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Favorite Traeger Recipes

Posted by Alyssa on July 29, 2017

traeger recipes

If you haven’t had a meal cooked on a Traeger Grill, you’re missing out. Traeger Grills use wood pellets rather than propane or charcoal as fuel and can be used to grill, smoke, bake, bbq, and roast depending on what you need at the time. You can also get a variety of wood pellets like apple, pecan, hickory, and maple that will impact the flavor of what you’re eating. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad meal cooked on a Traeger. 

My husband and I have this small Traeger that is the perfect size for our family. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space in our yard and big enough that we were able to fit three racks of ribs (barely!) for a party we hosted a few months ago. To quote my husband, “Every time we use the Traeger it feels like an event.” I agree!  

This summer I’ve been collecting some of my favorite recipes I’ve made on our Traeger Grill that I thought I’d share. Click on each link to get to the recipe!

Traeger Recipes

al pastor

BBQ Tacos Al Pastor

pulled pork 

BBQ Pulled Pork


BBQ Chicken Pizza


3-2-1 Baby Back Ribs


Brined Brisket

If you're in the market for a new Traeger Grill RC Willey has what you're looking for! What are some of your favorite grilling recipes? 

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How to Choose a Rug Shape and Size

Posted by Alyssa on July 28, 2017


Knowing how to choose a rug that will fit your room’s size, shape, and style is key to pulling everything together and finishing off your space. If you need a rug but aren’t sure what to look for, check out these tips from RC Willey. 

How to Choose a Rug 


via Nicole Valentine Don

One of the biggest problems people run into when choosing a rug is getting the correct size. A rug is meant to pull a room together, not chop it up, so bigger is better. While you should keep your rugs proportional to the space, don’t be afraid to fill the area something like this ombre blue rug.


via Decoholic

In your living room, be consistent when it comes to how you are placing your furniture on the rug. With floating furniture you should ideally be able to fit all the furniture on the rug easily, but if your rug is too small for that, just make sure you are doing the same thing with all your furniture. For example, if only the front legs of your couch are on the rug, make sure only the front legs of other chairs are on the rug as well.


via Amber Interiors

If you have a rug that is too small for your room but you love it too much to replace it, you can either center it under the coffee table or layer it on top of a more neutral rug to give the appearance of size. A tan, natural fiber rug like this is a good backdrop for your favorite rug. The goal is to have at least six inches extending from either side of the couch.


via Domino

It’s awkward to sit on a dining chair that is half on a rug and half off, so when placing a rug under a dining room table make sure it extends at least 24” out on all sides. Not only will it be more comfortable, you’ll avoid any issues with chair legs getting caught when sliding in and out from the table. If you have a circular table, think about using a circular rug like this charcoal and ivory rug.


via Alyssa Rosenheck

In a bedroom, you want to have your rug frame the bed. Center the bed on the rug and have enough rug extending from the sides of the bed so that you will be stepping on the rug when you get out of bed. If you can’t find or afford a rug that large, think about using a runner on each side of the bed. Something geometric like this red and ivory runner would look great next to your bed.

  • Some final quick tips to help you know how to choose a rug:
  • Measure the space for your seating area and size up - bigger is better!
  • If you’re concerned about getting the right size of rug, lay down some painter’s tape so you can see how much of the room the rug will take up.
  • You should lay the rug to mirror the room - if you have a long rectangular room, lay the rug longwise to match.

Now that you know how to choose a rug that will fit your room’s shape and size, check out all the rug options available at RC Willey and let us know which one is your favorite!

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Do You Need a New Mattress?

Posted by Alyssa on July 27, 2017


Have you been waking up in the morning wondering why you’re still tired and your back is aching? A good night’s sleep could be a lot closer than you think if you change your mattress, especially if your mattress is over seven years old. Read these five signs to see if it’s time for you to pick out a new mattress. 


  1. Is your mattress saggy? Over time springs will break down, memory foam will get softer, and different fibers will compress leaving you a mattress that is giving your back enough support. If you can see a definite indent in your mattress, it’s time for a new one.
  2. Is your mattress lumpy? Over time your mattress padding will shift around and clump into lumps that will impact how well you sleep.
  3. Are you waking up sneezy or with a stuffy nose? Your mattress may have taken on dust or mold that will trigger your allergies. It might be time to replace your mattress if you’re constantly waking up congested.
  4. Are you waking up feeling achy? You may not be able to see the sags or lumps, but that pain in your back won’t lie. If you’ve got pains when you get out of bed, your mattress may not be giving you the support you need.
  5. Do you sleep better away from home? If you look forward to hotels stays just so you can get a good night’s sleep, or if you find yourself sleeping on the couch more often than not, it might be time for a new mattress.


Once you can figure out what mattress is right for you, you’ll look forward to bedtime each night! Check out all of the mattress options at RC Willey and start sleeping well again. 


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Sitting Rooms

Posted by Alyssa on July 25, 2017

sitting room

I love the idea of sitting rooms. My sister-in-law has a sitting room in her home that is completely dedicated to cuddling, conversing, and reading - their CCR room. I love going to their home and having a place sit and chat without the temptation of turning on the TV and zoning out. With the size of house I’m in right now, the idea of having a room dedicated to just sitting seems like the ultimate luxury, but if I ever end up in a slightly larger home I would love to have a CCR room! If I ever get to design my own sitting room, here are some of my inspirations. 

sitting room

via Heather Scott

sitting room

via Country Living

sitting room

via The Room Edit

sitting room

via Style Me Pretty

sitting room

via Lismary's Cottage

sitting room

via 99 Architecture

sitting room

via Brit + Co

Check out these chairs at RC Willey and see which one would look good in your sitting rooms! 

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Home Office Design: Choosing a Desk and More

Posted by Alyssa on July 21, 2017

home office

With more and more people working from home, it’s important to have a home office design that will meet all of your needs. Get ideas and tips for designing your home office from RC Willey - your #1 Salt Lake City and Las Vegas office furniture destination. 

Home Office Design Ideas

home office

via Decoist

Think about your needs and be creative with your space to make it work for you. If you’re lucky enough to have an entire room set aside as a home office, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting in the desk of your dreams. If you’ve got a smaller space to work with though, coming up with home office desk ideas that will be functional and attractive. Something like this retro writing desk would fit into a small corner perfectly and make a great home office.

home office

via Glitter Guide

Make sure you think about all the ways you can include storage in your home office design. For small corner spaces, use the entire wall behind your desk for storage. If you have a larger room and are able to fit in bookshelves, this cubby bookcase has lots of space for books, baskets, and bins to store anything you need in your office.

home office

via Lighting Majestic

Lighting makes a huge difference in your home office. By incorporating natural lighting in your home office design you’ll make your office feel brighter and more open. Whether you have natural lighting or not, it’s important to have a well-lit work space and something like this brushed brass desk lamp would look great on your desk.

filing cabinet

via RC Willey

Staying organized and on top of your files can be tricky. Keep your files organized by keeping all your paperwork in one place, throw away anything you don’t need, and sort your files into specific categories. With a dedicated filing cabinet like this cherry sideboard, you’ll be able to have quick access to anything you need.

With these home office and desk ideas, you’ll be able to create an ideal workspace! What ideas have you used for your home office design?


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The Easiest Way to Cut an Avocado

Posted by Andie on July 20, 2017

Avocados go like hotcakes at my house.  I could and would happily eat an avocado with every single meal for the rest of my life, and even all of my kids (who are incredibly picky eaters) love them too! The other day I was at a friend's house for breakfast.  As I watched her cut up an avocado I was shocked to learn that after all these years of avocado cutting and peeling....I've been doing it completely wrong!  Ha!  Really though.  I've been making the whole process a lot more complicated than it needs to be.  I've always tried cutting it into strips and then scooping it out with a spoon, which rarely works that well.  This new and improved way not only preserves more of that avocado for eating, but also keeps it looking pretty!  Check this awesome You Tube video below that I found for a great tutorial.....



How do you cut your avacados?



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How to Install an Over-the-Range Microwave

Posted by on July 19, 2017


Read tips on installing a new over the range microwave, provided by RC Willey - your Las Vegas and Salt Lake City furniture store. 

Tips for Installing an Over-the-Range Microwave


via Better Homes and Gardens

There are few things that take up more space on your kitchen countertops than a bulky microwave. That’s why over-the-range microwaves are such a popular option. Doubling as a vent for your range, an over-the-range microwave like this GE model sits above your stove top and is both out of the way and easily accessed. Knowing how to install your over the range microwave will help save you money. Keep reading for some tips on how to best install a microwave.

Your microwave should come with a template that will help you know where to drill and install the mounting bracket that will hold up your microwave. Use a level to make sure your template is straight and even before you start drilling. The last thing you want is a crooked microwave hanging on your wall.

A microwave weighs about 20 - 30 pounds, so you need to make sure you have drilled your mounting bracket into studs that will be able to hold the weight of the appliance. You can easily find a stud with a stud finder, or use these three techniques if you don’t have access to a stud finder.

Because you’ll need to lift and position the bulky microwave, make sure you have an extra person to help you out. It will be helpful to have someone guide the microwave onto the mounting bracket and finish the installation once the microwave is positioned.


Watch this video below for more help in knowing how to install an over the range microwave.


Now that you know how to install a microwave, check out the over-the-range microwave options at RC Willey and see which one will work best for your family!

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How to Buy and Install a New Dishwasher

Posted by Alyssa on July 18, 2017


What should you think about when choosing a new dishwasher to buy, and how do you install it? Check out these tips from RC Willey! 

How to Choose and Install a New Dishwasher

A dishwasher is one of the most useful appliances you have in your kitchen and knowing how to buy a dishwasher will help you decide on the perfect one for your family. There are a couple of things you need to think of before you go to the store to make your purchase.


You will need to measure your space before choosing your new dishwasher. Standard dishwashers are about 24” wide while compact models are about 18” wide. Most dishwashers are designed to fit under the typical kitchen countertop, but you will want to measure the height of your space to be sure. You will also want to measure the depth you have available in order to avoid having your dishwasher jut out into your kitchen.


Decide what exterior finish you want on your dishwasher. There are many options including white, black, bisque (off-white) and stainless steel. There are also dishwashers like this Thermador panel ready dishwasher available that can have a panel installed on front to match your cabinets if you prefer to have it hidden.


Some dishwashers can be very noisy while others have been specifically designed to be virtually silent. Think about how important the noise level is to you and be sure to look at how loud the machine will be while running. The decibel level will help you know about how load the machine will be. Decibel ratings of 45 or lower are basically silent, 45 - 50 decibels sound similar to rainfall, and anything higher than 50 decibels will be the noise level or normal conversation.


Once you know how to buy a dishwasher, you may be wondering how to install it. If you’re choosing to install the dishwasher yourself, you’ll want to watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to install a new dishwasher.


Knowing how to buy and install a dishwasher will make a huge difference when it comes to your daily dish washing! Check out all our dishwasher options at RC Willey and let us know which one you want in your home.


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Entertainment Room Furniture and Design Ideas

Posted by Alyssa on July 17, 2017

entertainment room

Get tips for creating an entertainment room your guests will love from RC Willey - your #1 destination for entertainment room furniture and more. 

Entertainment Room Design Ideas

entertainment room 

via HGTV

When brainstorming entertainment room ideas, think about what you want from the room and divide your space into different areas. Having a specific place for snacking, watching television, playing games, and an open area for play will make your entertainment room a space for your entire family.


via RC Willey

Comfortable entertainment room furniture is a must. If you’ve got a large family or entertain frequently, a sectional is a great choice to fit everyone during a movie or the big game. Whatever furniture you pick, make sure it’s comfortable. Something like this red sectional couch would be perfect!


via Maria Killam

What is an entertainment room without a nice TV? When you’re watching a movie or a sporting event, you’re going to want the best quality available. A Sony 4K television will give you sharper images, brighter colors, and more detailed images than other TV options.

tv stand

via RC Willey

Even if you’ve got a small space, it’s important to include a TV stand in your list of entertainment room furniture. Not only will a TV stand like this mid-century tv stand protect all your electronics, it will keep your space feeling organized and put together.  


via RC Willey

Don’t forget about all the toys, games, blankets, and pillows you’ll be storing in your entertainment room. An idea to think about is having easy access to storage - and lots of it. A bookcase with baskets or bins to store loose items is a quick way to keep your room clean and organized.

What ideas do you have for an entertainment room?


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DIY Reusable Shopping Bag

Posted by Alyssa on July 16, 2017

shopping bag

Reuse those old T-shirts and pillowcases you’ve been meaning to get rid of and make yourself a DIY reusable shopping bag! Not only is bringing your own shopping bags better for the environment, I’ve found that I can fit more groceries in my own bag than the plastic bags they offer at the store. Fewer trips from the car to the house? Yes, please! Here are three DIY reusable shopping bag ideas that I want to try out. 

From an old T-shirt, try out one of these ideas - 

shopping bag


shopping bag


Or, if you have an old pillowcase you'd like to get rid of, try this -

shopping bag


Try out one of these DIY reusable shopping bags and let me know what you think!



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