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Creating Your Simplistic Industrial Home

Industrial furniture is originally based off of late 19th century factories. These large buildings were traditionally built of brick, iron, steel, and concrete to create sturdy, dependable structures that would stand the test of time. Eventually, workplaces began to transform and no longer included as many of these large open factories. These abandoned yet sturdy buildings paved the way for a new design style that continues to influence designers, artists, architects, and more even today.

Industrial style furniture is a blend of no-frills design with modern day comforts. Building materials like brick, iron, and concrete are often the unifying details that ground the whole design. Don’t have an abandoned warehouse to live in? No problem. Today’s industrial design allows you to bring these styles home no matter where you live.

Finding The Right Materials

As you start shopping and searching for industrial style furniture be on the lookout for neutral monochromatic colors. This means you’ll want to focus on a base of black, white, and gray furniture. From there, you can easily add accent colors such as wood tones or red brick. Industrial Bookcases are a great place to start if you don’t have previous experience with this design style. The mixture of black iron framework and natural wood shelves help set the tone for the room and provide great examples for what to search for in other industrial furniture pieces. You really want to aim for that “hand welded” feeling. Concrete Accent Tables can add depth and help brighten your living room or bedroom. The light gray helps provide a bright contrast to other darker, more moody pieces.

Embracing the Aesthetic

As you get further into your industrial home, finish off the design with pops of brass, chrome, glass, or copper fixtures. These add a pop of color while keeping to the “factory” feel. Don’t be afraid to embrace exposed pipes or concrete floors, but remember to keep it comfortable! A dark leather sofa is a great way to keep your home comfortable while also staying within the realm of your chosen style. Home décor can help you add a personalized touch and help your space feel a little more cozy and familiar.

Whatever style you decide on, RC Willey has just the right pieces for you! Check out our Blue Rewards to earn rebates, free delivery, and more off every purchase. With just a few minutes, you can quickly apply for our interest free monthly payment plans that make it easier than ever to design your home, your way.

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