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Get A Video Drone On Veterans Day!

Posted by Kerry on November 11, 2015

 rc willey drone

We have a really cool promotion going on right now at RC Willey. If you spend $499 or higher at RC Willey you can buy a video drone ($100 value) for just $15! This is going to be one of the requested gifts this Christmas for kids and adults. I already saw them on the toy aisles at some other major retailers and now you have a chance to get one with a purchase you already want at a major savings. 

Since I am one of those kids at heart who loves getting a toy for Christmas, I took one of these the other day and grabbed some footage for you. The drone flies great and it very easy for a novice to get the hang of. The camera doesn't have the best resolution but I know daylight would look way better than my sunset shots I took. The drone can be charged via USB or wall outlet and the it comes with spare parts just in case you break a propellor. You can fly it with the included joystick remote or literally right off your smartphone with the free app. All in all this is a very fun toy and might be a cool item to buy now and stash for Christmas. 

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