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Shop 8K TVs at RC Willey and get the best possible picture money can buy. Don't be afraid of the price, we have many cheap 4K TVs for your home.

What is 8K UHD?

Over the past few years 4K has become standard for high end TVs and with good reason, the resolution on a 4K TV is 4x higher than the resolution of a typical HD TV. That’s pretty remarkable right? 4x as high! Enter 8K, these ultra high def TV UHD TVs boast a massive 33 million pixels and 4x as high a resolution of 4K! That means they are 16x clearer than a HD TV. Wow!

This technology is still new and there isn’t a whole lot of 8K content available to consumers yet, but these TVs do their best to upconvert 4K content to look even better.

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