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The Best and Worst Features of Popular Carpet Fibers

Posted by Carlee on September 13, 2023

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home goes beyond mere decoration; it's a reflection of your unique lifestyle and the specific needs of your household. With the multitude of carpet types available, each offering distinct attributes and aesthetics, it's essential to discover the one that truly suits you. The right carpet not only enhances the visual appeal of your living space but also provides durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance that aligns with your family dynamics. 

Let's delve into some of the options: 

The Pros and Cons of Nylon Carpet

Nylon is renowned for its resilience. Its fibers easily bounce back from compression, making it resistant to matting and flattening over time. This is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas. While untreated nylon can be prone to stains, most nylon carpets today come with stain-resistant treatments, making them well-suited to handle spills or accidents. Additionally, nylon comes in a myriad of colors and styles, providing homeowners with a wide range of aesthetic choices without compromising on functionality.

Nylon carpet stands out as an excellent choice for pet owners. Its robust and resilient fibers can withstand the demands of active pets, resisting wear from frequent movement and play. Additionally, its durability ensures that the carpet retains its appearance and feel, even in homes with multiple furry companions.

As it was stated earlier, untreated nylon is particularly vulnerable to staining, requiring you to use stain protectants. They are also more prone to fading when exposed to prolonged sunlight, and colors will lose their vibrancy over time. Nylon carpets generate more static electricity, which can be an annoyance during drier months.

The Pros and Cons of Polyester Carpet

Unlike nylon, polyester fibers are inherently stain-resistant. This means that the resistance isn't just a surface treatment—it's an inherent property of the fiber, making it especially effective against spills. Many polyester carpets are made from recycled materials, making them a more sustainable choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. Polyester carpets are often softer to the touch compared to other fibers, providing a plush and comfortable feel underfoot.

First and foremost, polyester lacks the resilience of materials like nylon, making them prone to matting and crushing in high-traffic areas over time. This diminished resilience can lead to a shorter lifespan compared to other carpet types. Additionally, while polyester is resistant to water-based stains, it's susceptible to oil-based ones, which can prove challenging to remove. The fiber also tends to shed, which means regular vacuuming is essential to maintain its appearance. Overall, while polyester offers affordability and a plush feel, considerations regarding durability and maintenance are vital.

The Pros and Cons of Olefin or Polypropylene Carpet

Olefin boasts several benefits as a carpet fiber. One of its standout features is its resistance to moisture, mold, and mildew, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to dampness like basements or outdoor spaces. The fiber's colorfastness ensures that it resists fading, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, olefin carpets are inherently stain-resistant, which means they can repel most common household stains without needing additional treatments.

Olefin fibers lack the resilience of materials like nylon, leading to potential matting and crushing in high-traffic zones. Olefin has a unique tendency to attract oils, causing it to bind with dirt and resulting in stubborn stains. Over time, the fibers can display signs of scuffing or scratching, giving the carpet a dull appearance. Additionally, due to its low melting point, friction from moving furniture or other sources can damage olefin.

The Pros and Cons of Wool Carpet

Wool is a luxurious and natural carpet fiber. Being a renewable and biodegradable resource, wool stands out as an eco-friendly flooring choice. Its plush texture provides unparalleled comfort, making every step a luxurious experience. Additionally, wool's inherent insulating properties aid in temperature regulation, ensuring rooms stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Safety is bolstered by wool's natural flame resistance, and its durability promises longevity. Furthermore, its capacity to trap dust and allergens enhances indoor air quality, making it a favorite for many homeowners.

However, as luxurious as wool carpet feels, there are a few reasons homeowners might hesitate. Wool is generally pricier compared to its synthetic counterparts, making it a significant investment. Its susceptibility to oil-based stains means extra care is needed during spills, and specific cleaning products are essential to maintain its luster. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to fading, diminishing the vibrant appearance over time. Additionally, wool's affinity for moisture can be a disadvantage in humid areas, posing risks of mold and mildew. Lastly, being a natural fiber, wool may attract pests like moths and carpet beetles that can compromise its integrity.

The Pros and Cons of SmartStrand or Triexta

SmartStrand, the latest carpet fiber innovation on the market, is crafted from Triexta, marking the industry's debut of a bio-based product. Ingeniously designed, SmartStrand marries the stain-resistant virtues of polyester while effectively addressing its matting issues, offering homeowners an optimal flooring solution.

However, while SmartStrand is a promising material, it's relatively new to the market, so its long-term resilience is still under observation. Also, its availability and style variety might be limited compared to established fibers like nylon or polyester.

Which Carpet Fiber Should I Choose?

RC Willey carries NylonPolyester, and Smartstrand in various styles such as textured, patterned, Berber and Loop, and plush. Whether you're seeking durability, comfort, stain resistance, or a specific aesthetic, our extensive carpet collection has you covered.

If you find yourself unsure about which carpet to choose, our team of experienced flooring experts is readily available to assist you throughout the decision-making process. They will provide guidance, answer your questions, and help you select the perfect carpet that suits your lifestyle, ensuring your home is not only beautiful but also functional. You can even schedule an In-Home Flooring Estimate — completely free. 

Each fiber has its unique strengths and considerations, and finding the right balance between functionality and style is key. At RC Willey, we're here to assist you in making that personalized choice, offering a diverse range of carpet options and experienced experts ready to guide you. Your home is a reflection of you, and our goal is to ensure it's a perfect fit.


Revive Your Laminate Floors

Posted by Carlee on September 12, 2023

Many of us will remember the days of laminate flooring with brightly colored greens, oranges, reds, and patterns on top of patterns. Fast forward to the present day, laminated flooring has undergone a remarkable transformation. Manufacturers have not only refined the production process but also elevated the visual and tactile appeal of laminated flooring. While you can still choose a psychedelic pattern, today's laminated flooring offers a wide array of textures, patterns, and finishes that closely resemble natural materials such as hardwood, stone, and even tile. This advancement is attributed to improvements in printing technology, allowing for more realistic and intricate designs. 

Understanding Laminate Flooring  

There are only four layers to laminate flooring: the top melamine layer, a decorative print layer, a thick core layer, and a stabilizing back layer.  

As we mentioned earlier the top melamine layer is there to protect the lower layers from dirt, grime, water, and other corrosive substances.  

The second layer is purely for aesthetics and is completely up to you. There are thousands of designs and patterns to choose from and even different finishes depending on the manufacturer.   

Check out RC Willey’s laminate styles and finishes. 

Underneath the print layer is the core. A laminate core is usually either made from high-density fiberboard or medium-density fiberboard — more commonly referred to as HDF or MDF.  

HDF is stronger and more durable due to its higher density and smaller wood fibers making it a perfect solution for high-traffic areas.  Additionally, it is more resistant to moisture and swelling.  

However, MDF can easily be cut and shaped. Making it a good solution for detailed areas. MDF is also going to be less expensive upfront. 

The final backing layer is there to stabilize and prevent moisture from creeping in from underneath. Pretty straightforward.  

Laminate Flooring Maintenance and Upkeep 

Laminate flooring is extremely easy to maintain, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Just remember that laminate is scratch-resistant and not scratchproof. Puppy paws, stilettos, and dragging your furniture across the floor will result in your floor looking less than desirable.  

However, life happens and scratches will occur. The best way to clean laminate floors is with a gentle approach. Elbow grease not necessary! 

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide 

Dry Cleaning 

  • Use the vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. 
  • Pay special attention to corners and edges where dirt tends to accumulate. 

Damp Mopping 

  • Mix a small amount of gentle laminate cleaner with warm water in a spray bottle. 
  • Mix equal parts water and white vinegar and a smidge of dish soap 
  • Lightly mist the cleaning solution on a microfiber mop, ensuring it is damp and not soaking wet. Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop and Swiffer WetJets are also great tools to use! 
  • Thoroughly mop the laminate floor, working in small sections to avoid excessive moisture. 
  • Focus on high-traffic areas and spots with visible grime. 

Touch Up Scratches 

  • Minor scratches can be touched up with marker pens. Just be sure to match the color and tone. 
  • Deeper scratches can be filled in with wax filler sticks or burn-in sticks. 
  • Keep extra planks on hand. If a scratch or dent can’t be masked, inserting a whole new plank might be the best course of action.  

Stain Removal 

  • For tougher stains, apply a small amount of the laminate cleaner directly onto the stain. 
  • If you don’t have laminate cleaner, acetone or rubbing alcohol will work too! 
  • Gently scrub with a soft cloth or microfiber pad. 
  • Rinse the area with clean water to remove any residue and pat it dry. 


  • After damp mopping, allow the floor to air dry or use a dry, clean microfiber mop to speed up the drying process. 

 Avoid Damaging Your Laminate Floors 

Abrasive cleaners and tools (steel wool, hard bristle brushes) will only scratch and scuff the surface.  Never let water pool on your floor, laminate floors swell and warp with excessive moisture. Laminate floors are extremely sensitive to heat and moisture. Moisture from a steam cleaner can seep into the cracks and warp the layers of your floor. So, we suggest avoiding this method.  

Polishing for Extra Shine 

Laminate floors are already pretty shiny thanks to the melamine top layer, but over time they will lose their luster. With proper daily maintenance, polishing laminate floors is not something you will have to do very often. In fact, polishing your laminate floor too often will result in a sticky buildup.  

Applying Polish to your Laminated Floors 

  • Apply a small amount of polish onto a clean, dry microfiber mop. 
  • Spread the polish evenly over the laminate floor, working in manageable sections. 
  • Allow the polish to dry (follow product instructions). 
  • Buff the floor with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to achieve a brilliant shine. 

Maintenance Tips for Prolonged Shine 

  • Regularly sweep with a dry mop or vacuum to prevent dirt and debris buildup. 
  • Place doormats at entrances to minimize the amount of dirt tracked onto the floor. 
  • Use furniture pads to prevent scratching when moving furniture. 
  • Clean up spills promptly to avoid stains and water damage. 

Laminate flooring is a good option for homeowners due to its affordability, aesthetic versatility, and ease of maintenance. If you're looking for a flooring option that can stand the test of time, laminated flooring is a smart choice. It's designed to be really tough, so it can handle all kinds of activities and still look good. Even if you accidentally drop things or make a mess, it won't easily get scratched or stained. The best part is that you won't have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. Just a quick sweep and occasional mopping is enough to keep it looking nice. So, if you want a floor that can handle your busy life, stay looking great, and not be a hassle to take care of, laminated flooring is a great option. 


RC Willey Buying Guide: Your Key to Buying a Mattress

Posted by Carlee on September 11, 2023

A good night's sleep is essential for overall well-being, and the foundation of achieving that rests upon the mattress you choose. A mattress isn't just a surface to sleep on; it's a crucial factor that directly influences your health. The right mattress provides the support and comfort necessary for your body to recover, rejuvenate, and prepare for the challenges of each day. From promoting proper spinal alignment to relieving pressure points, a high-quality mattress significantly improves sleep quality, reduces aches and pains, and enhances your overall physical and mental health. Welcome a healthier lifestyle by recognizing a mattress's integral role in your well-being.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

Understanding the different mattress sizes helps you choose the best option that suits your sleep habits, room dimensions, and personal preferences. Consider factors like the number of sleepers, available space, and sleep positions when selecting the right mattress size.

  • Twin Mattress: 38 inches wide by 75 inches long
    • Commonly used for children's rooms, bunk beds, or small guest rooms.
    • Ideal for single sleepers or young children transitioning from a crib.
  • Twin XL Mattress: 38 inches wide by 80 inches long
    • Slightly longer than a standard twin, making it suitable for taller individuals.
    • Commonly used in college dorms or adjustable beds.
  • Full (Double) Mattress: 54 inches wide by 75 inches long
    • It provides more width compared to a twin and accommodates single sleepers who prefer more space or couples who don't require much room.
  • Queen Mattress: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long
    • One of the most popular sizes, offering ample space for single sleepers and couples.
    • Suitable for smaller master bedrooms or guest rooms.
  • King Mattress: 76 inches wide by 80 inches long
    • Offers significant space, ideal for couples who want more personal space or those who share their bed with kids or pets.
  • California King Mattress: 72 inches wide by 84 inches long
    • Longer and narrower than a standard King, making it suitable for taller individuals who need extra legroom.
    • Commonly used in master bedrooms with ample space.
  • Split King Mattress:
    • Essentially two Twin XL mattresses placed side by side.
    • Allows for independent adjustability in cases of adjustable bed frames or preferences between sleep partners.
  • Split California King Mattress:
    • Similar to a Split King but with the longer dimensions of a California King.
    • Offers both adjustable features and extra length for taller individuals.
  • Custom Sizes:
    • Some mattress manufacturers offer custom sizes to fit unique bed frames or accommodate specific preferences.

Mattress Features and Materials

When shopping for a mattress, consider both the materials and features that align with your sleeping preferences, comfort needs, and any specific health considerations. Each type of material and feature offers unique benefits, so it's important to choose what suits you best for a restful and comfortable sleep experience.

  • Memory Foam
    • Contours to your body, relieving pressure points.
    • Absorbs motion, reducing disturbances from a partner's movements.
    • Offers a plush feel, a good option for side sleepers.
  • Innerspring
    • Features coils for support and durability.
    • Provides a bouncy feel and good airflow.
    • Suitable for those who prefer a traditional mattress feel.
  • Latex
    • Made from natural or synthetic latex foam.
    • Offers a responsive and supportive feel.
    • Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.
  • Hybrid
    • Combines memory foam or latex with innerspring coils.
    • Offers a blend of support, comfort, and motion isolation.
  • Gel-Infused Foam
    • Memory foam infused with cooling gel particles.
    • Helps regulate temperature and dissipate heat.
  • Pocketed Coil
    • Individual coils wrapped in fabric pockets.
    • Reduces motion transfer and provides targeted support.
    • Ideal for couples with different sleep preferences

Common Mattress Features

  • Cooling Technology
    • Materials designed to regulate body temperature during sleep.
    • Examples include gel-infused foams, breathable covers, and phase-change materials.
  • Edge Support
    • Reinforced edges to prevent sagging and enhance mattress stability.
    • Useful for those who sit or sleep near the edge of the bed.
  • Motion Isolation
    • Technology that minimizes the transfer of motion across the mattress.
    • Reduces disturbances from a restless sleeping partner.
  • Adjustable Base Compatibility
    • Designed to work well with adjustable bed frames.
    • Allows for customized sleeping positions and enhanced comfort.
  • Zoned Support
    • Different areas of the mattress provide varying levels of support.
    • Targeted relief for different body parts.
  • Pressure Relief
    • Materials and designs that alleviate pressure points like hips and shoulders.
    • Ideal for individuals with joint pain or circulation issues.
  • Organic and Eco-Friendly Options
    • Made from natural, sustainable, and non-toxic materials.
    • Great for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Pillow-top or Euro-top
    • Additional cushioning layer sewn onto the mattress surface.
    • Provides extra comfort and a plush feel.

RC Willey’s Mattress Warranty and Return Policy

If you're not happy with your mattress within the first 30 nights, you can pick a different one. Just visit one of our stores within 100 days (around 3 and a half months) from the original delivery date to make a one-time reselection.

Just keep in mind that if your reselected mattress is of greater value than your original purchase you will be charged the difference.

Once you’ve found the perfect mattress, consider signing up for RC Willey’s extended warranty plan. This plan extends your mattress coverage an extra 10 years on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. So, feel free to eat breakfast or jump on the bed because you’re covered from rips, spills, and other messes.

Average Mattress Lifespan

The lifespan of a mattress will vary depending on several factors, including the quality of materials used, the type of mattress, usage, care, and the weight of the sleepers. Here's a general guideline for how long different types of mattresses might last:

Innerspring Mattresses

  • Lifespan: 7 to 10 years on average.
  • Quality of coils and padding affects durability.
  • Continuous use and heavier weight can lead to a shorter lifespan.

Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Lifespan: 8 to 12 years on average.
  • Higher-density foam tends to last longer.
  • Memory foam can soften over time, affecting support.

Latex Mattresses

  • Lifespan: 10 to 15 years or more.
  • Natural latex tends to outlast synthetic latex.

Hybrid Mattresses

  • Lifespan: 8 to 12 years on average.
  • Depends on the quality of both foam and coil components.

Airbed Mattresses

  • Lifespan: 8 to 10 years on average.
  • Air chambers might require replacement over time.

Finance Your Mattress through RC Willey’s Financing Plans

RC Willey offers a range of financing options designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. These financing plans are aimed at making your shopping experience more accessible and budget-friendly.

Choose from RC Willey’s four payment options:

  • 12-Month 0% Interest
    • No down payment is necessary
    • Low monthly payments
    • Available on purchases on $299+
  • 18-Month 0% Interest Plan
    • No down payment
    • Low monthly payments
    • Available on purchases of $1,999+
  • Premier Plan
    • Low monthly payment
    • 9% Fixed interest rate
    • No hidden fees
  • Custom Finance Plan
    • Receive a credit line of up to $500
    • Great for building or rebuilding your credit score

All plans are subject to RC Willey credit approval. Some restrictions apply.


Common Questions about Mattresses, Sleep Health, and Maintenance


Do I need a box spring?

It depends on the type of mattress you have or plan on buying.

If you have a memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattress, the answer is no. These mattress types are generally suited for a platform bed that has a wood slat base.

When would I need a box spring?

Box springs were designed to keep mattresses from sagging. Additionally, the box spring was there to help absorb impact. Since most mattresses now inherently do that on their own, the majority of the time a box spring isn’t necessary.

That being said if you have (or purchase) an innerspring mattress, you will need to buy a box spring.

How long should a mattress last?

A mattress's lifespan will vary on a variety of factors (usage, weight of sleepers, maintenance, foundation, environmental factors, etc.) but on average mattresses last anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

If your mattress is sagging, permanently indented, or damaged, it might be time to invest in a new mattress.

Why do mattresses turn yellow?

Even if you’re careful, mattresses naturally turn yellow as they age — especially memory foam — due to oxidation. However, yellow stains may also appear because of sweat, body oils, skincare products, and desquamation. And sometimes, accidents happen.

What to do if your mattress is too firm?

If your new mattress is too firm give it at least a month. Over time your mattress will soften and lose some rigidity as it conforms to your weight and sleep position. If it’s still too firm after a month, contact the store you bought it from to see if they’ll allow you to exchange it for a new one.

Are mattress toppers worth it?

A mattress topper can be a practical solution to address the shortcomings of an older mattress and enhance its comfort and support. Mattress toppers can instantly change how your mattress feels. Sleeping hot? Add a mattress topper with cooling technology. Not enough support? Add a foam mattress topper to help cushion pressure points. If your older mattress triggers your allergies try a hypoallergenic mattress topper that can provide a barrier between you and potential allergens.

Additionally, purchasing a mattress topper is more affordable than buying a brand-new mattress. If your budget doesn't allow for a new mattress right away, a topper can provide a temporary solution while you save up.

Can mattress toppers be washed?

It depends on the type of topper. A lightweight, vinyl-backed topper can be washed. However, a memory foam topper should never go into the washing machine. For specific information on how to clean a mattress topper, check out this Sleep Foundation article.

Can mattress toppers go in the dryer?

Improperly washing and drying a mattress topper can completely ruin it. That’s why it's so important to read the fine print or care label after purchasing. Memory foam mattresses must be spot-cleaned, but cotton, polyester, and featherbed toppers can all go in the dryer — but don’t use a dryer sheet. If your topper has a waterproof backing, a dryer sheet will strip the coating off.

Can a mattress cause back pain?

An unsupportive mattress can cause or worsen lower back pain. But too firm a mattress will put pressure on your hips, knees, or shoulders. Achieving a balance between the two is best. It’s suggested that you look for a medium-firm mattress — one that supports the natural curve of your spine but also allows your shoulder and hips to sink in slightly.

Does RC Willey carry bedding?

Yes! RC Willey has an extensive range of bedding sets to suit every style and preference. Our collection features a diverse selection of brands, colors, and sizes, ensuring that you'll find the perfect bedding set to complement your bedroom decor.


When it comes to finding the best place to buy a mattress, look no further than RC Willey. With over 90 years of expertise in the industry, RC Willey offers a curated selection of top-quality mattresses to ensure you find the perfect fit for your sleep preferences. Experience the difference of shopping at the best place to buy a mattress – RC Willey. Your journey to a well-rested and revitalized lifestyle begins with us.


Shop RC Willey's Mattress Collection Today!


The Ultimate Patio Buying Guide

Posted by RC Willey Community on April 25, 2023

The Ultimate Patio Buying Guide

Summer nights are best spent gathered around your outdoor patio with family, friends and good food. With just the right decorations and furniture pieces, your outdoor living space can become an extension of your living room—the perfect spot to host barbecues, play board games, watch movies, or sip drinks on clear nights. Dreaming of creating a backyard oasis? RC Willey is your one-stop shop for all things outdoor furnishings! Whether you have big dreams of grand entertaining spaces or a small balcony that needs a little TLC, our ultimate patio buying guide is here to help! Read on for tips on how to find furnishings that will enhance any size yard or balcony — plus get some stylish design inspiration along the way. And with RC Willey Financing Plans, it's never been easier to have the outdoor space you want today and pay it off over time with easy and flexible payment plans. 

Outdoor Living with New Patio Furniture 

When purchasing new patio furniture, it's important to consider the available space, intended use, and material. Start by deciding how you plan to use your outdoor area. Would you like an outdoor dining set for meals outside, a bar set and chaise lounge chairs for by the pool, a cozy and weatherproof seating area, or a spot for nighttime gatherings with a patio fire pit?

Patio furniture comes in a variety of styles and configurations, designed to cater to diverse outdoor living needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for patio dining sets, patio fire pit sets, or patio seating sets, RC Willey has them for you. Visit your local RC Willey today or shop 24/7 online! 

Patio Dining Sets

Patio dining sets, typically consisting of a table and patio dining chairs, create a dedicated space for enjoying al fresco meals with friends and family. These dining sets are available in various sizes and materials, such as wood, metal, or wicker, to suit different tastes and requirements.

Patio Fire Pit Sets

Patio fire pit sets, featuring a fire pit as the central focal point, offer a unique combination of warmth, ambiance, and functionality. These sets typically include seating options, such as chairs or benches, arranged around the fire pit, fostering intimate conversations and cozy evenings spent under the stars. By choosing the right combination of patio furniture, homeowners can create a versatile and welcoming outdoor environment tailored to their needs and preferences.

Patio Seating Sets

Patio seating options, including sofas, loveseats, and lounge chairs, provide a comfortable and inviting area for relaxation and casual gatherings. These seating arrangements can be further enhanced with coordinating coffee tables, side tables, and cushions to create a cohesive and stylish outdoor living space.

When you imagine how you will use your outdoor space, consider the style and material you want for your patio furniture. Would you prefer traditional or modern style furniture? Do you prefer metal or wooden patio furniture? Would you like to add an outdoor rug to bring everything together? No matter what kind of patio furniture, material or style you're looking for, you'll find a wide variety of options at RC Willey! 

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning outdoor furniture is essential for maintaining its appearance, longevity, and comfort. To begin, remove any cushions or accessories and set them aside. Use a soft-bristle brush or a cloth to gently remove dirt, dust, and debris from the furniture surfaces. For a more thorough cleaning, prepare a mild soapy solution by mixing warm water with a few drops of mild detergent. Apply the soapy solution to the furniture using a sponge or soft cloth, taking care to scrub any stubborn stains or grime. Once the furniture is clean, rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose, making sure to remove all soap residue. Allow the furniture to air-dry completely before replacing cushions or other accessories. For specific materials like wood, metal, or wicker, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the best results and prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Entertaining with Outdoor TVs and Speakers

Outdoor TVs, entertaining, and audio have revolutionized the way we enjoy our patios and backyards, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. With weather-resistant designs and advanced technology, outdoor TVs deliver exceptional picture quality and durability, making them ideal for hosting movie nights, sports events, or casual gatherings. Complementing the visual experience, outdoor audio systems, including weatherproof speakers and soundbars, offer immersive and high-quality sound that enhances the overall ambience of your outdoor space. Together, these elements transform your patio into a versatile entertainment hub, allowing you to create memorable moments with friends and family while enjoying the beauty and comfort of the great outdoors.

Outdoor Cooking with Traeger Pellet Grills, Weber Grills, and Gozney Pizza Ovens

Hosting the ultimate backyard cookout is an art, and having versatile cooking options like Traeger pellet grills, Weber gas grills, and Gozney pizza ovens at your disposal elevates the experience to a whole new level. Traeger pellet grills offer the distinct smoky flavor of wood-fired cooking with the convenience of precise temperature control, making them perfect for slow-cooking ribs or roasting succulent cuts of meat. Weber gas grills, known for their reliability and fast heat-up times, provide an ideal platform for grilling burgers, steaks, and vegetables to perfection, ensuring crowd-pleasing results with minimal effort. Meanwhile, the Gozney pizza oven serves as a showstopping centerpiece, enabling you to create authentic, wood-fired pizzas with crispy crusts and bubbly cheese that will transport your guests to a quaint Italian pizzeria. By combining these versatile cooking methods, you can cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a memorable and satisfying culinary experience for everyone at your backyard cookout.

Outdoor Cooking Accessories 

High-quality tools such as tongs, spatulas, and grill brushes ensure ease of handling and optimum results when grilling, while skewers and grilling baskets allow for creative and mess-free cooking of smaller items like vegetables, seafood, or kebabs. Specialized cookware, including griddles and pizza stones, expands the range of dishes you can prepare on your grill, from delicate fish fillets to restaurant-quality pizzas. Thermometers and temperature probes help monitor the doneness of your food, preventing overcooking or undercooking, while heat-resistant gloves and mitts protect your hands during the cooking process. To prolong the life and performance of your grill, invest in a durable grill cover that shields your equipment from the elements when not in use. With the right assortment of outdoor cooking accessories, you can elevate your grilling game and create a truly memorable and mouth-watering feast for your friends and family.

Shop all things outdoor at RC Willey

In conclusion, RC Willey is your one-stop Outdoor shopping stop creating the perfect outdoor oasis requires careful consideration of various factors, including patio furniture, outdoor TVs, and outdoor cooking equipment. By investing in high-quality, durable, and stylish patio furniture, you can establish a comfortable and inviting space that caters to relaxation, dining, and socializing. Adding an outdoor TV to your patio setup not only enhances the entertainment value but also allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, or sports events in the fresh air. Finally, a well-equipped outdoor cooking area, complete with a versatile grill and essential accessories, enables you to host memorable backyard cookouts and delight your guests with an array of delicious dishes. By carefully selecting and combining these elements, you can transform your patio into a versatile and enjoyable extension of your home, perfect for creating unforgettable moments with friends and family all year round.



New Product Spotlight: The Mason Home Office Collection

Posted by RC Willey Community on March 24, 2023

New Product Spotlight: The Mason Home Office Collection

Whether you're working from home and are looking to convert a spare room into a home office or just want to add a bit of additional work/organizational space in a dining room or bedroom, the Mason Collection is a stylish choice that perfectly blends form and function! 

Organizing your home office never looked so good! The Mason Collection for sale now at RC Willey blends style and storage to create timeless pieces with high-quality function. The collection has it all! With everything from writing desks to filing cabinets to bookcases, you'll find the perfect piece for your needs!


Stylish Designs that Blend Form and Function!

One of our favorite parts about the Mason collection is its versatility! You can create a personalized office design all within matching pieces for a unified look and feel or create a more eclectic look by adding a piece or two from the collection to your existing home office. Mix and match to find the setup that works in your space!

Mason Natural and Black Adjustable Desk

Need more space to stretch out? We think the adjustable desk is the perfect option for our friends with long legs or those who simply like to stand during their workday.

Adjustable presets help you keep your sitting and standing heights saved so you don’t have to try to find the right fit day after day and the power riser makes it easy to find the perfect height for you! 





This desk is finished on all sides so it can be placed in the center of a room. It also features 3 sliding storage drawers and a power center with AC power outlets and USB 2.0 ports so you're always charged up and ready to get to work! 

Mason Natural and Black Bookcase

A fully open bookshelf is perfect for your home library and can be paired with the partially enclosed bookcase to keep office supplies, extra paper, and more neatly tucked away and out of sight. 

Mason Natural and Black Credenza and Hutch

Want the ultimate storage office furniture? Try the Mason credenza with an attached storage hutch for the organizational system of your dreams.


Style The Mason Collection Your Way

Do you prefer neutral, calming designs? Add in a creamy office chair, plants, and a sage green rug. Are you craving happy pops of color in your home office? A fun mauve chair, modern rug, and your favorite art print take the natural vibes up a notch. Because each piece of the Mason collection is finished on all sides, you can create unique layouts without worrying about trying to fit the back of each item against the walls. It's time to break out of the traditional box!

Each piece is designed to highlight and replicate natural wood grain, accented by sturdy metal black framework and hardware creating a bright, balanced aesthetic that makes it easy to style your way. 

Sustainable Materials Designed to Last

Of course, we can’t talk about our Mason collection without discussing what truly sets it apart. Each piece of this collection was created from Thermally Fused Laminate, making it very durable for scratch and wear resistance. Thermally fused laminate is also extremely eco-friendly, with near-zero waste production. The clean, efficient manufacturing more than offsets its carbon footprint for a climate-neutral performance. These eco-friendly and sustainable pieces mean you can enjoy your office furniture looking good year after year while also knowing you’re helping promote cleaner, more environmentally friendly practices in furniture manufacturing. Any way you look at it, the Mason Collection creates a win-win situation!

Come visit your local RC Willey and speak to an expertly trained sales associate today or shop online 24/7. You deserve a functional space to work from home. RC Willey has a wide selection of great home office essentials from office chairs, and office furniture, to computers, and printers. Get what you need today and pay it off over time with easy and flexible monthly payments with your RC Willey Financing Plan!


Spring Cleaning Tips!

Posted by RC Willey Community on March 21, 2023

Spring Cleaning Tips: The Right Way to Clean Your Furniture and Home

Does the feeling of slipping into freshly washed bed sheets tantalize you? Do you love the way your home smells after a deep clean? Spring cleaning can make your house feel oh-so-fresh and spotless. In today's blog post, we've compiled tips to show you how to properly clean your furniture - including advice on spring cleaning that will keep your home pristine all year round!

How to Clean Leather Furniture

If you have children or pets at home, leather furniture is the perfect option for durability. However, it's still possible to encounter accidents from time to time - so here's how you can effectively clean your leather furniture!

Get Rid of Debris

Leather furniture is a great choice for pet owners since it doesn't easily retain fur and dust, however, you should still give it regular maintenance with a dry cloth or use the brush attachment of your vacuum to pick up any debris.

Start with Soap & Water

When it comes to leather, most mild stains can be taken care of with just a few simple household items. Grab a soft washcloth, wet it slightly in warm soapy water and then gently blot the stain away. Be sure not to use too much moisture!

Be Smart About Tough Stains

For minor spots, a blend of mild soap and vinegar will usually do the trick. However, if you're looking to tackle tougher marks, it's best to research what specific products are most recommended for those particular stains; baking soda is commonly used on grease splotches while rubbing alcohol works great in getting rid of ink residue.

Dry the Leather

Because water and leather don't mix, it's important to make sure you dry the leather surface completely once you've finished cleaning.

Apply Conditioner

Once the leather is completely dry, it's time to coat the entire sofa, recliner or headboard with a special conditioner specifically designed for leather. Not only will this form an additional protective layer that stops cracks and discoloration, but it also gives your furniture a subtle gloss.

Learn More!

How to Clean a Fabric Couch or Chair

Shop Sofas

No matter the type of fabric used for your couch or chair, we've got you covered with some spring cleaning tips and tricks to make sure it gets done right.

Vacuum the Couch

For a clean, sparkling couch, make it a habit to routinely vacuum it with the brush attachment - removing pesky dust particles, pet hair, and fur, as well as any food crumbs or other debris that may have been collected.

Remove Stains as Soon As Possible

Acting swiftly is instrumental for successfully removing any stain; the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to eradicate. Therefore, cleaning up stains as soon as possible is essential.

Check the Cleaning Code on Your Couch

Understanding the labeling on your couch is important for ensuring its longevity. Cleaning instructions are indicated by a single letter - if you see "W", this suggests that water-based cleaners can be used, whereas an "S" implies that only solvent products should be applied to the upholstery material.

Spot Treat with the Correct Solution

Before you begin cleaning your couch, determine the best type of solution for it. But first, spot treats a small area to ensure that no discoloration will occur after using the cleaner. Now you're ready to start!

Freshen Up with Baking Soda

If your sofa is often used, it can start to give off unwanted odors and moisture. Luckily, baking soda is the perfect solution! Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the entire surface of your sofa in order to allow it to work its magic at absorbing any foul smell or dampness that may have accumulated.

Vacuum Up the Baking Soda

After giving the baking soda ample time to rest, it's time for round two with your upholstery tool - break out that vacuum and go over your carpet again.

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Shop Wood Furniture


When it comes to maintaining wood furniture, there's the preservation and deep cleaning. These spring cleansing tips are specifically designed for wooden furniture with the aim of keeping your items clean without compromising their longevity. With these helpful principles in mind, you can keep your wooden fixtures looking spotless all year round!

Clean Away Spills Immediately

When it comes to liquid spills, grab a paper towel or soft cloth and blot away the mess straight away. If something sticky has been spilled, use a dampened soft cloth in plain water with gentle pressure to wipe it up before using a dry microfiber cloth for any left-over moisture.

Don’t Forget to Dust Regularly

To prevent scratches on your wood furniture, make sure to dust it regularly—at least once a month. Utilize a soft microfiber cloth or disposable electrostatic duster and wipe the legs, arms, and surface, as well as any other small wooden details thoroughly. This will help keep your furniture looking great for years to come!

Wash Away Grime

Over time, grime can accumulate and damage the appearance of your cherished wooden furniture. Fortunately, you don't have to let this happen! Just make a solution with dishwashing liquid and water, wring out any extra moisture from the cloth or sponge you use for cleaning, then wipe away all that common filth - drying right away as well - to keep your wood looking like new.

How to Deep Clean Wood Furniture & Remove Stains


If your wood furniture has a stubborn layer of grime, wax buildup, or stains, it's time to give it a deep clean!

Try Black Tea

Make your furniture sparkle with surprising ease by incorporating tea into your cleaning routine! Just two cups of black tea are the main ingredient for this waxy buildup removal. After it has cooled, soak a soft cloth in the mixture and gently wipe down wood surfaces following the grain of the wood. Rinse off accumulated grime from cloth as required and make sure to dry each area after you've wiped it clean - repeat until all desired areas have been attended to!

Use Mineral Spirits

If black tea proved unsuccessful in removing the wax buildup or your wooden furniture has become dull and dingy, it's time to reach for a bottle of mineral spirits from your local hardware store. Remember that mineral spirits are hazardous so you must take proper precautions- put on gloves, make sure there is satisfactory ventilation, and keep children and animals away from the area. Place some of the liquid onto an old rag, then clean with wood grain direction; rotate this cloth once dirt accumulates before buffing off with a soft dry towel.

How to Clean a Mattress

Shop Mattresses and Foundations

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your mattress. Don't forget this vital step in keeping it clean, healthy, and long-lasting! It's all too easy to overlook such an important task with so many things on our already busy plates, but cleaning your mattress should be a regular part of your routine. Here are some tips for how you can deep-clean yours properly.

Wash the Bedding

You’ll have to strip your mattress to start cleaning, so use the opportunity to wash all your bedding in hot water to get rid of any dust mites.

Shop Laundry Appliances

Vacuum Your Mattress & Pillows

Make sure you use the upholstery tool to completely vacuum your mattress and pillows. To make sure you don't miss any slivers in crevices, utilize the crevice attachment for a detailed cleanse of all hidden dirt or dust. Additionally, if you have an upholstered headboard, now is your chance to give it some attention!

Shop Vacuums

Spot Clean Any Stains

If you own a memory foam mattress, it's important to take caution when cleaning stains since the material is prone to water damage. Depending on the stain you're trying to remove, an enzyme cleaner or dish soap and water solution should do the trick. Create a conservative amount of your chosen cleaner with some warm water onto a clean cloth then gently dab at the stained area. Once finished, make sure that your mattress is completely dry before returning back any bedding!

Freshen Up with Baking Soda

After you have eliminated any mattress stains, heavily coat it with baking soda and let sit for several hours. The longer the baking soda remains on the surface of your mattress, the better it will be at neutralizing acidity and soaking up moisture or unpleasant scents. Open windows to allow a fresh breeze into your bedroom - in addition to providing healthy air circulation, natural sunlight also aids in destroying mold spores and bacteria that can lurk within mattresses.

Vacuum Up the Baking Soda

After the baking soda has had an opportunity to do its job, make sure to completely vacuum it away from your mattress.

Flip the Mattress & Repeat

If you have an innerspring mattress, make sure to flip it every three months; but if your pillowtop or memory foam mattress is what you own, simply rotate it 180 degrees at regular intervals. You should also perform the flipping procedure on both sides of the bed for better results.

How to Clean a Marble Table

Ensure you don't dull or damage the luster of your marble dining, coffee, side table, and countertop by utilizing these spring cleaning tips. With proper maintenance techniques, you can make sure to keep them looking their best!

Immediately Blot Up Spills

Marble's vulnerability to staining means you must act quickly when spills occur - especially if alcohol or citrus is involved. To stop the spread of the spill, use a blotting motion and then wash with soapy water. Doing this will help ensure your marble countertops stay spotless!

Dust Regularly

Keep your marble dust-free and scratch-proof by regularly dusting it with a microfiber cloth, feather duster or electrostatic duster. Make sure you do this at least once a week for optimal results!

Start with Soap and Water

It's essential to treat your marble with care when cleaning. Start by dusting, then use a cloth soaked in a mild solution of water and dish soap; however, don't scrub too hard! Never apply abrasive cleaners, rough sponges, vinegar, Windex or bleach as these substances are highly acidic and can damage the surface.

How to Clean Glass Tables


If you're looking to achieve a more spacious atmosphere in your room, then glass tables are the perfect addition. However, these elegant pieces of furniture can become clouded by fingerprints and smears without proper maintenance. To effectively clean your glass table and keep it sparklingly clear, here's what you need to do...

Use Plastic for Sticky Substances

Glass tables are particularly prone to clingy, sticky messes. But you can easily get rid of them without scratching the surface just by using a credit card or plastic spoon and delicately scraping it off.

Wipe Away Smudges with Glass Cleaner

For a truly streak-free shine, specialized glass cleaner is your best option for removing any unsightly smudges and fingerprints. Team it with either a soft microfiber cloth or crumpled piece of newspaper to ensure the most optimal results!


Additional Spring-Cleaning Tips & Tricks

  • Always begin your cleaning routine from the top and work your way down. Otherwise, if you start by dusting a ceiling fan after vacuuming a bed, then it's likely that you'll have to vacuum again.
  • To make sure your home is squeaky clean, be sure to move furniture away from the walls in order to vacuum and mop those hard-to-reach places. This way you can get rid of any dust, pet hair, crumbs or other debris hidden beneath them!
  • Don't forget to take off cushions on your chairs and couches so you can vacuum all the breadcrumbs, dirt, and other particles that have settled in between.
  • Throw pillows can be a haven for dust mites, so make sure to frequently vacuum them. If you're able, launder them by placing in the dryer on high heat or outside in the hot sun for a day to eradicate any pesky dust mites.
  • Taking care of your lamps is a task you can't disregard. After detaching the lightbulb and unplugging it, don’t forget to clean the fitting! Vacuuming or wiping down the lampshade with a lint brush are also essential steps for eliminating dust and dirt from its surface.

Spring isn't just about dusting and scrubbing - it's also the ideal time to spruce up your furniture in any room of the house. From updating your living room sofas to revamping the dining area, or refreshing a bedroom suite; now is an excellent moment for home renovation! If you need some inspiration, visit our furniture blog where we have all sorts of tips from how to properly break-in a mattress to furnishing with natural elements.









9 Signs it's Time for a New Mattress

Posted by RC Willey Community on March 20, 2023

9 Signs it's Time for a New Mattress

Ready to unlock nights of blissful sleep? Don't overlook these 9 signs that you need a new mattress!

1. You're Not Sleeping Well

If you're usually a sound sleeper, but now find yourself restless and unable to rest properly, this might be due to your mattress. To figure out if it's the cause of your insomnia issue, why not try sleeping in another bed for one night? That way you can ascertain whether or not there is indeed a connection between the two.

2. Your Mattress is Saggy, Lumpy, Stained, or Torn

If you observe your mattress showing signs of wear and tear, it's an unmistakable clue that the time has come to buy a new one. Whether there is an indentation in the shape of your body, a lumpy spot when you roll over, large stains at the bottom corner, springs poking out while tossing and turning, or any rips/tears or holes - all these indicators suggest it’s time to go mattress shopping!

3. You Sleep Better Elsewhere

Oftentimes, it's tough to recognize the gradual deterioration of our beds as we sleep in them nearly every night. However, if you find that you slumber more soundly when away from home--whether on business trips or visiting family and friends--this could be a sign that your mattress is past its prime. Furthermore, keep in mind there are many external factors influencing how well one sleeps; for instance, having your toddler kick or cry during the night can make sleeping difficult no matter what kind of bed one has. Nonetheless, recognizing an improvement with another mattress may signal it’s time to get yourself a new one!

4. You Wake Up Sore

With age comes aches and pains, but if you’re consistently experiencing discomfort in your neck, shoulders, lower back, or hips upon waking up each day—your mattress might not be offering the necessary support.If you have been feeling aches and pains, there could be a few causes. To make sure your mattress isn't the problem source, evaluate it for signs of wear and tear. For memory foam mattresses, look to see if they are returning back to their original shape after standing up. Innerspring or hybrid models should have no lumps or bumps; when lying down on them you shouldn't feel like being pulled towards the center of the bed - this is known as the "hammocking effect". By doing these assessments yourself, you can rule out any potential mattress-related issues causing discomfort!

5. Your Innerspring Mattress Squeaks and Creaks

Has your mattress been making strange noises when you or your partner move around? This may be a sign that it's time for a new one. If there is squeaking and creaking, then the springs might already have worn down too much. If your mattress is feeling less supportive and comfortable, chances are it's time to upgrade. Listen closely - if the creaking noise comes from your mattress, you may need a new one as opposed to replacing its foundation which usually costs less. Keep in mind that mattresses do wear out over time so make sure you replace yours before it starts getting uncomfortable!

6. Your Memory Foam Mattress Doesn’t Spring Back When You Stand Up

Memory foam should mold to your body shape and sleeping position, but the indentation it leaves behind should quickly pop back out once you stand up. If the mark remains visible hours after you’ve gotten out of bed, it's a sure sign that the memory foam's cellular structure has significantly deteriorated. When this happens, your memory foam mattress can no longer support you for restful sleep.

7. Your Health or Sleep Habits Have Changed

Does snoring keep your partner awake all night? Are you having trouble sleeping due to arthritis, acid reflux, sleep apnea, or back pain? Is poor circulation giving you a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night? A new mattress could be just what you need to finally find some relief from these annoying symptoms. By using an adjustable base bed with a compatible mattress, you can fine-tune the angle of your head and feet for enhanced comfort. This not only helps reduce snoring or acid reflux but also improves blood circulation throughout your body. And if that wasn't already enough, some adjustable beds have heat and massage features as well - providing relief from pain like never before!

8. Your Allergies are Acting Up

Are you aware that mattresses are often the most dust-mite-infested item in your home? If you've noticed an uptick in your allergies, it could be due to your mattress. Practicing good sleep hygiene and regularly cleaning your mattress can help prevent this from happening, yet mattresses are still susceptible to dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, and other allergens that can irritate asthma or exacerbate allergy symptoms. Even hypoallergenic sheet coverings atop the bedding may not offer enough protection - if these measures do nothing for you then it's probably time for a new mattress!

9. Your Mattress is Over 8 Years Old

Mattresses are not designed to last forever. Depending on its design and material, a mattress' lifespan could vary; however, when you've had it for more than eight years now then it's likely time to think about purchasing a new one. Not solely does the quality of materials depreciate with age but potentially your lifestyle has changed significantly in that amount of time too! In comparison to the last mattress-shopping trip, you may find yourself with different requirements when selecting a bed this time around. If your current mattress is exhibiting any of these warning signs that it's in need of replacement, then immediately start searching for an updated version.

Find Guaranteed REM Cycles at the Mattress Store at your Local RC Willey

If you or a loved one recognize any of these signs seek help immediately! Our team of mattress sales experts are standing by to help you find your perfect night's sleep at any one of our mattress stores at your local RC Willey. Come on in and find the perfect new mattress today! 




Get Ready for RC Willey's Semi-Annual Flooring Event!

Posted by RC Willey Community on March 13, 2023

Get Ready for RC Willey's Semi-Annual Flooring Event!

It's that time of year again! RC Willey is hosting its massive semi-annual flooring sales event with unbeatable discounts on carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Whether you've been wanting to replace old carpet, upgrade that dated linoleum floor, or freshen up a space with new luxury vinyl, now is the time to do it! 

"This event is two months in the making and I look forward to preparing for it every time.", says RC Willey Flooring Buyer Steve Hendricks, "This is the sale that I tell friends and family about." Steve and his team work with flooring manufacturers year 'round to bring customers the latest styles and best deals. "We're able to do this sale by partnering with the flooring manufactures and passing on true savings. The pricing is so incredible that we are only able to offer it for a limited time." That limited time is coming soon! The sale beings April 14th and runs through April 25th. 

"We realize customers don’t purchase flooring often.", Steve continued. "Our experts are ready to explain all their options and help them find exactly what they need." He emphasized the importance of scheduling a pre-measure to make the most of the sale. "By measuring your home in advance, we are able to help you stay on budget because we know exactly how much flooring you need."

Schedule your free in-home pre-measure today so you're ready to take advantage of great deals when the sale begins on April 14th!  

Find Huge Savings on Stylish Carpet for Every Room 

Carpet is only one of the many great flooring options available during the RC Willey Semi-Annual Flooring Sales Event. Carpet offers a warm and inviting look while providing sound insulation and cushioning underfoot. It is available in various styles, colors, textures, and fibers to fit any décor style. During this sale event, customers can take advantage of discounted prices on high-quality carpet, making it more affordable than ever to upgrade their homes. 

During the RC Willey Semi-Annual Flooring Sales Event you can find incredible deals on carpet from all major brands including Shaw Floors and Mohawk Industries. Don’t miss out on the chance to save big while upgrading your home with stylish new carpet! Whether you’re looking for something luxurious that adds warmth and texture or a more durable type of flooring that is easy to clean and maintain; there are plenty of options available during this sales event so you can find the perfect fit for your space! 

Explore Deals on Laminate Flooring! 

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their home without sacrificing style. During the RC Willey Semi-Annual Flooring Sales Event, customers can find discounted prices on high-quality laminate flooring that provides many of the same benefits as other flooring options. 

Laminate flooring is an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their home with a durable, waterproof solution. Laminate flooring is composed of several layers that are fused together under high pressure and heat, creating a strong and sturdy surface that is resistant to moisture. This makes it perfect for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. 

Shop and Save on Luxury Vinyl Flooring! 

 Luxury Vinyl flooring is a great option for those looking to upgrade their home with a durable and stylish solution. During RC Willey's Semi-Annual Flooring Sales Event, customers can take advantage of discounted prices on high-quality Luxury Vinyl flooring.

 Luxury Vinyl flooring offers excellent durability and is a highly resilient option for those looking to upgrade their home with a stylish solution. Its waterproof construction makes it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp areas, while its scratch-resistant surface is ideal for households with pets or children. It also comes in an array of colors, and patterns! 

 Upgrade your Home with Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood is a timeless classic that adds warmth and sophistication to any room. It can come in different colors, grains, and finishes to match any décor style. Choose from pre-finished or unfinished versions for an easy installation process. Available in different colors and textures, this type of flooring provides a durable surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. 


Don't Wait to Save on Flooring and Update your Home Today! 

"Nothing changes the look and feel of a home quite like flooring.", Steve concluded, "If you're ready to update a room in your home, this is the event for you!" Visit your local RC Willey and speak with our team of knowledgeable and experienced flooring experts for personalized advice on the best flooring options for each room in your home. 

Now is the time to take advantage of the RC Willey Semi-Annual Flooring Sales Event! It runs from April 14th to April 25th. Act now and find unbeatable deals on all your favorite brands including Shaw Floors, Mohawk Industries, and more. With a wide range of products available at discounted prices, now is the time to upgrade your home with luxurious carpeting, durable vinyl, luxurious laminate, and timeless hardwoods today and pay it off with easy and flexible monthly payments with your RC Willey Financing Plan.



New Product Spotlight: (re)Formation

Posted by RC Willey Community on January 24, 2023

(re)Formation from Jonathan Louis at RC Willey! 

(re)Formation from Jonathan Louis is designed to help you make your home, your way. A modular seating system, this collection was made to work with your space today while being ready to transition to your next home. With untold ways of arranging and rearranging, this exciting collection makes the most of any living space. High-quality materials and innovative furniture design meet to create a dynamic, high-performance line that adjusts to your room size. Shop the (re)Formation Collection today! 

Small Spaces

With two pieces you can create the perfect "just starting out," sectional. Easy to configure, (re)Formation is versatile, so you have the option of removing the armless chaise if you're limited on space to create a 3-seat estate sofa. This collection is all about simple foundations that adapt to your space and can grow over time.

Casual Living

(re)Formation is designed to fit a wide range of lifestyle needs and is adaptable to any sized space. This roomy configuration is designed for lounging, family movie nights, and entertaining family and friends. 

Get Your "Host" On 

Love entertaining? (re)Formation has something for you too! All the pieces within this collection fit perfectly next to each other, so you can mix and match or add or remove pieces to create the sectional of your dreams! Reconfigure your set-up for different situations. Setting up for a party? Create seating areas around the room for casual conversation spots for your guests. Looking to create the ultimate movie night lounger? Configure all the pieces together so that everybody gets "the best seat in the house"! Versatile, comfortable, and flexibly functional, this is the perfect sectional for the social butterflies. This 6-piece sectional features 3 armless chairs, a left-facing chair, right-facing chaise, and a comfy corner piece to tie it all together!

Get to Know (re)Formation Today! 

Visit your nearest RC Willey store today or shop Jonathan Louis 24/7 online and start dreaming up your perfect sectional! Get what you want today and pay it off over time with easy and flexible RC Willey Financing Plans


5 Items Your Bedroom Needs for Better Sleep

Posted by Alexandria on December 8, 2022

5 Items Your Bedroom Needs for Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is just as important as diet and exercise when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. As we grow older and our sleep habits change, restless nights and weary mornings can become an ever more common occurrence.  

The good news for restless sleepers is that research has proven time and time again that the right bedroom setup can help improve quality shut-eye time. According to research from the National Sleep Foundation, people sleep better when their bedroom decor and furniture are optimized for light, noise, temperature, and comfort. With this in mind, we rounded up a list of the best products currently available in the market that is designed specifically to help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep.  

Whether it’s a tight work deadline, anxiety, or an uncomfortable medical condition keeping you tossing and turning all night, here are 5 items that will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling well-rested.  

1. Tempur-Pedic Ergo Smart Base Queen Bed


If you are prone to frequent snoring or sleep apnea spells, this Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Smart Base may be the solution you need to finally get a good night’s rest. Using Sleeptracker®-AI technology, this integrated system adjusts the bed automatically when it detects snoring or other potential sleep disruptors. This allows you to get the best quality sleep possible without the need to manually reposition yourself throughout the night.  

Sleeptracker®-AI uses sleep monitoring sensors to capture data, which makes it a less-intrusive option than other wearables, microphones, or cameras. Throughout the night, the system analyzes your sleep phases and summarizes the quality of them in daily reports delivered straight to your email or smart device app. These reports can offer valuable insights into your sleeping habits that can be used to help improve your sleep quality over time.  

Shop Adjustable Bases

2. BedGear Storm Performance 2.0 Pillow


Constantly searching for the cool side of the pillow? Look no further than the BedGear Storm Performance 2.0 Pillow. This best-selling, fan-favorite pillow is made with an instant cooling Ver-Tex® fabric cover and Air-X® airflow technology that helps reduce overheating and regulate your temperature throughout the night. The pillow also features dual-sided comfort that is soft on one side and firmer on the other, offering you the best of both worlds for a satisfying sleeping experience.   

Shop Bed Pillows

 3. Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Medium Hybrid Twin-XL Mattress


It’s difficult to find a better mattress than the Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Built with hybrid technology, this mattress works in combination with the TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer and TEMPUR-APR™ Support Layer to create an enhanced and personalized sleep experience that is bound to leave you feeling well-rested in the morning.  

The SmartClimate® Dual Cover System features a cool-to-touch outer layer and super-stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort, which makes this mattress a go-to option for a deeper, more rejuvenating slumber. 

Shop Mattresses

4. HTS Black Power Theater Recliner



Studies have shown that sleeping in an elevated position can help promote better rest — especially for individuals who may struggle with frequent breathing or gastrointestinal issues during the night. Whether you have a health condition like sleep apnea or are simply looking for a way to kick back and relax after a long day, you may want to consider investing in a reclining chair like the HTS Black Power Theater Recliner 

This recliner is built with your comfort in mind and comes equipped with an adjustable headrest and low-voltage motor that allows you to power recline into an infinite number of positions with the simple touch of a button. It’s the perfect alternative for anyone who has a hard time sleeping flat on their back the entire night.  

Shop Recliners

 5. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds True Wireless Noise Canceling In-Ear Earbuds - Soapstone


When it comes to dealing with noise at night, everyone has their own preferences. Some like their bedrooms to be absolutely silent, while others can’t fall asleep unless they have a little bit of white noise playing in the background.  

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall on, these Bose noise-canceling earbuds are a versatile solution that can be adjusted to meet all of your auditory needs. Do you live in a loud and bustling city or have a partner that snores too much? With active and passive noise cancellation, you'll be able to tune out as much of the outside world as you want for the perfect sleeping experience. 

Shop Earbuds

Visit your local RC Willey or shop online 24/7 and find your perfect night's sleep! 


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