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From Walk to Sprint: Treadmills for Every Pace

Discover the path to health and fitness with our range of treadmills, ideal for walking, jogging, or sprinting. Treadmills offer a convenient solution for consistent indoor exercise, free from weather constraints and outdoor terrains. They cater to both beginners and seasoned runners, with adjustable settings to meet diverse fitness goals. From enhancing cardiovascular health with a simple walk to boosting metabolism with intense sprints, the benefits are vast. Whether you're seeking a gift for an aspiring runner or a training tool for a pro, our treadmills are a thoughtful investment in well-being and potential.

RC Willey is proud to offer a stellar selection of treadmills from two of the industry's leading brands: NordicTrack and ProForm. Both names resonate with quality, innovation, and unparalleled performance in the world of fitness equipment.


A name synonymous with top-tier workout machinery, NordicTrack has carved a niche for itself with its advanced technology and robust designs. Known for its iFit compatibility, NordicTrack treadmills offer interactive personal training at your fingertips. Users can embark on virtual runs around the globe, get real-time feedback, and indulge in tailored workout programs, all while enjoying the brand's signature durability and user-centric features.


As a brand that blends both innovation and affordability, ProForm is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Their treadmills often come equipped with spacious tread belts, cushioning technology for joint protection, and immersive touchscreen displays for on-demand workouts. ProForm's commitment to integrating the latest tech, such as heart rate monitoring and incline adjustments, ensures that users have everything they need for an efficient and enjoyable workout session.

Whether you're drawn to the global adventures offered by NordicTrack's iFit or the seamless blend of comfort and technology from ProForm, there's a treadmill waiting to cater to your unique fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About NordicTrack and ProForm Treadmills

What is iFit?

iFit is an interactive personal training platform available on many NordicTrack fitness machines. It offers on-demand workouts, virtual outdoor training routes, and personalized coaching.

Is iFit Available on both NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills?

Yes, ProForm (like NordicTrack) is a brand under ICON Health & Fitness, which is the company behind the iFit technology. Many ProForm treadmills come iFit-enabled or iFit-compatible, allowing users to access interactive personal training, virtual outdoor routes, on-demand workouts, and more.

What are the primary differences between NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills?

Both brands offer high-quality treadmills, but they may differ in design aesthetics, specific features, and technology integrations. NordicTrack often emphasizes luxury and advanced tech, while ProForm offers a balance of features and value.

Are the treadmills from both brands foldable for easy storage?

Many models from both NordicTrack and ProForm feature a space-saving design that allows users to fold and store the treadmill when not in use.

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