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How do you Journal?

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on February 19, 2014

One of the things I've learned in 28 years of living, is that sometimes (a lot of the time actually) my memory fails me.  There have been moments in my life that were so poignant that I was sure I would never forget a single detail of the experience.  As much as I thought it could never happen, many of those experiences have simply become distant and hazy memories.  Don't you hate that?  It makes my heart hurt!


During the first few months of each new year, I like to take the time to make a photo book documenting all of the meaningful things that happened to my family during the previous year.  I'm not good at writing in a journal super regularly, but I do take a lot of pictures, and so this has become the best way for me to keep some sort of tangible personal history.  


How do you document the important and memorable moments of your life?  

Do you write by hand in an actual journal?  Type your history on the computer?  Scrapbook?  Put together digital photo books?  


What works for you?  Also, any tips for procrastinators like me on how to stay up to date and journal regularly?



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Also, share your favorite online photo book sources!





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