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Turkey Burger Recipe

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on June 6, 2014

Today's guest Post is by my friend & sister-in-law Allie!  She is one talented woman and mama to the cutest baby girl!  Lucky for all of us, today she is sharing one of her secrets when it comes to having delicious dinners on a nightly basis! I definitely need this!  Thanks Allie!

As the weather starts to heat up, so do our kitchens, and even turning on the stove can feel like the absolute last thing you want to do.  Pile on longer days filled with more activities and by the time dinner rolls around, this equation equals cold cereal (again) at our house.  Recently, I have decided to break the cycle of lame dinner offerings by stocking up on freezer meals.  Let me tell you, it has been revolutionary.  Just one day of work gives me multiple delicious, time saving options.  Not only can I feed my family an appetizing meal in way less time, but we have saved tons of money by buying in bulk and cutting out trips to fast food. (Also helping us eat healthier and lose weight!...Can you tell I'm a believer?!)

Here is a super easy recipe to get you started on your own freezer stash, but I will warn you, once you start, you may need to buy a bigger freezer!
Turkey Burgers
2 oz. Feta Cheese
10 oz. Frozen Spinach
2 lbs. Ground Turkey
Salt and Pepper to taste
Swiss Cheese
Whole Wheat Buns
Mix ground turkey with spinach that has been drained well, feta cheese, and salt and pepper.  Patty out into burgers.  Place between sheets of wax paper and freeze in gallon size zipper bag.  When ready to serve, thaw and grill until desired doneness.  Serve with Swiss cheese and condiments on a whole wheat bun.  Great for warm evenings!    
*It's also a great idea to freeze bags full of prepared ground turkey or beef.  They don't take up much space and can be thawed quickly for use in spaghetti sauce or tacos.  Get creative!  Many of your family's favorites will probably freeze well in bags or aluminum containers.  Share your favorite recipes below!
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