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RC Willey Sells Toro Snowblowers

Posted by Kerry on December 14, 2015

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If you are wondering where to buy a Toro snowblower in Utah or Idaho, RC Willey has you covered. If you live in Vegas or Sacramento or even Reno, you can go about your business and probably skip this blog. But, if you live in Utah or Idaho this is VERY topical information. I know this because it snowed at least a foot at my house last night and it is still coming down. 

I write this blog today as the ghost of Christmas future. I have lived in SLC for 4 years and the first 2 years I decided I was going to save the money and shovel our massive driveway. I found on heavy snow days (foot or more) it took me 8 hours to shovel. Really smart of me. I have thrown my back out 2 of my 4 years here shoveling snow and I have traded both of our 2 wheel drive cars for four wheel drive SUVs. As with all tasks the right tools make a HUGE difference. Two years ago I bought a small snow thrower like the Toro Power Clear 518 ZR. It works great to about 6 inches. It's very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It does a great job of just zipping light powder far out of your way. However, if you get an overnight dump like we did last night, where you wake up and there's a foot of snow on the ground, this thing will not be of much assistance. I kept mine so I could easily carry it up the steps of our home, and use it on light days. Here's an independent review of the Toro 518 ZR from YouTube. 

Last year I pulled the trigger on a big boy snowblower like the Toro Power Max HD 928 OHXE. I knew I wouldn't be lucky forever getting light snow days, and today I realized just how awesome these serious snowblowers are. My poor neighbor was outside for hours just shoveling. I opened my garage door and started my Toro and it came chugging out of the garage like a ferocious muscle car. Snow was flying through the air like a cartoon and my poor neighbor's face just sank. I told him to go inside and grab some hot cocoa - there's no point of shoveling when I have one of these beasts. In 2 hours we cleared both of our massive driveways down to the asphalt. No more of that kind-of cleared snow - this baby scrapes the snow and throws it far into your yard and out of the way. All I could think about was how upset I was that I wasted so many years being cheap and not buying a proper tool. I know it's hard to pay for a seasonal tool, but in the moment when it's dumping on you and you feel how heavy wet snow can be on a shovel you will praise yourself for spening the money and buying the best. In fact, it actually becomes a pleasurable experience. You are just taking a nice walk in the snow behind an awesome piece of machinery. Just like Brenda who I found on YouTube!

Don't wait another day and don't let yourself get injured. Pick up a snowblower from RC Willey. You can always buy it on monthly payments and if you need a great gift for the man or woman in your life who gets up early and scoops hundreds or thousands of pounds of frozen water off your sidewalk, a snowblower is just that. Plus it allows you to be a good neighbor with minimal effort. You better believe the people in my neighborhood with blowers are happily clearing everyone's sidewalks for them because we know how rude it would be not to. 

snow blowers utah

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