Are You Sleep Deprived?

Posted by Andie on April 25, 2012

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Do you ever feel like the sailors in this picture on the job?  Have a hard time staying awake throughout the day?  Fall asleep within five minutes of your head hitting the pillow at night?  Feel exhausted?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are you're one of the 40 million Americans suffering from sleep deprivation and fatigue.  


According to, there are 14 common causes of fatigue:


1. Not enough sleep

2. Sleep Apnea

3. Not enough fuel (are you eating enough of the good stuff?)

4. Anemia (leading cause of fatigue in women)

5. Depression

6. Thyroid problems

7. Too much caffeine

8. Hidden UTI

9. Diabetes

10. Dehydration

11. Heart disease

12. Shift Work Sleep Disorder

13. Food Allergies

14. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia


Do you have any of these symptoms?  Check out this slideshow to find out what you can do to help reverse your fatigue!


In addition to these causes of fatigue, one of the biggest in my opinion is sleeping on a bad mattress.  Look, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that approximately 1/3 of your TOTAL LIFE is spent sleeping.  Doesn't that fact alone warrant the need for a good mattress?  Hello people!  Skimping when it comes to a mattress is just not smart!


This week is Sleep Week at RC Willey.  We've dedicated a whole week to help you sleep better!  Take this Sleep Quiz from Everyday Health to find out how well you're really sleeping, and if your sleep could use some improvement, head on over to your local RC Willey and start testing out new mattresses.  With incredible savings this week on mattress brands including Simmons, Spring Air, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and Aierloom, there's definitely something for every person and every budget.  


In the mean time, you can start implementing these 9 ways to get a better night's sleep!



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One Thing You Should Never Skimp On

Posted by Andie on September 23, 2011

Sometimes brand name and generic products are so similar in quality, that it's a no-brainer to buy the cheaper stuff.   When it comes to aluminum foil, garbage bags, dish soap, and basic food supplies, I'm always happy to throw the generic version into my cart to save a quick buck!  However, if we're talking about toilet paper, tooth paste (basically all personal hygiene items), plastic wrap, or bread.....well, I'm just not willing to compromise!


Everyone has their own unique preferences, which results in very different shopping habits.  Some of you might have no problem with cheap toilet paper, and if you don't, good for you!  Your grocery bill is probably cheaper than mine.


Here's the thing though.


When it comes to buying a mattress, I don't care who you are or where you came from, NOBODY should settle for a cheap version.  Doing so (and I'm sure plenty of you reading this are currently sleeping on a terrible mattress) is simply unthinkable.  Why, you ask?  Do you realize that approximately 1/3 of your ENTIRE LIFE will be spent sleeping?  How about the fact that your productivity as a human being is about 7.3 million times more effective after a good night's sleep?


The fact is, a wonderful mattress NEEDS to be your top priority.  For the sake of your health, happiness, and prosperity!  And don't even think about convincing yourself that you don't deserve it.





The good news is that RC Willey wants to help a few of you.  We're having a Serta Mattress Makeover Contest!  The grand prize winner will get $5,000, and two first prize winners will get $2,000 to put towards mattresses for their homes!  Enter the contest now, and come start testing out new mattresses!


P.S. Here are 9 Ways to help you get a better night's sleep!


alisharondas (4 years ago)

well some of us don't have a choice due to the economy Right now ! I wish I could afford a bed right now , but I guess the water bed with a giant air bubble I slept on last night has seen way better days it is like lying down and waking up just as tired as I was when I lay down when I woke up !!!

Clark(4 years ago)

I have owned a lot of mattresses in my life and I agree. I once heard that you spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress. We spend a lot less on a mattress than we do on our car, of which we spend maybe 10% of our time. Good advice. Every mattress I have ever had has come from RC Willey. If I have ever had a problem they have taken care of it.

Andie(4 years ago)

Yikes! Wendy, I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience buying a mattress! My husband and I had a really positive experience, but I totally understand how frustrating that must have been for you. I'm going to send your email to our Customer Service Vice President and he can follow up with you to see how we could have done better.

Wendy Carpenter(4 years ago)

I am a longtime loyal customer. RCWilley is one of my favorite stores and my house is full of great furniture and appliances from them. However I had a TERRIBLE experience buying our mattress there and despite letters and phone calls we were stuck with a dud mattress and back pain!!! I would never buy a mattress from this store.

Time to Trash Your Pillow Giveaway!

Posted by Andie on January 14, 2011

Six months ago my neck was killing me.   I was waking up every morning with an intense shooting pain, and I was frustrated because I couldn't determine what the problem was.  I'm only 25 for crying out loud!  Neck pain already?  This went on for months, and nothing relieved the pain.  I finally chalked it up to stress, and figured I was just going to have to live with it.  Until the night I had a major breakthrough.....


I couldn't sleep because my neck was bothering me, and in utter frustration I chucked my pillow across the room. I woke up the next morning without a pillow, and without the normal back pain I was accustomed to.  This got me thinking.  Could my pillow really be the problem? You see, I was emotionally attached to my pillow.  Heck, I'd used it since middle school at least!  It suddenly became very clear to me that ten or so years had really taken a toll on the thing.  Once it had been perfect and plump, but now it was just a sorry little flat pathetic wad of lumpiness.  And so, after much contemplation (remember, I was freakishly attached) and persuasion from my husband, I said sayonara and took it out to the dumpster.


Instead of buying a random new pillow at a department store and hoping it would work out, I decided to do a little research to learn what kind of pillows are best for side sleepers like me.  I discovered that RC Willey carries a great selection of pillows, ranging from $4- $400.  How is that I work here and didn't know that!?  Anyway, I went down to an RC Willey showroom, found a mattress that was similar to mine in firmness, and began testing pillows. 





After trying out about a dozen pillows, I ended up buying a Tempur-pedic neck pillow, and a Health Care air pillow.  Please hear me out when I say that THEY HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!  I'm healthier, happier, and I can sleep through the night now!  And best of all, my neck pain is completely gone.  I've become such an advocate of finding the right pillow for your body, because it makes all the difference!


Looking back, I wish I wouldn't have wasted so many years of my life sleeping on a crappy pillow. And I don't want you to either!  So, I'm going to give two of you readers a pair of wonderful new pillows!  For a chance to win, all you have to do is become a blog follower if you aren't already, and leave a comment by Thursday Jan. 20th at midnight telling me why it's time for you to trash your pillows!  Two random winners will be announced Friday, Jan 21st!


Since everyone is different and the pillows I love might just make you miserable, the winners will get to go to their nearest RC Willey for a free consultation and get "pillow fitted" for two new Health Care Air, or Latex International pillows (both brands carry different styles for stomach, side and back sleepers!) In the meantime, go into RC Willey and test out our fine selection of quality pillows!  You won't regret it!



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Virginia(5 years ago)

lets trash talk my pillows. Dear pillows you are so old and used I think its time to get new ones. We have been through so much like sick kids in my bed using my pillows, grandkids watching tv with my pillows and dont forget me using my pillows every night and especially when I am sick so pillows I am sorry but it is time to get new ones so thats why I need new pillows! I have not had new pillows for at least 5 years.

Mindy(5 years ago)

Why is it time to trash my pillows? Because they are old, cheap, and stained from my kids who drool. The batting inside is all separated and bunched up. It is a sad sad thing. Our only two good pillows are kept in the guest room to save me from embarrassment when our guests come to stay. I need these!

Dave(5 years ago)

Sorry Andie is out today, so I'll answer your question. These promotional gift cards are indeed 1 per purchase. We have the comments disabled on that entry because people were posting their recipes there, as well as their addresses.... Not a good idea. ;-)

Jessica(5 years ago)

I cannot enter a comment on the Recipe $25 gift card giveaway, so I thought I'd ask my question here. Can I combine cards to buy something? Like, if my mother-in-law gets a card as well? Or is it one gift card per purchase? Thanks.

Kris(5 years ago)

I recently got married, and I am incredibly happy with my wife, and our life, in every way, except ONE: We sleep in her bed, which I really like, but the pillows are HORRENDOUS! I think Lewis & Clark may have previously owned these pillows! Although my heart is full of love, my neck and shoulders are full of aches and pains! Thank you for the opportunity to win some quality pillows!

megan(5 years ago)

i need to trash my pillow because i have had the same pillows since me and my hubby got together almost 5 years ago its so time for us to trash our pillows

Jessica(5 years ago)

I cannot enter a comment on the Recipe $25 gift card giveaway, so I thought I'd ask my question here. Can I combine cards to buy something? Like, if my mother-in-law gets a card as well? Or is it one gift card per purchase? Thanks.

Holly(5 years ago)

I am ready for new pillows - mine seem to have lost all of their fluff and have gotten flat.

Sheila(5 years ago)

I sometimes have neck pain, but I always have severe shoulder pain. I'm a side sleeper, and my shoulders ache in the morning, I have to use a massager to smooth out all the knots in my shoulders every day. Maybe a new pillow would help relieve some of that pain.

Debbie(5 years ago)

My story is similar to yours except I have spent over $5,000.00 over the last year on Doctors & tests to try to find out why I have such neck pain & horrible headaches. Unfortunately no results so far, maybe a new pillow would help.

Kirsten(5 years ago)

Why should I trash my pillow? Dust mites, greasy skin, sweat, dead skin cells, drool....Tell me that some of that doesn't ooze through the case and into the pillow! IT DOES!!! And I wash my pillows too, but after years of wear and tear, they are flat and lifeless. I need some new fresh vibrant pillows to spice up my "nightlife"!

sue and gary warren(5 years ago)

I would enter your contest as our pillows are like flat Stanleys, but goose down does that after 20 years or so I hear. Also, we are not sure stores even carry down pillows anymore-do you? Craving two new flat Stanley pillows from Emmett: Sue and Gary

Carolyn(5 years ago)

Sometimes I feel like I am sleeping on an old rolled-up rug. Owwww. I wake up fluffing and punching my pillows. Wish I had a great pair of pillows.

Danny(5 years ago)

Why should I trash my pillow...hmmm..well, although I sleep on it, which means it is fair to say it does it's job, it does it poorly. One side is hard, one side is lumpy, oh what side do I choose? I thought about hiring Donald Trump to tell my pillow "your fired", but for some reason he has yet to answer the page I sent him. Odd. If my pillow was a car it would be a Ford Lumpy! I think they are made by Ford, maybe Chevy? Anyways, I digress. I don't like my pillow, and I don't like pillow shopping, so I can't toss it unless I get a new one from someone else (hint hint), thanks!

Angela(5 years ago)

I need to trash my pillows because of my chronic neck pain... I can't seem to find the perfect pillow!

Chris(5 years ago)

You mean if I have my pillows replaced I will get a better night's sleep? I've never thought of this concept! Thank you!

Randy(5 years ago)

I sleep with my arm under my pillow .. probably because it's too soft and too flat. I also have a constant ache on the right side of my neck which I haven't thought about 'til now .. that it could be related to my pillow. I have had the same one for years.

Julie(5 years ago)

I have chronic back pain and already am in the market for a new mattress. After reading your post I wondered if our cheap pillows are a contributing factor!

Stephen(5 years ago)

I actually DO replace my pillows, but the new ones never seem to last all that long. I would love to try the ones you recommend.

Lily Kwan(5 years ago)

My current pillow is hard and lumpy. =0(

Danny J.Seeds(5 years ago)

We are in need of a Soft for me and a Medium for him,I had surgery on two disc's in my neck and can't find the right pillow. Hubby on the other hand has a pinched nerve and can't rest,so if it's not the pillow's we may have to sleep in different bedrooms!!!! We are in a heck of a fix... Thanks

Mildred(5 years ago)

Like everyone else I keep my pillows for too long and wonder why I can never get comfortable or sleep well.

Barbara(5 years ago)

My husband has some degenerative disks in his neck, endures headaches all the time, has tried to get treated with success from a doctor, he would REALLY, REALLY, like the chance to test the pillows and perhaps find one to cure his wows. It would help me alot as well. Please enter Kent McKell into your contest. Thanks a million.

Allene Roze(5 years ago)

I'm ready to throw away my pillows because my cat sleeps on them. I'd love to have brand new ones from RC Willey!

Rhonda(5 years ago)

I have tried so many different pillows i am doomed to neck and back aches. can this really be because of my pillow? I am always re adjusting and re fluffing my pillow throughout the night. Please give me a good night sleep. I am desperate.

Kelly(5 years ago)

Perfect time to trash the pillows in our home. Hubby and I are celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary this week and need some new bedroom furniture and bedding.

Wayne(5 years ago)

WOW!! We've been thinking about new pillows for some time!! Seems like 2 or 3 nights a week, I hear "Do you have my pillow?" When we got our new mattress, we also got some premium pillows, and they made a HUGE difference, but they're not much good for anything more than a nightly pillow fight (where we have to punch our pillows into submission!!) All fingers and toes crossed, hoping we win!!

Dave(5 years ago)

Me and my wife got new pillows when we got married and bought a bedroom set, that was eleven years ago! I think it is time for some new ones.

Sara(5 years ago)

Andie, You are sooooo right! Sleep is totally connected to the perfect pillow. I kept my original foam pillow from childhood until it disintegrated. I then acquired many pillows that did not work - my linen closet has an entire shelf of them. I would be so appreciative of the chance to find the perfect pillow.

Molly(5 years ago)

I need to trach my pillows because I discovered the hard way that they are never the same after you try to wash them. :(

Alisa(5 years ago)

I have had chronic headaches for almost 30 years now with no permanent "fix". Medications only mask the pain; chiropractors help, but then my neck and back just go back to they way they were; massages are a dream...but then I have to wake up. I hate that when I lay down, my neck hurts and I can't get comfortable. I wake up worse for the wear. I have never been educated on how to choose the right pillow for me. I would love to have a consult and "pillow fitting". Thanks!

Debbie(5 years ago)

I haven't slept a night all the way through in over a year. I think it is due to my flat pillow. My husband tosses and turns on his too but I attributed it to the incision to remove his lymph nodes. I guess his pillow is the culprit there too.

Nathan(5 years ago)

Our pillows are so sad... we could totally use these.

Cynthia (5 years ago)

4 years ago I was T-boned by an 18 passenger van, breaking my collarbone and leaving me with neck and shoulder pain. After surgery, everything "works" okay but I can't seem to sleep more than an hour or two without waking up in pain. I've been through a few pillows and just when I think I've found a good one it magically "disappears" when the kids and grandkids come to visit. Grandma (and Grandpa) needs a new pillow!

TamiC(5 years ago)

I am going through the same thing. went to the mariot hotel for new years and woke up feeling so nice. I think that was the first time in a long time that I had a good nights sleep, I have been going from store to store trying to find a pillow that gave me that same good nights rest. (no luck yet)

Cindy(5 years ago)

4 years ago I was T-boned by an 18 passenger van, breaking my collarbone and leaving me with neck and shoulder pain. After surgery, everything works okay but I still can't seem to sleep more than an hour or two at a time because of my darn pillow(s)! Just when I think I've found a good one, it magically "disappears" over a weekend when kids or grandkids come to visit. Grandma needs her own pillow!

Mina Gonzales(5 years ago)

I have 1 pillow that I use every night for several years. I know you are supposed to get a new pillow a couple times a year but my pillow is some kind of foam and i love it. I would love to replace it but the nice pillows are so expensive and I have a bad neck so I can only have a good pillow. It would be a true blessing if I would win this pair of pillows.

Shelley W.(5 years ago)

My pillows are becoming paper thin....time for new ones!

paula(5 years ago)

I need/want/love a new pillow.

shirley(5 years ago)

I had to put 2 flat pillows into a pillow case to make it seem like one pillow.

Lynn(5 years ago)

I need a new pillow. I dreamed I ate a giant marshmallow and in the morning I couldn't find my pillow!

Pepper & Christopher Lewis(5 years ago)

Yes, the curved Temperpedic Neck pillows are the best! Our heads/necks should be supported during sleep. I cannot sleep on thick, fat, high, firm pillows and love the curved ones. I have one now, it may be a knock off, and love it. Also, I recommend that everyone WASH your pillows. The dust mites live in mattresses and pillows. Pillows get heavier over time because of the dead dust mites. So wash it! Better yet, buy the same kind Andie has. They are the best!

gail(5 years ago)

My pillow is so old the stuffing has turned into little blobs floating around in the case. It is no longer a unified rectangle.

Karl(5 years ago)

My pillows are becoming peanut-shaped. Time to change them.

Craig(5 years ago)

I've never given pillows a second thought.. but having a professional pick the right pillow for me sounds like a great way to finally get the sleep I need.

Katy(5 years ago)

I have TMJ and a bad pillow just makes it worse.. It is time for a new one. Please Help!

Linde(5 years ago)

I Like RC Willey. I like to sleep. I would love new pillows :-)

steph(5 years ago)

Andie your post made me reevaluate my pillows and if they were really providing the optimal comfort that I deserve.

Derek(5 years ago)

As I write this comment I am carefully holding my head erect because my neck is KILLING me! The last time I purchased a pillow was in 2004... and my wife stole that one from me so I can't even use it. The ones I'm using are so flat they barely fit in the pillowcases anymore. It's sometimes so bad that I sleep with throw pillows from the couch. Please, choose me!

William(5 years ago)

My pillows are 15 years old - - I need to reward myself!!

Suzanne(5 years ago)

Pillows! Sweet! My pillows are too old and mushy anymore. They are a pain in the neck....literally. Getting compfortable is a chore and waking up leaves me with a stiff neck. I actually use three pillows. I shove them all in one pillow case because they are so smushed and flat now.

Brianna(5 years ago)

Andie, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about getting a good night's sleep without the accompanying pain in the morning... I, like you, have been using an old favorite pillow for many years, and it's now so flat that I have to fold it in half to sleep on it! I guess I could be persuaded to throw it out if I could end up sleeping on some nice, new, pain reducing pillows! Hey- we can always keep the old pillowcase, right? :)

Wendy (5 years ago)

I have horrible problems with my neck, as a matter of fact I am starting pain management therapy next week to avoid surgery. I think I may have to go to R.C Willey before the contest is up, but seeing how my birthday is the 21st, maybe I will get lucky :)

Alex Cain(5 years ago)

We have tried many sets of pillows in our (not so large) budget, and the current ones have bunched up and have made sleeping pretty miserable. Would love to know what the correct pillow is for me!

Jason Sidel(5 years ago)

We were just talking last night how we need to replace a couple of our pillows. I wake up constantly due to our pillows and would love to see what being fitted for a pillow would do to my sleeping. Thanks for the opportunity.

Lynn(5 years ago)

I have neck pain often and my wife uses a CPAP machine and she has trouble getting a goods night's rest--I am sure the pillows are part of the problem

Lela(5 years ago)

I just had a baby 6 weeks ago my husband deployed 6 days ago. All that stress on top of bad sleep makes for one unhealthy mama. It would be nice to have a good nights rest so I can take care of my baby and be a supportive wife without so much crankiness from the discomfort of sleep.

Valorie(5 years ago)

I am a follower. I get a kinked neck quite often and the pain lasts for days. I think I need a new pillow.

Deborah Knott(5 years ago)

I have to use a CPAP, and have paid big bucks for so many pillows, I can't even count them. I'd love to have some help choosing the right one.

lori(5 years ago)

I'm a follower with a need for new pillows. Ours are so bad the kids don't even want to use them to jump into.

brooke(5 years ago)

My husband needs a new pillow. Desperately.

Tami(5 years ago)

I have been looking for the perfect pillow, but haven't found it yet. Hopefully RC Willey can help me!

Teri(5 years ago)

I really need to update my pillows as well. I have had them way too long!! At night both my husband and I toss and turn trying to get comfortable and wonder if we had a better pillow if we could quit waking up adjusting the pillows.

Diane(5 years ago)

I'm a side sleeper at the beginning of the night my pillow supports my head but by morning I've rearranged it many times. This includes putting my arm under the pillow for more support and folding it in half. Have tried generic foam pillows but still searching for the perfect pillow.

Laura(5 years ago)

My husband, like you, he is "emotionally attached to his pillow", he had used it since he was a teenager and he is 51!!!! I am pretty sure he will notice the difference of a restful night with these kind of pillows.

Shannon(5 years ago)

My husband insists on keeping all the old flat pillows. They're "better" pillows. But he stacks a ton of them so his neck is at practically a ninety degree angle. I like a softer pillow to flatten under my head and fluff up under my neck. Lately, I come to bed only to find that his "better" pillows have been supplimented with MY pillows and I'm left with flat hard pillows with no support. I think we all could use a pillow consultation!

Mindy(5 years ago)

In the last 4 mos I have probably bought about 7 different kinds of pillows..none of which are working. We sold our home and in process of building so our very nice expensive mattress (bought from RC Willey) is in storage and since November I have not had a good night sleep. In December I was in a car wreck where someone rear-ended me and have had neck, back pain and headache since. Maybe having a new pillow might help me heal faster!

Trevor(5 years ago)

I always feel better when i get a good nights sleep... I am a bit of a cheap skate though and usually just buy a pair of pillows at costco because they are "decent" and don't need to spend a lot. Then when i buy them, I have to beat them for a while to get them to be not so fluffy and feel like i have a brick under my head... I have always wondered what a good pillow would feel like... My wife who is prego, would probably love it as well.

Caytlin (5 years ago)

Every night is a game of musical pillows! My husband hates how at 2:30 in the morning I rip the pillow out from under his head because out of the four pillows to choose from its the only one that semi works for me. Every night it is this stupid game and I have tried the Department store pillows and am searching for something amazing! Still haven't found it but I would love a good nights sleep and I am sure my husband would too.

Andie(5 years ago)

Dang!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there who slept on a horrible pillow! Seriously guys, even if you don't win the contest you've GOT to invest in new pillows--- you'll thank me later!!

Paula(5 years ago)

I'm a side sleeper and I often wake up with a stiff neck or headache, but I can afford a really good pillow. I sure wish I could get rid of the neck pain and have good night's sleep. I had surgery on my next when I was born and always had bad neck pain .

Jason(5 years ago)

Lets just say my wife has been trying to throw my pillow away for years I'm affraid it just won't be the same without my pillow it smells like me has pizza stains blood stains its like a part of me. If I win these pillows I WILL throw my pillow away and make my wife happy. (until she finds something else to change ;0)

Wendy(5 years ago)

I've been thinking about blaming my recent shoulder pain on my pillow. It's that or the kick boxing. Hmmmmm.

Elizabeth(5 years ago)

I have also been waking up with awful neck and shoulder pain! I am a wife, mother to 3 (including twins) and a student, I really need my sleep! I have been thinking it was time to get new pillows but since my husband is laid off it's just not in the budget! I hope I win!

Nicole(5 years ago)

I have been trying to talk myself into buying new pillows for months now! My husband and I both have neck pain. It just seems like new pillows are not high on our priority list. I guess even if we don't win these, I will need to invest soon :)

lee(5 years ago)

My neck and back pain are killing me. I am 52. Get it? Flip digits of 25. It's time for me to have a good night of sleep.

Gaylen(5 years ago)

We need new pillows. Ours are several years old. They need to be replaced. Help!

Laura(5 years ago)

It is definitely time to get RID of my pillows. I just had twins three weeks ago and sleep is hard enough to come by without my rock hard pillows straining my neck and giving me a headache. I've been on the quest for the perfect pillow for years and I've yet to find it.

Chris (5 years ago)

I need a new pillow because I only have 1 old one, and i have wrapped it with an extra sheet and several pillow cases to keep it almost fluffy enough to use!

Kathy(5 years ago)

I always think of when I was told that if your pillow is more than a year old, its comprised mainly of dust mites! Yuck!

T Perdew(5 years ago)

I have a terrible pain in my neck right now!! I also got married recently and my new husband tells me all the time how much he dislikes the pillows on our bed and suggests that we get new ones. I think he and I both will head over to RC Willey and get "pillow fitted" this weekend!

Need a New Mattress? You're In Luck!

Posted by Andie on May 27, 2010

I guess you could say I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to sleeping.  I've always enjoyed a pitch black room with my feather pillows and down comforter, but my obsession with sleep has gotten a lot worse lately.  I blame it on my new mattress.

Six months ago my husband and I were days away from getting married, and busy shopping for the household essentials.  Buying a mattress was at the top of our 'must have' list.  To aid us in our search, I went to my friend Brett, the mattress buyer here at RC Willey.  Lucky for us, he just so happened to have a whole slew of high end sample mattresses that different vendors had sent him, all of which were available at a fraction of the retail price.  We tested about 15 incredible mattresses.  The one that stood out to us, which we ended up buying, was a Natura.

Okay seriously, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  You might think I'm being dramatic when I say that it's changed our lives for the better, but it's the truth.  Our Natura mattress is constructed from natural eco-friendly products, making it comfortable in every sense of the word.  I love the fact that not only is it comfortable to lay on, but wool inside of the mattress works to regulate my body temperature and wicks away moisture while I sleep.  That's my kind of mattress.  Even my husband, who has had horrible sleeping problems since he was a kid, is finally sleeping through the night without waking up every hour.  It's nothing short of a miracle. Thank You, Natura.

Unfortunately, RC Willey doesn't normally sell Natura Mattresses.  Ever since we got ours, I've been trying to convince Brett to start carrying them in our stores so that customers could benefit from a Natura mattress as much as my husband and I have!  Good News!  My wish was temporarily granted.  For one week only, during our Memorial Day Special, RC Willey is selling Natura Mattresses, at a MAJOR discounted price!!  It's pretty unbelievable...

A Queen Natura Mattress retails at $1,999.  This week only, you can get a $1,000 discount and take it home for only $999!!

A King Natura Mattress retails at $2,799.  This week only, buy it for $1,799.

Seriously people.  If there is anything you SHOULD be high maintenance about, it's the quality of your mattress.  You owe it to yourself, or your spouse.  Go in to any RC Willey store this weekend to check these out.  Happy Shopping!



Who Wants To Go to the American Idol Finale??

Posted by Andie on February 15, 2010




CONFESSION: I have never once watched American Idol.

I know, I know, I'm basically Un-American.

Even though I might be "out of touch", I know that plenty of you out there have a date every Tuesday and Wednesday night with the television.

Whether you've been on the American Idol band wagon since Season 1, or you've just recently hopped on board, this promotion is for you.

The American Idol Lover.

RC Willey and Serta Mattresses are giving you the chance of a lifetime!

Four lucky contestants will win a trip for two to Los Angeles to go to the American Idol Finale this May!

All you need to do is go to the nearest RC Willey and take a "Serta Test Rest" in the bedding gallery.  After you've tried out a mattress you'll be given a contest entry form, which you can complete online.  How ridiculously easy is that folks?

Good Luck!!


*Visit for more information and check out the contest's official rules.


9 Ways to get a better Night's Sleep

Posted by Andie on January 10, 2010

Do you ever get frustrated with the fact that you aren't sleeping as well as you'd like to?  I don't have a magic pill for you, but I do have some simple suggestions that just might help you improve the overall quality of your sleep......


1. Don't stress and look at the alarm clock!

    If you are like me, you are constantly looking at the clock.  Each night as I climb into bed, I am silently calculating how many hours of sleep I am going to get, and if I don't fall asleep right away I start stressing myself out about the fact that I'm going to get less than I had anticipated.  The trick is to RELAX and IGNORE that stupid alarm clock.  It's probably hurting more than it's helping.

2. Go to bed only when you are tired

How often do you waste hours lying in bed trying to fall asleep, when you really aren't even that tired?  Don't you get frustrated when you think of all of the things that you could be doing?  Next time you don't fall asleep after 15-20 minutes of trying, get up and read a book. Clean your kitchen.  Write a letter.  Watch a movie.  Do something useful until your mind and body decide it's time to hit the sack.


3. Don't eat (2-3 hours) or drink large amounts before going to bed.

I stopped eating foods after 8pm a while ago, and not only did I start sleeping better, but I also started losing weight!  My body just FELT better.  My problem is that I love to drink water. If I don't remember to stop drinking a few hours before I go to bed, I'm constantly making trips to the bathroom throughout the night.  So annoying.

4. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine. 

Help your mind and body adjust from wakefulness to sleepiness, by easing into it.  You might try taking a warm shower, reading a book in dim light, or listening to soft, relaxing music.  Take time to meditate- think about what happened during your day and determine how you can make tomorrow better.



5. Make your Bedroom suitable for sleep.

It might sound weird, but I always sleep so much better when my clothes are picked up off of the floor, and my room is clean.  Keep it dark, and cool.  Make sure that you have good curtains or blinds to block the light from your windows, and use an electric blanket or fan to establish your ideal sleep temperatures.

6. Try to limit Afternoon Naps to 30 Minutes or Less.

I've never been much of a nap person, because it's hard for me to fall asleep in the day.  If by chance I DO fall asleep, a 20 minute cat nap turns into a 5 hour sleep session and then I'm groggy for the rest of the day.  If you ARE a nap person, try to keep them short and you'll most likely sleep better at night.

7. Exercise Regularly!

Having a pattern of regular exercise will not only contribute to better health, but also better sleep.  Don't worry- you don't have to be a marathon runner, or belong to a gym....just getting outside to take a walk will help!

8. Establish a Regular Sleep Routine

Try to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning at the same time every day.  It will help your body's biological clock adapt.  This can be hard with scheduling, but if you can, GO FOR IT!


9. Make Sure you've got a Mattress and Pillow

About 1/3 of your life will be spent sleeping.  Doesn't it stand to reason that you should be resting on something comfortable?  In my opinion, one of the biggest contributors to poor sleep is a bad mattress.  If you had a horrible mattress in college, then you know exactly what I'm saying here.  Life is too short to be sleeping on a crappy mattress.  You should be replacing yours at least every ten years.  My husband and I just bought a new mattress from RC Willey (you guessed it) and we LOVE it.

Tim(6 years ago)

I just bought a mattress after sleeping on my old mattress for about 20 years. You wouldn't believe the difference a good mattress makes.

John(6 years ago)

We've been struggling on an uncomfortable mattress for several years. We just brought home a new mattress from RC Willey last night. We will be setting it up next week after RC Willey installs our new carpet in the master bedroom. We loved it when RC Willey opened an outlet in our city. BTW - I remember buying a kitchen table and chairs, with my parents, from RC Willey's first store in Syracuse, Utah - sometime in the 50s. We go way back. Thanks

Sue(6 years ago)

all VERY good suggestions! I could do with a little more exercise but all in all I'm not doing too poorly!

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