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Homemade Pesticides

Posted by Michael on June 18, 2013

I've never had a problem with spiders.  In fact, as a kid, if I ever found them in the house I would pick them up with my bare hands and take them outside to set them free.  No big deal.  Until today.  This morning when I got out of bed, I noticed something black out of the corner of my eye on the sheets.  Once my eyes adjusted to the light I realized that there was a huge spider CRAWLING AROUND IN MY BED!!! I may not be afraid of spiders, but finding one where I had been sleeping for the past 7 hours was a little disturbing.  (I had even washed the sheets last night, so go figure.)  


One of the 'joys' of summertime is that legions of bugs come out to harass the masses.  Whether it's ants, fruit flies, house flies, mosquitos, wasps, bees, gnats, or spiders- you're sure to be bothered by at least one of these annoying critters.  On the off chance that you live in a place immune from all of these pests, please tell me where you live:)


Some very wise women in my neighborhood alerted me to the fact recently that there are scores of household remedies when it comes to getting rid of said critters.  I'd love to know what your home remedies are!  Please share!  Here are a few I have learned recently.....


Household Remedies:


House flies: Poke twenty or more whole cloves into a ripe apple.  Set it on a plate on the counter of your kitchen, or in the middle of your picnic table.  Flies will disappear in no time.


Fruit flies: When you have a fruit fly problem and don't want to spray poisons in your kitchen, just take a bowl and fill it half full of water, drop two drops of liquid dish soap in it and dissolve without working up a foam, then finish filling the bowl with vinegar.  Set out on the kitchen counter and come back an hour or so later to find dozens of fruit flies dead at the bottom of the bowl.



1. Use half and half borax and powdered sugar as bait, set out on dish or paper on counter top or along trails.  Some ants eat protein, put both out and see which they go for.


2. Cinnamon will get rid of ants.  Sprinkle where ants are concentrated.  They hate it.


3. Clean countertops or trails of ants from their nest with one of the following solutions.  These solutions wash away the trails both visible and invisible that direct the ants to your location.  

  • Vinegar & Water (50/50 mix)

  • Cider Vinegar & Water (50/50 mix)

  • 1 Tbsp essential oil in water in a spray bottle (peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, witch hazel).

TIP: First determine if the ants in your house are after sugar or protein.  To determine which kinds of ants you are dealing with, set out jam/honey/syrup/sugar on paper or plate and peanut butter or bacon grease on another to see what attracts them. 


Once you've determined what they're hungry for, set out a few baits with their choice.


Homemade poisoned baits:

2 Tbsp boric acid (borax) mixed with one of the following:

  • Peanut butter or Bacon Grease 

  • 1 cup water- 2 cups sugar

  • 1 cup Confec. Sugar

  • Jam/Jelly/Honey/Maple syrup

  • 1 Tbsp Molasses & 1 Tbsp Yeast and 1 Tbsp Sugar 

Slather it on a piece of paper a plate or in a covered container with holes.  You may have to adjust amount of Boric Acid if they seem to eat up the bait like crazy, but are getting fat from it instead of dying.


Important: When baiting, resist the temptation to kill them when you see them so that they'll take poison back to the nest. You want them to live and take big juicy pieces of poisoned bait back to the nest for the rest of the colony to feast on.  



So- what are your tried and true remedies for getting rid of household pests??



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