13 Gifts for Outdoorsy People in 2022

13 Gifts for Outdoorsy People in 2022

Posted by Alexandria on January 3, 2022

The New Year is upon us, which means there’s a good chance someone you know is already making goals to “be more active” and “spend more time outside” in 2022. Why not give them a little push? Here are some gifts for outdoorsy people in 2022 that will help motivate them to achieve all of their New Year’s resolutions. From cool camping gear to backyard decor, these items are the perfect way to show the outdoor enthusiasts in your life that you care this holiday season (even if you missed Christmas).  

Cool Camping Gear Gifts for Adventure Seekers 

There’s nothing outdoorsy people love more than soaking up some scenic views, cuddling in a cozy tent, and roasting marshmallows next to a crackling fire. Here are some cool camping gifts for your nature-loving friend’s next off-the-grid adventure in 2022. 

Large Cam O Bunk as Gifts for Outdoorsy People Living off the land can be a peaceful and eye-opening time for outdoor fanatics, but if you’re not getting a good sleep, you won’t be able to fully appreciate the experience. That’s why this holiday season, add a little “glamping” to your outdoor arsenal with this Large Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers. This large Disc-O-Bed gives you a supportive, durable sleeping option while still being portable and easy to set up. Usable as a single bed or a bunk, this set also comes with attachable organizers to hold all of your camping essentials. It’s the ultimate gift that will give any camper the rest they need to soak in the great outdoors.
Speaking of sleep, with this Large Memory Foam Sleeping Bag, you’ll be sure to get a lot of it during your next camping trip. This comfortable and luxurious sleeping bag is equipped with gold quality memory foam that molds to your body, ensuring you never wake up with back pain. Have a hard time getting a good sleep without a heater to keep you warm at night? This sleeping bag also comes with a luxurious duvet with a washable percale cotton cover to keep you comfy and cozy as you listen to the crickets chirp. Plus, it can be used as a duvet or topper on other surfaces like trucks, boats, and RVs. Large Memory Foam Sleeping Bag as a Gift for Outdoorsy People
Sherpa Table Organizer as a Gift for Outdoorsy People Camping often means you’re operating on limited storage, but the Mountain Series Sherpa Table and Organizer can help fix that issue. This practical set comes with four padded containers to keep everything safe during your outdoor getaway. As an added bonus, the blue organizer bag is lined and can be used as a cooler or kitchen sink. The aluminum tabletop can be attached and reattached with ease, meaning that when the legs are compressed and pouches zipped, this organizer is insanely easy to grab and go for outdoor lovers who are always on the move. 
If there’s one thing outdoorsy people know to be true, it’s that food always tastes better camping — especially when it’s cooked on this Bronze Pro Series 34 Traeger Grill. After a relaxing day of fishing, rustle up your catch of the day on this one-of-a-kind grill for an unbelievable culinary experience. This Traeger has a hopper with an 18 lb wood pellet capacity, giving you up to 18 hours of straight smoking that will have your whole campsite smelling like the world’s best barbecue. And don’t worry about portability; this Traeger grill is designed with rock solid all-terrain wheels that make rolling your grill over pavement, rocks, and dirt simple and easy. Traeger Grill Pro Series as Gift for Outdoorsy People

Decor For The Poolside Patio

Just because a person loves being in the great outdoors doesn’t mean they enjoy camping. Here are some ideas for the nature lovers who prefer basking in the sun next to a pool to fighting mosquitoes in a tent.

Bradenton Navy Outdoor Wicker Chair as Gift for Outdoorsy People Even though summer is still months away, this Bradenton Navy Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge will give any sun worshiper something to look forward to in 2022. Made with moisture-resistant cushions on a rattan-style wicker frame, this luxurious piece of outdoor furniture transforms any backyard poolside into a tropical paradise. Grab a refreshment and lather on some sunscreen, because with this lounge’s six adjustable settings, you can spend hours of comfort lounging in your own outdoor sanctuary. 
In order to make sure your outdoorsy friends don’t spend too much time outside in the heat (no one likes a sunburn!), try gifting them this Sunburst Wall Clock in 2022. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, this clock makes the perfect outside-the-box gift for anyone looking to spruce up their backyard patio with an item that also has a practical use such as telling time. Its sun-shaped design gives it a charming and rustic look that will complement any decor style. Plus, it has two additional dials that indicate temperature and relative humidity, making this clock an extremely useful tool for every season of the year.  Sunburst Indoor Outdoor Wall Clock as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Dark Brown Patio Wood Side Table as Gift for Outdoorsy People What’s an outdoor sanctuary without a drink and snack table? With this Midland Patio Wood Side Table, you’ll no longer need to walk back and forth from the kitchen to the pool for your chips and soda. Crafted from solid acacia hardwood, this table is both functional and attractive; it looks equally good dressed up with flowers or left on its own. But don’t be fooled by its appearance alone — this table is also extremely durable, able to withstand even the harshest summers and winters. 
Basking in the sun can be heaven on days when the temperature outside is just right — but when the summer heat starts pushing 90 degrees and above, you’ll be glad you have this Wine Red Square Patio Umbrella to keep you cool. The two-meter umbrella features air vents that ensure optimum comfort even on the hottest of days. This umbrella’s strong steel frame and durable, UV-resistant polyester fabric is made to last, meaning your outdoorsy friend will get good use out of it. Wine Red Square Patio Umbrella as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Dark Brown Wicker Outdoor Cooler as Gift for Outdoorsy People Of course, if you’re planning on spending the day outside in the heat, you need to make sure and stay hydrated. That’s why this Palm Harbor Wicker Outdoor Cooler is the perfect gift for all outdoor lovers! On those days where you can’t seem to escape the heat, keep yourself and your favorite beverages ice-cold with this cooler’s 60-quart interior. Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood barbecue or simply lounging alone by the pool, this accent piece is sure to take your outdoor activities to the next level.

Gardening Gifts for Nature Lovers 

To the average outdoor enthusiast, gardens aren’t just a space to grow flowers and vegetables: they are also a sanctuary. Whether you’re shopping for the everyday plant mom or the proud keeper of a Victorian-style garden, here are some gift ideas that every nature lover is bound to appreciate. 

The best gardens usually include some form of running water. That’s why this Metal Watering Can Fountain makes the perfect addition to any nature lover’s safe haven. Designed with four metal watering cans stacked on top of each other, this rustic decor piece can be used to both dress up and dress down any outdoor space. Whether you need something classic to make your outdoor area feel more grounded or something charming to give your garden an extra spruce (no pun intended), this fountain makes a great centerpiece for any gardener’s sanctuary.  Metal Watering Can as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Distressed White and Black Metal Plant Holder as Gift for Outdoorsy People Gardening isn’t all sunshine and roses — sometimes it can be a lot of hard work. However, with this Distressed White and Black Metal 3 Tier Planter, the “hard work” part can at least become more fun. This planter not only adds a layer of practicality to any outdoor space, but it also looks cute doing it. Constructed almost like a functional wheelbarrow, this portable triple-tier decor piece has many uses. Need a way to easily transport your seedlings, store those pesky gardening tools, or display all of your favorite plants and flowers in style? Regardless of what your gardening needs are, rest assured that this planter can meet them all while garnering plenty of compliments from your visitors in the process. 
If you’re looking for a more affordable gift option for your outdoor-loving friends in 2022, consider these Assorted Glaze Garden Mushrooms. Available in either blue or green, these ceramic mushrooms are a great way to add a pinch of personality to any outdoor environment without breaking the bank. Whether you’re shopping for a garden that’s simple or extravagant, this adorable piece is sure to fit in wherever it’s placed. It’ll add a splash of color while not being “in your face” enough to steal the show. Assorted Blue and Green Glazed Mushrooms as Gift for Outdoorsy People
Assorted Multi Color Metal Flowers as Gift for Outdoorsy People If your outdoorsy friend wants to channel their inner Disney Princess, try getting them this Multi Color Metal Mesh Bird Feeder. This colorful contraption is shaped like a flower and attracts all sorts of bird visitors. Use it to store different types of bird food for a variety of winged creatures to enjoy at their leisure, and before you know it, your garden will be filled with birds on a regular basis. This bird feeder comes in four different colors, which makes it a versatile gift that’s bound to complement a variety of different garden styles. 

View these gifts for outdoorsy people (and more!) at your closest RC Willey. You can also check out inventory at RCWilley.com today. 

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