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Guest Visit Checklist

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Kerry Posted by Kerry on December 7, 2015

It's that time of year where you will either be a guest or will have guests come over to your home. I firmly believe in the old saying mi casa es su casa - my house is your house. Being a good host takes a lot of practice and even more inspiration. I have noticed a few things over the years that have really made me feel at home and my family and friends do an awesome job of creating this space.

Here's a small checklist of ways to make your guests feel at home when they visit.

1. Photographs

My Aunt Sandi always displays photographs of her guests when they stay over. It is such a nice gesture seeing a photo of us hanging out on a past vacation in the room when we visit. Most of us have pics of our family and friends and I think it's a simple gesture that really makes a great guest experience. 

2. Wi-Fi passwords

This is from my personal playbook. I think every guest room should have Wi-Fi login info posted somewhere. We keep it on an index card on the bedside table. We also keep an extra iPhone charger in our guest room in case people forget to bring theirs with them.

3. Entertainment

I love going to my parents house and watching TV in bed before I sleep. (part of that reason is because they still have cable) I think it's nice to have a tv or tablet in the guest room and simple instructions on how to use the remote or apple tv or whatever you need to get the thing working. 

4. Extra Blankets!

How many times have you slept over at someone's house and froze all night long? So many nights when I crashed at a friend's house they would give me this thin little summer weight blanket and I would just start putting all the clothes in my suitcase on my body because I knew it was going to be a long cold night. 

5. Personal Hygiene Stuff

My parents collect all their tiny travel shampoo bottles and lotions and deoderants and lint rollers and have them in a basket in their bathroom. My wife and I love it! It makes it easy because we don't have to pack all that stuff and it's also fun to see where they have been and what Pert Plus really does for my luscious locks of hair.

6. Local Reading

I love taking in local sights when we travel. It's always cool to grab a few local newspapers or your city's local magazine as well as a guidebook or two in case someone wants to read up on things to do and see. 

7. Dietary needs or preferences

We usually try to load up on preferred drinks, cereal, sweets etc., so guests know that we have thought about what they like as well as to break down the guest fridge conundrum. You know when you are a guest and you are like man, I really want a Coke but I am afraid to ask? We want to eliminate that issue. I try to overbuy food and point it out so people know this is for all of us and we need to enjoy it!

I hope this is a good start and if you have other suggestions please comment below. Help us all become better hosts!

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