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Traeger Smoked Salmon & Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Posted by Kerry on June 12, 2015

Welcome back to another episode of the #rcwilleycommunity. This recipe was provided by Rod & Roger of R&R BBQ in Salt Lake City and it was absolutely delicious. I am a big fan of salmon and I usually cook mine on a gas grill with a cedar plank. That was my favorite way to cook salmon until I had this version on a Traeger Grill. With the right amount of smoke, caramelized garlic, butter and lime juice, the fish alone would have been an outstanding treat - but when you add the pineapple salsa...whoa. I can't even think about it because I know my lunch consists of peanut butter sandwiches. 

This was a tremendously easy recipe to make and I am sure it will become a standard recipe for your smoker. Big thanks to R&R BBQ for their time and to their brother-in-law, SalmonDog, for the recipe. He definitely earned that name. If you have a moment please subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave a comment and like the videos. This will notify you when a new video becomes available and if you like BBQ or baking we have a bunch more videos on the horizon. Thanks again and happy cooking! Watch the video and print out these recipe cards! 



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