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Why You Should Buy a Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Posted by Alexandria on April 14, 2022

For over thirty years, Tempur-Pedic has been an innovator in the sleep industry with a mission of providing the most restful sleep possible to its customers. Tempur-Pedic’s most recent collections offer a beautiful synergy of materials that provide targeted support and give, which ultimately offers unbeatable benefits.

What Makes Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Different

Tempur-Pedic mattresses provide several advantages over other models. Here’s a quick guide to the many ways your nighttime sleep experience will improve with the help of Tempur-Pedic.

Fall Asleep Faster
Tempur-Pedic’s state-of-the-art layers adapt and conform to your body’s unique curves and angles. This allows you to feel cradled and comfortable from the moment you lie down until you wake up.
Cool Down
Advanced materials whisk away excess heat, which keeps your body at a perfect temperature all night long.
Mattress Icon with Cool Upward Arrows of Air Flow
Person Lying on Curved Surface Icon Sleep Deeper and Easier
By evenly absorbing the impact of pressure points and dramatically reducing how your partner’s motion transfer affects you, Tempur-Pedic mattresses minimize tossing and turning and provides an undisturbed, rejuvenated sleep experience.

All Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made up of multiple layers of materials. These layers achieve a holistic network of targeted support and comfortable contouring. The base layers are composed of a blend of original materials that provides a sturdy foundation for the rest of the mattress weight.

Depending on the model, the middle supporting layers evenly distribute weight as well as reduce and disperse heat. These proprietary combinations specifically target different sleeping needs, which means that customers can find the best mattress that works for them. The top layers are what Tempur-Pedic mattresses are really known for. Constructed of its famous TEMPUR material, the top comfort layers determine the overall “feel” of the mattress. This layer determines whether sleepers rest on a soft, medium or firm surface.

Tempur-Pedic Material

The patented materials and smart designs pioneered by Tempur-Pedic differentiate the brand and have played a large part in its title as the most highly recommended brand in America. There are several material options from which customers can select.

Original TEMPUR® stemmed from material originally developed for NASA astronauts. Designed to reduce G-forces, this composition now provides sleepers with the ultimate night’s rest. For people that prefer a softer foundation, the TEMPUR-ES® (Extra Soft) option reworked the original formula with a tighter cell structure. This innovation resulted in a layer with an extra soft feel.

Tempur-Pedic also offers high pressure-relieving material for customers with chronic pain exacerbated by prone sleeping positions. The TEMPUR-APR® (Advanced Pressure Relief) option reduces the force applied to body pressure points, which helps minimize tossing and turning. Similarly, the TEMPUR-APR+™ (Advanced Pressure Relief Plus) adds to the original’s comfort level with a more advanced cell structure. The Ventilated TEMPUR-APR+ features an all-new, ultra-breathable design exclusive to the TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze series.

Mattress Icon with Snowflake (Denotes Cooling) Tempur-Pedic also specializes in accessories that help amplify your sleep experience. The PURECOOL and PURECOOL+ Phase Change Material absorb excess heat to help you feel cooler as you sleep. Also, the SMARTCLIMATE Dual Cover System and SMARTCLIMATE MAX Dual Cover System offers removable cooling layers, which give customers the ability to customize how hot or cool they feel.

Available Tempur-Pedic Mattress Collections

Tempur-Pedic has several mattress collections available. For example, the TEMPUR-Adapt® provides three different mattress series with up to four layer zones. The TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ series offers 25% more proprietary material than its Adapt peers. The TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° series combines pressure relief and state-of-the-art cooling technology for a restful night’s sleep.

Tempur-Pedic Luxe Adapt
TEMPUR-Luxe Adapt


Shop RC Willey’s collection of Tempur-Pedic mattresses today!



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Mattress Size Chart and Bed Dimensions Guide

Posted by Alexandria on March 10, 2022

We spend approximately one-third of our entire life sleeping. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may experience sleep deficiency, which can cause problems with learning, focusing, and reacting.

Having a good mattress is crucial for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. However, purchasing the right mattress for your health and bed needs can be surprisingly difficult. That’s why we put together this guide for understanding different mattress sizes on the market and the one that might be best for you.

Standard Mattress Sizes

The two most important elements for selecting a new mattress are size and materials. Knowing your ideal size is most important as the right materials are easier to select once you have the brand and measurements picked out. Listed below are the most common mattress sizes. Thinking through the size you need is a great first step before beginning your shopping process.

California King Size Bed Dimension

Created as an alternative to the popular King size bed, California King mattresses combine the luxurious breadth of their predecessors with length that might appeal to an NBA basketball player. Intended as a way for tall sleepers to avoid having their feet hang over the bed’s edge, California Kings are an attractive option for anybody that wants a little extra leg room and measure 72″ x 84″. Although California King mattresses typically run the same cost as a standard King, sheets and bedding sets that are sized appropriately can sometimes be harder or more expensive to find.

King Size Bed Dimensions

The other large mattress option is a standard King at 76″ x 80″. These mattresses are ideal for couples who move around a lot in their sleep or for families where the occasional child or dog sneaks into the bed halfway through the night. Some King mattresses are split down the center, which allows couples to choose different levels of firmness that suit their individual sleep preferences. These split styles also make the mattress easier to move. Typically the most pricey mattress option, Kings can be a great investment for more than one sleeper or those who particularly love their space.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

The most popular mattress size is the Queen as it provides ample room for a single sleeper and can also be a perfect fit for couples. Measuring at 60″ x 80″, Queen size mattresses don’t take up as much floor space as kings and can easily fit in most standard bedroom sizes. Because of its popularity, there are many different options for accessories, covers, and bedding sized for a Queen mattress.

Full Size Bed Dimensions

A single adult sleeper looking to maximize bedroom floor space may prefer a Full mattress. Clocking in at 53″ x 75″, this mattress is ideal for small apartments or shared spaces. Couples who don’t move around too much can also sleep comfortably on Full mattresses. For taller individuals, a Full XL is also available.

Twin XL Size Bed Dimensions

At 38″ x 80″, a Twin XL is a great option for growing teenagers or still gangly college students. Narrow enough to fit one sleeper comfortably, Twin XLs provide more length for sleepers that need extra leg room. These mattresses can fit in a guest bedroom or dormitory and still provide plenty of walking space.

Twin Size Bed Dimensions

Children who no longer need a crib usually graduate into a Twin mattress. At 38″ x 75″, Twins are very versatile and can grow with children well into adulthood. They are also the perfect size for a small room. This mattress size is fairly standard and can be found at most retail and furniture stores.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress Size

Besides the physical dimensions of the actual mattress, there are several other factors to consider when it comes to mattress sizing and space. Below is just a short breakdown of important tips to keep in mind when mattress shopping.

The Size of Your Bedroom

Before pulling the trigger on a purchase, take into consideration the overall size of your bedroom and any other present furniture. You may want to use a tape measure to plot out floor space to figure out what size mattress you can reasonably fit while still having space to safely navigate around the room. Also avoid creating difficult to navigate spaces or narrow walkways. The last thing you want when you have to wake to use the restroom at 2:00 am is to fall into the side of your dresser. How to Measure a Mattress

Who Will Be Using the Bed

Not everybody has the same sleep preferences and finding a mattress option that fits the needs of all the sleepers who may end up in your bed can be challenging. This is true particularly for couples (and has also led to its fair share of inter-partner conflict).

The first step to resolving some of these disputes is by understanding what makes you comfortable while sleeping. This knowledge could include a combination of size and material needs. Some people can sleep flat on their backs and move around very little in their sleep. If this sounds like you, you may be able to sleep just fine on a smaller-sized, medium-firm mattress.

However, some people like to sprawl out at night and don’t feel comfortable unless they have the extra space only a larger-sized mattress can provide. Knowing your preferred sleeping style – and understanding your partner’s as well – is critical to picking a mattress that can stand the test of time for both of you. Below are some categories that most mattress sellers use to help shoppers find the right type of mattress firmness, which is a key part to getting a good night’s sleep.

Soft to Medium-Firm

Side sleepers generally prefer softer mattresses that conform to their body’s curves. This contouring can especially feel nice around shoulders and hips. Mattresses with a soft to medium-firm designation can help alleviate body aches and pains and appeal to side sleepers. If your partner prefers a firmer mattress, one option you can try is to customize it with a mattress pillow-top, which could offer a nice compromise for different sleep styles.

Medium to Medium-Firm

These mattresses are slightly firmer and support the lower back. These mattresses are perfect for back-sleepers and can still provide enough cushion for partners that may prefer a softer feel.

Medium-Firm to Firm

Stomach-sleepers tend to need extra support for their lower backs, so a firmer mattress tends to be the most comfortable option. Firmer mattresses can make a big difference for pregnant women and sleepers that have chronic pain issues.

Understanding the differences between firmness options will allow you to select the optimal combination of how a mattress feels while laying down and its size.


As sleep technology improves, there are a wide variety of mattress materials on the market that fit every budget and preferred sleeping position. Knowing the kind of material that will work best for you is also a good tip to keep in mind while mattress shopping. Here is a breakdown of the four most popular mattress compositions.

Mattress Type Summary Longevity  Pros Cons
Innerspring This traditional mattress is made up of encased coils with a comfortable padding on top. 7-8 years Good if you tend to change positions a lot at night.
Helps keep hot sleepers cool.
Does not provide a ton of support or contouring options for sore bodies.
Foam / Memory foam Made from several different layers of foam that adapt to your sleeping position. Low-density foam: 5-7 years
High-density foam:10-15 years
Low motion transfer.
Good at relieving pressure points.
Can make certain sleepers feel hot.
Lower-quality foams contain harmful chemicals.
Hybrid Constructed with both springs and memory foam, it strikes the perfect balance between the breathability and support of an innerspring mattress with the pressure-point relief of foam mattresses. 7- 15 years Good at relieving pressure points.
Sleeps cool.
Can be expensive.
Extremely heavy.
Latex Very similar to foam, but a bit firmer. Good resilience with memory foam support. 8 – 15 years Provides cool sleeping.
Very heavy.
Can induce an allergic reaction.


Finally, one of the most limiting mattress considerations for most people is price. Foam mattresses have the lowest market entry point, while latex mattresses are typically the most expensive.

Type of Mattress Low Price Range Medium Price Range High Price Range Average Price (Queen)
Innerspring < $700 $700 – $1,000 > $1,000 $850
Foam < $500 $500 – $900 > $900 $700
Hybrid < $1,000 $1,000 – $2,000 > $2,000 $1,500
Latex < $1,000 $1,000 – $2,000 > $2,500 $2,000

Ultimately, being intentional about mattress sizing, firmness levels, and materials will help you select a mattress that works for your sleep needs.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions FAQ

What kind of mattress accessories are available?

A mattress protector is crucial to improving the longevity of your new mattress and is highly recommended. The protector prevents dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells from absorbing and accumulating into the mattress over time. Some manufacturers require the purchase of a mattress protector in order to maintain a warranty. Mattress toppers, pads, or pillow tops are great ways to add a softer contouring layer to a firmer mattress for better pressure point relief. Individuals who sleep in a combination of positions or couples with different sleeping styles may want to invest in a topper to customize their comfort layer.

How do I support my mattress?

Mattresses can be extremely heavy, and without proper support, they can become deformed. This may cause extreme discomfort to the sleeper and damage to the mattress. If your brand-new mattress feels uncomfortable because it’s not supporting your weight, you may need a new bed frame, box spring, or foundation as well. 

What’s the difference between a mattress foundation and a box spring?

A mattress foundation is a frame constructed of metal or wood with planks or slats set across the top to hold up the mattress. Most mattress foundations are designed to elevate the height of the bed to make getting in and out of the mattress easier. They also help evenly distribute your weight across the surface of the mattress. Foundations can be placed directly on the floor or on a bed frame. They are best for foam and latex mattresses.

In contrast, a box spring is a wooden frame lined with metal springs and covered in a protective fabric. They are best suited for innerspring mattresses as they help to absorb motion. They are not suited for foam or latex mattresses. Like a mattress foundation, they are designed to raise the mattress to a comfortable level, but they must be placed on a bed frame.

How often should I clean my mattress?

You should clean your mattress about every six months. There are a lot of different ways to clean a mattress, but perhaps the simplest one is to remove all bedding and mattress covers and then vacuum the entire thing. If you want to remove odors, try sprinkling baking soda on your mattress and let it sit for an hour before vacuuming. Stains can be cleaned by using a combination of fabric cleaning supplies and techniques.


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Building Good Credit in Every Stage of Life 

Posted by Alexandria on February 27, 2022

There are a few pieces of financial advice that every person should strive to follow: save your money whenever possible, pay down large sums of debt, and (perhaps most importantly) keep your credit score high. In today’s economy, credit is a critical element of financial health. You need it in order to secure loans for anything from buying a car or home to even starting your own business. But how exactly does a person with no credit build credit?

Get on With the Important Things in Life

All good credit scores have to start somewhere — and one of those places is right here at RC Willey. Whether you are just starting out in your financial journey or are looking to increase your current score even more, our payment plans offer a variety of great options that are suitable for any budget. With an RC Willey Payment Plan, you’ll have all the benefits of low interest rates, low monthly payments, and optional Credit Protection Insurance. Plus, with our Online Bill Pay and the option of paperless statements, you can be confident in having 24-hour access to your secure account at all times.

The Benefits of Your RC Willey Payment Plan

There are three types of payment plans you can join at RC Willey, each with their own unique set of benefits.

The Premier Payment Plan is a perfect way for you to build credit on your own terms. With no hidden fees or prepayment penalties, you can control when and how you pay for your purchase. This payment plan also comes with low minimum monthly payments and a simple fixed interest rate of 9% APR, so you’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying each month.

RC Willey Payment Plan The 0% interest payment plan is exactly what it sounds like. No down payment is necessary upon sign up, and you will have monthly minimum payments for either a 12 or 18-month financing period. However, if you pay more than the minimum, you could pay off the entire balance by the end of the finance period WITHOUT having to pay any interest. If you’re looking for a simple, low-risk solution to building credit, this is the right plan for you.

If you are new to financing and either have low credit or no credit at all, you may qualify for RC Willey’s Bright Start Payment Plan. This plan comes with a credit line of up to $500 and is the perfect way to put you on the right path to building (or rebuilding) your credit. Plus, as you continue to make payments on time, you will eventually be able to upgrade to one of our Premier Plan or 0% Interest Plans. Think of it as a gateway to a healthier financial future.

Apply Today and See Which Payment Plan is Right for You

Through signing up with one of these payment plans, you will have a more flexible and financially beneficial way of making purchases at RC Willey. But on top of that, you can also use your payment plan with our many participating merchants! Contact us today to see which merchants and locations could be available to you.

Ready to start raising that credit score? Apply today and see which RC Willey Payment Plan is right for you.


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Best TVs for Sunday Football

Posted by Braden on February 8, 2022

This is it. The day you’ve been waiting for all year. It’s finally time for the big Sunday game! But how do you know whether your TV is going to provide a top-of-the-line, crisp, and EPIC viewing experience? Compare it to some of the new models on the market, of course. Before the timer counts down and the National Anthem is sung, here are some television sets worth checking out for your Sunday football-watching pleasure.

Sony TVs rarely disappoint, and the Sony 43″ X80J Series 4K UHD Google Smart LED TV is no exception. With natural color and exceptionally clear sound, the 4K HDR Processor decreases digital noise. The big-screen picture also exudes a lifelike quality that only attending the big game in person can beat. Like most smart TV apps, Google TV allows you to stream all your favorite shows (and games!) at the touch of a button. Using Google’s handy voice control feature allows you to search via a spoken word or two and integrates with other Google Home devices. Never miss a play with the MotionFlow XR, a feature that allows on-screen motion to come through smooth and clear.

Shop all Sony TVs now
Sony 43 X80J Series 4K UHD TV
LG NanoCell For fans of bigger screens, the LG 65 inch Nano90 Series NanoCell 4K Smart TV is a good choice. Contrasting colors (along with hard-to-see deep blacks) have never looked better with the help of balanced lighting. A reduced halo effect also makes shows crisper and brighter. The 120Hz refresh rate catches all the action and the AI Picture and Sound feature ensures that your audio and visual appetites are completely sated. Also, for viewers that like participating in a virtual game or two, this LG model comes loaded with Ultimate Gameplay features that bring professional sports straight into your living room console.

Shop all LG TVs now
The Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV elevates TV watching into an art form — for real. With all the bells and whistles of a 4K Smart TV, this model also turns into a picture frame when not in use. Selecting “Art Mode” allows you to customize your screen with an art piece of your choice while a smart motion sensor alerts your TV to display a particularly favorite selection whenever you enter the room. The Art Store provides an additional place to buy and curate professional art pieces for your screen. With up to 2GB of storage space, this Samsung also transforms your most anticipated football games into 4K with its AI Upscaling feature. Who ever said high art couldn’t be competitive?

Shop all Samsung TVs now
Samsung 65 The Frame
TCL 55 Roku Series As a final option for your big game watching, don’t count out the TCL 55 inch 5 Series Smart Roku TV. With a gorgeous 4K QLED Dolby Vision picture, your screen will pop with vivid color and perfectly optimized contrast. The Auto Game Mode is designed for sports and gaming lovers that will be blown away by its smooth action and low latency. The Google and Amazon assistants can also help you navigate the hundreds of streaming options available on your Smart TV. The FullView edge-to-edge glass design and Live TV Channel guide also give you the viewing capacity and system controls that you’ll need to enjoy Sunday football games.

Shop all Roku TVs now

Get ready for the big game now and shop for all your TV-watching needs.



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RC Willey Blue Rewards

Posted by Alexandria on February 4, 2022

When it comes to shopping for something as critical as furniture for your home, you want to feel safe in knowing that the brand you’re buying from has your best interests at heart. Studies show that 79% of shoppers today only consider companies that show they care about them — and at RC Willey, we really do! That’s why we created the Blue Rewards Annual Membership to help you save precious money and get the most out of every purchase. 

Making Rewards Simple

Blue Rewards Every time you spend money with RC Willey — whether it be with cash, credit card, or through your RC Willey Payment Plan — you earn a rebate that is paid out twice a year. Cash or credit card purchases earn 1% of the original amount toward your rebate, but if you purchase through an RC Willey Payment Plan, that rebate percentage jumps up to a whopping 2.5%. That’s more money in your pocket you can use for future shopping sprees! 
Plus, say goodbye to those pesky delivery fees for online transactions. In addition to earning rebates on all of your purchases, Blue Rewards members get standard delivery FREE for an entire year. To put that into perspective, non-members have to pay $59 per delivery. That’s money you could otherwise be saving with just the click of a button! Blue Rewards
Blue Rewards In addition to free standard delivery, Blue Rewards members who buy using an RC Willey Payment Plan also get FREE express delivery on mattress, TV, and appliance purchases. This is in addition to a slew of other “Member Only” promotions, discounts, and deals that RC Willey Blue Rewards members have exclusive access to. 

But the perks don’t end there. When you purchase an appliance or TV and add a RC Willey extended warranty as a rewards member, you gain an additional year free. That free year turns into two if you pay using an RC Willey Payment Plan. And even without an extended warranty, RC Willey will still enhance your one-year manufacturer warranty with added protection. The savings just don’t stop! 

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about RC Willey Blue Rewards and sign up today. The process is simple and allows automatic access to all of the benefits the program has to offer! 


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Surround Sound vs Soundbars. Which is Best for You?

Posted by Alexandria on January 31, 2022

The new trend of releasing blockbuster movies simultaneously in both theaters and on streaming services means that the living room needs to replicate big-screen acoustics for the optimal viewing experience. Navigating through the hundreds of options for home audio systems can be daunting. Never fear — this post will help you pick between two of the most common types of personal speaker systems. Read on to learn more about soundbars and surround-sound home theater speakers (as well as how you can pick between them!).

iLive 5.1 Home Theater System with Bluetooth

Knowing the Difference Between Soundbars and Surround Sound

For many years, 5.1 surround sound set the standard for high-quality audio. The “five” in the “5.1” referred to the five speakers that surrounded the room or central point for listening. The “point one” signified the accompanying subwoofer. Now, it is becoming more common to create 7.1 or even 9.2 setups for full, immersive viewing experiences at home. Most surround sound speakers will need a separate component called a “receiver” to manage inputs and connect to televisions and entertainment centers, but most of these home theater systems are sold in sets, like the Yamaha – 5.1-Channel 4K Home Theater Speaker System with Powered Subwoofer. 

There is a science to getting to the the optimal multi-speaker layout in your home. Here are some of the typical components of a surround sound system to keep in mind when arranging your home viewing space.

  • Center channel speaker: The center channel speaker is primarily used to transmit spoken dialogue or music. This speaker should be placed directly in front of the primary listening area.
  • Left/right channel speakers: The left/right channel speakers should be placed at the very front of your setup since most movie soundtracks and sound effects route through these units. Experts recommend that these speakers be spaced 60 degrees from the listening center as a result.
  • Subwoofer: The subwoofer handles all the low-frequency sounds. Its position is not as critical as frequencies lower than 120 Hz are difficult to hear anyways, but it’s usually placed to the left or right of your TV.
  • Left/right surround speakers: The side or rear surround speakers assist the front left/right channels with additional ambient sounds and directional effects that create a rich soundscape. In a 5.1 setup, these speakers should be placed 100-120 degrees from the center channel. 

In contrast to surround sound systems, sound bars are an all-in-one sound solution. Housed in a single, compact device, sound bars are made up of a cluster of small speakers carefully arranged to mimic a traditional 5.1 audio setup. Products like the Sonos Arc Soundbar bounce audio waves to create an immersive three-dimensional listening effect without the need for multiple speakers placed around a room. Most sound bars are also Bluetooth compatible so a wide variety of devices can be linked up to them. Sound bars should be placed directly in front of the listening center and about 5-15 inches (13-38 cm) below your TV. 

One thing to keep in mind is that sound bars do not have the ability to adequately produce low-frequency sounds. Because of this, they are often sold in sets with a subwoofer like the Klipsch Cinema 600W 3.1-Channel Soundbar System.

Comparing Surround Sound and Soundbars

Both sound bars and home theater surround sound systems work well in a wide variety of room sizes. Knowing which system to invest in really depends on how powerful (also known as the wattage) you want your speakers to be. In general, a pair of 100-watt speakers fills a 500-square foot room perfectly. Depending on your room size, a surround sound system might be overkill. In these cases, a good sound bar instead of a full surround sound system may be all you need.

In general, the average price for a sound bar is less than the average price for a home theater surround sound system. Sound bars typically only include one or two devices, while home theaters have upwards of six to nine components plus the stands or mounts needed to set speakers on. Also, installation fees can inflate the cost, depending on how difficult your system is to set up. Basic sound bars start at about $100 while most surround sound systems usually begin at $500. However, high-end systems for both sound bars and home theaters can easily get into the thousands of dollars.  Floorstanding Speaker in Home Theater System

For the less technical, sound bars have the clear advantage over home theater systems. Most sound bars are “plug-and-play” — meaning once you take it out of the box, connect one wire to your TV, and plug it into an outlet, you’re good to go. In contrast, home theaters can be extremely complex to install with some systems requiring carpentry skills (or the hiring of experts) to set up properly.

Even though home theater surround sound systems are much more difficult to get up and going, they have a huge advantage with their customization ability. The sheer variety of speaker sets available can transform the look of your room. You can install speakers in your wall, mount them on a wall, or just have them on a floor stand. Plus, surround sound systems allow you to have technical control over your sound. Don’t you hate how some movies have quiet dialogue with overly loud action sequences? With a surround sound system, you can adjust the volume levels of specific speakers to redesign your listening experience.

Prime Elevation Speakers in Home Theater System
SVS Prime Elevation Speakers Pair – Black Ash

Here’s a handy table that breaks down how surround sound systems and sound bars respectively perform in a variety of categories.

  Soundbars Home Theater Surround Sound
Sound quality High-end soundbars can duplicate 5.1 surround sound effects, but not to the same degree as home theater setups. Although soundbars produce extremely high quality sound, the full immersion surround sound provides can’t be beat.
Ease of use The simplicity of having an all-in-one sound system makes installation and troubleshooting a breeze. You might need an expert to teach you how to install and use your sound system, which can get frustrating and costly to deal with.
Customization Soundbars can connect to a wide variety of devices via Bluetooth. For an additional cost, you can also connect more speakers, like a subwoofer, to enhance the base bar. Multiple speakers and a dedicated audio receiver means you can completely redesign how music and movies sound with a few clicks of a button.
Price Even though soundbars can get really pricey, in general they are much more budget-friendly than home theater surround sound systems. The increased cost of home theater surround sound is due to the large amount of components you must buy to make it work.

Both soundbars and home theater surround sound systems have pros and cons and deciding which one is best for you boils down to which system you think will work best in your space. To see what RC Willey has in stock, check out soundbars and surround sound systems at your nearest location today.


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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Alexandria on January 24, 2022

Love is in the air — and so is a new season of gift giving. As we approach Valentine’s Day in 2022, show your loved ones how much you care by treating them to one (or all) of these 9 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for a romantic partner, family member, or simply looking to buy yourself something special, these items will have anyone (even the biggest Valentine’s Day haters) ready to feel the love this February. 

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her 

If you’re struggling to figure out what to get the special lady in your life this Valentine’s Day that isn’t your stereotypical flowers and chocolate, look no further. Whether she swoons over romantic displays of affection or prefers practical items for everyday use, these gift ideas will give you the inspiration you need to treat your girlfriend or wife like the queen she really is. 

Finding the right words to express your feelings to your female significant other can be difficult, especially when classic movie lines like Jerry Maguire’s You complete me or Noah Calhoun’s “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird have already set her expectations through the roof. How are you supposed to compete with that? The answer: you can’t, but you can get one of these romantic wall displays to do it for you. With a sign reading Above all things, love” hanging in her living room, she’ll be reminded every day just how much you care. Choose from a variety of heartfelt love-letters that will complement any home’s interior. From simple, yet powerful statements like I love you to the moon and back” to more elaborate sentiments, these wall decor items are bound to win over the heart of any hopeless romantic.  I Love You To The Moon and Back as 9 Best Gifts for Valentine's Day
Multi Color Faux Lilly Arrangement as 9 Best Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day As far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, flowers are a safe last-minute option you can always rely on to deliver (both literally and figuratively). But if you really want to woo your lady this year, don’t just buy her any old flowers from the grocery store — get her something that will last from this selection of unique floral arrangements and house plants. Instead of the standard bouquet of red roses that every woman receives on Valentine’s Day, you can buy your partner a Multi-Color Faux Calla Lily Arrangement to match her colorful personality. Or, if you’re both rom-com fans, try out your own rendition of the “love fern” in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with this Artificial Green Fern Arrangement (but don’t worry, this one won’t die like the fern in the movie).
If sappy poems and long-stemmed roses aren’t your Valentine’s cup of tea, try getting her something she’ll actually use like new kitchenware that will make cooking dates even more enjoyable for the both of you. Maybe your significant other has been hinting at wanting a new KitchenAid Mixer or Pasta Roller Set, or maybe you’ve noticed she’s in need of new cutlery or cookware. Whatever the case may be, this is your chance to get your significant other something she’s always wanted, but could never justify buying for herself. Treat her to something luxurious and high tech like the Brazilian Flame Rotisserie Grill with 5 Skewers and Upper Tray or buy her something simple that you know she’ll get a lot of use out of like the Wolf Gourmet 2-Slot Toaster. These small kitchen appliances offer a variety of practical gift options that are bound to please your loved one more than any giant teddy bear or box of chocolates ever could. 2 Slot Toaster as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

When it comes to Valentine’s Day shopping for men, you want to pick a present that’s meaningful, thoughtful, and personal — but not overtly cheesy. This list of gift ideas treads that line perfectly with options that range from entertainment and style to ultimate comfort that will accommodate all of your boyfriend or husband’s unique interests. 

Letsfit Smart Watch as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Everyone loves to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day, and that certainly includes the special man in your life. This upcoming holiday, remind your partner how valuable the time you spend together is by getting him a new watch to count down all of life’s precious moments with you. Whether he’s a classic guy who appreciates timeless styles like the Galaxy 46mm Watch4 Classic or prefers a more modern design like the Letsfit IW1 Smart Watch, these watches are bound to bring a smile to your significant other’s face and show him how much you care. Plus, if it’s a new relationship and you don’t want to commit to a full timepiece just yet, you can always opt for a watch strap like the Samsung Black Ridge Sport Band instead. 
It may seem obvious, but the secret to giving good gifts is to pay attention to what the person receiving them actually likes. For instance, if your boyfriend or husband loves playing video games in his spare time, you have all the information you need to get him the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Depending on whether he’s a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo user, consider getting your significant other new gaming equipment like the JBL Quantum ONE Gaming Headphones or Elite Wireless Controller for the upcoming holiday. Or if you really want to go all out, surprise him with a gaming gift he’ll never take for granted like the 1UP X-Men 4 Player Arcade Machine Arcade 1UP as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Suavage Power Recliner as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For some guys, no fancy device or piece of clothing can beat an evening of comfort and relaxation — which is exactly what these recliners bring to the table. This Valentine’s Day, give your man the gift of uninterrupted leisure time with a new piece of furniture like the Amaretto Leather Power Recliner to call his very own. If he’s a fan of going to the movie theater (but isn’t able to because of COVID-19 or other reasons), you can bring the cinema experience to him with the Cinema Brown Power Home Theater Recliner. Or for the man who has everything, consider this Sauvage Charcoal Gray Power Recliner with Power Headrest that’s perfect for watching a movie, reading a book, or even settling in for a nice afternoon nap. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Singles 

Roses are red, violets are blue, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts that are just meant for you! Even if you find yourself without a romantic partner this upcoming holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate a little self-love. Treat yourself to these indulgent gifts and create the ultimate night of relaxation this February 14th — no Valentine necessary. 

If there’s one thing that’s bound to help make Valentine’s Day feel less like Single’s Awareness Day, it’s a good ol’ movie marathon in the comfort of your own home. But instead of just relying on your own collection of DVDs or Netflix’s sizeable (yet limited) catalog, get access to all of your favorite rom-coms and chick flicks this upcoming holiday by gifting yourself a new media streaming gadget. Use devices like the Roku Streaming Stick 4K and Apple TV 4K 32GB to turn your regular living room television into a smart TV that can play anything you tell it to. And with affordable options like the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, you can relish in knowing you’re saving money while everyone else is out spending it on expensive dates. Apple TV as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Faux Wolf Fur Blanket as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Of course, if you decide to stay in on Valentine’s Day, you may as well be comfortable in the process. Luckily, nothing says comfort quite like this selection of soft goods. If you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room that also doubles as a fuzzy shoulder to cry on when you’re feeling particularly lonely, this 18 Inch Navy Blue Throw Pillow may be just what you need. Or for those who want something a little more luxurious, this Gray-Toned Faux Wolf Fur Throw paired with a Black Faux Fur Chinchilla Throw Pillow offers the ultimate lounging experience that will leave you feeling like royalty. 
No night in on Valentine’s Day is complete without a little mood lighting — and this assortment of candles is sure to do the trick. As you settle in for an evening of self-care, let these Refresh Eucalyptus and Mint Aromatherapy and Lemon and Ginger Aromatherapy Candles transport your senses to a place of tranquility and relaxation. With unforgettable scents like the Lemongrass and Lime Aromatherapy and Magnolia Home Furniture Garden Glass Candles, you can bring a spa-like experience directly into your home. It will be the cherry on top of a well-deserved night of peace and quiet.  Refresh Eucalyptus and Mint Candle as 9 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

View these Valentine’s Day gifts (and more!) at your closest RC Willey. You can also check out inventory at today. 


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RC Willey in Reno, Nevada

Posted by Alexandria on January 23, 2022

RC Willey Reno

RC Willey Reno, Nevada provides all your furniture, appliance, and electronic needs. Located in Washoe County since 2005, RC Willey Reno sits at the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Steamboat Parkway. With 170,000 square feet of showroom space, you’ll find a large array of outdoor furniture and rustic furniture.

With RC Willey Reno’s Instant Credit and No Interest Financing offerings, you can build custom payment plans to help offset the cost of your new furniture. Also, don’t forget about the Blue Rewards program, a unique $79 per year membership that offers free delivery, extended warranties, and other exclusive benefits for joining. Your home, your way.


See below for the RC Willey Reno, Nevada store address

1201 Steamboat Pkwy
Reno, NV 89521

Store Phone Number

See below for the RC Willey Reno, Nevada phone number




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How to Arrange Sofas and Loveseats

Posted by Alexandria on January 21, 2022

Best Ways to Arrange a Sofa and a Loveseat

Love is in the air and sprinkling some of its special flavor into your living room decor could be just the right amount of je ne sais quoi to make Valentine’s Day date night extra special. Sofas and loveseats are both perfect for cuddling, but understanding how to arrange them when decorating can be a challenge. That’s why we put together this handy guide of things to consider when arranging sofas and loveseats.

Westport Cement Beige Lay Flat Reclining Sofa
Westport Cement Beige Lay Flat Reclining Sofa

Know the Difference Between a Sofa and Loveseat

Although loveseats and sofas have a lot of similar characteristics, they do differ in a few key features. Knowing how to tell the difference between a loveseat and sofa could be key to improving your living room’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The biggest difference between the two pieces is size. Sofas typically come in a multiplicity of styles and shapes. They often have extra features like recliners built into the frame. In contrast, loveseats stay true to the images their names conjure and remain ideal for two people. Smaller and more compact, loveseats can fit into tight areas, but lack the bells and whistles of their larger sofa cousins

Size-wise, standard loveseats typically run about 60 inches long. Compare that with the average sofa, which ranges between 75 to 91 inches, and you’ll quickly see just how noticeable that length difference is when indoors. For apartments or townhouses, a loveseat might be a better investment since it frees up walking space and could make your living area feel more open. However, if you plan on having the friends and family over regularly for Sunday-night football, adding a sofa with plenty of available seating could make more sense. Either way, you’ll get a spot to throw your feet up and relax in your significant other’s arms. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a night binging TV shows.

Experiment with Arrangements

If you have the bandwidth, incorporating both a loveseat AND a sofa in the same space is an effective and highly popular way of arranging living room furniture. Since both sofas and loveseats are typically upholstered and have underlying wood frame constructions, you can often find matching sets at your local furniture store. Sets save you the hassle of mixing and matching pieces as they typically come with same-length seat heights and proportional sizing.

How to Arrange A Sofa and Loveseat in a Living Room

Buying multiples of the same furniture piece is also a good way to elevate your living room’s decor. Instead of purchasing a six-seater couch, buy three small loveseats and arrange them in a U-shaped pattern. This design not only provides more walking room, but it also looks strategically aligned and immediately gives your living space a clear focal point. 

Maximize Your Space

Loveseats and sofas can work in tandem to define nebulous living spaces and traffic flows. If your floor plan has an open space between the living room and your dining area, a strategically placed loveseat can create a border that delineates where guests should eat versus where they should sit and socialize. To reinforce this separation, consider buying a large rug that expands to the edges of your sofa and loveseat. Accent rugs are also good items for dividing larger spaces into smaller, functionally defined areas. 

Here are some additional ideas for maximizing space with a sofa and loveseat set:

These ideas — along with many others — can help make your living room a curated place of relaxation, socialization, and entertainment.

Know Your Room’s Purpose

Of course, loveseats and sofas don’t just have to be confined to living rooms. Bedrooms, sitting rooms, and home offices also benefit from these designated sitting places. Thinking critically about the purpose of your space can help narrow down furniture options. For example, a sofa may make more sense for a “Netflix and chill” room since it allows for more lounge space and different sitting positions. Alternatively, a loveseat can be a nice addition to a master bedroom set as a napping spot or reading chair. 

Nickel Beige Power Reclining Love Seat with Center Console
Nickel Beige Power Reclining Love Seat with Center Console – Explorer

Sofas and loveseats also differ in the number of cushions each has, which is another attribute to take into consideration when thinking about the purpose of your soon-to-be decorated space. Loveseats typically have 1 to 2 cushions whereas sofas can range from an average of 2 to 4. Similarly, couch cushions are typically longer and plusher than their loveseat compatriots. For longer movie watching experiences or mid-afternoon catnaps, a sofa would work better. 

However, if you envision your room as a place for conversation and light drinks, a sofa and loveseat combination may make a better alternative. Placing two coffee tables in the middle of your seating arrangement lengthens the room and provides easy access to guests with cups or plates. Another idea is to add accent chairs in a U-shape, which is great for facilitating conversation. 

Identify Focal Points

Finally, identifying a clear focal point in your living room ties all your decor and furniture together in a purposeful way. In a room with a fireplace, the hearth is an obvious focal point. Arranging a loveseat perpendicular to the fireplace highlights its design while offering a warm and intimate place for sitting. If you don’t’ have a fireplace, a window serves as a nice focal point, particularly if two loveseats fan out from it in an L shape. Ideally, you’ll want to place your sofa or loveseat roughly 10 ft from the focal point in question. This opens your space up and allows for more walking room. 

Passport Marine Blue Sofa
Passport Marine Blue Sofa

For rooms without obvious focal points, you can arrange your furniture and decor to create an artificial one. Placing a sofa parallel to a loveseat (with both facing inward) and adding two lounge chairs on either side creates a square. Putting an ottoman or coffee table in the center draws visitors’ eyes and gives your room visual structure.

Ultimately, sofas and loveseats are excellent pieces for classing up any living room area and can be placed in a wide variety of arrangements. When decorating, it comes down to knowing your space’s purpose, accounting for movement, and creating a single focal point. Whatever formation and furniture combination you decide on, you can rest assured that Valentine’s Day — and your romantic night in — will feel homier than ever before. 

Not sure what sofa and loveseat options would fit best in your space? Contact a representative at RC Willey and get expert guidance on decorating your living room. Visit today to view in-stock loveseats and sofas


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The Home Office of My Dreams

Posted by Alexandria on January 20, 2022


I had been planning and rearranging our spare bedroom for a little over a year before I finally decided to create the home office of my dreams!

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Reneze (pronounced like Denise with an “R”), and I run a travel and lifestyle blog by the name of Sincerely Reneze. I am a Las Vegas local, but I often find myself on a plane to somewhere at least once a month. I started blogging in June of 2020 and have been fortunate enough to grow a community of travel, food, and design lovers over the past year and a half. My goal as a brand is to inspire and encourage everyone to create a life they love – one that they never have to take a vacation from!

I have always believed in working in an environment that inspires and uplifts, and that sentiment is what drove me while redesigning my home office. I wanted to go with an evergreen design while keeping a modern twist. I started my decorating process with finding a desk, as it is the most vital part of the room. I needed something small and sleek, yet still functional. Looking through the RC Willey website, I immediately fell in love with the Walnut and Black Metal Mid-Century Modern Desk. The uniqueness of this piece still gets me today and it truly ties the room together very well.

My second goal was to create a relaxing space to encourage myself to take breaks throughout the day.  I decided I was going to have a lounge chair and a TV in the room. To keep up with the mid-century look, I chose a leather accent chair that is both comfortable and stylish. I also decided on the Samsung Smart Frame TV, and it has been one of my best decisions ever. Being able to switch between watching a show and my digital artwork of choice, the TV is great in this space.

The last thing I needed was a place I could store my stuff and a hint of “Vegas.” That’s when I decided to use a Dining Room Sideboard as an entertainment storage unit. The black and gold provided the perfect amount of “pop” and was an incredible addition to the office. I added a turntable and a faux plant to complete the mid-century aesthetic, and it was everything I have ever dreamed of!

RC Willey delivered a series of amazing products that made my home office a space that continuously inspires me and encourages me to get work done! Check out to purchase these products for your home and don’t forget to follow me at while you’re at it!

Take a look at the results!


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