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Creating a Sleek, Modern Home

Modern interior design style really took shape in the 1920s to 1950s and has grown and distinguished itself ever since! This design style focuses on clean, simple lines often using unique materials such as glass and iron. This streamlined approach is meant to provide homeowners with clarity, purpose, and function in their homes. me. These homes are usually characterized by a monochromatic color pallet, whether you choose to focus on dark or light neutral colors!

The 5 Key Elements of Modern Homes

As you’re shopping around, keep these five key details in mind. First, modern designed homes focus on clean lines. This means rectangular sofas with crisp arms and little to no curves. This also goes with our second design detail, which is low and long furniture! If you’re looking for a tv stand, try to find a large, low profile stand that utilizes materials like glass or metal. A lot of these may even dip into a more mid-century modern style as well. Third, focus on minimal home décor. Choose a few meaningful items to display to keep your space free of clutter. Modern home design is all about functionality and streamlined aesthetics. Fourth, keep a neutral color pallet. Whether you choose to focus on light or dark neutrals, you’ll want to stick to white, beige, gray, black, and pastel tones. Finally, the fifth piece of advice is to create an open floor plan. Use smaller pieces of furniture, such as a sofa and two accent chairs to help the room breathe without feeling too full of furniture. You want the space to feel open and airy.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary style furniture?

It can be tricky to differentiate the two different styles! The best way to remember is that contemporary furniture is the here and now with what’s currently in style. For example, 2021 saw a shift where contemporary furniture now incorporates more mid-century details, since that is what's coming into style currently. Modern style remains the same, always focusing on the 5 key elements we discussed above. However, during times when modern furniture is the current “in-trend”, then the two could be used synonymously!

Whatever style you decide on, RC Willey has just the right pieces for you! Check out our Blue Rewards to earn rebates, free delivery, and more off every purchase. With just a few minutes, you can quickly apply for our interest free monthly payment plans that make it easier than ever to design your home, your way.

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