How to Make a Cozy Bedroom

Posted by Alyssa on February 22, 2017


I am a big believer that your bedroom should be an appealing place to relax and rest. All growing up, throughout college in my shared apartments, and currently, in my home, I have tried to make my room somewhere I feel comfortable lingering and unwinding. In whatever situation you’re in - whether you’re able to completely renovate or are looking for simple changes - incorporating one or more of the ideas below will help you create your own personal refuge. 


5 Places to Hang Mirrors to Make Spaces Feel Larger

Posted by Andie on February 21, 2017

When my husband and I first got married we lived in a teeny, tiny, less than 500 square foot apartment.  We had to get really creative when it came to living in a small space.  We tried really hard to make it feel a lot larger than it actually was in order to have people over without feeling like we were all sitting on top of each other.  It was at this point in my life that I discovered the beauty, and function of a good mirror.


Extra Mile: Makeovers from the Heart - Sandra Martinez

Posted by Alyssa on February 21, 2017


Kimberly Martinez nominated her mom Sandra Martinez for a room makeover.  The Martinez family lost their home and all of their possessions in a devastating fire in July 2016.  They were sleeping when the fire started and they barely escaped before their entire modular home burned to the ground.  “The Night that Tooele Burned”  10 families lost everything in this devastating fast-moving fire.  

They just finished rebuilding a new modular home for Sandra and her family.  RC Willey – Citywide Home Loans makeover team came in and furnished the home last weekend.  

We are grateful that 94.1 KODJ (an iheart radio station) partnered with us on this successful home makeover.  The Martinez family loves their new home and are beyond thrilled that they can finally move in and relax in their new, comfortably furnished home.  

You can watch Sandra’s reaction to her home makeover here and we’d like to share some before and after pictures of her home below. 


Different Mattress Types

Posted by Alyssa on February 20, 2017

mattress types

Having a mattress that is comfortable and supportive makes a huge difference in how well you sleep and how inviting your bedroom is. A mattress that is too firm or too soft can leave you feeling achy and sore in the morning. Knowing this, it’s important to have some information in your back pocket when picking out a new mattress. 


Arranging Flowers

Posted by Alyssa on February 18, 2017

bouquet of flowers

There is nothing that makes me happier than a bouquet of fresh flowers on my kitchen table. Something about having something fresh and alive in my home really makes a difference in my day. If you have access to fresh flowers in your garden that you can clip and arrange, lucky you! For those of us who are still waiting for spring to fully arrive, we may have to stick with grocery store flowers. Either way, here are some tips on how to arrange flowers in a way that will make them unique and completely yours - even if you did buy them at Albertsons. 


Accent Chairs

Posted by Alyssa on February 17, 2017

accent chair

An accent chair is a great way to add more seating, fill an empty corner, and add a pop of style. The beauty of an accent chair is that it doesn’t have to match the other furniture in your room. In fact, as long as it compliments the existing furniture, be bold with your colors, pattern, and style! An accent chair is a glimpse into your personality. Below are some of my favorite accent chairs. If only I had space for them all! 


Best Plants to Have Indoors

Posted by Alyssa on February 17, 2017


Here in Salt Lake, seeing the air pollution that we’re breathing in can get pretty depressing. Limiting driving or carpooling, using public transportation, and trying to avoid idling your car all help clean out the air, but what to do in your own home? You can always buy an air purifier, but you can also incorporate greenery into your home as a way to naturally clean your air. Below are some of the best houseplants for clean air.  


Beddy's 2017 Spring Launch Reveal

Posted by Kerry on February 17, 2017

It's late, but I just came home from a super fun event and I wanted to share it with you. Beddy's decided to launch their 2017 Spring line in our Salt Lake City store and they invited us along for the ride. They also invited a mega-list of the who's who in the blogging world, so look closely, because you should see some familiar faces. 

All good parties start with good food. 

beddys abby party rcwilley


Entryway Organization

Posted by Alyssa on February 16, 2017

entryway organization

As I’ve mentioned before, my entryway is a hot spot for clutter. It drives me completely crazy. Dog leashes, coats, keys, unopened mail, bags of things to be donated or returned, muddy boots, scarves...I could keep going but I’ll spare you. We don’t have a mud room and our entryway opens directly into our living room, so something’s got to change. My goal this week is to figure out a system to organize that area and keep it clean! Here are some of the things I’m going to try to do to get organized.


5 Secrets to Help You Hang the Perfect Gallery Wall

Posted by Andie on February 15, 2017

refinery 29 via pinterest


Hi guys!  It's Andrea, here!  As many of you know, I've done a lot of moving in the past several years.  My husband and I have been married for seven years, and we are currently living in our seventh place together!  Gosh, that sounds tiring doesn't it?!  

Anyway, in my experience, one of the hardest parts about moving into a new place is figuring out where and how to hang all of your artwork and pictures on the walls.   It's intimidating from a design point of view, it's time consuming, and it always gives me a major headache.  I've found though that the sooner you make yourself hang things up, the faster your house will feel like a home.  After all, artwork in a home is like frosting on a cake!  It really is the most exciting, personal design element you've got.  So make it count!  

Here are 5 tips that will help you when hanging your artwork...  


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