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Andie's Favorite Thanksgiving Tablescapes

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on November 25, 2015


via birdsparty


What's the very first thing you think of when you hear the word, "Thanksgiving"?............If it wasn't 'food' then you probably don't live in America and celebrate Thanksgiving the way you should.  Who doesn't love Thanksgiving?  It's personally, one of my very favorite holidays.  I love that it's not commercial, and it's rather simple.  It's a holiday that is dedicated to thankfulness, spending time with family and friends, and duh, FOOD! 

If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner, obviously the most important item on your to-do list is to serve mouthwatering, delicious food.  But second on your to-do list should be arranging a pretty tablescape for the big day.  Why is the decor so important?  Because one of the best secrets I've ever learned is that a beautiful looking table makes good food taste even more scrumptious.  I swear it's true.  

We saw Laurie's gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescapes last week, and here are a handful more of the most incredible Thanksgiving Tablescapes I've seen in a while.  My little family is having our firtst untraditional Thanksgiving tomorrow and will be traveling (and eating at a restaurant- gasp!), but if we were celebrating it at home, I'd be all over copying these tables!  So go get inspired and get your tables ready for tomorrow!  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hope you all have a wonderful & safe holiday!!


via House Beautiful


via birdsparty


via elle decor



via birdsparty


glitter guide via pinterest

via the turquoise house

my domaine via pinterest

CraftBerry Bush


pop sugar via pinterest


via House Beautiful


the glitter guide via pinterest


via pinterest


How are you decorating your Thanksgiving table this year?


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Extra Long Dining Tables for Thanksgiving

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Guest Posted by RC Willey Community on November 24, 2015

thanksgiving tables

Hey, it's Laurie again. Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? I tend to romanticize the perfect Thanksgiving Day - where family and friends gather around a huge, beautifully set table.  Everyone is comfortable and there is plenty of room regardless of the number of guests. All of the food remains the perfect temperature until it’s served and no conversation leads to a disagreement.  

In reality, when my family are together, there are 25 of us squished together, loads of chaos and my vision of the picture-perfect holiday melts away.  But I refuse to lose hope!  I will start with the perfect dining table from RC Willey that will accommodate many guests and go from there. 

We have a great selection of dining sets in stock and ready for delivery!  So whether you are hosting 4 guests or 20, you’ll find the table you need to start your holiday off right! 

I know I will need the Kona or the Hogan – both extend to 130”! Click on any of the tables below to see more details!

big dining table

large dining table

thanksgiving dining tabkles

old school dining tables

huge dining table

cool dining table

nice dining tables




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Thanksgiving Etiquette Do's and Dont's

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on November 24, 2015


Most Americans will be gathered around the dinner table with family, friends & loved ones eating all of the Thanksgiving fixings this week- turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and apple pie.  What a wonderful holiday!!  If you're planning on hosting Thanksgiving, or simply showing up as a guest this year, read on for some helpful Thanksgiving etiquette do's and dont's that are sure to make the big day go smoothly.....  



- Make hand-written place cards and have them on the table in advance.  If your great aunt Rita and cousin Jimmy fight like cats and dogs about politics, don't seat them near each other!  It's always easy and less awkward for guests when their seats are chosen for them in advance. 
-Use real dishes!  This includes plates, glasses, and silverware.  I am pretty passionate about this one.  And don't argue that paper is so much easier, because easier does not equal better!  People, this is what the china sitting in your china hutch is for!  If you don't use it on Thanksgiving, what are you saving it for? 
-Use real cloth napkins. Again, I might be anal, but a good cloth napkin blows a paper napkin out of the water and really dresses up a place setting.
-Assign people dishes to bring.  Don't try to be a super hero and do the whole meal by yourself.  In my experience, people are always happy and eager to help. -Start on time.  If you tell guests to arrive at 2:00, make sure dinner is ready to go at 2:00, not 4:30.  


-Have centerpieces so tall on your tables that guests have a hard time seeing each other.  Remember, decor is good, but don't get too carried away.
-Stick a lone adult on the kid table.  Be thoughtful and courteous when assigning seats.
-Ask someone else to cook the turkey.  Transporting a fully cooked bird in your car is never a good idea (hello turkey juice all over). When you offered to host thanksgiving, you signed up for turkey duty.
-Apologize for your cooking. Julia Child had a rule that she never apologized to her guests if she thought something tasted unsatisfactory because it only made a bad situation worse.  Be a gracious host, and keep it to yourself if you missed a few ingredients in the stuffing:) 
-Expect every dish to be perfect.  If you are assigning out dishes, you have to be okay with the fact that you are losing some control.  Your sister-in-law Linda's green bean casserole might not be as tasty as yours, but who cares?  At least she helped!
-Eat with the TV on.  There will be plenty of time for football later.  Turn it off for an hour so that you can have a nice, peaceful meal with those you love.



-Arrive on time. If dinner is at 1:30, don't mosy in at 2:00 and act like you were on time.  If you've ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner you know it's a ton of work-- the least you can do as a guest is to show up promptly.
-Bring a small gift to the hostess. Something simple like a little succulent or pack of note cards, with a 'thank you for hosting' card goes a long way.  
-Offer to bring a dish. Just because you aren't hosting doesn't mean this is a 'free meal'!  Ask your host 'what else can I bring' after they've assigned you something and do your part to help make it a smooth meal for everyone.
-Help clean up the kitchen after the meal.  This is possibly the MOST IMPORTANT rule as a guest!  Don't think that since you weren't in charge you can sit around and watch your host do all the dishes after dinner is over.  Get up and help!  This is the best way you can thank your hosts for a lovely day. 


-Talk about all the food on the table you don't like. If you aren't a fan of something, or your grandma's rolls are way better than the ones you are eating, be polite and keep your mouth shut.  Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. 
-Decide to change your dish assignment without consulting the host well in advance.  When your host assigns you a dish to bring, make sure you follow instructions.  Don't show up with vanilla ice cream if you were asked to bring an apple pie and throw out the excuse "I forgot what you told me to bring" or "I ran out of time to make a pie!".
-Show up with uninvited/unmentioned children, significant others, etc. This is just inconsiderate and rude.  At the very least, if you are bound and determined to bring an uninvited friend, check with your host well in advance to see if there is room for them.  
-Forget about your parenting responsibilities.  It is not the hosts' job to parent your children.  Make sure they are respectful to the rules of the home.  
-Overstay your welcome.  Enjoy the day with family and friends, but don't make your hosts entertain you longer than they want to.  

What else did I miss?  Any Thanksgiving rules you and your family abide by that helps make it a drama-free celebration?



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How to Make a Turkey Vegetable Platter this Thanksgiving

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on November 23, 2015

So you got your Thanksgiving food assignment and you're in charge of the veggie/relish tray this year.

You're either feeling....

A. Totally stoked you've been given such a minimal role to play when it comes to the food- SCORE! 

or B. Slightly offended because this must mean your family doesn't trust you (or your cooking skills) to be in charge of something more serious, like the stuffing or homemade rolls.  

If impressing your family is your desire this Thanksgiving, just know that you can still produce the hit of the party with something as simple as a veggie tray!  How, you might ask? Let me introduce you to the Turkey Veggie Platter.



If food could ever be considered adorable, I think this would be it.  I made it a few years ago (with the help of pinterest- can't take all the credit here!) for Thanksgiving dinner, and let me tell you, everyone loved it!  So get creative this Thankgiving and make something more than just a mediocre veggie tray!  Looking at the turkey is pretty self explanatory when it comes to making your own, but check out these Turkey Vegetable Platters for some more inspiration!  



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Thanksgiving Tablescape & Centerpiece Ideas

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Kerry Posted by Kerry on November 16, 2015

cool thanksgiving tablescapes 

Laurie Waite is one of many creative people who work here at RC Willey. We were chatting the other day about Thanksgiving and she told me how much she loves setting up a tablescape each year for her family to enjoy. I asked for photos and an explanation and as always I was blown away! Here's Laurie:

After finding the right table, I can finally work on my favorite part of Thanksgiving - the table settings.  For me, this rivals the meal itself!  I LOVE IT.  I obsess about it.  Which plates?  Which stemware?  I need fabric, ribbon, napkins, fresh flowers, place cards, picture frames.  This may seem like too much work.  It absolutely is!  But how often can we sit down with our families and really express gratitude for all of the bounty in our lives – especially one another?  Not very often!  So when this occurs it’s an event worth spending some time on. My family definitely aren’t formal people, but I can justify making the effort for one day each year.

Here are some pictures of the Thanksgiving tables I’ve set for my family in the past.  They tend to have the same feeling, but with different dishes or colors.  My inspiration has been anything from one plate to a piece of fabric or ribbon – then my brain is overrun with ideas!  You can set the perfect Thanksgiving table as well! Let one dish, color or flower inspire you and go for it!


thanksgiving tablescape ideas 

nice thanksgiving table


awesome thanksgiving table


thanksgiving decor

beautiful thanksgiving table


unique thanksgiving


thanksgiving ideas

thanksgiving table decor

My inspiration for 2015 is a set of dishes I inherited from my grandma. Their value is strictly sentimental and they are vintage indeed. The end result is unquestionably feminine and I’m hoping the guys in my family will be ok with it. I'm thrilled with how it turned out! Let me know what you think and please share some of your Thanksgiving table setting ideas with #myrcwilleyhome!

2015 thanksgiving design


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Gratitude Tree

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on November 13, 2015

how to make a gratitude tree

With Thanksgiving coming up in a couple weeks, we have been focusing on what it means to be grateful at our house.  I have a three year old, and an 18 month old, and if being a parent has taught me anything, it's that lots of things don't exactly come naturally for children.  I guess it's no surprise that parenthood is a lot of hard work!  Take for example, the idea of gratitude.  Kids are naturally focused on themselves, and they aren't wired to understand what it means to be grateful on their own.  Life coach Mary Jane Ryan said "No one is born grateful.  Recognizing that someone has gone out of the way for you is not a natural behavior for children-- it's learned."  

If gratitude is a learned behavior, I feel as a parent I have some responsibility to help my kids "get it".  So how do you teach (or how have you taught) your kids gratitude?? There is a great article in Parents Magazine I found called Teaching Children To Be Grateful.  An excerpt that really resonated with me:

Gratitude is one of the trickiest concepts to teach toddlers and preschoolers -- who are by nature self-centered -- but one of the most important. Sure, thankful children are more polite and pleasant to be around, but there's more to it than that. By learning gratitude, they become sensitive to the feelings of others, developing empathy and other life skills along the way, says Barbara Lewis, author of What Do You Stand For? Grateful kids look outside their one-person universe and understand that their parents and other people do things for them -- prepare dinner, dole out hugs, buy toys. "On the flip side, kids who aren't taught to be grateful end up feeling entitled and perpetually disappointed," says Lewis.

I thought the article was very insightful, and I appreciated some of the tips they gave for parents to help their children learn to be grateful people.  Some of those ideas included working gratitude into the daily conversation, finding goodwill projects, encouraging generosity, insisting on thank-you notes, etc.  My husband and I really wanted to do a fun family activity through the month of November that would help us work gratitude into our dinner conversation, specifically for our three year old.  I decided to make a gratitude tree.  It maybe took an hour to put everything together is all, but it has been the best thing for our little family! 

Here's how to make your own:

1. Paint the outline of a tree on butcher paper, and hang it up on a wall. You can make it as big or as small as you want.  I wanted ours to cover a big door in our kitchen, so we went pretty big. I had been talking up our thankful tree to my three year old, so as you can see, he was ecstatic to help me paint:)

2. Cut out leaves on red, yellow & orange cardstock paper.  I picked up a little packet of leaf stencils at Michaels and traced them onto the colored paper, then cut them out.  This was definitely the most time consuming part of the project, but worth it to me because I liked the look of the stencils.  (You could easily freehand your own leaves if you're in a crunch for time. pun intended! ha! )

3. Track down some glue, and a sharpie marker.  

And now, for the fun part!

4. Take turns as a family writing things you're grateful for on the colored leaves, then glue them up on your tree!  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around you'll have a full tree!  


Like I said before, this is a super easy project, but the results have been amazing!  Every night before dinner, we have started taking five minutes to go around the table and each of us picks something we were grateful for that day, then we write them on the leaves and hang them on the tree. On the first night it literally took my 3 year old 45 minutes to come up with something he was grateful for on his own. (At that point we were thinking it was going to be a lonnnnnng month:)  Since then though, he has gotten so much better at finding things!  Yesterday he approached me three times throughout the day and wanted to add gratitude leaves just for fun (and he'd thought of the things he was grateful for all on his own:)  

What other things have you done to help your kids "get" the concept of gratitude?  Please share!



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Venetian Custom Stone Fireplaces at RC Willey

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Kerry Posted by Kerry on November 12, 2015

Custom Fireplaces at RC Willey

It's the time of the year where we all shift our focus to the fireplace. Unfortunately I don't have a fireplace in my home, well, not a built in one, but for those of you that do you will start thinking about hanging stockings and decorating it with garland and family photos. Fireplaces have long been a focal point in the room, even those of you who never turn it on, and many times the standard fireplace surround and mantle that was built by the home builder is subpar at best. I remember a few years ago my parents told me they were redoing their fireplace surround and I thought, ok, have fun with that - but when I saw the finished product I was like: "I told you you should redo your fireplace!!!" 

beautiful fireplace ideas custom fireplace detail

So where do you start? Well, RC Willey has partnered with Venetian Custom Stone to give you an easy way to dress up your fireplace to your specific taste. Venetian offers a variety of custom styles and colors to match your decor and they can also work with an image or drawing you provide to create a one-of-a-kind custom fireplace for you. Check out the Venetian Custom Stone video below for more information.  

venetian custom stone custom fireplaces

Cool Fireplace Design custom venetian fireplace

venetian custom stone fireplace

Stop by your local RC Willey and see the Venetian Custom Stone display with your own eyes. They are truly beautiful and can totally transform your home. Venetian Custom Stone manufactures natural quarry cast limestone fireplace surrounds with the look, feel and durability of hand carved stone, but without the weight, cost or design limitations. They offer a collection of exquisite mantels offered in a variety of stone textures and colors.

  • Made from natural quarry cast limestone
  • Offered in 12 colors, 4 texture finishes
  • Models starting at $950.00
  • 30 standard models or custom designing and sizing available 
  • Exact replication of designs from any photo, sketch or drawing
  • Any style from old world traditional to modern contemporary 
  • Quick quotes 
  • Quick 10 day production-installation time
  • Happy to work with you, your architect, builder or interior designer 
  • Light weight
  • Made in America
  • Optional custom hearths available
  • RC Willey financing available



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Get A Video Drone On Veterans Day!

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Kerry Posted by Kerry on November 11, 2015

 rc willey drone

We have a really cool promotion going on right now at RC Willey. If you spend $499 or higher at RC Willey you can buy a video drone ($100 value) for just $15! This is going to be one of the requested gifts this Christmas for kids and adults. I already saw them on the toy aisles at some other major retailers and now you have a chance to get one with a purchase you already want at a major savings. 

Since I am one of those kids at heart who loves getting a toy for Christmas, I took one of these the other day and grabbed some footage for you. The drone flies great and it very easy for a novice to get the hang of. The camera doesn't have the best resolution but I know daylight would look way better than my sunset shots I took. The drone can be charged via USB or wall outlet and the it comes with spare parts just in case you break a propellor. You can fly it with the included joystick remote or literally right off your smartphone with the free app. All in all this is a very fun toy and might be a cool item to buy now and stash for Christmas. 

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How to Peel Apples the Manly Way

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on November 10, 2015

A couple weeks ago we drove out to a beautiful farm in the hills of Virginia to go apple picking.  We were already falling in love with autumn on the east coast, and this experience just sealed the deal!! Everything about the day was perfect- the acres and acres of of gorgeous crisp apples, the yummiest apple cider I've ever tasted, and 25 lbs. of fresh apples we (well, truthfully my husband) picked and took home!  

Let me tell you, 25 lbs. of apples is a lot of apples to have on hand!  My husband loves anything and everything apple, and so he got to work making apple sauce, apple cider, and the best apple pies you've ever tasted (I got real lucky when I married him:)  The only problem with all of these wonderful apple concoctions coming from our kitchen was the fact that it required PEELING 25 lbs. of apples! Let's be honest- isn't apple peeling the worst?! 

I knew my husband was busy in the kitchen, so when I heard the drill going I wondered what on earth was going on.  This is what I found when I walked into the kitchen:



Yes, you see that right!  He peeled apples with the drill!  He never ceases to amaze me in the creativity department.  He's also got a way of putting a manly spin onto everything that he does.



Isn't this brilliant?!  I think he found a video on youtube or something, but basically all you do is clean your drill, insert it into the apple, get a vegetable peeler, and peel that sucker!  It's easy, it's sooooooo quick (barely took any time at all) and actually pretty fun!!  So next time you've got yourself a pile of apples to peel this season, try peeling them the manly way. 

Anyone ever done this before?


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How To Protect Children From Falling TVs

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Kerry Posted by Kerry on November 4, 2015

how to secure your tv

I read a statistic the other day that shocked me. A child is admitted to the ER every 24 minutes due to a tv or furniture tipover. That's pretty wild when you think about it but then you have kids in your home and it isn't surprising at all. A child doesn't know that climbing the front of a bookcase could bring the whole thing down on top of him or her. I know I see my daughter push on our big 55" tv all the time because she thinks it's a giant iPad. Of course we tell her not to do it but what about when we aren't in the room? This is why it's important to strap your televison to a piece of furniture or a wall. It's really very easy to do with simple household tools and if that's beyond your skillset ask a family member or neighbor to help out. 

 shop tv straps

  • The heaviest tvs falling 3 feet is the equivalent of a child falling 10 stories on their head
  • 84 percent of falling tv injuries occurred at home and 3/4 of them had not been witnessed by adult caregivers
  • A child dies every two weeks in this country from a tipover incident involving a TV, a piece of furniture, or a TV and a piece of furniture



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