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Diamonds Are a Girl's Best.........Wait!! Where did it Go?

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on March 19, 2010

My husband and I have been staying at my parents house "babysitting" my little brothers while my mom and dad have been out of the country this week.  Lucky for us, they are both in middle school and can pretty much take care of themselves. We're here to drive them to and from all of their sports practices, to make sure they get their homework done, and to fix them more nutritious meals than mac and cheese (because if it were up to them, they'd probably eat that all week.)  Everything had gone smoothly until yesterday morning.....



I'm getting ready for the day and I go to the little nightstand next to the bed where I had placed my wedding ring, watch and earrings the night before, and to my complete horror, MY WEDDING RING IS GONE.  Of course the one time I leave my ring box at home this happens. At first, I try not to freak out.  I start looking on the carpet next to the bed.  Nothing.  I pick up the night stand, move the arm chair, attack the drapes, take all the sheets off the bed.  Still nothing. At this point I have a pit the size of a black hole in my stomach.  I shriek down to my husband, telling him to come quick!

Two minutes later husband and I are both searching, tearing apart the entire room. I'm a nervous wreck, crawling around frantically with a flashlight and husband is still calm as a cucumber.  That pretty much sums up our relationship.  Just then, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  "Oh my gosh!  Somebody got into the house last night and stole my ring!  That's the only thing that makes sense!!"  Husband looks at me as if I'm crazy, but kindly explains that no one could have gotten into the house last night, and even if they did, he, the lightest sleeper I know, would have woken up.  Deep down, I know he's right.

He leaves for work, promising me we'll find it.  I'm almost in tears.  Now I'm looking all over the house, and really starting to question my sanity.  After a while, I make it back to the bedroom, feeling totally defeated and confused.  I'm sitting on the bed, and I think to start looking in all the pillow cases.  We had washed all of the bedding the night before. My little brothers had gotten all of the pillows back on the bed for me, so it seems kind of pointless to look through them since I hadn't touched them, but at this point I'm desperate.  I examine most of them, (there are close to 10 on the bed) and just as I'd imagined, nothing.  There are two over-sized pillows still to check.  I pick up the first, and just as I'm about to quit this nonsense, I feel something hard in the corner of the pillow.  In total disbelief, I reach in and pull out nothing other than my wedding ring.  WHAT THE???

I hope it's just enough for you to know that I found my ring, because I'm sorry to say that I still don't have any answers.  After questioning my brothers, tracing back my steps, and racking my brain for clues, I still have absolutely no idea how my wedding ring found its way into the decorative pillow.

I'm grateful I found my ring, but I'm still confused.  Perhaps it will remain a mystery forever.


Have you ever lost your wedding ring??  Leave a comment and share your story!


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