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What Does OLED Mean?

To illuminate pixels, an LED TV uses backlight while OLED TV pixels emit their own light. Each color pixel is calibrated individually which creates the vibrant color and nuanced black that makes OLED technology so desirable. It creates a full color spectrum visual experience that looks great from every angle. OLED technology also means faster response time so your favorite games and movie car chases will be crystal clear. Shop our large, in stock TV selection online or in store.

Is OLED better than 4K?

Comparing OLED and 4K is like comparing apples and oranges. 4k high def refers to pixel resolution that renders better image quality as it doubles the number of pixels in a regular HD tv. OLED technology is about light and how it illuminates the pixels to create color. Any 4K TV will give you a great viewing experience over a 1080p TV but a 4k OLED TV will take your viewing experience to another level.

What’s better QLED or OLED?

The difference between QLED tv and an OLED TV is that OLED pixels emit their own light and QLED has an LED backlight that travels through a layer of quantum dots or nanocrystals to create colors. Because OLED technology is not backlit, and OLED TV will contain fewer layers and is, therefore, thinner than a QLED TV. A thinner tv also equates to fewer production materials and less waste. QLED has the ability to get brighter than an OLED which would give QLED an advantage in bright environments. However, an OLED provides greater contrast with blacker blacks because it has the ability to turn off pixels altogether. When it comes to factors like resolution, color, video processing and other image quality factors, both technologies perform at the same level. What it comes down to is a matter of personal preference and what factors are important to you and your viewing experience.

Frequently Asked OLED TV Questions

  • What brands does RC Willey carry?
  • We carry LG, Sony, Samsung, and many more brands. Our team of expertly trained sales associates are ready to help you find the perfect TV and will be happy to walk you through the buying process! RC Willey's Blue Rewards program gives you all sorts of delivery and purchasing perks and you get more when you pair it with our financing options!

  • Why buy a new TV at RC Willey?
  • With over 90 years of history, RC Willey has built a reputation on taking care of you. When you shop at RC Willey you know you're covered with extended warranties and protection plans. Also, find TV stands and TV mounts at great prices!

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