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Cozy Beds

Posted by Alyssa on November 30, 2018


It’s winter time and that means shorter days, but don’t let that get you down. That gives you even more time to cozy up in your bed! Is there anything better than climbing into a warm, inviting, soft bed at the end of a long, cold day? Get ready to make your bed as cozy as possible by following these tips. 

Cozy Beds

Get a nice mattress that you actually like sleeping on. If you are wondering whether or not it’s time for a new mattress, this guide will help you know if you need to come in.

Invest in nice sheets. You’ll love climbing into bed each night and will definitely notice a difference from the cheap, ratty sheets you may be sleeping on now!


via Domino

Get a pillow that works for you and how you sleep. Did you know that the position you sleep in makes a difference in what pillow you should use? Side sleepers should choose firm pillows, back sleepers should use a medium pillow, and stomach sleepers need a soft pillow.

Toss away the layers and layers of heavy blankets and get a down comforter. Warm and weightless, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud.

cozy bed

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Don’t get rid of all your blankets though! Throw blankets add texture and warmth, and are easy to swap out for a different look whenever you need a change.

Pillows pillows pillows! Obviously, you still need room to fit on your mattress, but a pile of pillows to snuggle up with will make your bed super cozy.

While lighting isn’t necessarily part of the bed, candles and lamps will make your bed feel extra inviting. Turn off that overhead light and get cozy!

How cozy is your bed? 

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