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Birthday Cake Recipes

Posted by Alyssa on May 16, 2019

birthday cake

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and if there is one thing she’s even more excited for than gifts, it’s her birthday cake. We’ve spent many afternoons discussing what flavor it should be and what decorations it will have. I guess when you’re three there isn’t anything much more exciting than blowing out candles. Anyway, as you can probably tell I’ve been spending a lot of time looking up birthday cake recipes because if I’m going to serve something covered in sprinkles with a Rapunzel figurine on top, you better believe it’s going to taste good. Here are some of the recipes I’m considering. 

Birthday Cake Recipes

CONFETTI PARTY CAKE from Smitten Kitchen

birthday cake


birthday cake

WHITE CAKE from A Bountiful Kitchen 

white cake



CHOCOLATE CAKE from The Stay At Home Chef

chocolate cake

Luckily my girl shares my love for chocolate, so I'm thinking that's the direction we'll go in. 

Do you have any favorite birthday cake recipes? 




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How to Organize Your Kitchen

Posted by Alyssa on May 15, 2019


If there is one room in my home that gets messier faster than any other, it’s the kitchen. Knowing how to organize your kitchen is key to keeping meal prep, grocery unloading, cooking, and cleaning up a breeze! Keep reading for some tips on how to organize your kitchen and get started today! 

How to Organize Your Kitchen


  1. Start by clearing out all your cupboards and cabinets. Once everything is emptied out, wipe down the shelves, toss out expired food, empty boxes, and donate any kitchen tools you aren’t using.
  2. Assess your kitchen and figure out what makes sense to be in each cabinet. Where should your food go? Your appliances? Dishes? You use your kitchen so you know best where things should belong.
  3. Once you start filling your cabinets back up, make sure you keep things you use most at eye level. If you can’t reach it easily it will probably not be used.
  4. After your kitchen is all packed up, do your best to keep it that way!

How do you organize your kitchen?

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Black and White Bathrooms

Posted by Alyssa on May 13, 2019

black and white bathroom

There is nothing more classic than a simple black and white bathroom. If you’re afraid to commit to a bold color but still want to make a statement, why not use black and white as your color scheme? Check out some of these black and white bathrooms below to get some inspiration. 

Black and White Bathrooms


via Elle Decor


via Front Room


via Brady Tolbert


via Becki Owens


via Pazarriruse

Are you having trouble knowing where to start designing in your room or home? Did you recently move to a new place and your old decor just isn't working with the new space? Are you recently living with a new person and running into a design disaster? RC Willey's trained design consultants are here to help. We have an amazing staff of interior design consultants who will help you with anything from furniture layout, color therapy, accessories, or even a whole home makeover! You're only five simple steps away from having a home that reflects your personal style and incorporates those things you love the most. Click here to get started!


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Farmhouse Kitchens

Posted by Alyssa on May 12, 2019


Farmhouse kitchens are some of the most popular kitchens right now, and for good reason! With their simple style, airy feel, and bright atmosphere there are few kitchens more welcoming than a farmhouse kitchen. There are some key elements that you need to include in your kitchen if you’re hoping to embrace the farmhouse style. 

Farmhouse Kitchens


via Freshome

Fill your kitchen with natural elements. Keep your color scheme simple with white, black, and wood. Whether you choose to paint your cabinets or leave them natural, the key is keeping things simple.


via Country Living

Keeping your kitchen open, airy, and bright is important and one way to do that is to limit your upper cabinets. Replace your upper cabinets with open shelving.


via Real Homes

Farmhouse sinks are the most popular farmhouse style of sink for the kitchen. Install one of those sinks and you’ll immediately give your kitchen the farmhouse feel.


via HGTV

Bring in industrial or antique touches throughout your kitchen. Make sure you keep things simple and uncluttered but display things that have meaning to you.

Don’t forget that RC Willey has all the appliances you need to make your gourmet kitchen.

What do you think about farmhouse kitchens?

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Transplanting Succulents

Posted by Alyssa on May 10, 2019


Succulents are a popular potted plant, but have you ever thought about transplanting them from inside to your yard? Or from one pot to another? Just like other plants, succulents can be transplanted successfully. Before moving any succulents outside, make sure you do your research to make sure you've picked the right type of succulent for your climate. 

Transplanting Succulents


via Gardener's Path

Succulents have very low, shallow roots so it’s easy to dig them up and move them around. Make sure you plant your succulent the same depth as it is coming from and make sure the soil is well drained. Carefully shake the dirt from the roots of your succulent and gently pat dirt around the succulent to help prop it up. Make sure you don’t water the succulent for a couple of days to give the roots time to heal. Do not keep your succulent wet.

Good luck with your succulents!

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Small Room Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on May 9, 2019

small room

If you have a small room in your home that’s ended up being a catch-all for all the random things in your home, lucky you! You have the opportunity to make an amazing space unique for your family. If you’re not sure what to do with that small bonus room we’ve got some fun ideas for you to consider below. Don’t forget that whatever you choose to do with your extra space RC Willey has whatever you need to furnish and decorate. 

Small Room Ideas

small room

via Hello Magazine

If you’ve got kids and toys all over the place, use that small room for a playroom. You’ll keep all your toys in one place and be able to walk barefoot without fear of stepping on a Lego.

small sapces

via Tech Republic

Use your extra space to create the perfect home office. Whether you work from home or not, a space to sit at a desk and get things done is always appreciated.


via Freshome

Create a tiny guest bedroom perfect for company to stay in. It doesn’t have to be big to be comfortable!

small space

via Fancy Decors

Make a game room where your family can gather and spend time together.

small spaces

via HGTV

Set up a craft room or hobby room to house all the things you love to do.

music room

via HGTV

If you have budding musicians in your home, or you are a musician yourself, make a music room to practice and play all you want.

home gym

via Ashley Winn Design

Use this space to create a home gym.


via House and Garden

If you have books, books, books all over the place and love to read, make your dream come true and set up your own library.


via HGTV

WIth a small bonus room that is close to the bedroom, go all out and make yourself the ultimate walk-in closet.


What have you done with the small rooms in your home?

Are you having trouble knowing where to start designing in your room or home? Did you recently move to a new place and your old decor just isn't working with the new space? Are you recently living with a new person and running into a design disaster? RC Willey's trained design consultants are here to help. We have an amazing staff of interior design consultants who will help you with anything from furniture layout, color therapy, accessories, or even a whole home makeover! You're only five simple steps away from having a home that reflects your personal style and incorporates those things you love the most. Click here to get started!


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Mother's Day Brunch

Posted by Alyssa on May 8, 2019


This Mother’s Day, why don’t you put together a brunch, invite the people you love, and celebrate the women in your life, whether they’re moms or not. You’ll be able to enjoy great company, tell entertaining stories, and eat delicious food together, which is really what Mother’s Day is all about. If you are thinking about making brunch this year, I’ve gathered some recipe ideas below to help get you started. 

Mother's Day Brunch



Dutch Baby with Raspberry-Orange Coulis from Food Network

croissant sandwiches

Ham and Cheese Croissants with Honey Mustard Glaze from Kitchen Sanctuary


Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Cherry Tomato Breakfast Tart from The Endless Meal


Eggs Benedict Casserole with Easy Eggs Benedict Sauce from The Cookie Rookie


Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastry with Thyme Honey from Half Baked Harvest


Savory Scones with Bacon, Cheddar, and Chives from Well Plated


Nutella Stuffed Pancakes from Delish


Chard and Gruyere Eggs in a Hole from Good Housekeeping

Don't forget to check out RC Willey's Mother's Day Gift Guide!

What are you making for your Mother's Day brunch? 


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Salt Block Recipes

Posted by Alyssa on May 6, 2019

salt block

If you haven’t tried using a Himalayan salt block, you need to get one right away! Made out of pink salt, these slabs of salt are perfect for cooking and serving food. You can find these salt blocks online or at most cooking supply stores. They flavor whatever your cooking and make pretty much anything delicious. I generally stick with using my salt block on my grill, but you can use it on your stove top as well or freeze it to serve cold foods on. Make sure you read the instructions on how to safely heat and handle your salt block, and then get ready to make something delicious! Here are three Himalayan salt block recipes you may want to try out. 

Salt Block Recipes


watermelon feta

via Rainbow Delicious


Salt block

Watermelon slices

Feta cheese, crumbled

Minto or basil leaves, cut chiffonade style


Pre-chill the salt block in your refrigerator for a minimum of two hours.

Place watermelon slices in an arrangement directly on the salt block. The more the watermelon is touching the salt block the saltier the watermelon will taste.

Sprinkle the feta cheese crumbles over the watermelon, and then garnish with the mint or basil leaves.

Serve and enjoy!


grilled halibut

via JZ Eats

Halibut Grilled On A Himalayan Salt Block With Broccolini

Himalayan salt blocks add incredible flavor to meat, seafood, and vegetables! Make this halibut on the grill or in the oven in 30 minutes.
 Course Dinner, Main Course
 Cuisine American
 Keyword Broccolini, Grilled halibut, Halibut, Salt block cooking
 Total Time 30 minutes
 Servings 2
 Calories 220kcal


  • Himalayan salt block
  • 2 halibut filets, 6 oz each
  • 1 cup broccolini florets, about 1 bunch
  • 1 lemon, cut into 1'' slices
  • olive oil
  • 1 tbsp garlic
  • 1 tbsp Ashman House Co seafood sprinkle, or your favorite all purpose seasoning
  • pepper
  • 3 tbsp fresh chopped parsley


  • Preheat Himalayan salt block with grill to 375
  • Mix parsleygarlic, 3 tbs olive oilpepper, and seafood sprinkle in a small bowl
  • In a medium sized mixing bowl, toss broccolini with 2 tbs olive oil
  • Using a silicone brush, coat all sides of the halibut with the olive oil mixture
  • Place halibut and broccolini on Himalayan salt block and brush remaining olive oil mixture over broccolini. Place lemon slices over halibut.
  • Cook for 8-10 minutes or until halibut flakes with a fork. Using a spatula, carefully remove fish from salt block.

SALT BLOCK SHRIMP from Gravel and Dine


via Gravel and Dine

A simple yet tasty shrimp that is cooked on a Himalayan salt block to deliver just the right hint of salt.
Author: Gravel & Dine
Recipe type: seafood
Serves: 2 main dish, 5-6 appetizers
  • 8 oz jumbo tail-on shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • Oil (I used a coconut vegetable oil mix)
  • Garlic powder
  • Cayenne pepper powder
  • Himalayan salt block
  1. Heat the salt block slowly in 3 – 15 minute increments increasing from low to medium to high.
  2. During the last 15 minutes mix the shrimp with a light drizzle of oil and garlic and cayenne pepper to taste.
  3. Cook directly on the hot salt block for 3 minutes each side until opaque.
  4. Serve immediately


Don't these look delicious? Honestly though, most of the time I just throw whatever I am cooking on top of the salt block without really looking at a recipe. It's one of those things that makes pretty much anything delicious. 

Have you tried cooking on a salt block? 


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Kid Friendly Yards

Posted by Alyssa on May 5, 2019


With a kid-friendly yard, you’ll be able to feel comfortable knowing your kids are enjoying the fresh air, using their imagination, and having great adventures all in the safety of your yard. Your kids don’t need you to spend a ton of money on creating a play space. With just a little bit of thought and some effort, you’ll be able to make your yard a place your kids will never want to leave. 

Kid-Friendly Yards


via Mrs. Happy Homemaker

BUILD A SANDBOX. There’s a reason a sandbox is a classic. Kids love scooping, dumping, and digging. Throwing a few trucks, buckets, and shovels and you’ve got yourself something your kids will love to play in.

mud kitchen

via Busy Busy Learning

MAKE AN OUTDOOR MUD AND WATER KITCHEN. Grab an old bench or some pallets and create a space just for messy projects. Old bowls, cooking utensils, and pitchers will make this your kids' favorite place to be. The best part of it all? Even if your kids get mud everywhere you can just squirt it down with the hose and let it dry in the sun. Perfect. LINK IDEAS FROM PINTEREST 

fairy yard

via Live DIY Ideas

HIDE FAIRY HOUSES. Pick up a few fairy houses or make your own and hide them in throughout your yard. You kids will love finding them and imagining what could live there. You can move the fairy house so it’s in a new place to find every once in a while, or you can add different things so there’s always something new to look at. Either way, kids will adore these tiny houses.


via Hey There Home

PUT UP AN OUTDOOR CHALKBOARD. If you have a little artist who loves to create, a chalkboard is a must. Your little one will be able to scribble and draw to her heart's content, all while keeping chalk dust outside and off your furniture. Here’s a great idea of how to make your own.

play house

via HGTV

INSTALL A PLAYHOUSE. Your child will love having a place just for themselves. Add some decorations and a few toys that only stay in the playhouse to make it even more special. While some playhouses are expensive, you can find used playhouses online if you keep your eye on it. You can also make your own or hang a sheet from branches in a tree to make a fort that comes down easily.

obstacle course

via Frugal Fun 4 Boys

CREATE AN OBSTACLE COURSE. Keep your kids on their toes by making them a challenging obstacle course. Jumping from stump to stump, walking across a balance beam, or climbing a rope ladder are all different ways to keep your kids moving and their imaginations at work.

swing set

via RC Willey

FIND ROOM FOR A SWING SET. How fun is it to have a park in your backyard? And how convenient for you as a parent? Put up a swing set and watch how it grows with your child.


via Montessori Nature

PLANT A VEGETABLE GARDEN. Give your child the responsibility of watering or weeding their own vegetable garden. Not only will it teach hard work, but it may also encourage them to eat healthier as well!

music station

via Fun at Home with Kids

CREATE AN OUTDOOR MUSIC STATION. This may not be for everyone, but hanging pots and pans, different shaped pipes, and anything that will make noise will be something kids will gravitate towards and love.

How have you created a kid-friendly yard? 

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How to Recycle Electronics

Posted by Alyssa on May 3, 2019

recycling can

Be honest. How many of you have a stash of old cell phones, broken DVD players, dead laptops, or old TVs? Rather than keeping them shoved in a closet or throwing them away, consider recycling your old electronics! Lots of parts the make up your electronics can be reused if you know how to recycle them properly. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve cleared all personal information from your devices. After that, there are a couple of options on how to recycle electronics. I found a great article on Consumer Reports that explains how and where to recycle electronics that I've summarized for you below! 

How to Recycle Electronics

  • Find a drop off location. While there are often citywide electronic recycling collection days, there are different locations that will accept your old electronics or batteries any time. Use to figure out where the nearest drop off location to you in.
  • If the electronic still works, donate it. Look into some different charities to see what they will and will not accept. Chances are they’ll need something you’re trying to get rid of! Here are some other places to check into as well: Dell Reconnect Program, World Computer Exchange, or eBay for Charity
  • Take it to a tech firm. There are lots of different places you can take your old electronics - some even have a cash incentive! Apple’s GiveBack program, Amazon Trade-In, and Best Buy’s recycling options are all different places to get started.

If you’re still looking for places to recycle your old electronics, check out the EPA’s website on how to recycle electronics for more ideas.

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