Home Furnishings

Posted by Kerry on October 1, 2015

Sunbrella Sectional Sofa

We are excited to announce that RC Willey now sells Sunbrella Home furniture. Many of you have heard the name Sunbrella before and are probably picturing sturdy awnings and marine fabrics. Well, this is definitely a strong suit of Sunbrella and their home collection is based on that strength that has been proven for decades. I had the privilege of sitting in on a demo from Sunbrella and I have to say I am impressed. Let me tell you a few benefits of Sunbrella Home fabric.

  • Colorfastness. I don't know about you but my living room windows face west and many things are beginning to bleach. My Andy Warhol coffee table book is beginning to look like its own version of modern art! Sunbrella fabrics are made of saturated, highly UV stable, pigmented fibers. You can be assured your sofa won't fade. 
  • Cleanable. Here is a list of stains and how to get rid of them from your Sunbrella fabric. Most stains will come off with soap and water. A few stains like blood & ink take stronger substances such as acetone and ammonia. What's crazy is most sofas would be ruined if you poured acetone or ammonia on them but not Sunbrella!
  • Durable. Sunbrella Home fabric is a nice mix of strong and soft. Think of it as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Kindergarten Cop. 

Sunbrella is also committed to conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner. 

  • It's GREENGUARD Certified. This means Sunbrella Home fabric has met the best standards for low interior emissions of volatile organic compounds. 
  • The Sunbrella Norlina Plant is powered by a 500-kilowatt solar array. 
  • The Sunbrella Anderson, S.C., facility recycles all of its waste: industrial materials, packaging, office & cafeteria. 
  • Sunbrella Renaissance Fabrics are made of up to 50% post-industrial recycled Sunbrella fiber. 
  • Wastewater Reduction: Sunbrella's unique coloring process elimiates harmful chemical effluents of conventional dyeing processes. 

Sunbrella YellowSunbrella WhiteSunbrella Orange

Now, none of this would matter if the fabric and furniture we are selling is ugly or uncomfortable. Sunbrella has worked with RC Willey to create an awesome collection of bold colors and tasteful design for your home, and due to the strength of the fabric and ease of cleaning it should look great for years to come. 

shop snubbers home

Andrea(4 days ago)

Oh my word I am literally drooling over the bright yellow sofa! These look amazing! Love the modern lines and fun colors!

Fall 2015 Pantone Color Predictions

Posted by Andie on September 22, 2015


via house beautiful


With tomorrow being the first official day of fall, I'm jumping in with both feet!  In my opinion there is nothing better than fall home decor, food, and fashion!  The phrase "fall color palette" has traditionally been fairly simple to interpret.  Browns, blacks, greys, beiges, and creams, (plus maybe throw in a burnt orange for halloween) have ruled all the land.  But now, The Pantone Institute, the world's leading authority on color, is changing all that.  While neutrals will always be a major player when it comes to fashion and interior design (especially in the colder months), this year fall is all about COLOR!  

The Pantone Institute has predicted the top 10 Colors for Fall 2015.  I was so surprised at all of the warm, bold colors they picked!  From amethyst orchid, to biscay bay--- I'm really loving the combination of cheerful color and earthy neutrals.  Keep scrolling for some photos to get you inspired!  Come on fall, I'm so ready for you!


 via pinterest


via pinterest


Amber Interiors via pinterest


 via pinterest 



via pinterest



apartment therapy via pinterest



via pinterest



via pinterest 



via pinterest 



via pinterest



Kerry(2 weeks ago)

Beautiful stuff Andie!

Trend Alert: Mad About Tile

Posted by Andie on September 15, 2015

Trend Alert Cool Tilevia lonny mag


It's no secret-- tile everything is definitely on point right now! Statement tile floors and walls have been making big waves in the design community this year.  The current tile trend is all about creating a little shock factor!  Look for happy & bold colors (you can't go wrong with funky hand painted tiles either), or simply lay everyday tile in a cool and unexpected arrangment.  I for one, am loving all of the great patterns I've been seeing!  If you want some major inspiration, check out Lonny Magazine's new hashtag #floorcore on instagram for some amazing tiled floors from all around the world.  And now, for some of my favorite tiled surfaces as of late......


Trend Alert: Cool Tile
Domino via Huffington Post


Trend Alert: Mad About Tile
via Atlanta Homes 


Trend Alert Cool Tile
via Lonny mag


Trend Alert Cool Tile
via pinterest



Trend Alert: Mad About Tile 
via lonny mag


Trend Alert Cool Tile

via apartment therapy


 Trend Alert: Mad About Tile
via cote maison


Trend Alert Cool Tile
via apartment therapy


 Trend Alert Cool Tile
via blog lovin


Trend Alert Cool Tile
via lonny mag


Trend Alert Cool Tile
via apartment therapy


Trend Alert Cool Tile  
via pinterest


Trend Alert Cool Tile
via houzz


Do you love simple & clean when it comes to tile arrangements, or would you go out on a limb and do something a little more adventurous?

P.S. Can you tell I'm really loving the color blue these days? 




Cecilia Thomas(2 weeks ago)

These are all beautiful!

Kerry(2 weeks ago)

Love the scalloped watery looking one...

Coming soon from Apple: iPad Pro, Apple TV & iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

Posted by Kerry on September 9, 2015

apple event

Today was the Apple Special Event where Apple released information on their latest upgrades for the iPad, Apple TV and iPhone product lines. They also released a new product called the Apple Pencil, which drew some laughs from the crowd, but quickly silenced those laughs when the crowd saw the pencil's capabilities. I have broken down each product for you, the iPad Pro, Apple TV & iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, in individual articles so you can see and read about all the new features they have to offer. If you choose to purchase one of these innovative new products from Apple please give RC Willey the chance to earn your business. Thanks and enjoy!

 learn about iPad pro

apple tv more info

iphone 6s and 6s plus





Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

Posted by Kerry on September 9, 2015

iphone 6s features

Apple also announced today the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the most advanced smartphones in the world featuring the A9 chip. It's 70% faster than the A8 chip for CPU processes and 90% faster for graphics processes. The phones are built out of a custom Apple aluminum and will come in 4 finishes: Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Rose Gold.

iphone 6s 3d touch

iPhone Live Photo

These iPhones will have 3D touch - a new version of multi-touch giving you a force push that pops up new shortcuts in iOS9. Push a written address and watch a map pop up or click a photograph in Live Photo and watch it come to life! That's right with Live Photo your photographs actually record 1.5 seconds before and after your photo giving you mini-videos in every picture. Want to browse your email? Press on a message and see a preview without having to open the whole email. In maps you can use 3D touch to quickly drop a pin or peek in on a location and see hours of operation. This will be one of those features that will easily integrate into how you want to work saving you time and effort. Instagram, Facebook and WeChat have already started developing common shortcuts for this feature as have games such as Warhammer 40k: Freeblade.

iphone 12mp camera

These phones come with a 12MP iSight camera. It has faster auto-focus, less noise, incredible detail and better color. You can also take massive 63MP panoramas. On top of this the new iPhones will shoot 4K video. Every frame will have 8 million pixels. You can then edit it in iMovie directly on your iPhone. And on the front side of your iPhone 6s you get the 5MP facetime HD camera. This means better FaceTime and better selfies. The true-tone flash is recreated on the front of the phone's display in the form of the Retina Flash. Essentially the display lights up 3x brighter to create a flash for front facing photos. 

iphone 6s imovie

iphone 6s breakaway

Wireless speed is 2X faster on LTE and Wi-Fi is up to 2X as fast as well. The new iPhone 6s comes with a second generation touch sensor as well which is much faster. There will be a host of new accessories for the iPhone 6s as well including these cool charging cradles.

iphone 6s charging cradles



Jojany(3 weeks ago)

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