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How to Sleep Better

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on January 10, 2010

Do you ever get frustrated with the fact that you aren't sleeping as well as you'd like to?  I don't have a magic pill for you, but I do have some simple suggestions that just might help you improve the overall quality of your sleep......


1. Don't stress and look at the alarm clock!

    If you are like me, you are constantly looking at the clock.  Each night as I climb into bed, I am silently calculating how many hours of sleep I am going to get, and if I don't fall asleep right away I start stressing myself out about the fact that I'm going to get less than I had anticipated.  The trick is to RELAX and IGNORE that stupid alarm clock.  It's probably hurting more than it's helping.

2. Go to bed only when you are tired

How often do you waste hours lying in bed trying to fall asleep, when you really aren't even that tired?  Don't you get frustrated when you think of all of the things that you could be doing?  Next time you don't fall asleep after 15-20 minutes of trying, get up and read a book. Clean your kitchen.  Write a letter.  Watch a movie.  Do something useful until your mind and body decide it's time to hit the sack.


3. Don't eat (2-3 hours) or drink large amounts before going to bed.

I stopped eating foods after 8pm a while ago, and not only did I start sleeping better, but I also started losing weight!  My body just FELT better.  My problem is that I love to drink water. If I don't remember to stop drinking a few hours before I go to bed, I'm constantly making trips to the bathroom throughout the night.  So annoying.

4. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine. 

Help your mind and body adjust from wakefulness to sleepiness, by easing into it.  You might try taking a warm shower, reading a book in dim light, or listening to soft, relaxing music.  Take time to meditate- think about what happened during your day and determine how you can make tomorrow better.



5. Make your Bedroom suitable for sleep.

It might sound weird, but I always sleep so much better when my clothes are picked up off of the floor, and my room is clean.  Keep it dark, and cool.  Make sure that you have good curtains or blinds to block the light from your windows, and use an electric blanket or fan to establish your ideal sleep temperatures.

6. Try to limit Afternoon Naps to 30 Minutes or Less.

I've never been much of a nap person, because it's hard for me to fall asleep in the day.  If by chance I DO fall asleep, a 20 minute cat nap turns into a 5 hour sleep session and then I'm groggy for the rest of the day.  If you ARE a nap person, try to keep them short and you'll most likely sleep better at night.

7. Exercise Regularly!

Having a pattern of regular exercise will not only contribute to better health, but also better sleep.  Don't worry- you don't have to be a marathon runner, or belong to a gym....just getting outside to take a walk will help!

8. Establish a Regular Sleep Routine

Try to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning at the same time every day.  It will help your body's biological clock adapt.  This can be hard with scheduling, but if you can, GO FOR IT!


9. Make Sure you've got a Mattress and Pillow

About 1/3 of your life will be spent sleeping.  Doesn't it stand to reason that you should be resting on something comfortable?  In my opinion, one of the biggest contributors to poor sleep is a bad mattress.  If you had a horrible mattress in college, then you know exactly what I'm saying here.  Life is too short to be sleeping on a crappy mattress.  You should be replacing yours at least every ten years.  My husband and I just bought a new mattress from RC Willey (you guessed it) and we LOVE it.


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