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RC Willey- Your (Smart) Home, Your Way.

Create the best smart home in your neighborhood with RC Willey’s line-up of state of the art smart devices. With smart appliances, smart electronics, and smart security you can experience the luxury of home automation. Smart home devices connect to your WiFi network and allow you to control your smart lighting, smart thermostat, and smart TV with ease from the convenience of a voice-controlled smart speaker assistant or smart home apps found on all major mobile operating systems.

Smart appliances do the work so you don’t have to.

RC Willey carries a large selection of smart appliances to assist you in completing all of your chores, tasks, and duties in a quick and convenient manner. Smart refrigerators allow you to check the contents of your fridge, adjust the climate, and catch up on the news. With a smart dishwasher you will be notified immediately when the cycle is complete so that you can get your dishes clean and put away in as little time as possible. Control oven temperatures from the convenience of your mobile device on a WiFi connected smart oven. Smart appliances open your home up for a wide range of convenient and futuristic options!

Smart Home security cameras, lights, and sensors

Home security, turned smart.

Secure your home and keep an eye on your belongings with home security products from RC Willey like the Ring Doorbells or Nest Cameras. Just connect your smart security equipment to your mobile device and you will always know who’s at the front door or in the backyard! Some smart home security devices even give you the ability to talk to your guests through speakers, allowing you to give off the appearance of being home, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. Rest easy knowing that your smart home is under 24/7 surveillance.

Enjoy the ease of smart entertainment.

Convenience, comfort, and control come together in the wide range of smart entertainment options that RC Willey carries. With a smart TV you can stream from the internet, catch the latest sports games, and show off pictures of your family, all from the control of your smartphone. Smart TVs often feature 4K quality picture with a crisp and clear sound. Boost your home entertainment system by making it smart!

Smart lightbulbs and light switches
Smart Lighting Icon

Smart Lighting

Smart light bulbs give you complete control over the color, brightness, and on/off schedule of your lighting. With the tap of a button on your smartphone or a voice command to your favorite smart assistant, you can turn off the lights on movie night without having to lose your comfortable spot on the couch. Have a hard time waking up in the morning? Give yourself a little extra boost out of bed by setting your lamp to turn on at the same time as your alarm. Never worry about leaving a light on at home again. Smart lighting helps reduce energy usage, saving both your wallet, and the environment!

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Smart thermostat
Climate Control Icon

Climate Control

Comfortably control your climate with smart thermostats such as the Nest Thermostat that RC Willey carries. Not only can you adjust the temperature of your home with an app on your smartphone, you can set it to adjust on a schedule! Many smart climate control devices are able to learn how your home heats up and cools down so that you can have the perfect temperature at the perfect time. Most importantly, these smart devices pay for themselves in a matter of months due to the huge gains that smart thermostats have made in energy conservation.

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Smart doorbells and security cameras
Home Monitoring Icon

Home Monitoring

With products like Ring doorbells, Nest doorbells, Night Owl cameras, and Nest cameras, you can keep an eye on your home from miles away. Camera doorbells notify you when there is movement on your front porch, even if the doorbell hasn’t been rung. Talk to your visitors through the built in speaker to let them know you can’t come to the door at the moment or to warn them that they’re on camera and better leave the package they’re about to steal. Using a small portable camera like the Nest indoor camera, you can monitor the baby-sitter, your home office, or even the cookie jar!

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Smart Home speaker and digital assistant
Smart Speakers Icon

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are the core of your smart home ecosystem. With a voice controlled smart assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can turn off the lights, turn on the tv, adjust the temperature, and stay relaxed in your favorite recliner with your phone in your pocket. Digital assistants can tell you information about the weather, events you have coming up today, and maybe even crack a joke or tell a scary story. Make phone calls, send text messages and emails, or schedule new events all with the power of your voice and a WiFi connected smart speaker.

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Appliances that work with your Smart Home
Smart Appliances Icon

Smart Appliances

Appliances do the work for you when you turn your kitchen and laundry rooms smart. Smart appliances like the Samsung Smart Refrigerator have a family hub feature allowing you to coordinate schedules, create shopping lists, stream music, and more. Other smart appliances like smart ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines give you the ability to start, stop, and adjust settings from the app on your smartphone.

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Smart TVs and Electronics
Smart Electronics Icon

Smart Electronics

Hours of home entertainment await with RC Willey’s lineup of smart electronics and entertainment systems. Smart TVs like the Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV let you stream from the internet, mirror your phone screen, surf the web, play music, and more! Change the channel or adjust the volume with voice controls to your favorite smart speaker or from a smart home app on your phone. Rest easy and relax with smart entertainment.

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