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What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a foundation for your mattress that moves and adjusts on multiple hinge points to provide customizable positions and support. Adjustable beds, often called an adjustable base, use motorized controls to lift the head and foot of your mattress to find the ultimate comfortable position for each individual user. Some power bases offer massage and lighting. All are controlled by remotes, both wired and wireless, and some even use a smart app that allows you to control the features with your phone or tablet.

What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Base?

There are multiple benefits to sleeping on an adjustable base. First and foremost is that it offers ultimate comfort by allowing you to find the sleep position that is best for you and the contours of your body. Whether it is the need to elevate the upper portion of your body to help alleviate sleep apnea, snoring and asthma or allergy symptoms like sinus pressure or to help lessen swelling for those that may suffer from diabetes or for athletes and pregnant women by keeping your feet above your heart. Finding your ultimate sleeping position can help with heartburn, circulation, and back pain. Overall, it can help improve the quality of your day to day life and sleep.

Do I Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Bed?

The great news is, that most mattresses sold today are adjustable base compatible. You will need a foam/gel or hybrid mattress, which contains both springs and foam. RC Willey has a fantastic mattress selection, almost all of which are compatible. So, you can find the perfect mattress for an adjustable base.

Will An Adjustable Base Fit My Bed?

Absolutely! An adjustable bed is made slightly smaller than your mattress with the support legs on each corner. This means that it will set inside the footprint of your bed! It will even work with most platform and storage beds too! If you only have a headboard, you'll need brackets to attach the headboard to the adjustable base frame, which are sold at your local RC Willey.

Where to Buy an Adjustable Base?

RC Willey has a nice variety of adjustable beds at all price points! Come into one of our 11 locations and try an adjustable base today. With rewards, in-house financing and fast delivery, you can begin relaxing with your feet up tonight!

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