Fall Rugs! Bring those colors inside

Posted by Kerry on October 11, 2015

fall leaves 

I absolutely love fall. I love being able to work in the yard without becoming swampthing. I like sweatshirts and hate coats and I love fall colors. My wife tells me they are her colors and it's true, she can really rock some fall colors. So, last week we decided it was time to update our home with some rugs. She met me at RC Willey; we bought two new rugs, and lo and behold they both had a fall vibe to them. Another wonderful thing about fall colored rugs is they hide dirt way better than the WHITE rugs we had in our living room and dining room - bad moves with pets and a toddler. Here are a few I picked out and you can always check our massive selection of area rugs online. 

fall area rugsfall rugs

fall area rugsfall colored rug

fall rugs



Oriental Rugs Really are Hip!

Posted by Andie on July 15, 2011

I used to have the assumption that decorating with oriental/ persian rugs was just for people with very traditional taste.  Recently though, I've come to find that oriental rugs can look pretty snazzy when incorporated into a modern, transitional, or eclectic room!  So if you thought that oriental rugs were just for old people--- think again!  Not only are they luxurious and classy, but they can also be colorful, fun, and hip!



Canadian House and Home



petra bindel via apartment therapy



natalie clayman via decor pad



image via decor pad



image via apartment therapy



image via apartment therapy



image via design sponge



image via design sponge




What do you think?


I'm already dreaming up a living room design......


Check out the hundreds of different kinds of rugs we carry!




Tiffany Moss(4 years ago)

love this post! thanks for all the great ideas :)

TLC for Your Rugs PLUS the Amy Butler Contest Winner

Posted by Andie on September 30, 2010

Area rugs can be one of your greatest assets in home decorating because they have the ability to alter the feel of an entire room.  If you are going to invest in a quality rug, understanding how to preserve it's value is absolutely essential.  Here are a few things you can do to ensure your rugs live long, healthy lives......



1. Use rug pads

Be sure that you have a 3mm- 6mm rug pad underneath all of your rugs.  This will help to keep your rug from sliding around, allow more support throughout your rug, and keep your floors looking nice by acting as a protective surface.


2. Don't vacuum the fringe!!

Fringe is usually the first thing to wear out on an area rug, and so keeping it looking nice should be top priority when it comes to rug maintenance.   The best thing you can do is fluff the fringe by hand instead of using a vacuum.  It may seem quicker and easier to run a vacuum over the fringe, but it actually causes a lot of damage because the fringe gets sucked into the beater bar of your vacuum.

3. Get your rug professionally cleaned

Just like carpets, rugs need to be deep cleaned every once in a while.  Depending on how much foot traffic your rug gets, you should get it professionally cleaned ever 3-5 years, and spot treat it yourself in between treatments. 


4. Spot treat carefully!

Beware of abrasive stain removers when treating small stains, as they often they do more harm than good to your rug.  Here are some of the home remedies that rug experts recommend:


- For stains caused by soda, red wine, pets, coffee, or anything with dye or an acid base, use club soda.  Since these are the toughest stains to reverse once they dry, the quicker you act, the better.   Pour the club soda directly on the area, and let it absorb into the rug.  The salt in the soda will neutralize the acid.  Continue to blot until the stain is gone.

- For bloodstains, blot with milk.

- For soil and grease-based stains, mix one part Ivory soap detergent with 16 parts water.


If you can't get rid of a stain on your own, don't wait too long to call an expert!




Congratulations to Lindsey Livingston, of Orem, UT!


She is our 'What Would Your Grandma Think?' Amy Butler Contest Winner!  Stay tuned to see which rug from the Amy Butler Collection she picks for her home!


Thanks for entering everyone!



Lindsey(5 years ago)

SOOO excited to receive my rug!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

Jennifer(5 years ago)

Sooo..... who won it!?

Alisa Ashby(5 years ago)

I, too, was surprised about using milk to get out blood stains. I will have to remember that one!

Chris Morgan(5 years ago)

I had no idea about the milk for blood stains. That actually would have come in handy a few years back. I will just remember that for future occurrences. Thanks!

What Would Your Grandma Think? Amy Butler Rug Giveaway!

Posted by Andie on September 9, 2010

We think Amy Butler's Rugs are pretty fabulous, which is why RC Willey just started carrying some of them online!  The beautiful patterns she creates are bold, fresh, and modern.....yet lovely, classic and vintage looking at the same time.  Analyzing her breathtaking designs brought up a hot debate in our office.... while many of the younger generation are attracted to her rugs, what would a grandma think?

My great grandmother was a remarkable woman for many reasons, but I always idolized her because of her unique, eclectic personal style.  She loved shopping for clothes (she could sniff out the best bargains around), dressing up, and accessorizing.  As a little girl, I would sneak into her bedroom and admire all the rows of pretty colored high heels, fancy hats and gloves, frilly purses, and the many boxes filled to the brim with beautiful flashy jewelry.  Even with old age she never lost site of her style. She dyed her hair and wore bright coral lipstick, high heels, and lots of jewelry up until she was 100 years old.  I'm pretty sure these rugs would have been right up my Grandma Vie's ally.


So, What Would Your Grandmother Think?  


Enter our 'What Would Your Grandmother Think?' Contest for a chance to win your own Amy Butler Area Rug!  Simply sign up and leave a comment on our Contest page, and become a follower of this blog if you aren't already.  On September 30th, we'll select one lucky random winner, and they'll get to pick out any 5'x7' Amy Butler Area Rug on our website (retailed at $835) to grace their home!


Take a look at what People are saying about their Grandma's!


Check out our new Amy Butler Rug Collection and start picking out your favorites!


Here are a few of mine.....












Aren't they lovely?



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JeriLyn Stilson(2 years ago)

My grandma was an artist. I used to love to walk into her painting room. I can still smell the paint. I inherited her paint pallet. I display it proudly on a shelf in my home. It inspires me to be more like my grandmother. Everything my grandma touched, she made beautiful. She especially loved to make beautiful things for those she loved. I know my grandmother would have loved the cheerful, artistic designs that Amy Butler creates.

artistic wedding photography St Petersburg(4 years ago)

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susan murray(5 years ago)

My Grandmother would say that is Beautiful and so Lovely . The Fun Memory I have is My Grandmother sleeping with us at nite and sometimes she would be in different beds cause we all wanted her to sleep with us

Cheryl Fesperman(5 years ago)

Very unusual rugs, they remind me of quilting fabric that I might use.

Debra Simning-Chapman(5 years ago)

My memory of my Grandma Hilda is her coming down her bedroom stairs backwards. She always had to do that because her steps were so steep.

Samantha A(5 years ago)

I am following. My grandma made rag rugs. Still has them. These would be a definite style update:) Have to show them to her!

Aimee(5 years ago)

My Grandmother would have loved these rugs, they have that kinda old school look and thats how she was, I love the look of these rugs!!!! I think they would be compliment to any home.

Ruksana Mohammed(5 years ago)

Thank you for this awesome giveaway. Would love to win these pretty rugs :)

Heather(5 years ago)

These are nice rugs. I like the large pattern print :)

Christina(5 years ago)

My Grandmother was a beautiful Navajo woman; she passed away of breast cancer when I was three-years-old and I am so happy to have so many memories of her from such a young age. So as Navajo (Native American) women we have a thing for patterns and these rugs are great modern patterns...cute too!

Julie(5 years ago)

I know my Grandma H. would think they were fabulous...based on the fact that she had red shag carpet in her living room and absolutely loved it! I am positive that if these would have been available when she was picking carpets, she would have been in heaven with all the gorgeous options Amy Butler has designed.

Jennifer(5 years ago)

I love rugs. The more color, I think the prettier they are, and these rugs do have a lot of uniqueness and color.

Caitlin(5 years ago)

I really love those rugs! They actually remind me of my mother, because she loves colorful floral patterns. I don't remember my grandmother ever being very frilly - her house was very modern and clean. But I can imagine that she would like a brighter rug now because she can't see very well. I'm moving out for the first time and would love a rug like that to put in my new living space!

Katie(5 years ago)

These rugs remind me so much of my great grandmother. It didn't matter what colors she put together in her quilts or afghans, sometimes they were crazy and usually it was just what she had on hand... however, she always managed a love-filled masterpiece that showed her personality. What a woman!

Jodi(5 years ago)

Beautiful rugs. I can see my grandma sitting in her rocking chair with needlework on her lap. I always felt so cozy and warm when we would sit there and she would tell me stories from her childhood. These were the same rugs that had been in my great-grandmothers home. These patters are so similar. It brings back fond and cherised memories.

Nicole(5 years ago)

My Grandmother would absolutely LOVE one of these! If I win that is where it is going! She was recently moved to an assisted living facility following a stroke and there was very little she could take from her house. Please enter me in the drawing! THANKS!

Cynthia(5 years ago)

I love the patterns different patterns. The hard part would be deciding which rooms to put them in!

Amy(5 years ago)

It's hard to decide on a favorite!! I am a HUGE Amy Butler fan, her fabrics make me drool, and to think you can have a rug in her patterns...oh delightful!!

diane escandon(5 years ago)

I love everything Amy Butler! Way to go!

Colleen Frisbie(5 years ago)

I am a grandma, and I LOVE them. I'm a huge Amy Butler fan! I have almost all of her fabric and patterns. I sew just like my Grandmother did, only she used a treadle sewing maching. She had a beautiful garden it was something to admire. She grew flowers in her backyard which remind me alot of the flowers in the rug patterns. I miss her dearly.

Simrita(5 years ago)

My grandmothers lived their whole lives in India and they both had exquisite taste! They both had many Persian rugs gracing their homes. They would most definitely love these rugs simply because the designs are reminiscent of many styles and one that both of my grandmother's loved...the Mughal style.

David(5 years ago)

My grandmother would love these fun patterns, as would we!

Alisa(5 years ago)

I have fond memories of my grandmother and her tiny little home (that my dad grew up in with 5 siblings). A warm kitchen that always smelled of homemade goodness, the big coffee can that housed the crayons for our coloring pleasure, her gorgeous yard and garden, and her intimate front room where we entertained her with our song and dance. She was our best audience...we could do no wrong. That same room was where my dad shared Christmas with his family as a young boy (all captured on 8 mm film), where Grandma would play the organ, and where she and Grandpa would dance. They loved to dance. After my grandpa passed away, Grandma said she couldn't wait to get to heaven to dance with Grandpa again. These rugs would provide the perfect "dance floor" setting for them to stand cheek to cheek while the "cut the rug".

Krista(5 years ago)

My Grandma and Aunt crocheted beutiful blankets and these rugs remind me of the blankets and the beautiful garden she used to keep.

Lana Nielson(5 years ago)

Amy Butler is brilliant!

Regina(5 years ago)

Beautiful rugs with great colors...

Lindsey(5 years ago)

Holy Cow--I heart rugs, and these are gorgeous. They do actually remind me of my grandma's good taste. I remember always admiring her decor when I visited as a child, and thinking someday my house would be as warm and inviting as hers. :)

Tanya Herrera(5 years ago)

I love rugs and have been looking for a new one for awhile. I just love these designs!

Janet Ferro(5 years ago)

My grandmother would have loved these rugs-the more colorful, the better. She was not a slave to coordinating colors or styles. If she liked it, she liked it and oddly, her electic style was as enchanting as she was.

Simi(5 years ago)

I love rugs and these designs are exquisite. They remind of William Morris designs. I can just imagine the pink and red one in my little girls room!

Megan(5 years ago)

We just purchased our first home and my grandmother has been so excited helping me decorate! I sent her a photo of one of these rugs and we both love them! Crossing our fingers I win ;)

Sanah(5 years ago)

I love the colors and the bold prints of the flowers.

vikki parman(5 years ago)

My Grandmother lived through the Depression, so she made do with whatever cast offs she found. She loved paisley items

Gail(5 years ago)

My grandmother would have chosen the pink design and put it in her front parlor and invited everyone to come over and admire it.

Donna(5 years ago)

Absolutely beautiful and would be a great addition to any room

Joanna(5 years ago)

My grandma lives in south florida. My favorite memory of her is the good times we had when painting her living room chartruce.

Shelley(5 years ago)

My grandmother would think they are beautiful and look so well made

jo evans(5 years ago)

My Grandma Lydia was a seamstress/crocheter extraordinaire. Looking back I think she was pretty dang progressive. I still appreciate some of the artwork she chose. On the other hand, if she didn't like something ~ like say our boyfriend, she would call him, "that boy." One guy was "that boy" twenty years into a cousin's marriage! So as far as the rug goes, she would either love it or refer to it as "that rug." These are gorgeous...I think Lydia would have loved them!!! No "that rug" for you : )

mer daci(5 years ago)

o grandma would love one of these rugs.

arlene(5 years ago)

we could use a new rug. The dogs approve.

karen celaj(5 years ago)

I love rugs and these rugs are beautiful. They would look great in my home.

Shirley Hodge(5 years ago)

My grandmother had two passions, FDR and cooking. Even during WWII when there were shortages of everything she grew her own victory garden and scoured the country side for freedies like watercress, crab apples (for jelly) wildberries, mushrooms (she knew all the safe ones). She ruled the kitchen and her constant companion was Rowdy her canary who hung in the kitchen window and sang to the world. When FDR died she mourned for many months then made the comment that the world would never be the same after his presidency and you know what, she was right. Having seen the Amy Butler rug collection I have no doubt that is she were here today she would love them as much as I do.

shelly riff(5 years ago)

with 5 kids and hardwood floors one of these would be a blessing.

Lily Kwan(5 years ago)

Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

Jessica(5 years ago)

I agree with Tammie...I think they are b-e-a-beautiful!

Joanne Robertson(5 years ago)

These rugs are nice but I purchased a rug at Costco that looked very simular to these but for half the price.

Laretta(5 years ago)

They are very lovely. A memory of my Grandmother is her sitting at her treddle sewing machine. She was always sewing something. She made me a quilt top and I have been lucky enough to end up with her treadle sewing machine! I still cherish the quilt.

Tammie(5 years ago)

I am not a rug person, but these rugs are so cute!!

Andie's Rug Giveaway!! Leave a Comment for Your Chance to Win!

Posted by Andie on July 30, 2010

Tell me you love this rug as much as I do.

I fell in love with the looks of it and special ordered it for my living room.  (RC Willey has an incredible special order department by the way... but that is a topic for another day).  The day it arrived I literally skipped home in excitement.  Anxiously I tore off the plastic and unrolled it onto my floor.........

and it looked horrible with my couches.

I'm still sad.  I've tried to justify keeping it for the past few weeks, but realistically we don't have room for it, and I can't stand the thought of this lovely rug being shoved away in a closet and not getting the proper attention and foot traffic it deserves on someone's floors.

And so, in an effort to find this rug a new loving home, I've decided to give it to one of you, my readers.


Become a blog follower if you aren't already, and leave a comment telling me why you want this rug and you'll be in for the running...

A winner will be selected at random next Friday, August 6th!

Good Luck!

P.S. It's 5X7.6'  For more product specs, check out Jaipur rugs. If you're interested in special ordering any of their rugs shoot me an email!



In other news....

You're invited to an ice cream party!

Come get a FREE single, double, or triple scoop Ice cream cone!

Where: ANY RC Willey location

When: today! (July 30th)

Why: Because it's hot outside.  And you deserve it.

Party Details: RC Willey will also pay your sales tax on any purchase of $499 or more all weekend!


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Sarah Cook(5 years ago)

Ahhh, I love it! We sold our 70's ranch and have been living with my in-laws before moving into our (incredibly awesome!) 80 year old farmhouse in the city. It is all wood floors - a big change for us and we are going to need rugs out the wazoo. I think this rug would look fabulous with our green couches! Seriously the perfect compliment. Thanks for such a generous opportunity!

Lana(5 years ago)

It's fresh, it's fun and I keep coming back to this page to look at it! I have the perfect spot picked out in my house and I am cleaning my carpets on Friday in the hopes that if I get picked I will be ready for it. :)

Katy(5 years ago)

I am moving into my dorm soon. This rug would really cheer up the place!

Rachel Murphy(5 years ago)

I am a junior in high school and I love interior design! It's my passion! I love your blog and I think that discount furniture stores such as RCwilley are the way to go when designing! I absolutely love this rug and it would be great in my bedroom that I want to redesign. I'm hoping that if I get a cool piece to go in it that it will be incentive for my parents to let me design the rest of my room to my whim. Thanks for having this cool contest!

Kari(5 years ago)

I need the rug to cover up my less-than-perfect hardwood floors so I can sell my house next spring!!! And what's better than a rug like this one to add a little style to the room as well!!!

Roxanne(5 years ago)

This rug would be great in my kitchen & dinning area. Thanks for all the great info from your blog. I had no idea that RC Willey did special order rugs.

CINDY CHAMPAGNE(5 years ago)

we got rid of our carpet and recently bought some rugs from R.C. Willey. great stuff and quality. That rug would look fabulous under by antique sleigh coffee table. thanks so much.

Diane(5 years ago)

I want this rug!

Susan(5 years ago)

This is such a fun rug! I would be happy to put it in my kitchen.

Kristin(5 years ago)

I like the modern expression the pears make on the rug. This would fit in with my family room decor nicely!

Marlene B.(5 years ago)

I noticed it was an indoor/outdoor rug. I have a covered deck that the rug would look lovely with my patio chairs. The rug would pull it together and make it really look like an outdoor room.

rachel(5 years ago)

I could really use this rug give my living room some color and and soft place for my little boy to crawl around on. : )

Suzanne(5 years ago)

I have a fruit fetish....I love the pears! It would be so totally perfect for my dining room. I even have a matching lovely pear centerpiece I put on the table. Way too perfect! Best of all my husband would think I have gone absolutely nuts. I can hear it now....Pears, you needed more pears?

Monique(5 years ago)

I would love this rug for my in-laws. They are in MAJOR need of some updating and this would work perfectly in their front room. All of the kids have been trying to help them a little at a time and my father in law always resists because he doesn't want the kids spending their money on them, but he couldn't argue with a rug that I won! :) Thanks!!

Lily Kwan(5 years ago)

I want this rug because it looks very nice!

Lela White(5 years ago)

This rug would perfectly accent my new carpet that RC Willey installed today, and would hide the surround sound cords that will be running to our couch very soon.

Scott(5 years ago)

This rug is so peary....I love peary things and it really would make my eyes stand out. I must have......NOW! Choose me

Laura Bonelli(5 years ago)

This rug would look awesome in my bonus room!! It's fun AND funky!!

Caleen(5 years ago)

On the Jaipur rug website it says this is an indoor/outdoor rug! Wouldn't this just be so fresh and cute with an outdoor patio set?!?!?!?!?!

Ashley Herman(5 years ago)

im a 14 year old girl, going into high school, looking for the perfect rug to make my room my own. my parents like old style stuff, and im just the oppisite. when i saw the rug i freaked out! i loved it immidietly. please send me the rug. its perfectly amazing. i have been looking for one almost as great as this one but, you cant compete with it. i love it soo much. thanks so much, -Ashley

shirley(5 years ago)

I would REALLY like this rug!

Gail Benuzillo(5 years ago)

Those pears are so awesome. What an amazing rug.

Alisa(5 years ago)

So cute! I love pears! I have a fun "still life" pear painting hanging on my wall in my kitchen and the adjoining family room (both complete with all RC Willey furniture -some more outdated than others, but lived in and loved) has been waiting for a cute rug to place in it. My birthday is coming up in August. Wouldn't this be a nice present for myself? (hint, hint).

Mike(5 years ago)

Love the rug!!! What a perfect match for my colors in my new condo!!!!

mary dallas(5 years ago)

I love this rug it looks retro and contemporary at the same time... I want it bad!!!

Terry(5 years ago)

Andie, I use to have a floor rug in our front room because of our wood floors and dogs but my son left it outside when he cleaned and it got ruined in the weather. I have not been able to afford a new one yet with our twins graduating high school and our oldest daughter getting married a week later. We could really use the rug if you choose to give it to us. T

Kerry(5 years ago)

I would really love this beautiful rug to fix up my living room. It matches my old couches and furniture great! Thank you Terrie

Patricia(5 years ago)

I would love to have this rug adorn a new entry way, it is my favorite colors.

Nicole(5 years ago)

We would LOVE this rug! It would go great in our family room! And what a GREAT idea to do this contest! I would have stuffed it away for a few years and then put it on KSL or something...haha! Thanks!

Brianna(5 years ago)

Sadly, I have a living room that was very fashionable LAST century, and I'm slowly trying to improve it a little at a time. I got a slipcover for the couch but still have a long list of other improvements: make new curtains and get new lampshades, end tables, AND a new RUG!! PA-leeeze help me on my path to joining the (somewhat) up-dated crowd with that darling piece of rug mastery you are giving away. I would say that I'll love you forever, but I already do!!

Dallas T.(5 years ago)

I totally want this rug. My wife says it is cute and that has good colors. And our carpet has a stain on it.

Heather(5 years ago)

I desperately NEED this rug! It's perfect and is everything I stand for.

Patti Boone(5 years ago)

This is an awesome rug! Being an emptinester trying to redo her daughters bedrooms WITHOUT all the stuff they left behind, I know I could find a place for it in one of my 2 extra bedrooms that would be PERFECT!

Lana(5 years ago)

This looks like the perfect green to match the green in my kitchen/great room! It would tie the everything together. I LOVE IT.

Lala Sams(5 years ago)

This would be a fabulous thing for me to give my grandmother. My grandmother accidently spilled juice on their previous run and felt so bad she couldn't replace it. The room has been left empty because rugs are so expensive. Everyday it's a reminder of what she accidently did without a run in the room. They both would be beyond themselves.!!! I am a faithful reader ;-) Thanks for the great giveaway!

Rosie Skinner(5 years ago)

I would love this rug for my husbands office! It somewhat looks like the green on the gold course. We love RC Willey and buy all our furniture from there. Thanks for doing this contest!

Gaylen Holt(5 years ago)

Like the rug, I can use it.

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