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Funky Pumpkins! Fun ways to decorate pumpkins

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Kerry Posted by Kerry on October 12, 2016

cool pumpkin ideas

It’s that time of year! In every grocery store and farmer’s market around the country you’ll be able to find piles and piles of pumpkins of every shape, size, and color. As kids we would go pick out a few of the biggest ones that we could find, hollow them out and carve whatever our imaginations could come up with into the front face and put them out on our door step to show them off.

While that is always a must around this time of year it is not the only fun that our families can have with pumpkins. There are just as fun and creative ways to make the pumpkin the center piece inside of our homes or outside on the porch. All you need are a few markers, some paint, glitter and a little bit of time to get your home 100 percent ready for fall.

Painted Funky Pumpkins

painted pumpkins

As shown above you can still have all the fun that you did as a kid when decorating pumpkins but without the mess of cutting them open and getting rid of all the seeds and pulp.


  • Small to Medium sized pumpkins
  • Paint in the desired colors
  • Glitter paint (for the stems)
  • 2 or more paint brushes (use different brushes when using glitter paint vs pumpkin paint)


  • Wash and dry your pumpkins to remove any dirt or grime
  • Pour glitter paint into a tray or a plate and paint the stems first and allowed time to dry
  • Once the paint on the stems is dry pour pumpkin paint into a separate tray and apply to the pumpkin in long even stroke (allow time to dry for multiple layers or multiple colors)

Basic Glitter Pumpkin

glitter pumpkin

For those that don’t the mess of paint these pumpkins make the perfect accent to any Fall center piece.


  • Small sized pumpkins
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint brush


  • Wash and dry the pumpkins to give the glue a clean base to dry on
  • Using the paint brush apply the glue in a thin layer onto the pumpkins on the areas that you wish to apply the glitter (make sure the layer is thin enough to not form “globs” yet sufficiently thick enough to hold the glitter)
  • Wait for the glue to settle

Paint and Marker Pumpkin

Day of dead pumpkin


  • Medium to Large sized pumpkins
  • Paint
  • Permanent makers
  • Pencil/pen
  • Stencils (optional)


  • Wash and dry pumpkins
  • Paint the stems and allow time to dry (choose a color that will contrast the main color that you will paint the body of the pumpkin)
  • Once the stems are dry apply your base color to the rest of the pumpkin and allow time to dry
  • When the paint is dry use a pencil or pen to lightly sketch your desired design onto the pumpkin
  • When satisfied with the design use the permanent markers to go over your sketch


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