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KAR.HEIGHTENED.GLAMOUR.STOCK Karastan Heightened Glamour CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Heightened Glamour Carpet
DSW.TURNER'S.POINT Tuftex Stainmaster Turner's Point CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Turner's Point Carpet
BBFS.SOLO.STOCK Best Buy Solo CarpetIn Stock
Best Buy Solo Carpet
QUE.SWEET.APPEAL.STOCK Shaw Sweet Appeal CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Sweet Appeal Carpet
BBFS.SMOOTH.OPERATOR.STOCK Best Buy Smooth Operator CarpetIn Stock
Best Buy Smooth Operator Carpet
PHN.ZEUS.STOCK Phenix Stainmaster Zeus CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Zeus Carpet
KAR.UPSCALE.LIVING.STOCK Karastan Upscale Living CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Upscale Living Carpet
KAR.PURE.DISTINCTION.STOCK Karastan Pure Distinction CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Pure Distinction Carpet
KAR.RUSTIC.APPEAL.STOCK Karastan Rustic Appeal CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Rustic Appeal Carpet
DWC.SHOW.TIME.STOCK Dream Weaver Show Time Carpet In Stock
Dream Weaver Show Time Carpet
KAR.SERENE.SCENE.STOCK Karastan Serene Scene CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Serene Scene Carpet
DWC.SIMPATICO.STOCK Dream Weaver Simpatico CarpetIn Stock
Dream Weaver Simpatico Carpet
QUE.STUNNING.I.STOCK Shaw Stunning I CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Stunning I Carpet
DWC.STEP.UP.STOCK Dream Weaver Step Up Carpet In Stock
Dream Weaver Step Up Carpet
KAR.FORMAL.EMBRACE.STOCK Karastan Formal Embrace CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Formal Embrace Carpet
QUE.STUNNING.II.STOCK Shaw Stunning II CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Stunning II Carpet
ALA.STYLE.STAMINA.STOCK Mohawk Style Stamina CarpetIn Stock
Mohawk Style Stamina Carpet
HWS.ELEMENTS.SOLIDO.7MM Inhaus Elements LaminateIn Stock
Inhaus Elements Laminate
QUE.ESSENCE.III Shaw Essence III CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Essence III Carpet
BRE.CAREFREE.STOCK Dixie Stainmaster Carefree CarpetIn Stock
Dixie Stainmaster Carefree Carpet
PHN.ENTHRALLED.STOCK Phenix Stainmaster Enthralled CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Enthralled Carpet
KAR.STRENGTH Karastan Strength CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Strength Carpet
DSW.HILLSHIRE.STOCK Tuftex Stainmaster Hillshire CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Hillshire Carpet
PHN.AWESTRUCK.STOCK Phenix Stainmaster Awestruck CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Awestruck Carpet
DSW.TERRA.LINDA.STOCK Tuftex Stainmaster Terra Linda CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Terra Linda Carpet
MHK.OPTIMAL.APPROACH Mohawk Optimal Approach CarpetIn Stock
Mohawk Optimal Approach Carpet
BBFS.WILLIAMSBURG.STOCK Marquis Industries Williamsburg Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - 7 x 48 InchIn Stock
Marquis Industries Williamsburg Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - 7 x 48 Inch
SUT.MARVEL.STOCK Shaw Marvel CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Marvel Carpet
KAR.MOUNTAIN.TERRACE Karastan Mountain Terrace CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Mountain Terrace Carpet
PHL.CULTURE.CLUB Shaw Culture Club CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Culture Club Carpet
PHN.VENTURA.BLVD Phenix Stainmaster Ventura Boulevard CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Ventura Boulevard Carpet
BRE.ESCALANTE.STOCK Dixie Stainmaster Escalante CarpetIn Stock
Dixie Stainmaster Escalante Carpet
DSW.REX Tuftex Stainmaster Rex CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Rex Carpet
BBFS.SEQUOIA.STOCK Marquis Industries Sequoia Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - 7 x 48 InchIn Stock
Marquis Industries Sequoia Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - 7 x 48 Inch
KAR.CONTEMPORARY.WAY Karastan Contemporary Way CarpetIn StockNew Arrival
Karastan Contemporary Way Carpet
BBFS.BILTMORE.CLASSICS.STOCK Marquis Industries Biltmore Classics Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - 9 x 60 InchIn Stock
Marquis Industries Biltmore Classics Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - 9 x 60 Inch
DSW.URBAN.ALLEY Tuftex Urban Alley CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Urban Alley Carpet
PHN.BLEEKER.STREET Phenix Stainmaster Bleeker Street CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Bleeker Street Carpet
DSW.NALA Tuftex Stainmaster Nala CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Nala Carpet
PHN.SANTA.MONICA Phenix Stainmaster Santa Monica CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Santa Monica Carpet
BRE.HIDDEN.TALENT Dixie Stainmaster Hidden Talent CarpetIn Stock
Dixie Stainmaster Hidden Talent Carpet
DSW.CLASSIC.BEAUTY Tuftex Stainmaster Classic Beauty CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Classic Beauty Carpet
DSW.KITANO Tuftex Kitano CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Kitano Carpet
DSW.CANT.STOP.ME Tuftex Stainmaster Can't Stop Me CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Can't Stop Me Carpet
PHL.CRAFTSMAN Shaw Craftsman CarpetIn Stock
Shaw Craftsman Carpet
BBFS.TUSCANY.STOCK Marquis Industries Tuscany Luxury Vinyl Tile - 12 x 24 InchIn Stock
Marquis Industries Tuscany Luxury Vinyl Tile - 12 x 24 Inch
DSW.YOUNG.FUN Tuftex Stainmaster Young Fun CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Young Fun Carpet
BRE.ACTION Dixie Stainmaster Action CarpetIn Stock
Dixie Stainmaster Action Carpet
KAR.BOTANICAL.ELEGANCE Karastan Botanical Elegance CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Botanical Elegance Carpet
BRE.OREGON.MIST Dixie Stainmaster Oregon Mist CarpetIn Stock
Dixie Stainmaster Oregon Mist Carpet
DSW.SQUARE.BIZ Tuftex Square Biz CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Square Biz Carpet
KAR.SUNBRELLA Karastan Sunbrella CarpetIn Stock
Karastan Sunbrella Carpet
MHK.CHARMING.ESSENCE Mohawk Charming Essence CarpetIn Stock
Mohawk Charming Essence Carpet
MSL.THIS.AND.THAT Masland Stainmaster This and That CarpetIn Stock
Masland Stainmaster This and That Carpet
DSW.HAUSER Tuftex Hauser CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Hauser Carpet
BRE.IMPERIAL.POINT Dixie Stainmaster Imperial Point Carpet In Stock
Dixie Stainmaster Imperial Point Carpet
MHK.EVERLASTING.CHIC Mohawk Everlasting Chic CarpetIn Stock
Mohawk Everlasting Chic Carpet
DSW.TUDOR.COURT Tuftex Stainmaster Tudor Court CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Tudor Court Carpet
PHN.PROSPECT.PARK Phenix Stainmaster Prospect Park CarpetIn Stock
Phenix Stainmaster Prospect Park Carpet
DSW.HOLLY.CREEK Tuftex Stainmaster Holly Creek CarpetIn Stock
Tuftex Stainmaster Holly Creek Carpet

RC Willey sells and installs wood, carpet, laminate and tile flooring in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Reno and Boise.

We sell Stainmaster carpet, berber, waterproof wood, laminate wood and ceramic tile to make your home, your way. Buy from a company you can trust with the best brands like Tuftex, Mohawk and Shaw. Come see the newest styles including wood plank tile and Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet. If you want new flooring, RC Willey is your local store. Visit one of our flooring showrooms near you in Salt Lake City, Orem Mall, Syracuse, Murray, Ogden, Draper, Henderson or Summerlin.

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