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RC Willey Payment Protection Plan

Payment Protection Plan

Designed to protect your credit card balance, our Payment Protection Plan provides you, the primary insured accountholder, with the following benefits*:

Life Coverage

Pays the unpaid account balance to your credit card account if you or your insured Co-Accountholder should die.

Disability Coverage

Pays a monthly benefit payment to your credit card account if you become totally disabled for more than 30 consecutive days.

Unemployment Coverage

Pays a monthly benefit to your credit card account if you become involuntarily unemployed (loss of job, strike or layoff) from full-time employment (working for wages or profit for at least 30 hours per week) for more than 30 consecutive days. To qualify for Unemployment benefits, you must register with a recognized employment agency or your state unemployment office within 30 days after the date you become unemployed.

Property Coverage

Pays to repair or replace insured property if, due to a covered peril, it is stolen or accidentally damaged or destroyed. Coverage continues for 36 months after the purchase of the insured property while this coverage is in effect. Covered perils for Property Insurance are specified in your Certificate of Insurance.

Family Leave Coverage

Pays a monthly benefit to your credit card account (for up to 6 months) if you or your Co-Accountholder take an unpaid leave of absence from full-time employment (working for wages or profit for at least 30 hours per week) for more than 30 consecutive days while you or your Co-Accountholder are:

  • caring for an immediate family member with a serious medical condition;
  • caring for a newborn or adopted child for up to 3 months;
  • on active military duty due to mandatory recall;
  • on jury duty; or
  • residing in a federally declared disaster area.

Family Leave Insurance does not cover losses caused by a pre-existing medical condition (defined as a condition for which the family member saw or was treated by a licensed health care provider both within the 6 months before and the 6 months after the effective date of coverage). Family Leave benefits are not payable if you are eligible for or receive unemployment benefits; or are disabled.

Benefits Summary:

  • Benefits, except for Property Insurance, are based on your account balance at the time of loss.
  • Life, Disability, Involuntary Unemployment, and Family Leave benefits are payable up to a maximum of $10,000 or the account balance at the time of loss, whichever is less.
  • Benefits for Property Insurance will not exceed $10,000 subject to the maximum Property Insurance benefit provision contained in your Certificate.
  • Benefits do not include any amounts added to your account (including insurance charges) after your loss.

To qualify for benefits you must be under the age of 71 at the time of loss. All coverage terminates at age 71.

Please call CSI at 1-877-274-5014 with your questions about the Payment Protection Plan.

*Benefits may vary by state. See Plan Modifications for details.

State Cost Plan Modifications
AZ 81.2¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance Coverage does not terminate at age 71. The life coverage changes to Accidental Death coverage at age 71; all other coverages remain the same.
CA 79.1¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance
AZ, CA Family Leave coverage is up to 3 months.
AZ, CA, MT Life insurance benefits are not payable for death in the event of suicide within 6 months of the Effective Date of coverage.
AZ, NM, NV, OR, WY Life coverage is not available for the Co-Accountholder.
  • Unemployment benefits are limited to nine (9) monthly benefit payments.
  • Disability benefits are not payable for total disability, which is the result of normal pregnancy or childbirth; any intentionally self-inflicted injury; or a “pre-existing medical condition” as defined in your Certificate of Insurance.
CA, CO, ID, MT, UT Life coverage also protects your Co-Accountholder.
CO 48.5¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance
CO, ID Property coverage is not available.
CO, OR Family Leave coverage is not available.
ID, MT, UT 89¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance
NM 74.2¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance
NV 46.9¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance (for Property-only coverage, your cost is 9¢ per $100) If you would like to purchase Property-only coverage, please call CSI toll-free at 1-877-274-5014.
OR, WY 84.3¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance
UT 89¢ per $100 of your ending plan balance, allocated by coverage type as follows:
Life: 9.2¢
Disability: 14.3¢
Unemployment: 30.7¢
Family Leave: 4.8¢
Property: 30.0¢

Application of Accountholder (California residents only):

You are applying for the credit insurance described in this application and authorizing RC Willey to add the charges for insurance to your account each month as they become due. You have the right to stop this authorization. Your signature to enroll means you agree that: 1. You are eligible for Involuntary Unemployment and Family Leave coverage only if you are working for wages or profit 30 hours per week or more. If you are not, you will not be insured until you return to work. 2. You are insured only for your actual credit card balance. You are not insured for any unused credit which may be available to you. 3. Each month on your statement date, the insurance charge is calculated by multiplying the ending balance on your credit card account (up to a maximum of $10,000) by .00791. This insurance charge will be shown on your account statement and included in your new balance. We can change the rate later on, but if we do, we will let you know in advance. The new rate will apply only to charges for insurance after the date of the rate change. 4. Your Co-Accountholder is not eligible for the Disability or Involuntary Unemployment insurance. 5. Neither you nor your Co-Accountholder are eligible for insurance after you have reached your 71st birthday. Insurance for the Co-Accountholder stops on his or her 71st birthday if the Co-Accountholder reaches age 71 before you do. Otherwise, all insurance stops on the first billing date after you reach age 71.

DISABILITY INSURANCE MAY NOT COVER CONDITIONS FOR WHICH YOU HAVE SEEN A DOCTOR OR CHIROPRACTOR IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS. (Refer to “Total Disabilities Not Covered” in your Certificate for details). Non Std AP10/Non Std I.D. #18

This plan is offered, administered and underwritten by Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha (CSI) and is also underwritten by Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha; both companies of Omaha, Nebraska. Please review your Certificate(s) of Insurance for further details on coverage benefits and exclusions.

Policy Form 10521/11006 Rev./11495/10723 M

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