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Cool Game Rooms

Posted by Alyssa on February 25, 2018

game rooms

It is not impossible to create a game room that is cool, fun, and the place everyone wants to be. In fact, it’s pretty easy! With some of these ideas, you’ll be able to make the coolest game room you can imagine. 

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Best Interior Design Apps

Posted by Andie on February 24, 2018

You didnt go to design school, your sister and best friend aren't interior designers, and you have major problems that need to be solved in your home, gosh dangit!  Twenty years ago you might have had to set aside a huge wad of cash to hire an expert, but in today's world?  Don't even sweat it!! There are SO MANY amazing apps out there that can give you valuable guidance, direction, and answers to your color and interior design questions.  While hiring a professional is never a bad idea, a great (and much less expensive option) is to try out a few apps first!  They just might be more than enough! Here are a handful of interior design apps you should download ASAP.....

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Spring Colors

Posted by Alyssa on February 23, 2018

spring flowers

As we get closer and closer to spring, incorporating spring colors and decorations into your home will welcome the change of seasons! One of the best parts of spring is how fresh and new everything feels, so why not give your home a fresh, new feel as well? Keep reading for ideas of how to bring spring colors into your home and springtime accessories. 

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Red Bedrooms

Posted by Alyssa on February 22, 2018


Red is such a bold, exciting color that you may not initially think about incorporating it into your bedroom. If you love red and want to bring it into your bedroom, don’t be afraid! There are plenty of ways to do it that will keep you room looking classy and comfortable. For ideas of how to do a red bedroom, check out some of our ideas below. 

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How To Space Hanging Shelves

Posted by Andie on February 21, 2018


Sometimes when you have a big, blank wall that you're feeling sick of the logical thing to do is act impulsively!  You call your husband, have him stop on the way home from work at the hardware store for brackets and wood, and then whip up some floating shelves the minute he gets home to spice the room up!  I've realized I work best when I don't think things through too much:) What are the rules of thumb when it comes to shelf hanging, you might ask? I had to learn this lesson the hard way (which meant lots of holes in the wall!) There are two magical measurements you need to remember that will help ensure all of your shelf hanging expeditions are successful....

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How to Organize Your Closet

Posted by Alyssa on February 20, 2018


Once you know how to organize your closet quickly and efficiently, you’ll be able to keep your things in order! I don’t know about you, but there is something so discouraging about digging through a pile of shoes to find a belt or dumping out an entire drawer to find a pair of matching socks. Below we’ve listed a couple of easy ways to get your closet clean and organized. 

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Living Room with Sectional Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on February 19, 2018

living room

Sectionals are some of the most comfortable, cozy living room seating options. The trouble with sectionals can be getting the layout of your room to work. Unlike a sofa and a loveseat, sectionals are one large piece of furniture and can feel bulky and oversized if positioned incorrectly. However, with the right size of sectional (make sure you measure before you buy!) and the right layout, your living room will be the most comfortable place in the house! Check out some living room with sectional ideas below for layout and decoration inspiration. 

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Trend Alert: Favorite RC Willey Products Right Now

Posted by Andie on February 18, 2018

RC Willey brick and mortar stores are located in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California---and since I live on the east coast it's not very often that I get to visit any of them! This past month I was in California on personal business, and decided to visit the new Sacramento Delta Shores store.  The store had been open for a total of two hours (it was literally opening day!), but I was blown away by how amazing and put together everything looked!   The whole time I walked around I found myself wishing outloud that I had an RC Willey in Virginia I could pop into frequently, and spend all of my money at, no doubt! So for all of you people that live in close proximity to one of our stores- go walk around!  I found lots and lots of treasures.  Here are a few products that I loved.....

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Pretty Bedrooms

Posted by Alyssa on February 17, 2018

pretty bedrooms

There are so many ways to make your bedroom a pretty, relaxing, and comforting place to be. With a few touches here and there you’ll be able to make your bedroom into the retreat you’ve always wanted it to be! At RC Willey we have all the furniture and accessories you need to make your bedroom exactly what you want it to be. Check out some ideas for pretty bedrooms below for inspiration! 

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Interior Design Tips: Ask Questions to Solve Design Dilemmas

Posted by Andie on February 16, 2018

I was listening to a podcast by Bold New Mom the other day, and the concept of having a healthy relationship with yourself came up.  She talked about the importance of really getting to know, accepting and then embracing every part of yourself.  The good things, along with the things you'd like to work on changing.  As I was thinking about it later on, it hit me that this same line of thought applies when it comes to building/remodeling/designing/decorating a home.  In order to create your personal ideal home, you HAVE to know yourself.  Your ideal home is probably going to be different from my ideal home, and that is how it's supposed to be!  

Many of us have a tendency to look to the experts when we have any type of interior design question.  But the truth is, just because some fancy shmancy designer thinks some new home trend is awesome doesn't mean it's going to work for us!   Yes, this might sound groundbreaking, but YOU ARE THE PERSON WHO'S OPINION MATTERS VERY MOST!  Therefore, I have found that the very best way to solve design dilemmas and to make committed decisions is to simply ask yourself questions!  

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