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5 Ways to Make Your TV Less Conspicuos

Posted by Alyssa on April 7, 2017


If you read my post a few weeks ago, you know how I personally feel about hanging TV's over the fireplace.  No bueno!  I do however completely understand the struggle of trying to figure out where to put that pesky black box. It can be really tricky to find a location that is conducive to comfortable TV watching, without making it the entire focal point of the room! I have pondered over this question more times than I can count.  It might take a little more creative brain power, but I promise you can find a satisfactory solution!  Here are 5 ways to decorate around your TV without allowing it be the center of everything....

1. Place the tv to one side of the fireplace.

via Studio McGee

2. Place the tv on a totally opposite wall of the fireplace.

3. Take advantage of built-ins.


via pinterest

4. Hide the TV behind sliding barn doors.


via shanty 2 chic

via shanty 2 chic

5. Create a gallery wall around your TV.


emily henderson via pinterest


What tips have you found helpful when trying to create a room that doesn't center around the television?


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