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Cozy Beds

Posted by Alyssa on November 30, 2018


It’s winter time and that means shorter days, but don’t let that get you down. That gives you even more time to cozy up in your bed! Is there anything better than climbing into a warm, inviting, soft bed at the end of a long, cold day? Get ready to make your bed as cozy as possible by following these tips. 

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Reclaimed Wood Fireplaces

Posted by Alyssa on November 29, 2018


While it may sound appealing to have a fireplace in your home, I’ve seen some pretty unfortunate ones. Using reclaimed wood to cover up a fireplace is a great way to make what was an eyesore into the main focus of your room! Reclaimed wood is simply wood that you are taking from its original source and using for something new. Don’t think that using reclaimed wood will immediately make your room feel rustic - it all just depends on the styling. Check out some different reclaimed wood fireplaces below and if you’re interested in doing a DIY fireplace makeover, this article has some good ideas on how to get started. 

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Nursery Art Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on November 28, 2018


I have a new baby in my house and even with my two-year-old running around, it’s amazing to me how much time we spend in the nursery. What with feeding the baby, rocking the baby, changing the babies clothes and diapers, the nursery is one of the most used rooms in our home! Which is why it’s important to make sure that space is just as comfortable, beautiful, and homey as the rest of your house. Hanging up just a few pieces of artwork will make the nursery in your home feel special and one of a kind - just like the little one sleeping in the crib! I found some of my favorite artwork for nurseries I thought I’d share below. 

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White Kitchens

Posted by Alyssa on November 27, 2018

Is there anything more clean and simple feeling than a white kitchen? I love how classic and simple an all-white kitchen can look. Whether you’re planning on doing a complete remodel or you’ve decided to pick up a paintbrush for a quick touch up, you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen.

Keep reading for white kitchen inspiration! 

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Posted by Alyssa on November 26, 2018

Do you dread doing laundry each week because the thought of trying to shove a fitted sheet into your linen closet is too overwhelming? Is your linen closet a pile of crumpled sheets? It might be time to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet! 

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Mixing Patterns in Living Room

Posted by Alyssa on November 8, 2018

living room

If you haven’t ever tried it before, mixing patterns can feel a little scary. How do you know what patterns will work? Won’t the room look too busy? What if it look horrible when I’m done? If you find yourself asking these questions when it comes to deciding whether or not you’ll be mixing patterns, don’t panic! With just a little guidance you’ll be able to mix patterns like a pro. Check out some of these tips to help get you started. 

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Pumpkin Recipes

Posted by Alyssa on November 7, 2018


In my opinion, one of the best parts of fall is how pumpkin invades pretty much everything. Pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin decorations, and best of all, pumpkin recipes! This year my goal is to branch out of the typical pumpkin desserts and start making savory pumpkin recipes. I’ve collected some different recipes I’m hoping to try out this month and am going to share them in the hopes that you’ll give them a try too! Don’t forget that you can get any kitchen appliances you may need this holiday season at RC Willey. 

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Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on November 6, 2018


Now that it’s November it’s time to swap out the skeletons and ghosts and get ready for Thanksgiving. There are some easy things you can bring into your house to really get into the holiday spirit! Check out some of these Thanksgiving decoration ideas to help inspire your home decor this season. 

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New Apartment Checklist

Posted by Alyssa on November 5, 2018


If you are moving into a new apartment, or you know someone who is moving into their first apartment, it can feel overwhelming getting everything set up. Packing, unpacking, and runs to the store for basic supplies can make even the most organized person feel scattered and forgetful! That’s why I’ve come up with a first apartment checklist to help you keep everything in order. 

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Farmhouse Kitchens

Posted by Alyssa on October 29, 2018


No wonder so many people want their kitchens decorated in the farmhouse style. Warm and welcoming, with personal touches and a natural feel, the farmhouse style has become extremely popular. One of the best parts of it is how totally unique and individualized you can make your home while still incorporating the style. If you’re interested in decorating your kitchen in the farmhouse style, start working little by little. This look is best put together over time with items that are meaningful and loved.

Keep reading for different elements of a farmhouse kitchen that you can incorporate into your home. 

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