Extra Mile

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We were honored to work with Random Acts again to provide a true home to Christine, a hard-working mother of three, who deserved a helping hand. She thought she was helping someone else move into a new apartment, but it turned out to be all for her. Watch the episode now.

RC Willey & Fox 13 Dream Team

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We were proud to partner with the Fox 13 Dream Team to give Aleen Spencer a new dishwasher and laptop computer. Aleen has dedicated her life to serving others and she was nominated by her children to receive the full Fox 13 Dream Team treatment, including having her mortgage paid off in full. Watch the video reveal now.

I sold a $1000 4K TV for $13. Oops.

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We were so glad we could help the famous YouTuber Stuart Edge pull off his latest prank! Surprising deserving people is always a blast - remember when we gave away an Xbox and TV to a helpful stranger? Or when someone stood up to a “thief” and got a new laptop? What about that time someone returned a “lost” iPad and we gave it to them as a reward? Anyway, a good prank is always fun. Watch what we were able to help Stuart Edge pull off this time!

RC Willey & Random Acts TV

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RC Willey teamed up with Random Acts to give Janet McClellan a much deserved good night's sleep. Janet suffers from chronic pain and is the mother of two special needs boys while her husband works two jobs to keep the family afloat. Janet and her husband have been sleeping on a 20-year-old hand-me-down mattress. We had the opportunity to give Janet and her husband a brand new split-king adjustable bed with a Tempur-pedic mattress as well as some other items to give her a comfortable place to retire each night.

Going Undercover To Surprise A Fan

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We partnered with YouTube star, Stuart Edge, to surprise a lucky fan who just so happens to be an RC Willey Employee. Watch Stuart in full makeup work side-by-side with his unknowing fan.

YWCA Utah Gets An Upgrade

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For this special extra mile video we teamed up with Samsung and South Shore Furniture to help out YWCA Utah. YWCA Utah provides a safe shelter for women and children affected by domestic violence. The kids needed a place to have fun on rainy days and we hope we provided that!

Parking Lot Problem

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In this extra mile video we put Kerry out on crutches in an RC Willey parking lot, waiting for a person to help him out. If someone helped him load a dishwasher into his truck, they would leave with a $500 RC Willey gift card! Watch now and see what happened!

Laptop Thief

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In this extra mile video one of us leaves behind a laptop to be guarded by a random person. See what happens when someone tries to swipe the laptop.

No iPad left behind

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In this extra mile video we leave behind an iPad hoping someone will return the abandoned iPad back to the forgetful owner.

Gamer Needs a Helping Hand

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In this extra mile video we head downtown hoping someone helps us carry an Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV across the street. If someone offers a hand, they will walk away with the Xbox and Samsung TV, free of charge! Watch now and see what happens!

Impossible Carpet Job

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In this employee extra mile video we highlight some associates who sacrificed personal time to get a big job done right away.

Handled With Care

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In this employee extra mile video see what the drivers did to prevent damage to the customers low hanging trees on their long gravel driveway.

Mattress Misunderstanding

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In this employee extra mile video we see a humorous example of how things may not always be as they appear.

Last Minute Hotel Delivery

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In this employee extra mile video, we highlight an associate who did a last minute 11 hour delivery to a hotel grand opening.

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