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Black and White Bedrooms

Posted by Alyssa on October 14, 2018


I love black and white rooms. The simplicity and cleanliness that comes from only using those two colors creates a calm, peaceful space. If you are afraid that only using black and white in your room will make the space feel boring or bland, don’t worry! The sharp contrast of the two colors in and of itself creates interest, and you can always add pops of color if you feel like something is missing.

If you’re wanting to change up a room in your house, check out some of these pictures for inspiration. You might just want to have a black and white room in your house.  

Black and White Rooms


black and white

via Setting for Four

living room

via The Design Chaser


via Kristina Lynne

via This Old House



via The Design Chaser


via One Kindesign



via The Every Girl


via The Glitter Guide

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Backyard Entertaining

Posted by Alyssa on October 12, 2018


Just because the weather is starting to turn doesn’t mean you should stop your backyard entertaining! Regardless of the weather, you’ll be able to host a party to remember by incorporating a few of these ideas. 

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How to Hang Artwork At the Right Height

Posted by Andie on October 5, 2018

One of the most common design mistakes out there, that I see all the time, is hanging artwork way too high on the wall.  It's easy to do!  I'd say the majority of the population is guilty of this (I have been, too!).  Most homes in America are full of artwork that would look a lot better if it was rehung about 6-12 inches lower on the wall.  Here are a few tips to help you make sure your art is hung at the right height....

1. Hang your artwork at eye level
This can usually easily be done, by measuring 55-60 inches from the floor, and having that spot be at the center of where your painting or gallery wall is hung.  Resist the impulse to feel like you need to cover the entire wall.  It's okay if there is empty space above the art up to the ceiling- that means you are probably hanging your art at the proper level.

2. Close the gap between your artwork and furniture
Instinct might tell you to put a couple of feet between the top of your sofa and the bottom of a painting, but don't trust it!  If you are hanging a piece of art above a sofa or a console table, the bottom of the frame should only be 4-6 inches above the sofa.  Closer together looks so much better!

via studio mcgee

via studio mcgee


Studio Mcgee via pinterest


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Green Dining Rooms

Posted by Alyssa on October 4, 2018

dining room

Have you ever considered painting your dining room green? To be honest, green isn’t a color I’m usually drawn to but when I saw some green dining rooms in action it changed my mind! I’ve been thinking about ways to incorporate more green into my home - especially my dining room. If you’ve ever thought about green dining rooms or just want to get some interior design inspiration, I’ve linked some pictures below. 

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Family Outings

Posted by Alyssa on October 2, 2018

family outing

With the change of the season and that perfect fall weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning some fun family outings! This is my all time favorite time of year because it’s so easy to get outside your house and find something to do. The heat of the summer is finally gone and it hasn’t gotten so cold you just want to curl up on your couch all night. So grab your family, pack some snacks, and check out some of these ideas to plan your next family outing. 

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Honey & Lemon Tea Recipe

Posted by Andie on September 26, 2018

We've been pounded at our house for the past week with a horrible cold.  I'm blaming it on my kids being back in school! Every single person in the family has it. My kids and husband are still functioning semi-normally, but I'm 36 weeks pregnant and this viurs is KILLING me.  I don't remember the last time I felt this awful!  Aside from doing the normal things like drinking lots of water, loading up on vitamin C, and using essential oils, the thing that really seems to be saving me is my honey & lemon tea.  I am basically drinking this stuff all day, every day.  Growing up, my mom used to make this for us when we got sick.  It's so simple to throw together, but it really does work wonders.....

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Beautiful Mudrooms

Posted by Andie on September 22, 2018

With school in session now, our mudroom is getting a lot more use than it had in the previous summer months.  I'm on a mission to simplify things- I feel like if my mudroom is organized well, it will make life much smoother.  Between backpacks, school papers, jackets, dance uniforms, shoes, and gym & music bags it's a packed space!  How is your mudroom working for you?  Is it helping you to feel organized, or is it making you feel like a crazy person?  Here are some beautiful mudrooms to get some inspiration as you make adjustments to your own....

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7 Little Ways to Help You Feel Organized

Posted by Andie on September 21, 2018

I love the craziness of summer, but I'm always happy to fall into a routine once fall rolls around the corner.  There is something about the start of a new school year that makes me start craving and yearning for more organization and structure in my life.    What better place to start incorporating organization than in your home?  Here are 7 simple things you can do around your home to help you feel more organized and put together on the regular...

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Understanding Light Bulbs

Posted by Andie on September 20, 2018

Lighting- both natural & artificial, is everything when it comes to interior design!  First and foremost, for the obvious reason of allowing us to see and appreciate color, patterns and discerning elements of design.   In addition, lighting can also play a huge role in creating a certian ambiance or mood for a space.  It's definitely not a factor you want to ignore!

Natural light, or light from the sun, is pretty self explanatory.  But when it comes to artificial light, things get a tad more complicated.  Nowdays, there are so many different kinds & types of light bulbs, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses.  It can be confusing to remember all of it!  Below are several awesome lighting guides to help you keep it all straight.  You'll learn about lumens vs. watts, color temperature, and light bulb types.  I actually couldn't believe how much I learned from these, and hope you will too!  

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Quiz: What Kind of Sofa Should I Buy?

Posted by Andie on September 19, 2018

So you need a new sofa, but are feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole decision making process.  I mean, it's not like purchasing a sofa is like buying a new t-shirt!  It's meant to be loved & enjoyed for years to come.  So how do you know what style/kind of sofa is right for you and your family?  There are so many options out there!  Leather?  Upholstered?  Reclining sofa?  Sleeper sofa?  Mid Century Modern Sofa?  Sectional?  Chaise Lounge?  Sette?  Oh, boy!
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