Stainmaster Carpet Buying Guide

Posted by Kerry on March 14, 2016

stainmaster carpet rc willey

When it comes time to replace the carpet in your home it's something you want to get right the first time, and there is a variety of quality Stainmaster carpet to choose from at RC Willey. No one wants to pick everything up off their floor each year to replace their carpet because they bought a substandard carpet brand nor do they want to keep rearranging the furniture to hide unsightly stains or wear. This is why you need to check out Stainmaster carpet for your home. 

stainmaster active family carpet

The best carpet for your family...

Got a house full of kids & their messy friends? Have a few hallways that just get trounced day in and day out? Have a husband who just can't remember to take his shoes off when he comes home? Stainmaster Active Family carpet is built to handle all this and more. It's durable, easy to clean, and will look great for years to come. 

Stainmaster Active Family carpet works in 3 ways. 

  1. Exceptional Durability - Stainmaster Active Family is built to last - a perfect mixture of having kids and nice things!
  2. Sometimes you just want to eat in front of the tv. Have no fear! Stainmaster Active Family carpet resists food and beverage stains!
  3. Built for Performance - Got a few runways in your house? Stainmaster Active Family carpet can handle the whole family plus guests. It's easy to clean and scientifically designed to maintain its original appearance over time. 

stainmaster pet protect sale

For the pet parents...

Stainmaster Pet Protect is specially formulated for your needs. Got an old dog or new puppy who just doesn't quite make it outside every time? Have a cat who gets upset when you don't leave her a perfectly clean litter box and takes it out on your living room? Have an Iguana who just likes the feel of some fresh new carpet? These things happen and instead of getting upset at your little creature, we need to protect ourselves against worst case scenarios.

Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet works in 3 ways. 

  1. Resists Pet Stains - Thanks to a built in stain resistance that won't wash off, Stainmaster Pet Protect can be cleaned with hydrogen-peroxide cleaners!
  2. Reduces Pet Odors -With the Stainmaster carpet/cushion system, you can take advantage of the breathable moisture barrier which helps keep pet waste out of your subfloor.
  3. Releases Pet Hair - A proprietary process allows Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet to release pet hair which allows your vacuum cleaner to more easily pick it up off your floors!


Which Stainmaster fiber is right for me?

stainmaster buying guide

Here's a video showing the difference between Stainmaster carpet and a standard nylon carpet. This video is 5 years old so you can imagine how far Stainmaster has come. 





Beautiful Carpet for Stairs & Staircases

Posted by Kerry on October 27, 2015

cool stair cases

Most people who have staircases in their homes love the fact that they act as such a strong focal point. It's a great place to hang family photos, tie your shoes in the morning, and decorate for the holidays. One thing your stairs might be missing is a fresh update in the carpet department. If your home is lacking in color or patterns, check out a bold print or color scheme that will tie a few things together in the room. Or if you want a minimalist look, grab a basic color with a cool texture to add subtle elegance and interest. We have a massive catalog of colors and textures and patterns to choose from the best carpet manufacturers. Just set up a free RC Willey in home carpet estimate and we will help you get the look and feel you desire for your home's staircase. 

upper west side stairs modern stair carpet

cool stair runner nautical stair case

transitional stair carpet beach house staircase


Inspiration: Floors of Stone

Posted by Andie on November 11, 2013

Natural stone floors are one of the smartest ways to go if you are remodeling or building a new home. Whether you opt to put in travertine, slate, marble, granite, limestone, or standstone, there are so many benefits and advantages to stone floors that you will surely enjoy.  


Some of the perks of stone flooring include:

- great durability

- beautiful, complex & unique appearance

- stain resistant

- enormous range of colors & textures 

- classic & timeless



Check out the lovely examples of stone flooring below, and BHG's guide to stone flooring!  



via lonny mag




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via lonny mag




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Carpet Remnants for Pennies PLUS Sony Slam Dunk Winner!

Posted by Andie on March 18, 2011

There is nothing that I love more in life than a good deal.  Okay, maybe a rich, chocolate dessert, or my husband, but that's besides the point.


I've been a bargain shopper ever since I was a kid.  I still remember digging excitedly through bin after bin of shoes at Filene's Basement during my first visit to New York City at the age of seven (If you haven't been there the best way I can describe it is bargain heaven times 3 billion), and always perusing the clearance racks first thing when I went to the mall with my friends in middle school.  Truth be told, some of my most prized household items, clothes, shoes, etc. have been found on the super cheap.  My mother indeed taught me well.


And so my friends, from one bargain shopper to another, I want to let you Utah residents in on a little secret.......


Did you know that RC Willey has a Utah Flooring Outlet?


Most people have never heard of such a thing, but I promise you it exists.  In fact, it is the largest Clearance Center of it's kind in the state of Utah.  




Here's how it works.  RC Willey buys full rolls of carpet from carpet mills, which we sell at all of our store locations.  Over time, these rolls get smaller and smaller as customers purchase different amounts of carpet (one roll covers a lot of floor).  Eventually when these rolls get too small to sell on the show room floor (about 30 square yards), they are sent to the Clearance Center, and sold at a drastically discounted price.  This happens every single day.  


At any given time, there are over 2,000 rolls of never been used, name brand carpet, available for up to 70% off in the carpet outlet.  The prices are so cheap, RC Willey is practically paying you to get this carpet off their hands!  





So if you have a basement to finish, a rental property that needs to be re-carpeted, or a room or two in your home or office that needs updating, be sure to stop by our Carpet Clearance Center in Salt Lake City.  All carpet is available for immediate pickup, or professional installation, whichever you prefer.  


Trust me, you've never seen anything like this place! 




A big Congratulations to this week's Sony Slam Dunk Sweepstakes Blog Contest Winner,

Joyce Pawlik from the great mid-western state of Illinois!  Joyce, email me ( your info and I'll get this Sony Home Theater System in the mail right away!



If you haven't entered the Sony Slam Dunk Blog Contest, make sure you do right now for a chance to win a Sony Blu-ray player next Friday!  If you've already entered, you'll be eligible for the drawings every Friday this month!




Great Flooring on a Budget!

Posted by Andie on February 11, 2011

Congratulations to the RC Willey flooring department!  They were recently presented a Lammy Award by the NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association) recognizing them as...


"2010 Dealer of the Year"


In honor of this prestigious award, I think it's only appropriate to discuss laminate today. Stay with me, folks!  This is not going to be a boring tutorial.....


Let's be honest for a moment.  When I hear "laminate" the first word that pops into my head is "CHEAP!", followed by "FAKE!", followed by "PLASTIC!".  Anyone with me?  I'm sorry to say it, but for those of us who think along those lines, apparently we are stuck in the 1990's. Let's just pray and hope that our clothing choices and hair styles don't reflect that.


Anyway. I digress.


After doing a little research, I was surprised to learn that laminate has come a LONG way since it's debut in the 90's.  Back then, tongue and grooves had to be glued together during a floating installation, and laminate floors looked more like plastic roller skating rinks than anything. Well, thankfully we've not only seen the fashion world blaze forward since then, but technology has also made huge advancements in the production, installation, look, and feel of laminate.  Thank goodness!





Today, glueless click lock technologies are standard on laminate hardwood and rigorous etching, bleaching, staining, and leaching processes make it look more realistic than ever before.  In addition to looking great it's also durable, long lasting, and significantly less expensive than other hard floor surfaces!





Here are just a few of the reasons laminate is a beautiful, wise investment for your home:


- Stain, fade, and moisture resistant

- Looks like real wood

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Easy to install

- Environmentally friendly

- Affordable

- Extremely durable

- Available in a variety of styles


So.... next time you are re-doing floors in your home, go ahead and consider laminate!   For more info, visit our Flooring page!



images via NALFA


New Carpet Disaster

Posted by Andie on January 15, 2010

My parents had just re-carpeted their bedroom with the most beautiful, soft, fluffy white goodness I'd ever seen.  It was literally only days old; it even had the new carpet smell still.   I had been told to stay off the carpet.  My parents didn't trust me with anything new and white.  For good reason, I guess.

One afternoon I was playing dress ups with some friends.  My parents weren't home.  I had just put on a great sequin dress and boa, but I needed some makeup to complete the look.  I quickly danced across the white carpet with my bare feet, and snuck into my mother's bathroom.  After searching through her makeup, I found the perfect dark blue eye shadow!  As I started running through the bedroom to show my friends what I'd discovered, the blue eye shadow I was clutching in one hand went flying through the air, landing face down on the blanket of white underneath my feat.  Oh NO!!!  To my horror, there was a circle of blue powder on the carpet the size of a fist. 

The first thing my nine year old brain thought was Water!!  Yes, that's it!  Just clean it up with water!  I quickly grabbed a washcloth in the bathroom, and as my friends watched with terrified, wide eyes, I started scrubbing the blue carpet with hot water.  Much to my dismay, two minutes later the eye shadow was not only still there, but this time it was the size of a bowling ball!!  OH NO!!

I started looking around the room trying to figure out how I could cover up the spot.  It was a bust.  The stain was in the center of the room.  There was no hiding it.  I thought about blaming it on my little sister, but I knew they wouldn't buy it.  I waited in agony until my parents got home, secretly hoping that they just wouldn't notice.

As it turns out, they did notice.  Two weeks, and a lot of sunflowers pulled out in the hot summer sun as the form of my punishment later, my parent's bedroom carpet was replaced, once again.  I learned two important lessons that day.  #1Only get white carpet if you don't have children.  #2 Blue Eye Shadow is just bad on so many levels.

What's YOUR furniture/carpet/house disaster story??



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