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CES 2018 - LG ThinQ Instaview Fridge

Posted by Alyssa on January 12, 2018

CES 2018

While InstaView refrigerators are not new, this LG ThinQ InstaView Fridge shown at CES 2018 has a twist. You’ll be able to add expiration dates, memos, reminders, and notes right on your fridge. With cameras inside your fridge, you’ll be able to open the app on your phone while at the store and see what you are missing so you never forget the milk again. ThinQ technology allows all your appliances to work together. If you use your fridge to look up a recipe, you’ll be able to “send” it to your oven and get the oven preheated without moving. Even Alexa is included! Check out how it works below.

Watch all the CES 2018 videos here.

Do you think this fridge would be useful?

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