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Why You Need a Chest Freezer

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on October 9, 2014

If we're talking about spending money on pretty furniture, a delicious meal, cute clothes or a dreamy beach vacation.....I'm in!  No problem! There are other things, however, that I just loathe spending my hard earned cash on.  Read: New tires (or any car expenses), medical & dental bills, cleaning supplies, etc.  Yuck.     

A few months ago my husband and I reluctantly decided that our little freezer just wasn't cutting it anymore.  We needed to take the plunge and get us a chest freezer.  I'm sure you can understand my initial thoughts on the matter- OH GREAT.  I mean, there were about a million other things I'd rather spend a couple hundred bucks on, but, like I said, there was no denying the fact that this had become a need, not really even a want.  We picked out this freezer and called it good.

Fast forward to now.  We've had our chest freezer for a little while, and can I just say I love it?!    No, it wasn't the coolest, prettiest, or most exciting thing I've ever bought, but I cannot even begin to tell you all how useful it has been!  Here are 4 reasons why I think everybody should invest in an extra freezer for their home:

1. You can plan ahead.  Hello freezer meals!  With the additional freezer space I've made it a habit to have at least 8 freezer meals made and on hand.  My family has loved eating actual meals instead of cold cereal on the days that I was way too busy to make dinner!
2. You can stock up and shop smart! Salmon on sale?  You've never seen chicken for such a good price?  Not a problem!  I'm always buying meat that is on sale at the grocery store, because I have room to store it!  
3. You'll avoid injury.  You don't get hit in the face with a jar of frozen jam or a pack of steaks every single time you open your freezer door.  And this was a serious problem for me:)
4. More space = better organization.  Now I can actually keep freezer meals, meat, vegetables, etc. in one freezer and ice cream, frozen fruit & popsicles in the other.  



The fact that I love my chest freezer so much is probably a sign that I'm getting old.

But isn't she a beauty?

If you already have a chest freezer, what do you love about it?




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