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How to Peel Apples the Manly Way

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on November 10, 2015

A couple weeks ago we drove out to a beautiful farm in the hills of Virginia to go apple picking.  We were already falling in love with autumn on the east coast, and this experience just sealed the deal!! Everything about the day was perfect- the acres and acres of of gorgeous crisp apples, the yummiest apple cider I've ever tasted, and 25 lbs. of fresh apples we (well, truthfully my husband) picked and took home!  

Let me tell you, 25 lbs. of apples is a lot of apples to have on hand!  My husband loves anything and everything apple, and so he got to work making apple sauce, apple cider, and the best apple pies you've ever tasted (I got real lucky when I married him:)  The only problem with all of these wonderful apple concoctions coming from our kitchen was the fact that it required PEELING 25 lbs. of apples! Let's be honest- isn't apple peeling the worst?! 

I knew my husband was busy in the kitchen, so when I heard the drill going I wondered what on earth was going on.  This is what I found when I walked into the kitchen:



Yes, you see that right!  He peeled apples with the drill!  He never ceases to amaze me in the creativity department.  He's also got a way of putting a manly spin onto everything that he does.



Isn't this brilliant?!  I think he found a video on youtube or something, but basically all you do is clean your drill, insert it into the apple, get a vegetable peeler, and peel that sucker!  It's easy, it's sooooooo quick (barely took any time at all) and actually pretty fun!!  So next time you've got yourself a pile of apples to peel this season, try peeling them the manly way. 

Anyone ever done this before?


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