RC Willey 85 Years Nominee Recipients

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Nominated by Kyle

Draper, UT Store

“I would like to nominate my grandmother for taking care of our family and also helping with the homeless, working soup kitchens over the past 10 years. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. After her long days helping everyone and donating what she can, she comes home and watches the news on a small 32” TV that is in rough shape. I can not afford to get her a bigger one but it would be nice to see where this goes and hope she gets what she can. Lorraine is a kind hearted woman that gives so much love and attention to everyone around her.”


Nominated by Tina

Salt Lake City, UT Store

“Joe is a recovering drug addict and is trying to get his life back after 10 years on drugs. Now that he is recovered and has kept a full time job for over a year, the state has given him his kids back who were living in foster care. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have money to buy furniture but it would be a blessing to help him out and his two kids with some new furniture.”


Nominated by Philip Jr

Summerlin, NV Store

“Philip is a retired veteran working a low wage job. Carol cannot work due to a disability. The income they get does not pay all of their bills and they have a lot of old broken down stuff in the house. The house is falling apart as well. They could use a new gas stove and refrigerator.”


Nominated by Jose

Murray, UT Store

“This neighborhood charity serves infants, children, adults, seniors and elders in Utah, many of whom are refugees and economic immigrant families sustaining up to three generations in one small home. Their current furniture is truly falling apart. Their spirit of loving kindness and tangible care for the community in basic provisions gets people access to education and employment. It’s truly marvelous to see! Many people return after attaining employment, education and home ownership as donors and volunteers at MOSAIC. This circle is a joyous one to participate in!”


Nominated by Elaine

Henderson, NV Store

“Andre is a 42-year-old veteran. He honorably served 7 years in the Navy as an Operations Specialist. He was deployed to recovery missions after 9/11 and the attack on the USS Cole. He has serious medical issues which resulted in him losing his job and subsequently the family home. Due to medical issues, Mr. Jackson has not been able to work. He is waiting for a determination regarding his disability. Andre and his family are currently homeless and receiving services from the Veterans Administration. Although his wife works full-time, she does not earn enough to support the family. The family will be housed through HUD VASH, a section 8 program for Veterans, within the next 2 to 3 months.”


Nominated by Kathy

Orem, UT Store

“RAH is a training, recreational program for mentally challenged individuals aged 16 years and older. These individuals have a program two days a week that includes learning to garden, community survival skills, some academic lessons and focus on healthy behavior and choices. The afternoon RAH program provides activities for approximately 100 individuals per week. These programs are open to all individuals with mental or physical challenges.”


Nominated by Lynn

Boise, ID Store

“Abdourahman is part of a refugee family that came from Djibouti, East Africa. He is a teenager that has played a crucial role in caring for his mother, younger brother and sister in the refugee camp and coming to the United States. All three siblings were born and raised in a refugee camp before coming to Boise. Much of the furniture they received 3 years ago is broken or old. The person nominating them would like to see them be able to have a sofa and new beds.”


Nominated by Robin

Riverdale, UT Store

“I would like to nominate my sister Wendy. She is not only the greatest sister there ever was but she is always trying to help others in any way she can. She is a single mother who has raised 7 children by herself and she is also a first grade teacher. Wendy always has a great attitude about everything and never lets anything get her down. She is a great example to everyone and can make your day just by being around her! She definitely deserves anything she gets because of her goodness!”


Nominated by Friend

Reno, NV Store

“She recently got out of a very long abusive relationship with her ex-husband. She has two beautiful children, ages 1 and 2. She practically has them 24/7 and nurses both of them around the clock without breaks. She really wants to save up for a new mattress and bed frame for herself and the kids because the mattress is sagging and lumpy, it hurts her back, and the bed frame is actually broken. I know she would also love a bedroom set for both her children. She's been through so much and this would be a much needed and huge surprise for her.“


Nominated by Jude

Syracuse, UT Store

“I am nominating my mom. She has raised me and my brother alone for the past 13 years, and it has been more than difficult. We are good kids, but my brother has autism, diabetes, hearing and vision problems. My brother's autism frequently caused him to have outbursts of anger, and screaming, which led to damaging of furniture and other things in the home. She has been a great mom, and always patient with me and my brother and she deserves new furniture. She could also use a new fridge and or stove, both have been damaged by my brother.“


Nominated by Brian

Rocklin, CA Store

“I would like to nominate Dick and Diane. After raising their children through hardships, their children have moved back home. Dick and Diane are now raising their grandchildren and great grandchildren as well. They are very selfless people who put others needs before their own. Their refrigerator is in need of replacing.”

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