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DIY Nursery Decorations

Posted by Alyssa on February 26, 2019

diy nursery decorations

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family or are wanting up spiff up your little one’s bedroom, why not make some DIY nursery decorations? Not only will the nursery look so much homier, but you’ll also be able to admire your skill each time you rock your baby to sleep. Keep reading for some DIY nursery decoration ideas and inspiration and don’t forget that RC Willey has all the nursery furniture you need to finish off your room

DIY Nursery Decorations


via Alice and Lois


via Catch My Party


via Sweet Charli


via Make It - Love It

What are you going to make for your nursery? 

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Cozy Rooms

Posted by Alyssa on February 25, 2019

cozy rooms

What’s better than having a cozy room to curl up in when it’s too cold to go outside? Yes, winter is almost over but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have plenty of cold days before it’s finally spring! Make your home a cozy place regardless of the season and you’ll always love coming home. Check out some ideas and tips for making the rooms in your home cozy below. 

Cozy Rooms

cozy room

There are so many ways to make any room in your home cozy, but here are some ideas to get you started - 

  • Lighting makes a huge difference and will make or break how cozy your rooms are! Opt for natural light, lamps and candles over harsh overhead lighting.
  • If you have an extra large room, break up your space into different sections using different groupings of furniture.
  • Throw blankets and pillows! Make sure they are readily available and use them often.
  • Fill your space with things you love - pictures of your family, things you’ve gathered throughout the years, and family heirlooms. If you decorate with things you love, chances are you’ll love being in the room.

via 2Minutes With

living room

via Beth Webb

What have you done to make your home more cozy? 

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Need a New Show?

Posted by Andie on February 23, 2019

The worst part about getting hooked to a television series is the day that you finish the very last episode.  I'm always honestly quite relieved to get my life and productivity back, but another part of me is sad it's over.  TV withdrawls are a very real thing.  Am I right?  I conscioulsy try to stay away from getting sucked in to television series.... but in January and February all bets are off!  I'm game!

What are you watching right now?  What are your favorite series you've already finished watching?  With cable, hulu, netflix, amazon prime, youtube tv, sling, etc there are SO many options out there, it can be a little (or a lot) overwhelming!  

In no particular order, here are some of my personal favorite television series I've watched over the years..

Grey's Anatomy
White Collar
Stranger Things
Modern Family
The Queen
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Jack Ryan
The Blacklist

*we watched some of the shows listed above on an editing streaming service and really liked them!

Also, check out the links below to see what's hot right now...

55 Best Netflix Original Series, Right Now 

The Best Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now

And now, most importantly, do you have a good TV?  If not, check out our televisions at RC Willey- there is truly something for everyone at every price point!

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25 Winter Activities

Posted by Andie on February 21, 2019

Has winter gotten the best of you, too?  I am trying hard to live in the present and enjoy everything about February...including the cold.... but really, I just can't wait until spring.  If you're like me and looking for ideas to help you live it up for the remaining month or so of winter look no further!  Here are 25 winter activities for the whole family....

Bake cookies and take them to your neighbors
Go sledding
Play with food coloring in the snow
Build a cozy fort and have a family movie night
Go jumping at an indoor trampoline park
Play laser tag in your house after dark
Go bowling
Build a snowman
Have a family game night
Put up wallpaper and re-decorate a bedroom
Roast s'mores on an outdoor bonfire (or in your fireplace if you want to opt for the warmer option)
Have a family "Great British Bakeoff"- split up into two teams and have a guest judge pick the winning dish!
Have a dance party
Do a puzzle
Have a Harry Potter movie marathon weekend
Have a painting night and let each family member paint their own canvas
Go snow shoeing 
Go ice skating
Go around town to find the best hot cocoa
Have a knitting party
Visit your local art museum or children's museum
Do yoga
Make Snow Angels & have a snowball fight
Write cards to send to family that lives far away
Watch old family movies

What do you do to stay sane in the winter months?


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How to Organize Your Room

Posted by Alyssa on February 19, 2019


How in the world do you keep your room organized? I live in a small house with little storage options, which means my husband and I share a small closet. Let’s just say the top of our dresser has become the second dresser and it drives me crazy! I’ve decided it’s time to take control of our room and the mess. It’s time to get organized! I had to look up some ideas for inspiration to help me get started, and I thought I’d share in case any of you are having a hard time staying on top of your mess as well. 

How to Organize Your Room


via Woman's Day

  1. Purge your closet and get rid of your junk! Your life will be so much easier with fewer things to keep organized.
  2. Figure out your storage situation. If you’re lucky enough to have a huge walk-in closet, bring in baskets, bins, hangers, etc. to keep everything where it belongs. If you’re like me, on the other hand, and have very little storage you’ll have to get creative. Use under the bed storage, dressers, and shelves to help add more storage options.
  3. Store off-season clothing out of sight and away from the clothes you’ll be using. You’ll have to rotate your clothes with the new seasons, but that’ll give you even more chances to go through and clean out unworn, damaged, or ill-fitting clothing.
  4. Shoes are so hard to store so figure out something that works for you and your space! Lining them up in cubbies, on shelves, or in hanging shoe racks will help keep them organized and easy to find.
  5. Keep a garbage can in your room so you can keep trash from gathering on your dresser or on the floor.
  6. Find a small bowl or basket to keep your small accessories, wallet, phone, etc. in. Your dresser will be clean and you’ll know exactly where to find what you need.


Hope that helps!

How are you keeping your room organized?

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Dining Room Colors

Posted by Alyssa on February 18, 2019

dining room

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to consider painting your dining room a new color! If you've been debating whether or not you should give your dining room a facelift, you might want to consider painting it one of this year's hottest paint colors. Check out some ideas below and don't forget that RC Willey has all you need to make the dining room of your dreams! 

Sherwin Williams - Cavern Clay

dining room

via Southern Living

Benjamin Moore - Metropolitan 

dining room

via Linda Merrill

Behr - Blueprint

dining room

via Martha Stewart

Benjamin Moore - Kendall Charcoal

charcoal dining room

via Dear Lillie

Sherwin Williams - Reflecting Pool

dining room

via House Beautiful

PPG - Night Watch

dining room

via Decoraid

Which one of these colors would you want to paint your dining room? 






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Reaching Your Goals

Posted by Andie on February 17, 2019

Now that the novelty of a fresh new year has sort of worn off a little... how are your New Year's resolutions coming?  Are you still working on them, or have you already forgotten what they are?  I always like to do a reassment in February to see where I'm at, and re-commit myself.  Here are a couple goal setting ideas that have helped me stay on track.....

1. Condence your List and PICK ONE GOAL.
I have a tendency to rattle off an entire list of intentions and goals when the New Year begins, but I almost always forget about all of them by February.  If this is the case for you, throw out your big long list of goals, and just pick one.  I know that might sound counter intuitive, but I promise it will work.  Chances are you will achieve it because you can put all of your energy into one goal instead of twelve!  Go big or go home!

2. Make Sure You Pick a Goal, and Not Just a To-Do.
To-do lists are great, and there is definitely a place for them in your life.  However, in order for it to be a true goal, it needs to require some negative emotion.  Does it make you feel uncomfortable?  Fearful?  Nervous?  Unsure you can achieve it?  If you said yes to any or all of those questions, you are on the right track!  The more willing you are to experience some discomfort, the more incredible your life will be. 

How to do you stay on track to achieve your goals?

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Top Secret: How to Get Twice As Much Juice From a Lemon

Posted by Andie on February 16, 2019

I am a firm believer that fresh lemon and lime juice is better than juice from a bottle any day of the week.  After years of sqeezing lemons and limes to get fresh juice for recipes, I learned a trick a little while ago that literally gets you twice as much juice when squeezing.  It's simple really.....

Instead of cutting the lime in half, you cut it into thirds!

I had planned on showing you with lemons, but it turns out I only had limes in my fridge.  So we're going with limes instead.  I"ll show you both ways, and you can decide for yourself which way is more effective.


Here we are with two limes.  One cut in half, and the other in thirds.

Now, squeeze those babies!  For the sake of our little experiment, I juiced each lime separately, to compare how much juice each method gave me.


Drumroll please.....

The difference was pretty significant!

The lime cut in half yielded 1 Tbsp + 3/4 tsp

The lime cut in thirds yielded 2 1/2 Tbsp!!!

That is more than double!!!!


Now, go get squeezing all the lemons and limes in your fridge!  It really is that fun.

You're welcome!




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Family Game Night

Posted by Alyssa on February 15, 2019

game night

When was the last time you had a family game night? There is no better way to bond as a family than spending an evening together having fun. Some of my best memories are sitting around our kitchen table playing dominoes and eating popcorn. I can’t wait for my kids to get old enough to play some of my favorite games! If you’re looking for an idea for your own family game night, here are some game ideas you might want to try out. 

Family Game Night

Five Crowns - This card game has been played for years at our house and we still haven't gotten tired of it!

Charades - One of the easiest games to throw together without a lot of preparation. 

Qwixx - There is a whole lot of luck involved in this dice game, but it's a quick moving game that your family will love. 

Farkle - Another dice game that requires a combination of strategy and luck to win. 

Code Names - Break into teams and use clues to help your teammates win enough points to win!

Qwirkle - Match shapes and colors to earn points. If you like puzzles, you'll love this game!

Trouble - A classic board game that never gets old.

Pictionary - Another easy game to throw together that the artists in your family will adore. 


What are some of your favorite games to play as a family?

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Bathroom Paint Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on February 14, 2019


While an all-white bathroom is, in my opinion, super appealing, don’t discount the idea of a colorful bathroom! You can pack a lot of personality into the small space of your bathroom. It’s time to be bold and pick a paint color that will make your bathroom pop. If you’re looking for some color ideas, I’ve gathered some great bathroom paint colors below to help get you started.

Bathroom Paint Ideas

trout gray

via The Creativity Exchange

Benjamin Moore - Trout Gray

pink bathroom

via Color House

Benjamin Moore - Head Over Heels


via Freshome

PPG - Night Watch


via Decor Pad

Farrow & Bell - Hague Blue


via Decor Pad

Benjamin Moore - Tranquility


What bathroom paint color do you want to have in your home?

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