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Trend Alert: Favorite RC Willey Products Right Now

Posted by Andie on February 18, 2018

RC Willey brick and mortar stores are located in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California---and since I live on the east coast it's not very often that I get to visit any of them! This past month I was in California on personal business, and decided to visit the new Sacramento Delta Shores store.  The store had been open for a total of two hours (it was literally opening day!), but I was blown away by how amazing and put together everything looked!   The whole time I walked around I found myself wishing outloud that I had an RC Willey in Virginia I could pop into frequently, and spend all of my money at, no doubt! So for all of you people that live in close proximity to one of our stores- go walk around!  I found lots and lots of treasures.  Here are a few products that I loved..... (I couldn't find links for all of them, but linked the ones that I did find!)    


Check out all of these awesome accessories!  Great pots, baskets, and pillows, to boot!


This black metal bed paired with this gorgeous bench is everything!


 I love the mixture wood, leather and big upholstered pillows on this Magnolia Home Black Leather Sofa!



 Pillows, pillows, pillows for days!! And they were super cute I might add.


This cream linen chair is not in the cards for me right now (hello, three little children with sticky hands!), but it could be for you!


Such a sweet twin bed- would work for a boy or a girl!


Doesn't this love seat look so chic?  Loving the feminine round edges.


Again, I think I'm diggin' black beds right now, and this canopy bed is so so good.  


Isn't this Floral Garden Wing Back Chair happy?  I literally don't think you could stay in a bad mood sitting in that baby!


 While I wouldn't really consider the ornate detail on this Traditional Platinum Storage Floor Mirror my typical design style, this piece blew me away!    It looks like a free standing mirror from the outside, but when you open the door, you get this........


HELLO!!!! I don't think the photo does the scale justice- this Traditional Platinum Storage Floor Mirror could hold more jewelry than one jewelry loving woman would ever even know what to do with!! 


This is such a great Brown Wing Back Accent Chair


 I'm not entirely sure what the inside looked like, but I'm loving this red dresser of sorts. 


Isn't this the cutest accessory?  I would love that on my playroom wall holding all of our little boy tools.  Or cars.  Or dinosaurs.  


Loving this simple Mocha Brown Writing Desk.  


While I like the chair, I LOVE the pillow!  The other side says, "99% of the things you worry about never happen". Amen.


Aren't these skulls quirky and fun?  I think they are great year-round! 


Those pillows!!!  Need I say more??


Now don't walk, RUN to your nearest RC Willey store location to find your own gems!!





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Pretty Bedrooms

Posted by Alyssa on February 17, 2018

pretty bedrooms

There are so many ways to make your bedroom a pretty, relaxing, and comforting place to be. With a few touches here and there you’ll be able to make your bedroom into the retreat you’ve always wanted it to be! At RC Willey we have all the furniture and accessories you need to make your bedroom exactly what you want it to be. Check out some ideas for pretty bedrooms below for inspiration! 

pretty bedroom

via Ella Claire


Similar bedframedresser, and rug



via The Crafting Nook


Similar mirror, basket, bench, and rug



via oh. eight. oh. nine.


Similar bed, nightstand, pillow, and rug



via Glitter Inc.


Similar dresser, rug, pouf, and bench


Check out everything RC Willey has to offer and let me know what you would want to put in your bedroom! 

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Interior Design Tips: Ask Questions to Solve Design Dilemmas

Posted by Andie on February 16, 2018

I was listening to a podcast by Bold New Mom the other day, and the concept of having a healthy relationship with yourself came up.  She talked about the importance of really getting to know, accepting and then embracing every part of yourself.  The good things, along with the things you'd like to work on changing.  As I was thinking about it later on, it hit me that this same line of thought applies when it comes to building/remodeling/designing/decorating a home.  In order to create your personal ideal home, you HAVE to know yourself.  Your ideal home is probably going to be different from my ideal home, and that is how it's supposed to be!  

Many of us have a tendency to look to the experts when we have any type of interior design question.  But the truth is, just because some fancy shmancy designer thinks some new home trend is awesome doesn't mean it's going to work for us!   Yes, this might sound groundbreaking, but YOU ARE THE PERSON WHO'S OPINION MATTERS VERY MOST!  Therefore, I have found that the very best way to solve design dilemmas and to make committed decisions is to simply ask yourself questions!   

Let's practice together.  Here are a handful questions to ask yourself if you have a hard time knowing what to invest in when it comes to design...

Question: Do I like to take baths? 

If YES, you definitely will want to plan in a big soaking tub in the master bathroom.

via lonny mag

If NO, skip a big soaking tub in the master bathroom, save your precious pennies and opt for a nice shower instead.  Or, build a large bathroom linen closet where a tub would have sat! 

via lonny mag


Question: Do I really like to entertain lots of people?

If YES, you are going to want a large open concept with a big great room so that hosting lots of people is never an issue.

via houzz


If NO, you won't necessarily need an open concept home.  A big open room shouldn't be a deal breaker for you!  

 via houzz 


Question: Do I really like to cook?  Or do I pretend to like to cook?

If YES, double ovens and a huge kitchen are going to be top priority!

via Studio McGee

If NO, you can focus your efforts on other rooms in the home.  A smaller kitchen will suite your needs perfectly. 

via Studio McGee


Question: Do I have a lot of clothes?  And do I really love them all? 

If YES, a large closet should be at the top of your list! 

via pinterest


If NO, closet size probably shouldn't be a big factor.  A regular, or even small(ish) closet will likely do just fine.


via pinterest


Question: Do I like cooking/eating/entertaining outside?

If YES, you definitely want a home that has a nice, large, sprawling patio with plenty of room to throw a party.

HGTV via pinterest


If NO, patio size and function probably shouldn't be one of your main concerns.  Little is nice. 


via pinterest 


Question: Do I anticipate growing old in the home I'm currently living in or looking to buy?

If YES, you might want to really consider finding a home with a master bedroom and bath on the main floor (or renovating the home you're already in) so that stairs aren't a concern later on in life.


via houzz


If NO, the sky is the limit.  Don't limit yourself by looking for one type of home!  It probably doesn't matter whether the master bedroom is on the main level or upstairs.  


via houzz 


Keep asking those questions!!  Decisions come so much easier this way. 


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Loveseat vs. Sofa

Posted by Alyssa on February 14, 2018

loveseat vs sofa

When looking through furniture options for your living room, it may be hard to tell the difference between a sofa and a loveseat - especially if you’re looking online. Often loveseats and sofas will come in the same style as a pair to fit into your living room. You don’t always have to purchase them like this, however. Mix and match your choices to fit your personal style, but don’t get confused about whether you want to purchase a sofa or a loveseat ever again! 

Loveseat vs Sofa

loveseat and sofa

via Decor Pad

The biggest difference between a loveseat and a sofa is the size. Sofas are larger and come in a lot of different lengths, although the traditional three-cushion seat is one of the more common styles. Loveseats, on the other hand, are much smaller and usually only have room for two adults to sit.


via A Beautiful Mess

The other main difference between the two is the purpose for the seat. Sofas are larger, and therefore are more conducive to lounging and hanging out. You can stretch out on a sofa or fit multiple people to sit and chat or watch a movie. Like we said before, loveseats are smaller and are usually used as an accent piece to complete a room. They’re also useful for small spaces where a larger sofa wouldn’t fit.


Whether you’re looking for a loveseat, a sofa, or both RC Willey has you covered! Check out all our options and let me know which one you love best!




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Chocolate Desserts

Posted by Alyssa on February 13, 2018


What better way of treating yourself and the people you love than making homemade, gooey, chocolate desserts? Honestly, there aren’t a lot of things that would make me happier than someone presenting me with a piece of chocolatey goodness. I love chocolate and chocolate based desserts, so I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite recipes for chocolate desserts, as well as some I’d like to try someday, below! 

Chocolate Dessert Recipes

chocolate cake

via Charleston City Paper

First and foremost, my absolute favorite chocolate recipe to make is COCA-COLA CAKE from Jestine's Kitchen. Jestine's Kitchen is a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina and the first time I tasted this cake I just about died and went to heaven. Seriously. If you could declare love to a piece of cake, this would be the one. In fact, I ended up sneaking over and getting a second piece the next day. Make this recipe. Love it. You're welcome. 

sheet cake

via The Pioneer Woman

A sheet cake is always delicious, and this specific sheet cake lives up to its name - THE BEST CHOCOLATE SHEET CAKE. EVER. I have never made this cake without ending up eating about half of it by myself. It's just a classic, easy to whip up and universally loved chocolate sheet cake. 

chocolate des

via A Bountiful Kitchen

The thing I love about these BROWNIE MARSHMALLOW COOKIES is that they take a twist on a brownie, which I love, and combine it with a cookie, which I may love even more. The marshmallow adds some great flavor and the chocolate frosting is completely delicious. I also love that these are individual cookies because they're even easier to share!


via Pinch of Yum

I almost hate to admit this, but I probably made this DEEP DISH CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE WITH CARAMEL AND SEA SALT every weekend while I was in college. What I would give to have that metabolism again. Oh well. This is seriously delicious. My favorite thing to do is to pull it straight out of the oven, dump a scoop of ice cream on top, and dig in with your friends. It's always a hit. 

Some of the chocolate recipes that are on my list to make is this chocolate cake, this chocolate mayonnaise cake, and this homemade hot chocolate. I haven't tried them yet, but man those pictures make my mouth water. 

Whatever chocolate desserts you decide to make, RC Willey has all the small kitchen appliances you will need to create the perfect desserts! What are your favorite chocolate recipes? 


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6 Galentine's Party Essentials

Posted by Andie on February 11, 2018

Valentine's day is often thought of as being the day we simply celebrate romantic love, but I think it's so much more than that!  It's a time to celebrate ALL of the people that you love, and the many different relationships that help to enrich your life!  So go on a romantic date with your partner, have a fun v-day celebration with your children, and don't forget to plan a Galentine's lunch with your best girlfriends!  

Never planned a Galentine's party before?  Here are 6 things you'll need to throw the perfect Galentine's Party...

1. Your Best Gal Pals
Most importantly, you need your best gal pals!  Good friends are sometimes hard to come by, so look around and really celebrate the ones that you have.  Whether you send out nice invitations, evites, or a quick text, make sure that you have a time and place when all of your friends can come together! 

2. A Well Dressed Table  
This isn't necessarily a requirement, but most women love a pretty table, so why not?  Having place settings out will make your get together feel special and different from a casual hang out.   


via pinterest 


via pinterest


via pinterest


via pinterest


3. Fresh Flowers + Love Day Decor
It's a Valentine's party, so why not celebrate with pink, red, white, and hearts?!  Whether you go all out and make a heart balloon backdrop, or simply have fresh flowers on the table, you can't go wrong.   I know roses are the traditional flower of V-day, but I prefer a vase of pink tulips over red roses any day of the week!   


via the house that lars built


via pinterest

4. Delicious Eats
What's a good party without good food?!  Now, before you start thinking you need to hire a chef to come whip up an eight course meal for you, STOP RIGHT THERE.  Don't kill yourself!  Keep it simple so that you can spend your evening connecting with friends, not worrying about the meal and if everything is cooked to perfection.  Opt to serve yummy fingerfoods like fruit, little tea sandwiches, and cupcakes instead!  No stress, and no forks needed!  Bonus points for anything shaped in a heart!

via southern lady magazine

via pinterest


via pinterest


5. A Pink Drink
Duh, you've got to serve a pink drink!  If you're doing breakfast or brunch, strawberry milk might hit the spot.  Any other time of day, pink lemonade is a sure fire win!


crunchy creamy sweet via pinterest


via pinterest


6. Party Favors 
You don't need to come up with anything elaborate or expensive, but I always think it's such a thoughtful gesture when the host puts together a little party favor for guests to take home.  Something like a pack of thank-you cards, pink or red nailpolish, your favorite lip gloss, or a sweet treat will be sure to impress your guests!


via pinterest


via pinterest


 Now go celebrate with your gals!


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Valentine's Day Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on February 9, 2018

valentines day

Coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day can be tricky. You don’t want to be cliche, spend too much money, or end up waiting forever in crowds of people. Instead, think of doing something with just your partner or family. Think outside the box and have a great day celebrating the ones you love! 

Valentine's Day Ideas

heart attack

via How Does She?

Some fun Valentine’s Day activities that would work for two or for an entire family:

  • Fill the room with balloons and make a fancy breakfast (complete with heart-shaped pancakes!)
  • Stay in, turn on some music, and make a new recipe together
  • Give the gift of a cooking class and learn something together
  • Pick a neighborhood you’ve never walked through and spend the afternoon walking through it
  • Pack a picnic and take a hike
  • Eat appetizers at one restaurant, your main meal in a different one, and move on to the next restaurant to finish up with dessert
  • Choose your favorite restaurant, bring the takeout home, and rent a movie
  • Go out for ice cream and taste as many flavors as possible
  • Turn on your favorite music, sit at a table together, and write your partner a letter telling them how much you love them
  • Heart attack each member of your family
  • Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt
  • Build a fort together and watch your favorite movie together

What are some of your best Valentine’s Day ideas?

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Interior Design Basics: Awesome Color Combinations

Posted by Andie on February 8, 2018

Knowing and understanding color is one of the greatest tricks when it comes to interior design.  Simply knowing why some colors work together and others don't as much can help you take your interiors from good to great!  Being familiar with a color wheel will not only help you when designing or decorating your home, but it also comes in handy when picking out an outfit, making birthday invitations, putting on makeup, creating a menu for dinner guests, or buying new artwork.  Color is everything!!

There are several tried and true methods to creating pleasing color combinations.  Many of them are complicated and can require at least some degree of formal training, but one of my very favorite ways also happens to be incredibly easy to implement.......   You ready for it??  Pair colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel!  How ridiculously easy is that?  While a first grader could figure it out, the result is always smooth, calming, and very pleasing to the eye.  You're welcome!  


So pick a color, any color, on the color wheel- and then move to the right or left and pair it with that color.  For example, if you know you want to incorporate red in your design, you would look on either side of it to find that it combines well with orange or pink.  If you want to use green, combine it with yellow or blue and you'll be good to go.  Easy peasy.

Here are some examples of some of the best adjacent color wheel combinations...



via pinterest



via pinterest



via sarah kwisombe





via pinterest



via pinterest








via studio mcgee



via nest nest nest



via Harper's Bazaar


What are your favorite adjacent color combos??



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How to Arrange a Sofa and a Loveseat

Posted by Alyssa on February 6, 2018


Knowing how to arrange your new sofa and loveseat can be tricky. You know that feeling when you walk into a room and you can immediately tell if something The way the furniture is sitting in the room just feels strange and unwelcoming? Don’t have that home! Obviously, things will change depending on the size and shape of your room, but there are lots of ways to arrange sofas and loveseats that will work in most any room. Check out some of our ideas below! 

How to Arrange a Sofa and a Loveseat 

living room

via Home Talk

If your room has a focal point like a fireplace, window, or interesting architectural feature, you can arrange your sofa and loveseat around that. Arranged in an “L” shape, you’ll be able to appreciate what makes your room interesting while still having a functional seating arrangement. Make sure your room feels balanced by including an end table or lamp at the end of the loveseat.

living room 

via Decor Pad

With a larger room or a space that needs more seating, make a “U” shape by adding accent chairs. You’ll not only have more seating, but you’ll be able to add some more personality to your room. Nothing makes a statement like an accent chair!


via Style at Home

For even larger rooms, arrange your loveseat and sofa so they face each other. Add a couple of chairs on either end and situate all furniture around a coffee table or ottoman. You’ll have the perfect place for conversation with this layout.

Don’t forget that with all your furniture arranging you should leave walkways large enough that no one will feel like they have to slide past - usually about 3 feet. Also, if you are wanting to incorporate an accent chair but don’t have a ton of space, armless chairs are smaller while still offering a different seating option.


How have you arranged your sofa and loveseat?

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Cute Valentine Printables for Kids

Posted by Andie on February 6, 2018

Making Valentine's with little kids is the best, and also kind of the worst!  It's all fun and games in the beginning, until it takes three hours for your preschooler to write their name on each and every Valentine and you want to cry, run, or eat a cupcake out of desperation.  I guess the fact that my son and daughter are so determined to do it all by themselves is a good thing in the long run, but in the meantime I'm over here losing my patience and sanity!  Valentines have come a real long way since I was a kid.  Part of me yearns for the simple days of a few meager conversation hearts sprinkled in a little envelope --- but then I see all of these cute Valentine ideas on pinterest and I'm on board real fast.  Cheers!  The greatest part about these is that you can print them off at home- so easy!  Our school has a rule that you can't send in candy with Valentines, so here are a bunch of cute free non-candy Valentine printables I've found.....


via smart schoolhouse


the best ideas for kids


three little monkeys studio


via pinterest


via pinterest


via my name is snickerdoodle


via must have mom


via the suburban mom


via crazy little projects



via lilluna


via pinterest


via three little monkeys studio



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