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RC Willey Furniture and Appliances in Boise, Idaho

Posted by Alexandria on January 16, 2022

RC Willey Boise Idaho

If you’re looking for furniture stores near Meridian, Idaho, make RC Willey Boise your next stop. Located just off the I-84 and S. Eagle Road, RC Willey Meridian is conveniently situated 11 miles away from downtown Boise. This furniture, appliance, and electronic store provides all your home design needs and serves the communities of Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, Idaho.

For just $79 per year, enroll in RC Willey Boise’s Blue Rewards program, which offers exclusive benefits like free delivery and extended warranties to members. Also, RC Willey provides an Instant Credit and No Interest Financing plan that allows shoppers to set up payment plans for large purchases. Your home, your way.


How to Conquer Your 2022 Fitness Resolutions With NordicTrack

Posted by Alexandria on January 15, 2022

Get Fit with NordicTrack

With every new year comes New Year’s Resolutions — many of which have to do with living a more active lifestyle. However, as we all know, these fitness goals can be difficult to reach, especially on those cold January mornings when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and jog to the gym. So, how can you break this vicious cycle of setting goals only to give up on them three weeks into the New Year? 

The answer is simple: bring the gym directly into your home. NordicTrack — a recent partner of RC Willey that specializes in home exercise equipment — is the perfect solution for anyone looking to step up their fitness routine in 2022. Whether you’ve vowed to lose weight, do more cardio, or make exercise a part of your daily lifestyle, NordicTrack’s collection of treadmills, studio cycles, and rowing machines will give you the motivation you need to finally check this item off your New Year’s Resolutions list. 

Get Personalized Training At Home with NordicTrack’s Commercial Treadmill Series 

Get Fit with NordicTrack Treadmill
NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

Getting into the habit of working out every day can be a daunting task all on its own. Then, when you factor in all the time and planning that goes into creating your own routine from scratch, it can seem virtually impossible. NordicTrack’s Commercial Treadmill Series takes these problems out of the equation by providing a variety of interactive, personalized training options that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Tailor a workout experience that’s right for you by choosing from the new and standard Commercial 1750, 2450, and 2950 models. Each of these treadmills uses tread cushioning that allows you to soften impact on your joints with one setting and stimulate a real-road running experience with another. Plus, they are all equipped with iFit technology, a feature that gives you access to a library of over 16,000 on-demand workouts guided by a variety of world-class personal trainers.

Transport yourself into a room with Tennille Boseman as she leads one of her high-energy studio sessions or travel to a mountaintop with Rivers Puzey for a global workout you’ll never forget. Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or just starting out on your fitness journey, these highly versatile treadmills can be adapted to fit anyone’s unique workout routine. 

Travel the World With NordicTrack’s Commercial Studio Cycles

Get Fit with NordicTrack Studio Cycles
NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

If your resolutions include exercising and traveling more in 2022, NordicTrack’s series of Commercial Studio Cycles may cross more than one item off your list this year. Have you ever dreamed of cycling through the bustling streets of Japan, mountainous regions of Switzerland, or alongside fellow athletes in the beautiful scenery of the Tour De France? With NordicTrack’s S15i and new and standard S22i cycles, you can do all of that and more without even leaving the confines of your own home.

Use iFit virtual training sessions to transport yourself to new and exciting locations all while participating in electrifying workouts with some of the best personal trainers on the market. Each cycle’s flex frame simulates the real feel and movement of an outdoor cycle, helping to immerse you in once-in-a-lifetime cycling experiences. NordicTrack also uses expertly engineered flywheels with Silent Magnetic Resistance for a quieter, smoother ride. And as an added bonus, each cycle comes with a set of 3 Lb. dumbbells, giving you everything you need for the ultimate full-body workout. 

Elevate Your Workout To New Heights With NordicTrack’s Rowers

Get Fit with NordicTrack Rower
NordicTrack RW500 Rower

Not everyone can afford a rowboat and, if they did, live close enough to a body of water to use one. Luckily with NordicTrack’s Rower series, that’s no longer a problem.

Whether you’re looking to give your upper body a good workout or simply let off a little steam, the RW500 as well as the new and standard RW900 rowers are bound to offer a truly unforgettable exercise experience. Choose from the iFit library of training sessions to break up the monotony of your everyday routine. With the click of a button, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of some of the world’s greatest reservoirs directly from your living room.

NordicTrack’s dual resistance technology also creates a powerful combination of digital and air resistance to your rower, giving you a more substantial and immersive workout with every session. But if that workout starts to feel a little too immersive, rest assured that each rower’s quick-adjust footrests will keep you safe and secure at all times so you never have to compromise the intensity of your workouts. 

You can view these items and more at your closest RC Willey or online at today. For more information on NordicTrack, click here

7 Things to Know When Learning How to Clean a Fabric Couch

Posted by Alexandria on January 13, 2022

Design Lab Nikola Multicolor Confetti Sofa

Fabric couches look great, but they can be a real pain to keep clean. The regular wear-and-tear of life — eating quick meals in the living room, spilling a drop of coffee on the armrest, dogs tracking muddy paws over the cushions — take a particularly hard toll on fabric sofas.

Even in the most clean and organized households, oil and dirt from human bodies eventually sink into the fabric and make your guest room’s prime furniture showpiece look…well, less showy.  Here are 7 things you should definitely know when learning how to clean a fabric couch

Your Sofa’s Cleaning Codes Matter

Before you attempt any couch cleaning, check out your sofa’s cleaning tag. Each piece will include a manufacturer’s tag that includes important information for how to clean your fabric couch. A variety of natural and synthetic textile fabrics could be included in the makeup of your sofa, and each type requires specific cleaning instructions.

One note in particular to keep in mind is whether your couch’s fabric can handle water. Some upholsteries will actually stain worse when water is used to clean them. Here are some of the more common tags you will see on couch labels (and what they mean):

W Water can be used to clean your couch. It won’t leave stains or spot damages.
WS Mild and dry-cleaning detergents can be used in conjunction with a steam vacuum.
X Water should NOT be used to clean. Most experts recommend only using a vacuum on this type of material.
S Dry-cleaning detergent or special solvents (usually detailed on the tag) only can be used as a cleaning agent.

Checking your sofa’s tag before cleaning is important for reasons other than just keeping your couch looking good. In some cases, failing to follow the manufacturer tag’s instructions can void warranties. When learning how to deep clean a couch, the first step should always — and we mean, always — be to check your sofa’s cleaning code.

Conduct Regular Cleanings

An easy way to avoid deep cleaning exercises is to keep up on regular, weekly fabric couch cleanings. Clean your sofa’s crevices and pick out any hair, food remnants, or toys that may have, quite literally, fallen through the cracks.

Mix together liquid dish soap and warm water to use on non-fabric couch surfaces like supports and feet. If you live in a humid area, consider placing a fan in front of your sofa for a few hours. Excess moisture can occasionally cause mildew, which you definitely do not want in your lounge spots.

Another tip to know when learning how to clean a fabric couch on a regular basis is paying particular attention to your cushions. If your couch’s cushions have removable covers, take them off and stick them in the washing machine. Otherwise, you can pursue the old-fashioned route of removing your cushions, taking them outdoors, and beating them manually. The sun actually provides great UV rays that help disinfect textiles, so this approach may be particularly well-suited if somebody in your household has been ill.

Of course, in a pinch, you can take the easy road: turning your cushions over so that the fresher-looking undersides show. This strategy also minimizes the run-down look some well-loved cushions inevitably get over time.

Use a Good Vacuum

When creating an attack plan for how to clean your fabric couch, include a reliable vacuum cleaner. Vacuums come in handy for any cleaning method you choose to use on your fabric sofa. Loose crumbs or smaller items are easier to pick up with a vacuum’s low setting, and the application of cleaners — whether it be a solvent or plain ‘ole water — runs more smoothly after vacuuming the couch’s surface first. Similarly, if you decide to try the baking soda route (more on that in a minute), you’ll need a vacuum to suck up the soda when you’re done. 

Buy Some Baking Soda

Queue the drumroll please for the best underutilized cleaning agent of all time: baking soda! Although baking soda and its use in cleaning deserves a post of its own, it also makes cleaning fabric couches much simpler. Safe for most types of fabric, baking soda helps loosen embedded grime in your couch for easier vacuuming. 

Just to be safe, spot test some backing soda on an inconspicuous spot of your couch. If your fabric does happen to be a type unfriendly to baking soda, you’ll find out pretty quickly with this spot check. Once this experiment has been successfully conducted, sprinkle baking soda onto your sofa’s surface and let it sit for a half hour. Then, use your vacuum to suck up the baking soda — and the dirt! 

Baking Soda for Learning How to Clean Your Fabric Sofa

When deep cleaning your couch, you don’t need to use a lot of baking soda to get the job done. Light coverage will get you the results you want and cut down on vacuuming time. For a more in-depth cleaning, mix some baking soda with carpet cleaner, water, or dry upholstery (depending on what your manufacturer’s tab says is safe to use). This paste is particularly effective for removing grease stains. Gently apply the paste onto the stained areas of your couch and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, vacuum up the remnants. 

Whichever baking soda method you opt to use, the results should be the same. Your upholstered couch will be cleaner — and smell much nicer — when you’re done.

Make DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Cleaning Agents

For some inexpensive and creative cleaning solutions, consider trying out a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) recipe. An important note before starting: make sure that you check your manufacturer’s tag to determine specific ingredients that are safe for use on your fabric. It bears repeating that your fabric couch could be ruined if you use non-approved cleaning agents on it.

Many natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard will work well for deep cleaning a couch. For example, 3 tbsps of white vinegar mixed with dish soap can be used to spot-treat stains. Don’t be too aggressive with applying this mixture; gentle wiping and light application are a better bet for ensuring the spot doesn’t get worse by being rubbed in further.

How To Clean a Fabric Couch with Vinegar and Baking Soda

For larger areas that need some additional cleaning love, use a mixture of white vinegar with water and dish soap. Pour this solution into a spray bottle for easier cleaning. Simply spray the vinegar mixture onto your sofa, let it air-dry, and enjoy your newly cleaned couch. 

Some additional DIY tips include using distilled water and working fast once spills do happen. Distilled water works better on many fabrics because it doesn’t leave mineral residue behind like tap water does. Similarly, since many fabrics are prone to stain quickly, it’s best to jump on them before they are able to soak up messes for too long. DIY solutions are great for fast cleaning since you’ll typically have the materials on-hand and readily available. 

Dry Brush Your Fabric Couch

Learning How to Clean Your Couch with a Dry Brush Investing in a dry brush is a good idea when learning how to clean a couch. When used properly, dry brushes loosen up dirt and debris on your sofa. To start, move the brush back and forth in a straight line. Try to follow your fabric’s grain instead of working against it. Brushing in this way is an easy and quick cleaning solution for sprucing up your couch.

Other brushing options include lint rollers for pet-friendly homes and, as a quick fix, large strips of packing tape. Brushing your sofa isn’t meant as a deep-cleaning solution, but it definitely helps freshen things up before company arrives.

Invest in a Steam Cleaner

As a final cleaning measure, consider buying or renting a steam cleaner to use on your fabric couch. Steam is great for loosening up dirt and, when used in conjunction with a vacuum, can be a great cleaning tool for your sofa. Depending on the type of steamer you use, you may need to fill up the machine with water or specialized cleaning solution. Consult your couch’s manufacturer tags for details on what you can use on your sofa’s fabric.

It’s particularly important to read these tags when using steam since some couches — even those that allow water as a cleaning treatment — cannot handle heat. If you’re still unsure after reading the instructions, spot test some steam on an out-of-the-way sofa part to see how your fabric takes it.

An alternative to a steam cleaner is a clothes iron. Putting your iron on its “steam” setting and slowly pulling it across your couch will have much the same effect as a traditional steamer. However, your best bet when it comes to applying heat is to follow any manufacturer directions provided on your sofa’s tag or included paper instructions. 

How to Clean Your Fabric Couch when You Have a Cat

Ultimately, learning how to clean a fabric sofa can seem like a daunting task, but keeping these 7 tips in mind will help you get started. Also, if you find yourself needing expert cleaning help, contact the representatives at RC Willey’s, and they can provide you with additional recommendations and paid cleaning services. Don’t have a fabric couch, but want one? Check out to see the latest models in stock. 

Installing an Over-the-Range Microwave

Posted by Alexandria on January 7, 2022

Although professional chefs may disagree, microwaves are one of the kitchen’s most underrated appliances. Whether you’re a college student living in tight quarters or a parent with three kids to feed, a quick and simple microwaved meal can be a true life-saver.

But what to do when the microwave oven you’ve had for fifteen years finally shorts out? Time to think about a replacement, which means figuring out how to install an over-the-range-microwave pronto. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to replace and install an over-the-range microwave oven.

Select the Right Over-the-Range Microwave

Just like most things in the consumer economy, a plethora of microwave product options exist. Regardless of whether you want to learn how to install a Whirlpool microwave, Samsung microwave, or another available brand product, there are some general guidelines to follow when shopping.

Typical microwave ovens tend to come in three distinct sizes: compact, mid-size, and full size. Appliance installation experts point out, though, that no set standard height, width, and depth measurements exist across the board for microwaves. This lack of consistency means that making sure the microwave you purchase will work with your existing kitchen’s setup should be top-of-mind for buyers.

Over-the-range microwaves differ from countertop microwaves. Most over-the-range models double as range vents, which means that they help suck up exhaust fumes from stove cooking. They sit above your stovetop and free up counter space. Fortunately, most over-the-range microwaves are designed to fit into a 30-inch wide space, a good metric to keep in mind while shopping.

It’s a good idea to measure your existing microwave before pulling out the pocketbook. The need to replace an over-the-range microwave can sometimes overwhelm practicalities, and the last thing you want is to buy a new microwave and realize it doesn’t fit into its allotted space. Pulling the ‘ole tape measure out is a good place to start your over-the-range microwave install.

Understand Venting Options for Over-the-Range Microwaves

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of microwave installation is getting ventilation right. Typically, two venting options exist for over-the-range microwaves. The first relies on a vertical duct that blows exhaust into the outside air in an upwards motion. Alternatively, horizontal vents push air through a maze of ductwork in the adjacent wall.

Knowing which option is right for your kitchen depends on how existing ductwork is set up. Before installation, determine whether your current ductwork setup snakes upwards or sideways, If you’re unsure, you can always ask an installation expert from RC Willey for assistance. Sometimes, adjustments need to be made to your ducts, which is traditionally done with the addition of transition fittings or vent collars. Regardless, know precisely how your microwave’s ventilation will work before lifting a new one into place.

Prep Your Space for Installation

Even more important than the set-up itself is preparation of the area you plan to use for your new over-the-range model. Ensuring you have enough space for the new microwave is critical.

It’s a good idea to have the following tools easily accessible when prepping your space:

• Measuring tape
• Phillips screwdriver
• Drill with an array of drill bit sizes
• Masking tape
• Scissors
How to Install an Over-the-Range Microwave

Experts like the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommend that microwave bottoms should be placed no higher than 54 inches from the floor. Similarly, make sure your over-the-range microwave has enough clearance above the stove, which should be at a minimum 20 to 24 inches.

Similarly, having enough space between the microwave’s top and the kitchen ceiling as well as a large enough width between wall cabinets is key before attempting installation. Most over-the-range microwaves need overhanging cabinets above them so they can be properly fastened. Another point to keep in mind when learning how to install over-the-range microwave ovens is whether your kitchen has a backsplash. If so, the microwave needs to sit at least 2 inches above it.

This may go without saying, but remove your existing model before attempting to replace it with a new over-the-range microwave. Notice how your old microwave attaches to the bottom of the overhanging cabinet. Remove any screws, any existing mounting brackets (particularly since new microwaves come with their own custom installation instructions), and the microwave itself.

Set up Your Microwave’s Electrical Connection

Over-the-range microwaves require some electrical wiring to be set up before use. The overhanging cabinet above your over-the-range model will serve as the primary space for both mounting and any electrical cords that hook up your microwave. It may also house some venting ducts, depending on your setup.

How to Install an Over-The Range Microwave Electrical Cord Although most over-the-range microwaves come with detailed manufacturer instructions on how to position necessary wiring, you should not attempt this step of installation if you have any doubts about how to safely setup electrical components. As with anything involving electrical wiring, accidents can happen, and you should consider hiring a certified professional to assist.

Install Mounts for Microwave

Once your measurements, overhanging cabinet, and electrical wiring plan are in place, it’s time to finally break open the box for your newly purchased over-the-range microwave. Your microwave will come with paper templates that contain further instructions on how to install over-the-range microwaves. Tape one template to the back wall behind your microwave’s space and another to the bottom of the overhanging cabinet (included manufacturer instructions should make it clear which template goes where). For a visual, check out this quick video below.

Once the templates are set up, you should see on them specific spots to drill holes. These holes will be used for power cords and venting, so it’s important to drill them precisely where the templates indicate. For optimum support, take time to find studs on which you can drill. A standard stud finder tool will work well for this process, but you can also tap lightly across the wall with a hammer to listen for the solid thunk that indicates a stud. At minimum, the stud should be roughly 2 x 4 inches, and you should aim to drill as close to the middle of the stud as possible. Your over-the-range microwave oven installation will run more smoothly if the mount is solidly supported to begin with.

After drilling, mount the metal bracket included with your over-the-range microwave as shown in the manufacturer instructions. It’s critical to make sure the mount is supported by wall studs before moving onto the next step in the installation process.

Configure Ductwork for Ventilation

Although you already should have determined whether your ductwork lies horizontally or vertically, it’s time now to finally connect it all up with your microwave. All ductwork used in conjunction with your microwave needs to be metal. Any plastic options offered by hardware stores should be avoided in this instance.

Ductwork for Installing an Over-the-Range Microwave

Hopefully your ductwork is already more or less configured, but if not, ensure that your duct length stays below 140 feet. If the duct is longer, air flow may not circulate appropriately. Ideally, your ducts will primarily be straight. Having to use adapters, elbows, and roof caps could impede airflow. Ultimately, if you are unsure whether your ducts are set up properly for an over-the-range microwave installation, it’s best to get in touch with a professional that can help guide you through the process.

Lift and Install Your Over-the-Range Microwave

Once your ductwork and electrical setup is complete, you are finally ready to position and install your new over-the-range microwave oven. You should not attempt this step alone; this is where having a helper that can support the microwave’s weight while you hook it up is important for efficiency and safety’s sake.

First, you should double check that your microwave is in working order. Occasionally, microwaves can be damaged in transit or, if you’re installing a used over-the-range model, broken. Not only is your time wasted by installing a defunct microwave, but it could also be a hazard, particularly once hooked up to the electrical outlet.

Next, with the assistance of your helper, lift the microwave to its designated spot above the oven. Slightly tilt the microwave so you can position it with the appropriate mounts as instructed by the manufacturer. Most over-the-range microwaves should come with mounting bolts that you can then thread through the drilled holes. Make sure the microwave is as horizontal as possible throughout this process. Once you are finished tightening mount bolts, fit the microwave’s lower edge as closely as possible to the cabinet’s bottom.

Snake the electrical cord through the appropriate hole in the overhanging cupboard. Before plugging it in all the way, connect your oven’s vent outlet into the ductwork. Make sure all joints are sealed with metal tape. After plugging in and testing your oven, gather the electrical cord into a bundle and safely place it in the overhanging cupboard.

How to Install an Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

You did it! Of course, if your microwave isn’t turning on as expected, you can always call on an RC Willey professional to help. Note that certain manufacturer instructions may differ from those given here. That’s ok — when in doubt, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations first. Interested in purchasing an over-the-range microwave? Check out‘s selection today.

13 Gifts for Outdoorsy People in 2022

Posted by Alexandria on January 3, 2022

The New Year is upon us, which means there’s a good chance someone you know is already making goals to “be more active” and “spend more time outside” in 2022. Why not give them a little push? Here are some gifts for outdoorsy people in 2022 that will help motivate them to achieve all of their New Year’s resolutions. From cool camping gear to backyard decor, these items are the perfect way to show the outdoor enthusiasts in your life that you care this holiday season (even if you missed Christmas).  

Cool Camping Gear Gifts for Adventure Seekers 

There’s nothing outdoorsy people love more than soaking up some scenic views, cuddling in a cozy tent, and roasting marshmallows next to a crackling fire. Here are some cool camping gifts for your nature-loving friend’s next off-the-grid adventure in 2022. 

Large Cam O Bunk as Gifts for Outdoorsy People Living off the land can be a peaceful and eye-opening time for outdoor fanatics, but if you’re not getting a good sleep, you won’t be able to fully appreciate the experience. That’s why this holiday season, add a little “glamping” to your outdoor arsenal with this Large Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers. This large Disc-O-Bed gives you a supportive, durable sleeping option while still being portable and easy to set up. Usable as a single bed or a bunk, this set also comes with attachable organizers to hold all of your camping essentials. It’s the ultimate gift that will give any camper the rest they need to soak in the great outdoors.
Speaking of sleep, with this Large Memory Foam Sleeping Bag, you’ll be sure to get a lot of it during your next camping trip. This comfortable and luxurious sleeping bag is equipped with gold quality memory foam that molds to your body, ensuring you never wake up with back pain. Have a hard time getting a good sleep without a heater to keep you warm at night? This sleeping bag also comes with a luxurious duvet with a washable percale cotton cover to keep you comfy and cozy as you listen to the crickets chirp. Plus, it can be used as a duvet or topper on other surfaces like trucks, boats, and RVs. Large Memory Foam Sleeping Bag as a Gift for Outdoorsy People
Sherpa Table Organizer as a Gift for Outdoorsy People Camping often means you’re operating on limited storage, but the Mountain Series Sherpa Table and Organizer can help fix that issue. This practical set comes with four padded containers to keep everything safe during your outdoor getaway. As an added bonus, the blue organizer bag is lined and can be used as a cooler or kitchen sink. The aluminum tabletop can be attached and reattached with ease, meaning that when the legs are compressed and pouches zipped, this organizer is insanely easy to grab and go for outdoor lovers who are always on the move. 
If there’s one thing outdoorsy people know to be true, it’s that food always tastes better camping — especially when it’s cooked on this Bronze Pro Series 34 Traeger Grill. After a relaxing day of fishing, rustle up your catch of the day on this one-of-a-kind grill for an unbelievable culinary experience. This Traeger has a hopper with an 18 lb wood pellet capacity, giving you up to 18 hours of straight smoking that will have your whole campsite smelling like the world’s best barbecue. And don’t worry about portability; this Traeger grill is designed with rock solid all-terrain wheels that make rolling your grill over pavement, rocks, and dirt simple and easy. Traeger Grill Pro Series as Gift for Outdoorsy People

Decor For The Poolside Patio

Just because a person loves being in the great outdoors doesn’t mean they enjoy camping. Here are some ideas for the nature lovers who prefer basking in the sun next to a pool to fighting mosquitoes in a tent.

Bradenton Navy Outdoor Wicker Chair as Gift for Outdoorsy People Even though summer is still months away, this Bradenton Navy Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge will give any sun worshiper something to look forward to in 2022. Made with moisture-resistant cushions on a rattan-style wicker frame, this luxurious piece of outdoor furniture transforms any backyard poolside into a tropical paradise. Grab a refreshment and lather on some sunscreen, because with this lounge’s six adjustable settings, you can spend hours of comfort lounging in your own outdoor sanctuary. 
In order to make sure your outdoorsy friends don’t spend too much time outside in the heat (no one likes a sunburn!), try gifting them this Sunburst Wall Clock in 2022. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, this clock makes the perfect outside-the-box gift for anyone looking to spruce up their backyard patio with an item that also has a practical use such as telling time. Its sun-shaped design gives it a charming and rustic look that will complement any decor style. Plus, it has two additional dials that indicate temperature and relative humidity, making this clock an extremely useful tool for every season of the year.  Sunburst Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Dark Brown Patio Wood Side Table as Gift for Outdoorsy People What’s an outdoor sanctuary without a drink and snack table? With this Midland Patio Wood Side Table, you’ll no longer need to walk back and forth from the kitchen to the pool for your chips and soda. Crafted from solid acacia hardwood, this table is both functional and attractive; it looks equally good dressed up with flowers or left on its own. But don’t be fooled by its appearance alone — this table is also extremely durable, able to withstand even the harshest summers and winters. 
Basking in the sun can be heaven on days when the temperature outside is just right — but when the summer heat starts pushing 90 degrees and above, you’ll be glad you have this Wine Red Square Patio Umbrella to keep you cool. The two-meter umbrella features air vents that ensure optimum comfort even on the hottest of days. This umbrella’s strong steel frame and durable, UV-resistant polyester fabric is made to last, meaning your outdoorsy friend will get good use out of it. Wine Red Square Patio Umbrella as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Dark Brown Wicker Outdoor Cooler as Gift for Outdoorsy People Of course, if you’re planning on spending the day outside in the heat, you need to make sure and stay hydrated. That’s why this Palm Harbor Wicker Outdoor Cooler is the perfect gift for all outdoor lovers! On those days where you can’t seem to escape the heat, keep yourself and your favorite beverages ice-cold with this cooler’s 60-quart interior. Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood barbecue or simply lounging alone by the pool, this accent piece is sure to take your outdoor activities to the next level.

Gardening Gifts for Nature Lovers 

To the average outdoor enthusiast, gardens aren’t just a space to grow flowers and vegetables: they are also a sanctuary. Whether you’re shopping for the everyday plant mom or the proud keeper of a Victorian-style garden, here are some gift ideas that every nature lover is bound to appreciate. 

The best gardens usually include some form of running water. That’s why this Metal Watering Can Fountain makes the perfect addition to any nature lover’s safe haven. Designed with four metal watering cans stacked on top of each other, this rustic decor piece can be used to both dress up and dress down any outdoor space. Whether you need something classic to make your outdoor area feel more grounded or something charming to give your garden an extra spruce (no pun intended), this fountain makes a great centerpiece for any gardener’s sanctuary.  Metal Watering Can as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Distressed White and Black Metal Plant Holder as Gift for Outdoorsy People Gardening isn’t all sunshine and roses — sometimes it can be a lot of hard work. However, with this Distressed White and Black Metal 3 Tier Planter, the “hard work” part can at least become more fun. This planter not only adds a layer of practicality to any outdoor space, but it also looks cute doing it. Constructed almost like a functional wheelbarrow, this portable triple-tier decor piece has many uses. Need a way to easily transport your seedlings, store those pesky gardening tools, or display all of your favorite plants and flowers in style? Regardless of what your gardening needs are, rest assured that this planter can meet them all while garnering plenty of compliments from your visitors in the process. 
If you’re looking for a more affordable gift option for your outdoor-loving friends in 2022, consider these Assorted Glaze Garden Mushrooms. Available in either blue or green, these ceramic mushrooms are a great way to add a pinch of personality to any outdoor environment without breaking the bank. Whether you’re shopping for a garden that’s simple or extravagant, this adorable piece is sure to fit in wherever it’s placed. It’ll add a splash of color while not being “in your face” enough to steal the show. Assorted Blue and Green Glazed Mushrooms as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Assorted Multi Color Metal Flowers as Gift for Outdoorsy People If your outdoorsy friend wants to channel their inner Disney Princess, try getting them this Multi Color Metal Mesh Bird Feeder. This colorful contraption is shaped like a flower and attracts all sorts of bird visitors. Use it to store different types of bird food for a variety of winged creatures to enjoy at their leisure, and before you know it, your garden will be filled with birds on a regular basis. This bird feeder comes in four different colors, which makes it a versatile gift that’s bound to complement a variety of different garden styles. 

View these gifts for outdoorsy people (and more!) at your closest RC Willey. You can also check out inventory at today. 

How to Measure Your Refrigerator and Make Sure it Fits

Posted by Alexandria on December 30, 2021

Buying a new refrigerator seems simple enough until you actually start installing it. Moving an item as bulky as a fridge into your kitchen space can pose problems, particularly if you aren’t sure the refrigerator will fit into its designated spot.

That’s why the RC Willey team put together this quick guide on how to measure your refrigerator and make sure it fits. By adhering to these tips, you’ll have your shiny fridge up and running (queue the “is your refrigerator running” jokes) in no time flat.

Size Guide for Measuring Your Refrigerator

First thing’s first: before installing a new refrigerator, you have to decide which one to buy. Standard fridge sizes typically fall between 30 to 36 inches wide and 67 to 70 inches high. However, it’s not enough to go off these standard refrigerator sizes alone — this big of a purchase requires certainty.

Knowing how to measure a refrigerator is absolutely key when thinking about buying a new one. Before throwing out your old fridge, take a tape measure to it. Focus on measuring the height, width, and depth of your existing refrigerator. Make sure to calculate your measurements using inches instead of other metrics, particularly if you’re in the U.S.

A small array of standard fridge sizes is featured in the image below. Of course, many other options exist in the market today, so make sure to conduct more research on what’s available based on your kitchen’s specific needs.

How to Measure Your Refrigerator Standard Size Guide

Perhaps the trickiest part of getting an accurate sense of the space your refrigerator will occupy is determining its cubic feet (sometimes denoted as CuFt). If you’re not a math whiz, you may want to pull out your calculators for this one. To calculate cubic area, multiply the three measurements you took (reminder: width, height, and depth) together. Once you have your solution, divide THAT number by 1,728. Why 1,728? Because that’s what smart people say is the number of cubic inches in one cubic foot.

The answer to this division problem gives you an accurate reading of your fridge’s cubic area. As a point of comparison, most refrigerators will measure between 10 and 35 CuFt. If your answer isn’t in this general ballpark, double check your math.

Once you have your measurements, you’re ready to begin shopping for refrigerators that will fit. Other sizing related characteristics to keep in mind include the following:

  • The model’s total capacity
  • Appliance fit width
  • Door hinge height

Depending on your refrigeration needs and design preferences, these measurements can also impact how your new fridge looks once in place.

The most important thing when measuring refrigerators is to not solely rely on manufacturer size guides. In this case, a little manual work goes a long way, and the odds of your new fridge fitting perfectly the first go-around increase exponentially when you invest some time and energy into measuring.

Measure Your Kitchen Space

The next step in measuring your refrigerator is to focus on the area surrounding it. All kitchens are different, and the fridge that looks great in your neighbor’s house may not work so well in your space. This means thinking about how the surrounding cupboards, drawers, and kitchen islands may interfere with your new fridge’s movement and overall ability to function.

Although the actual dimensions of your new refrigerator certainly matter, its designated space in your kitchen does too. Before measuring, keep in mind the total amount of space your fridge will occupy. This includes the space open doors and drawers will take up as well as appropriate ventilation space (more on that in a minute).

You can get an idea of how to accomplish these measurements by following the same process you did before: using a tape measure to figure out the length, width, and depth of your fridge’s intended resting place. Refer to the handy graphic below for a visualization of these key spaces.

How to Measure Your Refrigerator

Try to identify both the maximum and minimum width for your potential new fridge. There’s a big difference between a fridge with some breathing room between enclosed cupboard spaces and one jammed in. To be on the safe side, measure from the front AND back of the upper cabinets to the floor. Occasionally, cabinets are not perfectly square and taking two measurements will ensure non-aligned edges don’t catch you unawares come installation time.

Finally, take the extra time to measure the space between countertops, walls, cabinets, and baseboard trim. When in doubt, err on the side of the shortest measurements you read to ensure your new fridge will fit. When measuring a refrigerator, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Measure Space for Ventilation

One little-known fact about measuring refrigerators: they need room to breathe. Most recently manufactured fridges require at least 1 inch above and ⅛-inch per side of space between the refrigerator and the surrounding walls. Perhaps even more critical, fridges need at least a 2-inch buffer between their backs and the adjoining wall.

How to Measure Your Refrigerator for Breathing Room

Why are accounting for these spaces necessary when measuring a refrigerator? Because fridges need regular air circulation in order to run efficiently. Also, without adequate air flow, many refrigerator brands will fail to last their entire lifespan. Fridges don’t come cheap, and nobody wants to replace one just a few years into its installation.

When measuring, subtract this buffer space from your previous solutions to get the most accurate dimensions for your new fridge. Before purchasing, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the brand you’re interested in to make sure your space will work.

Consider Space for Fridge Doors and Drawers

Knowing how to measure needed space for refrigerator pull-out drawers and doors can be a bit tricky. Most fridges with pull-out drawers need doors that swing open at least 90 degrees. If you don’t account for this range of movement, your new fridge may not open wide enough to allow easy drawer access.

Door Hinges and Door Space in How to Measure Your Refrigerator

If your doors still do not open all the way after installation, you can typically address this by pulling the fridge further away from the wall. Again, keep in mind how high your fridge’s hinges measure (see graphic above). Having accurate dimensions for drawers, open doors, and door hinges is key in making sure the fridge you’re interested in works for your kitchen.

Plan Delivery Path

Finally, once you purchase your new fridge, you need to make sure it can get into the kitchen. Depending on the layout of your home, you may need to plan out a specific, direct path to the new fridge’s spot. Measure the height and width of all hallways and doors that you or the delivery team will pass through on the way to your kitchen. If your new refrigerator’s height doesn’t clear these entrances, strategize a new path.

How to Measure a Refrigerator Path to Install

Sometimes a longer, seemingly more convoluted path to your eventual destination is better than a short, more direct one. If the longer option avoids narrow spaces and staircases, it’s probably worth the extra effort. Worried about your floors getting scratched? Purchase or rent a floor protector and consider using furniture slider pads when moving your new fridge.

Know that the RC Willey team is available for any questions or concerns you have when learning how to measure a refrigerator. Our experienced delivery teams and sales associates can help calculate the dimensions needed for your new fridge to fit as expected. Also, RC Willey provides the option for delivering and installing new refrigerators. Visit one of our showrooms today for more information and to check out the latest refrigerator models in-stock.

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