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Easy Landscaping Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on April 29, 2017

easy landscaping ideas

I’ve been looking for some easy ways to landscape my yard. I want it to look nice, but I also don’t have the time or budget to go all out at this point in my life. Right now my goal is a clean, nice, and low maintenance yard. I’ve mentioned that we’re starting from scratch in a lot of ways with the landscaping in our yard, and I’ve been looking up some ideas to make it easy. Some of these ideas require some initial effort, but once they’re in, you’ve got yourself a low maintenance, easy to care for yard! 


via The Art in Life

Add edging to separate different sections of your yard. The time it takes to put in edging is worth it. Once it’s done, it’s done, and your yard will look much sharper for your effort. Whether you want to have an edging of stone or simple plastic dividers, think about incorporating it into your yard.


via Eric Teske

They are a little more expensive to purchase, but add some trees or shrubs to your yard. Using trees and shrubs creates a focal point in your yard, and if you’re looking for a way to fill a large, empty space, they’re your answer.


via Landscaping Capetown

If you aren’t into weeding (is anyone into weeding??) think about xeriscaping your yard and including planters with greenery rather than planting them in the ground. Easy access, no weeds, and if you xeriscape your whole yard, no grass to cut and a cheaper water bill!


via Garden Gate eNote

Rather than fill your entire yard with greenery and plants, focus only on one area and create a cluster of plants and flowers. This creates a focus point, gives direction to how you’ll be working in your yard, and is not as overwhelming as having multiple places to weed and plant.

gravel pathway

via Gardenista

If you have a shady place in your yard where few things grow, think about adding a gravel pathway. You can make a cool path lined with pots or plants that will cover mud and limit weeds growing in that area.

I love working in the yard and being outside, but having less to do than more so that I can enjoy other things as well sounds amazing to me!

What have you done in your yards? Any tips on creating a low maintenance yard?  

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