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Shop Washing Machines at RC Willey and Stay Clean!

Shop a wide selection of name-brand front-load washing machines and top-load washing machines at RC Willey. You'll find stackable washers and pedestal washers for every budget, for every style, and every need. Shop for a washing machine for your laundry room at your local RC Willey or online 24/7. Find the perfect washer for your laundry today!

What are the differences between Front Load Washers and Top Load Washers

When it comes to buying a new washing machine, there are more options now than ever before. RC Willey carries all the best brands and models with different features, finishes, and styles. Talk about hard decisions! For most shoppers the first choice is between a front load or top load washer. So what are the differences between the two? What are some pros and cons? And what is the right choice for you and your home?

Front Load Washer Pros and Cons.

Front Load WasherFront Load Washers give your laundry room a modern look. They can be placed in a traditional side-by-side laundry set or stacked to save floor space. More energy and resource efficient, front load washing machines use less power and water, saving you money on your monthly utility bill! Generally speaking, front load washers have larger capacity making them a good choice for busy families and large homes.

There are some drawbacks however, for starters front load machines are more expensive than top load models. They can also be harder to load and unload for people with mobility issues though a pedestal can help. Also, once you’ve selected your cycles you can’t add forgotten items mid-wash and some owners claim front load washers are more prone to unwanted odors.

Top Load Washer Pros and Cons.

Top Load WasherTop Load Washers feature a classic and easy-to-use design. With less buttons and options, they are often simpler to operate and, with a higher load and unload height, doing a load of laundry isn’t so hard on your back. Forget to add that pair of smell gym socks before you began your cycle? No problem! You can add anything mid-load with a top load machine without disrupting your cycle.

Of course there are some cons to this type of washing machine. For starters, they don’t have the same large capacity as a front load washer and so require more loads to do the same amount of laundry. That means more time spent and more resources expended doing laundry, something you may notice on your water bill. These appliances aren’t stackable either so they may not be the right choice for smaller spaces.

Why Buy a New Washing Machine from RC Willey

With an expert staff of trained sales associates to guide you through the buying process, unmatched customer service, and perks like RC Willey Blue Rewards and financing options, RC Willey is there for you every step of the way. Shop with confidence and let us help you take control of your laundry routine.

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