Traditional Kitchens

Posted by Alyssa on April 23, 2017


If you’re redoing your kitchen and are wanting to have a more traditional look, keep in mind these design elements.

traditional kitchen

via HGTV

Use natural materials such as wood or stone. Man-made materials like metal or concrete fit in more contemporary kitchens.

traditional kitchen

via HGTV

Cabinets should be ornate and detailed. They may even have glass or metal inserts to add interest.

traditional kitchen

via Decorating Free HQ

Wood is often stained or glazed to look distressed. Distressing your cabinets makes your kitchen feel timeless.

traditional kitchen

via HGTV

Incorporate a unique range hood. These can become the focus of the kitchen and add a layer interest to the room.

traditional kitchen

via Home Bunch

Details are important in traditional homes. Think about crown molding, arches, unique lighting, interesting hardware, and a variety of textures.

What do you think? Do you like traditional kitchens? 



RC Willey Goes Green

Posted by Alyssa on April 22, 2017

earth day

Happy Earth Day! RC Willey is committed to not only providing a great product to our customers but also to doing our part in protecting the environment. Check out all the ways RC Willey chooses to “go green” every day below! 

  1. We recycle your old appliances. When we come to deliver your new appliances and take your old ones, we don’t go to the dump. Instead, we take the old appliances to our Inter-Mountain Distribution Center where the freon, copper, and scrap metal are all recycled.
  2. In all our warehouses and offices we have switched from fluorescent lighting to more efficient bulbs.
  3. We recycle all the plastic, styrofoam, and cardboard that comes into our warehouses. Because of our focus on recycling, we only take about 2 trips to the dump per week instead the multiple trips a day we were taking before we started using recycling bins.
  4. In our warehouses, we have motion sensor lights that turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity, helping conserve a lot of energy.
  5. Our ads are printed on paper that uses less chemicals and energy in the manufacturing process. We also have a recycling program in our corporate offices.
  6. We offer ENERGY STAR certified appliances. If you are interested in doing your part to go green, consider purchasing an energy efficient appliance.

For more details on how RC Willey has gone green, click here.

How have you gone green?


ENERGY STAR Appliances

Posted by Alyssa on April 21, 2017


When you consider how much energy and money is required to run all the appliances in your home, it is important to consider purchasing energy efficient appliances. In 1992, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) started a voluntary program called ENERGY STAR that identifies the most energy-efficient products on the market and labels them so that consumers are able to make informed choices to help save money and the environment. If you see the blue ENERGY STAR label, you know that product is one of the most energy efficient options available! It’s amazing what a difference it can make, both for the earth and your pocketbook. 


via RC Willey

If your dishwasher is older than 1994, you are wasting more than 10 gallons of water per cycle and paying an extra $35 a year on your utility bills. ENERGY STAR dishwashers are able to save water and conserve energy, which helps reduce air pollution.


via RC Willey

Your refrigerator is running non-stop to keep your food cold. Refrigerators that are over 10 years old use much more energy than newer fridges. You can use this calculator to see how much money you could save by replacing your old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR certified model.

washing machine

via RC Willey

Did you know that an ENERGY STAR approved washing machine only uses 13 gallons of water per load compared to 23 gallons other washers use? With an ENERGY STAR washing machine you would save over 3,000 gallons of water a year!

Check out this website if you are interested in reading more about ENERGY STAR certified products or come in and talk to someone at RC Willey. We have a huge selection of energy efficient appliances you can bring into your home! 

How are you conserving energy in your home? 


10 Ways to Create an Awesome Entryway

Posted by Andie on April 20, 2017

I've put a lot of time and energy into decorating our house to make it our own, but I realized the other day that I've been neglecting our poor entryway in a serious way. When we first moved in 7 months ago, I haphazardly threw a giant mirror on the wall across from our front door, and then moved on to bigger priorities. After the dust had settled, I decided it was time to show my entry a little TLC.  Can I just say, it has made all the difference in the world?!  It feels like an actual room now! 

The entryway isn't really at the tip top of the list when it comes to rooms you want/need to makeover, but it's the very first impression you give people of your home!  Whether it's a friend, your neighbor, girl scouts selling cookis, or the mail man- you are giving them a sneak peak into your world!  It's kind of a big deal!  What does your entryway say about you?  Is it warm and welcoming?  Does it reflect your style, and entice people to want to come in and see more?  Or is it cold, boring and easily forgetable.  

Read on to learn about 10 things to do/incorporate in your entryway that will bring it to life in a big way!  

1. A place to put your keys
The greatest of entryways are just as functional as beautiful.  If you use your front door regularly when leaving the home, make sure you have a spot carved out to store your keys.  Whether it's a little bowl on a console table, or a hook on the wall, I promise it will make your life ten times easier because you won't have to search the house regularly for missing keys!

via pinterest

2. Storage for Shoes 
I really like having my kids take their shoes off when they come into the house, but I hate hate hate (no loathe!) tripping on random shoes strewn about the floor.  It looks messy, and cluttered, and makes me crazy!  An easy way to tame the shoe chaos is to incorporate bins or baskets in your entryway. Cute on the outside, but they can also hold shoes inside and make your life simpler.  

via pinterest

3. A place to sit to take off/put on shoes
A bench or little chair gives off an inviting vibe, and it's always nice for guests to have a place to sit while taking off their shoes or setting down their bags.

via pinterest

4. Hooks for jackets, bags, hats, etc.
This is kind of a no-brainer.  Look how cute and functional these hooks are....

via pinterest


5. Great Art
Just because it's an entryway, doesn't mean you can't hang up fabulous art.  In fact, you definitely should!  Like I said before, first impression!

via pinterest


6. A Mirror
I am a firm believer that it's always a good idea to hang a mirror in the entryway, so that before you go anywhere you can pause for a moment to put on lipstick, and check yourself (say no to food in your teeth!) before heading out the door.  Also, mirrors give off more light, and make spaces look larger than they actually are! If you have a small entryway that you'd like to feel bigger, a mirror is a must!


via pinterest


7. Wallpaper
Wallpaper is an obvious choice when it comes to entryways!  It's an easy way to add personality and flair to a room.  Plus, it can serve as a great conversation starter.

via pinterest


8. Greenery
Bring the outdoors inside and try to display something green.  A beautiful plant or flower can go a long way in bringing balance and harmony to an entry space.

via pinterest


9. Patterned pillows
A patterned pillow is such a simple thing, yet it can often be the difference between a stale and vibrant entryway.  The brighter and more colorful, the better! 

via pinterest


10. A great rug
Whether you have a large enough entry to boast a big area rug, or you only have room for a teeny tiny runner, don't skip the rug!!  A good rug feels nice under your feet, stops dirt from being tracked through the rest of the house, and serves as a solid anchor for the rest of the room.  

via pinterest


And there you have it, my friends!

What elements have you added to your entryway to spruce things up?



Weekly Meal Planning

Posted by Alyssa on April 19, 2017

meal planner

Have you ever tried weekly meal planning? My goal for this year was to actually meal plan and base my grocery shopping off of that plan. On the weeks that I actually follow through with my meal plans grocery shopping is a cinch and my overall stress level related to what I make for dinner is much lower. I’ve also noticed that our grocery bills are lower when I actually have a plan and am not buying everything that catches my eye as I walk down the aisle. On the weeks I slack off and don’t plan we end up having quesadillas and spaghetti every night. Meal planning is definitely worth it!

Whether you’re a master meal planner or have empty cupboards because you hate grocery shopping, keep reading to get some hints and ideas for weekly meal planning. 

1. Spend time looking through recipes, whether they’re in cookbooks or on blogs, and save anything that looks good. It’s so much easier to meal plan if you have a large selection of recipes options.

recipe box

via Rifle Paper Co.

2. Save recipes you like so you can put them in your rotation. Everyone has a different way of saving recipes, but I write out recipes I like and save them in this recipe box. I only write down recipes that have been approved by the whole family, so I know that every recipe in the box will be a hit.

3. Write down what you are going to make and on what days. You may want to check the weather so you aren’t making soup on a hot day before you start calendaring. I write my meal plan in my planner so it’s visible every time check my schedule. Don’t forget to leave a space for leftovers!

4. Create your shopping list and make sure you don’t buy things you already have. A few of my first grocery lists were pretty long, but once I purchased some basic kitchen staples, my lists have gotten significantly shorter.


5. Try to use recipes that repeat ingredients. That way you can use all the chicken broth or cilantro you bought and not end up having it rot in the back of your refrigerator.

6. Have a template to help focus your meal plans. Think about what you should be eating and factor that in. This makes it so much easier to know what to look for and I can cater the recipes to fit what my family likes to eat. My week goes like this -

      Monday: Soup, Sandwich, or Salad

     Tuesday: Chicken

     Wednesday: Mexican food

     Thursday: Italian food or Asian

     Friday: Leftovers.

Do you meal plan? What are some of the tricks you’ve picked up to help you be successful? Any advice would be welcome!


Kids in the Kitchen

Posted by Alyssa on April 18, 2017

kids in the kitchen

Do you let your kids help you in the kitchen? I've talked about how important it is to have family dinners together but recently read an article about how important it is to have your kids help out in the kitchen as well. It made me want to get my daughter helping me cook as soon as possible! While there are definitely reasons it’s easier to have your kids somewhere else while you get dinner ready, having your kids help you in the kitchen builds lifelong skills. By helping you in the kitchen, your kids will learn to - 

  • Try, and possibly like, new foods. Cooking together creates and easy environment where tasting something different is low pressure and fun.
  • Understand what ingredients go into the foods they are eating. It will also help them to understand what ingredients shouldn’t go into what they are eating. This will set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and help them understand the choices they are making when it comes to food.
  • See math and science in action. Measuring out ingredients, noticing the change that happens when different ingredients are added, seeing the effect heat has on substances, and so many other things will give them real life application to things they learn in school.
  • Appreciate eating at home and the person who makes the meal. If they can see that food doesn’t magically appear on their plate and that there is a real effort that goes into making it, fewer plates will **hopefully** be pushed away.
  • Have conversations and problem solve. Cooking together is a time to bond without a screen in the way. This is the time to get to know your kids and let them know you!
  • Be empowered! There is something liberating in seeing a plate of food and knowing that you could make it yourself. If they can do that, they can do other things as well.

For more information on the benefits of having your kids in the kitchen, as well as some tips for how to get started, check out this article.


via Decor it Darling

I want to get this stool and get my girl started in the kitchen as soon as possible! Check out all of RC Willey's cooking appliances to help get your kitchen ready for you and your family!

Do you let your kids help you cook? What are their favorite recipes?


How to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

Posted by Andie on April 17, 2017

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!  Ours was wonderful, but I'll be honest- I kind of want to kill the Easter bunny for bringing so much sugar to my house.  My kids are totally wired, and I'm dragging. Like, realllllllly dragging.  I think we probably need a week of no candy and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Also, let it be known: If I trip on one more plastic egg I think I might really lose it.  

I'm only half kidding....

We went to three Easter egg hunts this year, and as a result, we have an entire army of those cute little plastic colored eggs.  And that army is invading my house.  Here are the ones I have found (so far):


I discovered today that I have a love/hate relationship with plastic eggs.  The minimalist in me wanted to throw them all away immediately.  But once I had gathered them together I just couldn't get over the pretty explosion of color that was happeneing right before my eyes!  It just felt wrong and wasteful to throw them away, and I started racking my brain: How could I repurpose these eggs?  So naturally, the first thing I did was go to my trusy friend, google.  Turns out, people have pondered over this question for a lot longer than myself, and they've got tons of ideas to show for it!  Pop Sugar compiled a blog post featuring 36 ways to reuse plastic eggs- there are so many good ones!  I took an idea from there and ran with it to make an ABC matching game for my preschool aged children.  All it took was a sharpie, and about 10 minutes of my day, and voila!


 Cute, don't you think?

Here are a few other ideas from Pop Sugar that I thought were fun....


Marbled eggs via Pop Sugar


Moracas via Pop Sugar


Tea Lights via Pop Sugar


Tea Cups via Pop Sugar


Little people via Pop Sugar


Tea lights via Pop Sugar



Spring Decoration Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on April 16, 2017

spring decoration ideas

Spring decorations will bring life into your home after the long winter. Simply swapping out a few things in your home - greenery, pillows, throws, etc. is a quick way to decorate for the seasons. Refresh your home and get ready for the new season with some of these spring decoration ideas. 


via Refresh Restyle

Wreaths aren’t just for winter - use them to add life to your front door! Get the look below.


via RC Willey

glass bottle

via A Cultivated Nest

Use glass bottles to bring the outdoors in. Using a bottle instead of a vase makes your flowers more unique and interesting. Get the look below.

glass bottles

via RC Willey

living room

via Interior God

Add some bright, springy pillows to your couch. It’s amazing what a difference the pillows in your living room make and by using the seasons for inspiration, your home will feel just right all year round.  Get the look below.


via RC Willey


via Home Talk

Flowers, flowers, flowers! If the cost and upkeep of fresh flowers doesn’t seem appealing to you, consider artificial flowers. Get the look below.


via RC Willey

How are you decorating your home for spring?



DIY Hair Bow

Posted by Alyssa on April 15, 2017


Making your own baby hair bows is a lot easier than you would think. If your little girl is as bald as mine and you’re tired of people telling you how handsome your son is, a bow is the solution to your problem! You don’t even need to know how to sew for of these bow tutorials. Check them out below. 


Instructions found at Say Yes


Instructions found at Craftiness is Not Optional


Instructions found at The Magic Onions


Instructions found at It's Always Autumn

Now if only I could get my girl to keep them in! Any tips? 



How to Organize Your Closet

Posted by Alyssa on April 14, 2017


Now that the weather is warmer and you may be getting ready to pack away your winter things, this is the perfect time to organize your closet! Yes, yes, cleaning out closets is possibly the worst job after cleaning toilets, but doesn’t it feel amazing once everything is organized? If you’ve tossed everything you own onto the floor just to find that one lost shoe or every hanger in your closet has ended up on your bed while you searched for a lost cardigan, use some of these tips to help bring order to the chaos.


via In My Own Style

  • Store things in clear plastic boxes so that you can easily see what is inside without having to pull everything out. Label the boxes for even quicker access.
  • Keep often used things within easy reach. Less used things should be closer to the floor and the least used things should be stored on upper shelves.
  • Stow out of season objects away to make more room in your closet. Think creatively about where you could store your winter clothes - under a bed, in trunks, or upper shelves of less used closets.


via Home Talk

  • Customize your closet by adding hanging shelves, shoe racks, or hooks. Hang bags on hooks and keep shoes visible with their mates to keep things within easy reach.
  • Get rid of everything you don’t need, use, or want. If it’s ripped or stained, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, or if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Likewise, if there is something in your closet that shouldn’t be there, move it. Toys, books, exercise equipment, towels, etc. don’t belong in your clothes closet.  

color coded

via Le Fashion

  • Color code your closet. Hanging clothing by color will help you be able to quickly find what you need.


Do you have any tricks that have helped you organize your closets?


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