Mattress Facts

Being a smart shopper of mattresses requires some homework. Listed below are some facts and figures that will help you in your buying decision. Of course, the best way to buy a mattress is to lay on it. Visit any RC Willey location and experience first-hand the latest in mattress technology.
Industry Facts and Figures
  • Over seventy million adults are sleep deprived.
  • One half of adults recognize they don't get enough sleep.
  • One half of business travelers suffer insomnia.
  • Over 90% of students in high school or college are sleep deprived.
  • Sleep Deprivation attributes to more car accidents than DUI.
  • 71,000 people are injured in fall-asleep crashes each year. Of these, 15,000 result in deaths.
  • Immune deficiencies occur more frequently when you are sleep deprived.
  • Sleeping on an incorrect or worn out mattress is the biggest contributor to sleep deprivation.
  • With the correct mattress, proper exercise and a healthy diet, sleep deprivation can be kept under control.
  • 5.3% to 5.7% of the U.S. population purchases mattresses each year.
  • 70% of all mattress purchases occur on weekends.
  • The average consumer expects to pay $1,000.00 for a queen size sleep set. The average consumer ends up paying $600.00 when they leave the store.
About Latex

Why should a person purchase Latex?

  1. Naturally Responsive: Latex foam automatically adjusts to your body's weight and temperature giving you exceptional support and comfort all night long.
  2. Naturally Comforting: Latex mattresses reduce pressure points that cause tossing and turning. You get total body support and a more restful night of sleep.
  3. Naturally Healthy: Latex foam is 300% more resistant to dust mites than conventional mattress materials. It is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. It will not support the growth of mold, bacteria, mildew or fungus.
  4. Naturally Breathable: The breathable cell structure of Latex is self-ventilating, keeping moisture from being trapped between you and your mattress, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  5. Naturally Durable: Never needs turning! Latex foam is the most durable cushioning material available, giving you more comfort with less maintenance.
Mattress Sizes
Code Description Dimensions
3/3* Twin 39"W x 75"L
3/3 x 80 Twin XL 39"W x 80"L
4/6* Full 54"W x 75"L
5/0* Queen 60"W x 80"L
5/6 Oversized Queen 66"W x 80"L
6/6* King 76"W x 80"L
6/0 Cal-King 72"W x 84"L
Standard Sizes*
These are approximate sizes and can vary slightly.
Sleep Product Descriptions and Terms

Quilt Package:

This describes the package of components used to quilt together for surface comfort on the top of the mattress.


Fabrics that are treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and dust mites.

Comfort Foams:

Foams used in the mattress to add more comfort to the feel.

Comfort Touch Foam:

This foam is a pin convoluted foam for pressure point relief.


Coils are closer together in the lower lumbar area for more back support.

F/E Foam Encased:

This provides maximum edge support and more sleep surface. This feature also allows the mattress to be bent without damage for challenging deliveries.

Energy Foam:

This is the foam at the bottom of the mattress to reduce motion transfer.

Viscose Elastic Memory Foam:

This foam is used for superior body conformation and pressure relief.
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