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Inspiration: Exposed Closets

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on September 13, 2013

"I have too much closet space!"---- said no one ever. Right?  I can't even imagine how wonderful that predicament would be! 


A couple months ago we moved to a darling little house that was originally built in 1937.  It's cozy, quaint, newly renovated, and perfect for our little family.  However, in addition to the charm of an old house, we get itty bitty teeny tiny sized closets.  You guys, we are basically talking little cupboards in the bedrooms.  I loved everything else about the house though, and so I figured I'd just have to get creative when it came to storing my clothing.  


Well, that time has now come.  I need a clothing/shoe storing miracle.  (Anyone have any good ideas for me?)  I've considered the whole exposed closet idea, but I'm pretty sure it would look disastrous after the first 24 hours.  Instead of looking chic and cool, the disorganized, junky clutter would probably give me anxiety attacks.  They photos below of exposed closets are sure beautiful, but seriously, does anyone out there keep their closets that perfect?  I highly doubt it.....

exposed closet 

via Apartment Therapy

exposed baby closet 

via Spearmint Baby

exposed closet

via Domain

exposed closet

via Coco Rosa

 How do you store your clothes/shoes/bags/accessories in small spaces?




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