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New Year's Eve Party Ideas For The Whole Family

RC Willey Blogger Profile Picture - Andrea Posted by Andie on December 29, 2017

I used to have a complicated relationship with New Year's Eve.  When I was single, I felt like there was SO much pressure for NYE to be the very best night of my entire year...... and I always ended up super disappointed because it never measured up to my lofty expectations.  Then one day, I got a little older and wiser, and I stopped caring!  I started looking at NYE and appreciating it for what it was (for me, at least)- a night to stay in and hang out with family and friends, eat good food, and play games.  Once I let go of the weird pressure, I started loving New Year's Eve!  Especially now that I have kids that can join in on the fun!

We are going to a cabin this year with some friends to celebrate over the holiday, and we won't have any WIFI.  I'm actually pretty excited about this little factor.  Doesn't it sound cozy and a little old fashioned?  I love it.  I'm planning some NYE games for our celebration for both the kids, and the adults- here are some of the best ideas I've come across...

1. Minute to Win It Games

2. Sparklers/ Fireworks

3. Guess How many objects in a jar

4. Beverage Bar/ Dessert Bar

5. Indoor Treasure Hunt

6. Photo Backdrop with props

7. Mock countdown at 8pm for kids

8. Toast with sparkling cider or hot cocoa with marshmallows

9. Slumber Party

10. Play dress up- put on fancy clothes!

11. Dance party

12. Make resolutions, then play 2 resolutions and 1 lie

13. Build a fort and have a movie marathon night

14. Pop balloons each hour before midnight starting at 4pm

15. Fill treat bags to be eaten every hour

16. Put together a "year in review" slideshow and watch it together!

17. Play New Year's Eve Bingo

18. Spa night- complete with nails, face masks, pedicures, etc.

19. Make party hats

20. Star gazing outside

21. Snowball fight (if you have snow!)

22. Eat fondue

23. Make a NYE surprise ball, then have everyone open the present with oven mits on.  In each layer of wrapping, have a little treat or surprise.

24. Make a bucket list for the upcoming year

25. Create a time capsule


 What are your favorite family-friendly games/activities to do on New Year's Eve?

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