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How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Posted by Alyssa on December 7, 2017


You’ve lit a candle for your holiday party and the next thing you know, it’s tipped over and spilled some colored wax onto your carpet. How in the world do you get wax out of carpet without hiring a professional carpet cleaner? 

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Before you watch this video, I’ve got a couple of disclaimers -

First: I haven’t actually tried this method on carpet. I’ve done it on a pair of pants that had wax spilled on them and it worked great, but I can’t vouch for it on carpet. I looked all over for ideas of how to remove wax from carpet and almost all of them included an iron, so it must work. 

Second: I read some reviews on the video that mention people ended up with burned carpet from the iron. After looking into it, it seems like rather than having your iron set on high like the man in video says, start it out on low. You just need enough heat to melt the wax. If you’re worried about it, you may want to give it a try on a piece of scrap carpet or in a back corner where it won’t matter as much if things go south.

Alright, if that didn't scare you off, here's the tutorial! 

Have you done this before? Did it work? Is there any other way you've gotten wax out of carpet? 


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